From Part 1....

Our sexual encounters went on for a few months and in between, I had sex with a fellow co-worker, Scott.

Scott was over one Saturday evening, waiting for me to finish dressing before we went out to the bar, when he saw Clay and Jeff in the yard.

"Man, your neighbors are hot as hell."

"Don't I know it and they are even hotter in bed, but neither knows about the other."

"Oh, really?" Scott said.


"That's what I've been told," I said.

"Well, if the told you that, they lied."

"Wait! What are you saying?" I asked. "Have you been with them?"

"Yes, I have and you are right, they are hot as hell."

"Scott, you're one of my best friends. Please, fill me in."

"It was only twice, about a year ago," he told me.

"How did it all come about?" I asked.

"I was down at the park on the jogging trail when I saw Jeff eyeing me. We started talking and one thing led to another and I went home with him. When we got there we went to his room and began having sex. During that time, Clay came in and I found out that they were father and son. I thought it was weird to be having sex with a father and son but at the same time it was hot. We had a wild three way.

"Then about a week later, Clay called me an invited me back over for another three way. Then, right after that, I was sent on that job out on the west coast for several months and didn't hear from them again, but when I drove up, I recognized their house."

"So, I assume that they are sucking and fucking each other?"

"Oh yea, big time."

"Very interesting," I said.

I knew I had to get them together. I now wanted to see what it was like to have sex with a father and son.

Scott and I headed out to a local gay bar and afterward stopped for breakfast at a local truck stop. Then it was back to my place for some hot overnight sex.

After a night of sex, Scott left mid-morning the next day, and I began working on a plan to get them together.

Over the next few days, I began planning my attack, all while having sex with Jeff and Clay one on one. I couldn't help but wonder if they later compared notes about the sexual encounters.

After about a week, I had a plan I thought might work. During previous encounters, I had found out that at times, Clay liked to be blindfolded and tied to the bed and used. I invited him over that Saturday night at seven and moments later I had him blindfolded and secured in my bed.

Jeff was scheduled to arrive at a quarter to eight. When he knocked, I excused myself and went to the door. Once Jeff was inside, I had him strip and told him that I had a surprise for him. I blindfolded him and led him to my bedroom and once there, I got him in position and had him start sucking his dad's cock.

After a while, I had Clay suck on Jeff's cock. Then, I untied Clay's hands and put he and Jeff in a sixty-nine and begin sucking each other. They were really getting into it when I finally told them to remove their blindfolds.

The did and after looking at each other, Clay asked, "Just what is the big idea?"

"Well, you two told me that neither of you knew about the other, but a little birdie told me that you two have been sucking and fucking each other for a while. I wanted to see what it was like to see a father and son having sex. My question is why keep it a secret when I'm sure you two were discussing your encounters with me."

Clay spoke up and said, "Mark, I apologize for the deception but so many think it's so wrong for a father and son to show love for each other in a sexual manner. WE don't think that way and weren't sure how you would feel. If it got out, not only would I loose my job, but I'd probably end up in jail."

"Well, be assured that your secret is safe with me. Now, can we et down to some hot wild sex?"

"Hell yea," they both said at the same time.

At my request, They began having sex together while I watched and got turned on. It was so hot watching them suck and fuck each other. Soon, I joined them and it got wilder.

Later, during a rest period, I found out that Clay started in his teens with his brother and it brought them so much closer. That got me to thinking about my own brother who was two years younger than me. I remembered, that when we were younger, I could hear him jerking off at night and how it had turned me on.

Our parent were deceased and I hadn't heard from Mike in about a year. I decided top give him a call. He was surprised to hear from me but glad at the same time. We both apologized for not keeping in contact and I soon asked him to visit me. he agreed and we set a date for the next month.

I was busy for several days cleaning up the place and making sure all my gay movies and magazines were put away and out of sight. To my knowledge, Mike had no idea that I was gay.

The day arrived and I met Mike at the airport. It was an emotional reunion and all the way home we questioned each other about what we had been up to.

It was a Saturday and Mike would be with me for a week. We had plenty of time to catch up.

We went out to dinner that night and afterward went to a local sports bar for a 'few' beers. I just had a few but Mike was pretty well plastered when we left. We returned to my house and after helping Mike into the house, I had to undress him and put him to bed. It was then I got to see his hot muscular body. I wondered that if I sucked him off, would he remember the next morning? I didn't want to take the chance.

Sunday, we visited and I showed Mike around town. That evening, he insisted on taking me out to dinner. Again, he was pretty drunk when we returned home. After putting him to bed in his room, I went to mine and undressed. I was nude, since that is how I sleep, and slipped into my king bed. Within minutes, I was sleeping soundly.

As some point, I was awakened but the feeling of another person in bed with me. That person was not only in bed with me but they were cuddled up close to me, snoring softly. I turned on the bed light to find Mike cuddled up next to me, also nude.

Although I found it terribly sexually exciting, it was also a little strange. I turned out the light and eventually went back to sleep.

Later, just at daylight, I awoke again, this time to find Mike eagerly sucking my hard horny cock.

"What the Fuck!" I exclaimed gradually trying to push him away. He pushed my hand away and continued sucking me, quickly bringing me to a roaring climax. As my thick cum steadily filled his mouth I heard him moan softly before swallowing.

He sat up and as he looked into my eyes, he said,

"Mark, I'm sorry, but I just couldn't resist. I've wanted to do that since we both still lived at home. If I offended you I'm sorry. I'll pack my things and leave if you want me to."

Without saying a word, I grabbed his face and pulled him to me, eagerly tongue kissing him. He immediately returned the hot wet kiss.

"The only way you're going to leave is over my dead body," I said as I pushed him back down on the bed and immediately swallowed his cock. Before long, his cock was exploding in my mouth as I hungrily swallowed every drop.

After another hot kiss, we went in and showered together before starting breakfast. As we talked, I found out that he started sucking cock as a teen and soon began getting fucked. I told him that I started the same way.

After breakfast, he led me to my bedroom and soon had my co9ck up his ass. it was awesome and after filling his ass with my load, I had him fuck me. Of course from that night on, he shared my bed with me. On Friday, I invited Scott over and we had a hot three way. then on Saturday morning, I asked him if he would like a four way with a father and son.

"Are you fucking serious?" he asked.

"Yea, why?"

"Man, that would be so awesome, and such a turn on." I called Clay and set it up and he was excited.

Since Mike owned his own company, he had already called and told them that he would be gone another week.

Saturday evening when Clay and Jeff arrived, Mike and I were already nude when we greeted them. As Mike watched them strip, especially Jeff, I could see his cock begin to stiffen.

It wasn't long before Mike had Clay in his ass and Jeff in his mouth. As Jeff fucked Mike's mouth, I wildly fucked Jeff's ass. Mike was totally shocked when he found out that Clay was a homicide detective. It was a wild night of sucking and fucking.

The following week, it was sex before I left for work and after I got home. All too soon, it was time for him to leave, but we promised that we would see each other as often as possible.

About two weeks later I found out that during the day on his second week visiting me, while I was

at work, Mike was checking out places to start another office and make it the home office.

He arrived to close the deal and over the next month moved his home office to town. I became his accountant and of course he moved in with me. It was awesome having him back in my life.

We frequently had sex with Clay and Jeff and also with Scott and Brad, an employee that Mike brought with him and who he had been having sex with previously.

After about six months, as Mike and I lay in bed, he looked over at me and said, "Mark, I love you more than just as a brother. I want you to be my lover for life."

"I would love nothing better," I said.

That weekend we went out and bought matching rings and pledged our love for each other.


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