10:25am, September 12th, 2011, Central Medford High School, Medford Oregon. Back parking lot at the end of 2nd period

Nothing was said, Lucca stared up into the moss green eyes of his older and the middle brother of three. He didn’t look pleased and his eyes showed it, but they also showed worry. 

“What in the hell are you doing boy!”

Caleb yelled at his younger brother, leaping into the bed of his truck making barley a sound. Mussing his younger brother’s hair, he pulls him to his feet with a not so gentle motion under his arm. 

“Caleb what do you want, I’m really not in the mood for this shit today.”

“Yeah well apparently you are in the mood to fuck some chick and project it for miles!”

Horrified Lucca looks at his brother. 

How could I forget our pack bond, God I’m so stupid! Oh shit Aleric?!

“Don’t worry Aleric and Dad still aren’t back, but they will be soon which is why I’m here to collect your dumb ass. We got a council meeting before the pack commune tonight and we have to get dressed and cleaned up. And you need to shower, I don’t know who this chick was but you smell strange and you know how sensitive Corsette is to smells. Do we need to take care of this girl?”

“I don’t care about Corsette, if mom… Nevermind and no, I was alone.”

“You made all that noise ALONE?! Dude you gotta get a hold of yourself, and why do you stink then if you were alone?  I don't like that smell little brother it's... it's similar to a scent from-”

“Drop it Caleb, let’s go. I’ll take my truck you run back, I really need to be alone.”

Caleb scowled at his brother, about to say something mean but he changed his mind. He couldn’t tell if his brother was lying, but something happened, something that’s affecting him right now and that he needed to figure out before seeing Aleric. Alfa’s, Beta’s, Gamma’s: the three main classifications of wolves; Lucca as an Omega could handle and fool even the best of their senses, he feared them like he should, but he also unnerved them. Any one able to hold an Alfa’s stair was impressive in any regard; but Aleric was something different. He was expected to be an Alfa of Alfa’s one day when he got old enough, and no one other than their father and the most dominate of Alfa’s could cause him any distress. Lucca couldn’t stand up to Aleric and Caleb hated getting between them, he had his fair share of scars from saving Lucca from Aleric. Aleric got this way after their mom died. Cold and harsh with his brothers. At first it was to toughen them up, he didn’t want to lose them like he had his mother; but as time went on he was tired of them both. Caleb has his uses, he was a strong a confident beta… but Lucca who looked and smelled so much like there mother an Alfa of Omegas… he started to hate with time. 


With that Caleb leaped back over the fence into the tree and into the woods. Once Calbe got far enough away he sniffed the air to make sure he was alone. He then began to turn, shifting his human body into the one of a 350lb wolf. Powerful, predatory, and beautiful. Caleb was an attractive man, although many thought he was the least attractive of his brothers but more attractive than your average man. Standing 6’0 and 250 his broad build didn’t give him the same tall strong but lean build as his brothers, but as a wolf is where he was most blessed by his mother’s blood line. He was 4 ½ feet high broad strong shoulders and four thick legs pure muscle. His moss green eyes shone bright emerald green His fur looked as if it was spun from the deepest golden silk, and he found as he got older the other wolves in the pack were envious of it. He would have made a great Alfa, but he lacked the necessary grit to really be one, so he was content to one day be his older brothers Beta. After working through the pain and then enjoying the feeling of a fresh change he began to run through the woods. Alone he would think of his brothers when their mother taught them how to run through the woods. Their father may have been the Alfa male, but as an Alfa Omega female their mother could do almost anything better than their father. Before he knew it he was home


Why did all this have to happen today? I miss you mom…

Lucca got into his truck and began the drive home, to see his oldest brother and father for the first time in 2 months. The rest of the pack he could handle he and Caleb had kept the pack fairly calm in the Alfa’s stead, but his father frightened him especially when his new mate Cosette had her claws in him and his oldest brother thought him weak as an Omega. An Omega first and an Alfa’s son second like their mother an Omega first and an Alfa female second.  But every Omega has its power and so his brother kept him around.  

As he drove his thoughts shifted to that boy.  Raven.  Caleb was right, that scent was so similar, just playing on the outside of his memory.  He could place part of the scent though.  The smell of the winds right before a storm.  What a strange smell for a human boy to have.  



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