George Newman flew into Jacob’s room and would have landed on the wooden floor had Jacob not caught him in his strong arms. Jacob was immediately aware of the heat and sweat oozing out of every perfect pore on George’s skin. He whiffed all the essence he could siphon out of the moment and restrained himself like the well-mannered young man he was. He lifted George to his feet and that was the end of that, for now.

‘Why George, what in God’s earth are you running from? Is there trouble on the farm?’ Jacob asked once George had cooled down a bit after splashing some water over the shirt now sticking to every muscle on his chest.

‘Just a minute,’ George said. He was still heaving which became evermore evident as he unbuttoned his white shirt to reveal a few blond hairs on his glistening chest. He was a less hairy, and more petite man than his tall cousin, Jacob.

Jacob pulled out his handkerchief and held it at arm’s length for George to take. But teasing George had other plans, ‘Would you be so kind?’ He held out his smooth, hairless neck. ‘Go on, Jacob, before I up and die from all this heat.’

So Jacob started dabbing the soon damp cloth all over George’s soft neck and chest, his cheeks flaring red. Jacob didn’t dare to look his cousin in the eye. Jacob’s only hope was that his own body would remain modest in such a delicate situation.

‘Uh, tell me what happened?’ Jacob demanded, trying to put some distance between himself and George’s heaving, heated person. Uncle Henry wouldn’t be forgiving if he thought Jacob had even looked at his son the wrong way. ‘I’ll get you more water.’

‘I’ll tell you what happened. Hold your horses,’ George said tantalisingly. ‘But you have to promise it’ll be our little secret, like that time after we went skinny-dipping in the lake.’

Jacob’s cheeks flushed red. ‘You said that’s what cousins did and we didn’t have to hide it,’ he blurted out.

‘Ok, fine! So let’s say it’s like you and Mavis in the cotton field.  Remember you made me promise not to tell a soul.’

‘Why, George! Have you been with a girl? ‘

‘Jacob, you know I don’t like girls. Not even for pretends like you.’

‘Hey!’ Jacob cried out. Finally he gave in and promised he wouldn’t tell a soul. Still, he couldn’t imagine what good old George could possibly do to raise an eyebrow let alone a scandal. Not counting the games they played at the lake of course- that was just cousins bonding.

‘Ok Jacob, but don’t be mad. I’d just die if you hated me,’ George said, upset.

‘Will you just tell me what happened and let me decide if I hate you or not,’ Jacob said pulling George in for a consolatory hug. He liked how George just fit in his arms. ‘You know I could never hate you, George.’

‘Ok, Jacob, I’ll tell you,’ George said, burrowing his cute face in Jacob’s big chest. ‘As you know Father just bought new bucks to work the cotton fields.

‘Bud’s still breaking them in but there’s one beast that won’t be tamed. I remember the first time I saw him. He was in chains and Bud had a gun pointed to his head. He was a giant and he made big, old Bud look like a little schoolboy. His eyes were burning with fury and I could just tell he was trouble; Father must have bargained to have bought him at all.

‘He stared at me that first day, Jacob. He looked at me like the other bucks look at those wenches in heat. Looked at me like he wanted to rip off my suit and breed little darkies into me.

‘I paid him no mind and went on with my business,’ George said, taking another sip of cool water.

‘George, that was two months ago. They should have shot that buck dead. What’s his name? Tony, is it?’ Jacob’s nostrils were flaring the vein in his head was throbbing and George feared his cousin’s tightening embrace would crush him if he didn’t calm down. ‘I ought to run to the farm and tell Uncle Newman to put him down, that no good nigger. Tell me George did he threaten you; is that why you came running here?’

‘Do you want me to finish or not?’ George cried in exasperation.

Jacob was silent, he wouldn’t let George return to the farm until that buck was down. What if that buck broke into the house and found his way to George’s room while he was sleeping. That big oaf would crush him like a doll. But he had to hear the rest of it before he went to his uncle, ‘Go on, George.’

‘Each time I went out to the fields, there he was, still with chains dragging between his feet. Bud says he’s a stubborn runner. All the other bucks are working and breeding with wenches like good niggers but not Tony. Why Bud sent his own wench to Tony for breeding, but she said Tony never laid a hand on her!

‘So that made me think. That buck is straight from the jungle, Jacob. He should be breeding every wench we send to him because that’s what they do in the jungle but what if we have been sending him the wrong kind of wench. You know like how a dog will fuck any bitch but it won’t touch a mule?’

Jacob’s eyes nearly fell out of their sockets, ‘George! I should spank you for that vulgarity. He’s a nigger not an animal. Are you suggesting we send him a mule to breed with?’

‘Of course not!’ George exclaimed. ‘I was sure he just wouldn’t breed with any of the wenches on the farm, because they’re all female. I started going out to the fields on purpose. To get close to him. If he’d learned to speak like the others, why I’d just ask him. I suppose I started to feel sorry for him, Jacob.

‘I walked up to the barn early in the morning with Marvin; he’s always been loyal to me. Now, Bud keeps Tony in the barn when he’s in one of his rages. As you may have heard, that buck could bring down a house with his rage.

‘I walked in front of Marvin. You see, Marvin says he can understand the noises Tony makes. Tony was sleeping in a heap on the hard floor, balled up like a big old puppy.

‘I tip-toed to him and quietly lifted the blanket off his body. I’ve smelt many a buck on the farm, but Tony’s smell was the strongest of them all. Pure musk, I thought I would faint. The whole farm was quiet except for his snoring. I ran my hand down Tony’s black chest. He was an inferno, you should have felt it.

‘“Don’t do that, Massa George. He’s liable to wake up and hurt you,” Marvin warned me. I wanted him to catch me and rattle me like the other bucks rattle their wenches. I read somewhere that these bucks are just animals. They just want to eat and breed.

‘My hands were now slippery from Tony’s sweat, Tony was still asleep. He had no idea I was near him. I found my way down to his pants and I felt his pubis, why it was as bristly as hay. I inched further into his pants and felt the sleeping monster. Sweaty and moist.

‘I was about to let go and leave when I felt him stir. Like a dragon rising from a dark cave, he raised his thick torso, his muscles glimmering from the lamp in Marven’s hand.

‘I cried out for help, trying to run away but Tony clutched my foot. Marvin had abandoned me and run off into the night with the lamp, leaving me alone in the dark with Tony. Somehow, I wriggled free from Tony’s grasp, and realised that he was chained down. He could barely move two feet. Both his hands and feet were chained down.

‘He started yanking at his chains, shaking the walls of the barn and bringing down dust as he did so. I could see the burning lust in his eyes through the moonlight filtering through the barn door. All I had to do was walk away, and leave him in the darkness. But then I heard the chains yanked even more vigorously. I stopped and the rattling stopped. I took one more step towards the door and he started yanking at his chain again, grumbling something from his thick lips.

‘He wanted me so I returned to him. His black eyes bore into me with a captive but powerful rage; the desire of an animal in heat chained and just an arm’s length from release.

‘My heart leapt. I found myself pulling down my night attire and before long I was standing in the nude in front of Tony. Now the birds were starting to stir and chirp and I knew we didn’t have much time. The blue, morning light was starting to draw shadows on my plump buttocks behind me. The sun was rising and so was the chained beast.

‘My pale white body, filled with the inexplicable desire that only a simple buck could understand found its way to his body. He was fully erect before I even touched him, pumped up with pent up desire he had been holding inside since he left Africa.

‘I was nervous. Bud, was an early riser and he could walk in to check on his buck at any time but at the same time, I wanted to see it, touch it, and taste it. And I could tell with the way he yanked at his chains that Tony wanted me to see it, touch it, and force it inside me.

‘But I couldn’t do that. I couldn’t let this animal be my first, breed me like a cheap wench or one of the whores at the cathouse. When I have desired you, Jacob, to touch me for so long, how could I?’ George lamented, clutching at his chest.

Jacob did not breathe a word. On one hand he could see the soft light bouncing off George’s untouched, smooth cheeks, and it made him want to be closer to his cousin. But on the other he could see the animal about to defile his innocence and George was going to let him. A tear rolled down his clenched jaw.

George continued, ‘I had no choice; it was as though Tony was controlling my mind from his chains, he was my Massa. I started to pull down his pants, my fingers trembling, my heart pounding. Tony’s eyes were wide open. He was snarling and making sounds that frightened me but my feet wouldn’t carry me away to safety.

‘Then I saw it. I knew now why this stallion could not be tamed. He had enough hormones in his massive balls to make drive a bull crazy. I had to help relieve him of some of it before he lost his mind. It was my Christian duty to help him. I could see the cry for release.

‘I touched it and Tony rattled at his chains. It sounded now like he was chanting something, begging for my touch. I pulled down the skin around his member and out came the pink head of the one eyed monster. I found myself salivating and without thinking about it, my pink lips were on the tip of the head. Tony wriggled as though all the tension in all his muscles gave away in one instance. I wrapped my tongue around the pink head and Tony was silent. I looked up at him.

‘He started pleading. I pulled away. Walked away. The buck went crazy. He rattled his chains so hard I was sure he would bring the roof tumbling down for sure and wake the whole farm.

‘I crawled back to him. His testes were jiggling as though anticipating a long awaited release. They were ready to burst. My lips once again touched the pink of his member. I kissed it, licked it and started sliding it into my mouth and that’s when it happened.

‘It was like a seizure. First the legs gave out into uncontrollable spasms. His chanting broke into a cry of relief and he rattled his chains in victory. A jet of hot goo spilled into my mouth and down my throat. It was so thick I thought I would choke on it.

‘I felt just as relieved but suddenly, the barn doors creaked wide open and there in the early light of day was the silhouette of Bud with his whip in his hand, and I with the buck in my mouth.

‘I jumped to my feet and with my mouth dripping with dark seed, I watched as Bud lost his mind and tore the skin off the buck’s back.

‘“You’re next, whore,” Bud said.

‘And I ran here as soon as I could,’ George finished. ‘Say you don’t hate me and you’ll keep me safe, Jacob.’



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