"What?" I just realized that everyone has dressed up and are all in the gym. I also realized that I have been staring at Matt's crotch for over ten whole seconds now. I had just met someone that I really have something in common and I know I didn't want to risk losing our friendship. "Hey. I've been talking to myself all this time. What's wrong?"

"Huh...Oh everything's fine. I was just trying to remember something we learned in algebra." A quick and lousy explanation and it was probably not good enough to convince that I didn't have a thing for him.

"Oh okay," he said. Maybe he's not the brightest guy I've met to have fallen for that excuse. "But I just realized that it is the very first day of school and all we did in algebra was introduce ourselves to the class and get our seating arrangement. So that means you we're actually staring at my dick aren't you?" I saw a smirk on his face. I guess he wasn't stupid.

"Um no, why would I do that? There's barely anything to look at in amazement. Anyone could top your length." I lied. He probably has the length girls would drool for and what guys would kill to have. If he didn't saw me staring, I myself would have drooled a puddle right about now. "Besides, I just met you. I wouldn't be that kind of guy who checks out his friend."

He just burst out laughing and said, "Oh really? So you weren't really staring and just had a general wonderment. And you think that this is not big enough to satisfy girls or maybe in your thoughts, you?" He grabbed his crotch like there we're no other people but him and went closer to my face. That sentence he just said that it wasn't big enough was all a lie. I would do anything to get him to put his huge dick in my mouth. "So tell me. If I asked you to stare right into my eyes and say that you don't have a thing for me, could you do that?"

And there he was. Only inches away from my face staring directly into my eyes. I couldn't help it and I began to stutter. "I...I...don.." I stopped talking and turned my head towards the ground. My face was red due to embarrassment.

"Hmmm. I thought so." And there was that adorable and beautiful smile again. It was so annoying that he does that every time he's right. "Come on we don't want to be late for gym." We quickly dressed up and headed out from the locker rooms to the gym.


"Wow. It's only been the first day of gym and the coach has already got us sweating like hell!" I said. At the beginning of gym class was only taking attendance then the rest of the class was what Coach Harris called 'warmups' which was 20 reps of pushups, 20 reps sit-ups, 15 reps on the pull up bar, and 10 laps around the gym. After the first 5 minutes, you would already soaked your gym clothes with sweat. Well, for me. When I watched Matt do those warmups, it looked so simple and easy for him. By the end of it though, you could see that his shirt was covered with sweat and you could visibly see through it his six-pack.

"What the hell are you talking about? That was easy!" Matt said while changing back to his school clothes. His abs we're glistening with sweat and it made me easily fully erect. I quickly tried to think of away to turn my dick soft again and thinking about old people doing stuff did the trick. "Just admit to it that I'm stronger that you!"

I just laughed at his joke. "Hah...okay I will have to admit that you may have a better looking body and you're more hotter than me but that doesn't mean you are stronger than me."

"Yeah right. Oh thanks for saying I'm hot by the way." I didn't even noticed that I said that. I looked at him and I saw him teasing me by rubbing his hand all over his body and winking at me. I just shook my head and lifted my middle finger which made both of us laugh. "Is that so? Fine. At lunch we're going to have an arm wrestling contest."

"Bring it. I'll be waiting to beat your ass in that to prove I am so much stronger than you."

After third hour came lunch time. Matt and I had the same classes so we just got to know each other better throughout the day. We decided to talk a table outside of the cafeteria since it always get crowded in there. No one else was outside except us and a couple of kids and also a familiar face. It was Parker. I forgot that he wanted to tell me something after first period but he didn't get the chance to.

So Matt and I headed his way until one girl appeared. It was this girl named Natalie. I didn't know her much but I did have some classes with her in junior year and we sat next to each other in one of them. She was pretty nice and one of the sweetest girl you will ever meet. As we got closer, we saw Parker and Natalie making out. I stopped and was surprised.

"Hey is something wrong?" Matt asked. I just didn't expected this especially from Parker. He always told me how nervous he gets around girls despite his handsome look. Unlike many other jocks, Parker was the type of guy who was innocent and do not do anything wild even if it's just a simple kiss. And now, I am only a few feet away from watching Parker put his tongue down Natalie's throat. There's nothing wrong with it and I'm happy for him but you can't blame me for being a little bit jealous. "Come on. Let's go meet your friend."

I came back to my senses and headed his way. "Hey you guys. Um...Hey Natalie." Parker and Natalie stopped kissing and turned their heads towards us.

"Oh I'm so sorry I didn't know anyone was here." Natalie said.

"Nah it's cool. I just wanted to check in with Parker since he told me he had to talk to me about something and I guess this is what he wants to tell me." I pretended to be happy with the news. "So umm I guess you don't remember me but I'm..."

"Nick! I still remember. We used to sit together in Spanish class. You would always help me since I sucked at it." She laughed a little and so did Parker.

"Yup...you got it right. This is Matt by the way and it's his first year here. And this is Parker and Natalie." I grabbed Matt's shoulder and introduced him to them.

"Hey I'm Natalie. It's great to meet you."

Parker lifted up his hand for a hand shake which Matt accepted. "Yeah I remember. We met in the hallways remember?" Matt just smiled and nodded. "Oh yeah. That was actually my news. Natalie and I are dating now. We knew each other since freshman year but didn't really talked to each other. During summer break, both of us got jobs as lifeguards and that's when we actually became official friends. In first hour, that's when I got the guts to ask her out and thankfully, she said yes." I saw him smiling like he never smiled before. I could sense that it was the happiest day of his life and if he's happy, I should be happy for him too.

"Wow you guys look great together." I said. I could finally accept the fact that they're dating. It took me a while to bring it in but I guess I have no choice.

"Thank you so much! Hey you know what? We should hang out this weekend." Natalie said.

"Yeah, of course. That is a great idea. My birthday is this weekend and I'm planning to have a birthday/pool party. You guys should come over." Matt said.

"Sure. We'd love to! Come on babe we should probably get lunch before the line becomes too long. You guys wanna come with us?"

"Yeah we will but you guys go ahead." Natalie and Parker headed into the cafeteria leaving Matt and I behind.

"Oh thanks by the way for informing me about this upcoming birthday of yours." I softly punched him on his abdomen and we both laughed. We were just walking towards the cafeteria to get lunch.

"Hah...I didn't really thought it was that worth mentioning. I have birthdays every year and it's not really that important that I'm turning 18."

"Come on. Every birthdays are important. Tell me what do you want for your birthday."

"Nah...you don't have to buy me anything. Just come to my birthday party and that will be enough for me." We both looked at each other and smiled. "Oh yeah I almost forgot. Weren't we supposed to have an arm wrestling contest?"

"Oh yeah I almost forgot. Let's get our lunches and then I'll beat your ass!" He burst out laughing again and smiled afterwards.

"We'll see." He put his arm around me and just kept walking. "Come on so we don't have to wait in line."

"You go right ahead I'll catch up with you and save me a spot okay?"

"Fine. Well hurry up." He ran into the building and within a second or two, he was gone. I took the moment and thought about what was going on. Out of all the years I've known Parker, he didn't tell me during the summer break about Natalie or whether he liked her. I just shook that thought out of my mind since it was not that important. Then, I realized that Matt put his arm around me. It felt great. It was not something I felt around others when they do the same thing. I felt like I'm starting to have feelings for him.


Hey you guys. First of all, I would like to apologize if it took longer than expected to write the third chapter of my story. I just had to deal with school stuff and family problems but it's all good now. Thank you for your continued support and I hope you guys enjoyed this chapter. I promise that I will now try my best to submit future chapter. Thank you again.


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