My name is Alex and I'm a 21 year old gay guy. I can't be considered big in any way, since I'm just 5'8' and even working out almost everyday for five years I can't be considered stocky either. I guess it's just not in my genes, but I still have a great physique. toned but not big. My cock isn't big either, not small though, having 7', 7.5' when really turned on.

Anyway, I was at the gym talking with my friend, Mark, who is also the coach there, when I saw a guy coming in. He was the most gorgeous guy I have ever seem, the kind of guy you just dream about. He was about 5'7' height, lean physique but very defined, kind of curly short dark brown hair, square jaw and even looking all man he still had that cute innocent looking face.

'Mark, look at that guy! He's fucking hot, do you know him?'

'No, not yet. Well dude, I'm sorry to leave you, but I need to do my job.'

Mark is a stud, he's huge in everywhere, huge biceps, huge chest, legs and from what the bulge in his shorts, he must be huge in the area too. He has a lot of hair in his chest, but it's not curly, it's straight, the way that makes you drool when looking at it. He's face is awesome too, very manly with the shadow of a beard. Yes, he's gay too, what makes me sad because if anyone here will get a chance with that hot looking guy it will be him, not me.

I could see Mark and the new guy chatting while them went through the gym, Mark showing him the gym and probably asking stuff about what he wants to do here or whatever. The new guy didn't talk a lot but he seemed to be enjoying the tour since both guys were laughing a lot. After some time they shook hands and the new guy left. When Mark came back, probably to brag about how well it went, I saw a perplexed look in his face.

'So, who is he?'

'Well, his name is Jake and he's a freshman in college here.'

Mark didn't say anything more and still had that weird expression in his face.

'Hey, what's wrong?'

'I don't know Alex, he doesn't talk too much, all he does is smile and laugh. Like, I know it's good when a guy does that, but I don't know, he kind of makes me nervous . . .'

'Wow, that guy made you nervous?! I must know him, he must be awesome hahahaha'

'Shut up! haha. No, serious, I don't know if he's into guys, the same moment he seems to be so easy and unreachable. He's probably gay, but he doesn't know it yet.'

'Hahaha, if you think so, I guess only time will say.'

'Fuck time, I'll show him how it's like to be with a real man. He will be mine, starting tomorrow, he will work out here everyday and I'll make a one on one coaching he will never forget!'

'Hahaha, well, maybe I will show him the joys of the gay world . . .'

'No way, wanna bet?'

'Sure, the first one to pop his cherry gains the loser's ass.'

'Hmm, yeah, you do have a nice ass, I'll be happy to fuck you too.'


I was waiting for an opportunity to make my way into him, but when he worked out he seemed to be in another world, even when our eyes met it seemed as if Jake was looking something behind me, with a blank expression. It wasn't easy for Mark too, he was getting desperate, he always got an answer, either yes or no, but still an answer. But with Jake was different. He is always polite and smile a lot, but it's just it.

'Alex, I don't know what more to do, every move I make he just smile! What the hell does that mean? I even grabbed his butt and said it was a nice ass and you know what he did? He fucking smiled again, thanked me and walked away! What he means with that?'

'You ask me? I couldn't even talk with the guy, he looks like he's in a trance or something like that. Maybe he's just really naïve.'

'Oh no, believe me dude, he can be anything but naïve, I bet he's just playing with us, he must think he's damn hot -'

'He is damn hot.'

'That's not the point, as I was saying, he must think he's damn hot and everyone wants him, so he just plays with us.'

'No way, he's not an evil genius, he's just a guy. If I could only get us alone . . . Mark, could you go do something else when he's working out near me? I got a plan.'

'Ok, but if you get him you'll need to let me do him too, I always get fucking hard when think about him.'

'I guess everyone can see that Mark. Hahaha'

'Shut up. Oh, here we go, he's coming here, tell me about it later.'

As Mark went away to help some other dude, Jake came closer and started to do some leg presses.

'Hey dude, Jake isn't it? Could you help me with this?'

'Hmm, sure, I'm almost finishing here.'

After he finished he came to help me and we did some little chat, most of it was me talking, but I still got his smiles, what was enough for me. I melted every time he smiled at me, sparkling white teeth and a mouth that you just want to kiss forever.

We ended up helping each other for the rest of the day, since Mark was 'busy' helping other guys and as I could see, not believing we were so at easy. When he was leaving, I realized it was now or never.

'Hey Jake! Wait a minute.'

'oh, ok.'

'Do you have any plans for tonight?

'Hmm, no, I guess I don't, why?'

'Just wondering if you would want to hang out with me?'

I couldn't believe it but he blushed and became even cuter then gave me one of his best smiles.

'Yeah, that would be great. Do you have anything in mind?'

'Not really, just thought we could go to my place and play x-box and maybe order something to eat later'

'You have a x-box? Cool dude, I bet I can kick your ass on it!'

'Hahaha, let's see. Hey, you can shower there if you want. He's the address.'

'I thought about you driving me there, I don't have car you know. . .'

'Oh, even better, this way I know you'll be there hahaha, but I have a motorbike, hope it's not a problem to you.'

'Oh, not even a bit of a problem I love them. I used to ride my uncle's Harley'

'You can ride my bike if you want.'

'No kidding dude? You're really cool man.'

I was falling for him, I know it's weird since it was the first day we talked but he was just so innocent and those smiles, man, they were so beautiful.

As we headed to the door, I saw Mark looking at us and I couldn't help but I needed to laugh, his face was unbelievable, he even forgot about the guy he was helping, who now was struggling against the weights.

I loved the idea of him riding the bike because now I had a good excuse to hug him tight all the way to my place.


'It's here Jake, I have too showers but the best one is in my bedroom, just in the end of the hallway. Make yourself home. You can pick any clothes you want.'

'Thanks man.'

Considering the way he acted at the gym, I thought he would give me some work to get him at easy, but he really made himself home at the moment we got in. He went to my bedroom undressing himself and I got a look at him using his jockstraps when he got into the bathroom. I think he doesn't even closed the door, but I didn't went there to look.

I got a major hard on just about thinking him in the shower, rubbing himself, so I sat on the coach and turned on the x-box, hoping it would make my dick softer.

'You suck at it you know?'

I looked behind me and there he was, his hair now wet and dripping water on his face. He wasn't wearing anything but a low waist shorts and a necklace with a little key hanging on it. His arms were crossed against his chest ad he was leaning on the wall. He had a fair skin, short of tanned, washboard abs and I could see a bit of his pubic hair. In short he looked just like a model in some porn magazine playing the 'nice guy'.

'I. . . hmm. . . I haven't seem you there. . . '

'Sorry if I scared you'

'No you didn't. . . not at all.'

I realized I was just staring at him, again with a good hard on, so I decide I'd better do something. I said to him to play the videogame while I took my shower and just run to my bedroom, not wanting him to see how hard I was. Once in the shower, I thought about Jake again and with just two or three strokes I jerked a huge load on the title wall.

When I was clean enough, I went to my dresser and saw that he haven't put any underwear, since his was on the floor and none of mine was missing, so I decide to be just like him and put on an old shorts, nothing more.

I went to the living room and sat beside him, our arms touching. He was playing the game so he just looked at me and then back to the game. But I swear the look he gave me wasn't a normal look, it was lustful and knowing look, again with a smile, but also I different one. This one was mischievous, a smile only guys can give, the kind of smile a guy gives when he knows he will get laid.

We got carried on playing the game and I almost forgot how gorgeous he was and how bad I wanted him. I do mean almost, since I doubt anyone could really forget about it when sitting semi naked next to him. It happens that compared to him, I do suck in the game and lost 80% of times.

'OK, ok, you won Jake, I'll quit before I lose all of my dignity to you.'

'Too late Alex, you lost it two matches ago. hahahha'

'Hahaha, I bet I would win if the fight was real.'

'Ha, you wish.'

'I'm sure I would.'

Jake got up, turned off the game, grabbed my hand and lifted me to my feet. And again with the mischievous smile said to me:

'Only one way to know'

I couldn't believe my lucky, I would finally get some chance to really feel that incredible hot body of his. We wrestled around for some good 20 minutes, getting into every position you may think about when I sensed he was getting tired. We ended up with me on top of him, our legs spread on the floor, my hands holding his above his head, our cocks both hard as a rock pressed against each other. Mine was making a tend with my shorts, but his somehow managed to get pressed between our stomachs, with the tip of it peering over the waistband of his shorts.

Our chests were a few inches away, and as we breathed our nipples would touch sending goose bumps all over my body. We were dripping wet, but now from sweat instead of from the shower. I searched for his eyes and found them looking straight to my soul, his eyes so deep you could be afraid to fall into them and never be able to come back. Mine is dark green and his a color of wood I have never seem before, dark and light at the same time, different shades of brown, dragging you into them.

I couldn't hold myself anymore, I just needed to posses him, to make him mine. I lowered my mouth into his and closed my eyes when he pressed his lips into mine. At this point I was already crazy for him, but I swear his lips tasted like the sweetest honey, his mint was fresh, making we think about a huge lake inside of a deep cavern.

We made out for at least 10 minutes, not even changing position, but with an intensity beyond limits. We both broke the kiss at the same time, grasping for air, and then he somehow overpowered me and rolled ourselves, now he on top of me. He then grabbed my head and kissed me again, deeper this time, taking his time to feel my mouth, to drive to a world I didn't know existed. I ran my hands through his body like it was the last time I could do it, feeling his arms, his shoulders, his back and finally his hard butt. When I reached his butt he moaned deep inside my mouth, so I squeezed it really hard now, knowing he liked it and he moaned again, now hungrily kissing my neck, and trusting his hips into mine.

I let go of his butt as he went down to my nipples and sucked on them, my mouth now free to moan as loud as I wanted. My hands traveling through his hair, holding him there. But he doesn't like to told what to do, so just as I held his head on my nipples he set himself free and moved down to my abs, kissing all the six packs and the middle of them till my navel. I was in haven now, desperately searching something to hold on but not finding anything so I lifted my torso to see what he was doing. He saw I was looking, so looked into my eyes and gave me the kinkiest smile ever while holding the waistband of my shorts and pulling it down.

My cock hit his neck and them breaking contact with my eyes, he bent his head down and kissed the base of my dick, still pulling my shorts down till I was free of them. He then took hold of my hips and continued kissing my navel, the base of my cock and sometimes the shaft. Needles to say, my cock was with that half inch extra and he made sure to use his tongue in all of it, and he licked from the base till the top, flicking his tongue in my piss slit in the end.

He then took one of my balls into his mouth sucking on it big time. The left hand traveling around my body, now resting on my right tit and massaging it while the right one held on my cock, jerking it slow, so slow it was almost a torture. Then his hand and mouth trade places, the right hand now caressing my balls and his tongue licking the head of my dick. I felt a sudden heat at my cock and it was engulfed by his moist mouth. I couldn't believe that this fucking gorgeous guy was sucking my dick, but the pleasure was so much that I doubted my mind would be able to imagine it by itself.

He was lowering his mouth into my dick, taking more of it, then going up and down again, working it like a pro, what could be truth, he sure got the looks to be one. His left hand was holding my down while he did his work with both hand and mouth into my crotch.

'I can't hold anymore. . . oh, god, please. . . just let me go. . .'

He didn't seem prone to doing as asked and I didn't have any strength fight him, so I just let him do as he wanted. It didn't took more than a minute for me to burst the biggest load of my entire life. I just kept shooting into his mouth and I guess it was too much for him, because even trying to swallow, some of it was running down my shaft. After I stopped shooting, he let go of my cock, licked his lips in the most sexy way, looked at me again and while holding my gaze, licked all of the cumm he couldn't get to swallow.

'Hmmm, you cumm quite a lot Alex. Is it always this way? hmm, I loved the taste by the way, so manly.'

'Yeah, I know, but this one was especial for you, I've been working on it since I first saw you.'

'Hahaha, yeah, I could see you guys eyeing me there. I thought none of you would get the guts to ask me out.'

'Hmm, so Mark was right all the time.'

'Was he? What did you say?'

'He said you were just playing with our heads.'

'Hahah, yeah, I love to play, don't you?'

As he said it, he licked my balls again.

'Ooooooh, God, yeah. Come here, I haven't got a proper taste of you yet.'

'I have a better idea.'

As he said that, he started to lick my balls again, but this time going lower, to my scrotum. he lifted my legs and used his tongue in my hole, already wet with sweat. He brought my thighs to me, which I happily held them for him, letting my hole exposed to his work. He was licking as a hungry puppy and got me moaning aloud and trusting my hips into his mouth in no more then two minutes.

I felt some pressure there as he pulled in a finger and was surprised how easily it got in. You know, I'm versatile but usually it's me who do the fucking so I'm pretty tight. But it seems all my tightness melted away as he worked his tongue and finger, one at the beginning then two, into my hole. I was now as hard as ever, apparently ignoring my previous shot, and dripping pre-cumm.

He adjusted himself closer to me and holding my thighs, lowered them into his cock. I haven't even seem it yet, but it felt huge as it was trying to get through my hole. With a bit more pressure, I felt it enter me with a sudden pain. I gasped as I felt the bulbous head inside me, but the pain was already going and soon all I felt was pleasure building inside me as his dick got deeper.

He must be 7' or 8' inches, and I had all of him inside me now. My legs were around his waist and he bent down to kiss me on my lips. As we were making out, he started humping his hips up and down, with low and deep strokes. I was moaning like hell and built speed and strength. Sometimes he would suddenly stop and move his cock in a circle motion, touching everything there's to be touched inside me, and then go almost all the way out and in again, with the previous speed.

If I thought he was a pro at sucking cock, I should have waited till he fucked me, he was even better, if that was possible. I never knew what he was going to do till he did it, all I knew was that every move was better than the last one. All the time we were making out or kissing my neck, ears, sometimes biting on it and we both could feel our moans in our throats, going deep inside us, know that we both was liking it as much as the other.

After the better 40 minutes of my life, he was losing control and getting faster with each stroke. He let go of my mouth, held my thighs up and hammered his dick deep inside my ass. I could feel the moment he came because it felt like a tidal wave inside of me, as if I was getting an enema, so much was the cumm he was giving to me.

When he was done cumming he lowered himself into my chest and kissed it. As we both got our breaths in a normal rate, he pulled out of me and we kissed again.


'Yeah baby?'

'I think it was the best fuck I have ever had'

'Oh, good to know I'm not the only one who fell it.'

'Haha, you sure aren't. Do we need to get up now?'

'No, let's just stay this way for a while ok?'

I heard something but when I asked what he said, he left out a soft breath and I realized he was already sleeping. I kept caressing his back as he laid holding me with his head on my chest till I too felt asleep.

to be continued. . .



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