Elio and I decided to go to the XXX cinema located near El Prado in Medellin.It was a very popular place for straight guys,who needed to unload their balls down a willing throat.Elio and I entered the second floor where there were many horny straight guys already congregating.Elio said to watch how the action developed and how the guys hooked up. It was very dark and my eyes still had not gotten used to the dim light within the move house.After a while I could men who before were just shadows.

Elio and I had taken seats in the back row to the left.He had pulled his pants down with his underwear exposing his big cock which had started to get erect.I noticed men walking down the aisles checking to see if anyone wanted a quick blow job for a few pesos.I was amazed how blatant they were,I could tell they were looking for guys with big cocks since it wasn´t just make a few pesos,it was also to suck off a big cock.I remember one good looking guy had entered a sat alone,it wasn´t long til some guy had noticed he had his cock out ready for a hungry mouth.It was evident that the guy was straight but he wanted to get sucked off watch straight porn.I could see the guy sitting next to him lower his head to the guy´s exposed cock and start bobbing his head up and down on it´s length.At times,the guy giving the blow job would stop and spit out the accumulated precum.And then go back to servicing his cock.Guys would notice the action and surround these two who were oblivious of their audience.I could tell when the guy shot his load because the guy who was sucking would take his entire load and abruptly stop and spit it on the floor.After a few seconds,the guy that was serviced would give the guy a few bills probably 5 pesos which is 2.50 in American money. Then the guy would pull his pants up and the other guy would leave.

If a black guy showed up, it wouldn´t be long til a greedy mouth was sucking him off since black guys usually had real big dicks.And to my surprise the guys who wanted to get their balls drained weren´t at all picky,old guys sucking off a big cock,just as long they knew how to suck cock and get them off.I could see there were a few who made their living servicing as many cocks that were available.Elio was to my right and I was in the last seat nearest the wall.A young guy had sat next to Elio whose cock didn´t need much advertising.The guy immediately got on his knees and started sucking his big cock.The guy was black Elio´s favorite and seemed around 18 since no minors were allowed into the place.He was really going to town on my friend´s dick,swallowing it to Elio´s heavy balls where he bottomed out in his pubic hair that covered his scrotum.Elio was saying to the guy ¨chupame bien y toma mi leche total para su plata.¨The guy sucking him off had taken his cock out and was jacking himself off.

I felt someone behind my head and when I turned a big uncut Colombian cock was in my face.I started to to suck the guy off while Elio was watching me service this stranger´s cock. Being a ball person I massaged the guy´s balls through his jeans until he knew I wanted to suck his balls.The stranger´s cock tasted of soap mixed with the his sweat.When he released his hairy balls I would suck each orb seeking its salty flavor and manly smell.I noticed other men we lined up watching me swallow this guy´s cock.It was about nine inches ,a easy cock to suck.I could tell I was doing a good job since the guy was trying to fit his entire length down my throat.I was surprised his din´t make a sound when he unloaded into my mouth.I could taste the strong acrid taste of his semen filling my mouth which I swallowed until his cock was beginning to soften.Then the next guy seeing that I swallowed all this guy´s cream brought his cock to my lips .He was about nine inches but had a real thick cock.I could feel the loose skin of his foreskin which I started to tease with my teeth my tongue seeking the skin fold knowing the guy´s foreskin was full of precum which made me want more.

Elio told the guy sucking him to take my cock out and suck us both off.Elio was getting real turned on watching suck this stud off.My mouth was getting tired so I directed his big cock into Elio´s mouth. Elio started nursing his cock while I let my mouth rest a bit.It wasn´t long til the guy grunted and started filling Elio´s eager mouth.Elio motioned to me to receive the cream that filled his mouth.The guy had a real thick load almost like eating yogurt.I looked down and Elio was filling the young mouth with his wad after which Elio made sure he swallowed his entire load.The guy then went to finish sucking my cock and since my mouth was rested the third guy a tall black guy entered my mouth with his big tool,. It was at least 12 inches and had that musky small black guys always possessed. He had enormous nappy covered ball which I thoroughly lathered with my tongue.I told Elio he needed to taste this cock and Elio engulfed his black spear while I continued sucking his hot balls. I could feel them rising ever so gently.I took my mouth off his balls and Elio and I licked his cock like an ice cream cone until he shot his thick load covering both our lips.I still remember our tongues lashing each spurt that hit our lips.I shouted I going to shoot and the young guy who was sucking received a load which he choked on which made Elio start laughing.I held the guy´s head til he had to either swallow or drown.Elio paid hin 10 pesos 5 dollars American and he was happy as hell.

As he stood up I noticed his cock was hard and I went down on him again tasting the musky flavor of this young black´s cock. In no time I had his load which just about choked me since it was so much to drink.I told Elio I was full of cum and so we left. It was a unique experience which I´m certain we will do again.




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