"Welcome seniors. I am your teacher Mr. Adams and I will be teaching you advanced algebra." Well isn't this just a great way to start the school year. I can't believe that my first period is the subject I hated the most. It's a surprise I even qualified to be in an advanced class. "Okay class. To start off, you guys will be introducing yourself individually to the class and say something about you. Then, I will be choosing which is your assigned seat."

After a couple of students introduce themselves, it became my turn. "Hey, my name is Nicholas Levi Henson and this is my fourth year in Hartford High School. You guys can call me Nick or Levi. It doesn't matter to me. Oh I'm gay by the way." The class just laughed at my joke even though its true. I saw Brad in the back smile but immediately turned into a frown when he saw me looking at him. I don't know what is wrong with him and like me, I don't know how he's in advanced algebra.

The next student went in from of the class and introduced himself. I have never seen him before in my years in this school. "Umm...well to start off, my name is Matthew Taylor and this is my very first day of school." His smile made the girls and me smile as well. Oh I so wish he was gay. "I just recently moved here from Florida and just like the previous guy...I'm gay." Oh my God. I think my dream I just wished 30 seconds ago just came true! I heard one of the girls say "Aww dammit!" Unlucky them. Well probably same to me as well since he's out of my league.

He was the last student to be introduced and up next was for the teacher to assign us our seats. I was put in the back row which I was thankful for since Mr. Adams would never suspect me texting. "Okay Matthew, you will be sitting next to Nick."

Yes! He smiled at me when he sat his backpack by his chair. "I feel like I should introduce myself personally. Hi I'm Matt. It's nice to meet you." I felt like I just melted.

"Hey I'm Nick and it's great to meet you." He smiled back and we got into a conversation. I learned that he had to move here because his mom got a better job here. His dad divorced his mom while he was still young but still kept contact with him. I also learned that he has all the same classes as me which really made me excited.

The rest of math class went by fast and me and Matt became friends instantly. Between classes, I always meet up with Parker just for a quick chat. "Hey how's first hour?"

"It was great! Oh yeah this Matt. He's just moved here from Florida." Parker sensed my 'excitedness' when I introduced Matt.

"Hey I'm Matt." Parker felt awkward but still showed a slight smile.

"Umm hey I'm Parker."

"Oh we got to go!" Matt yanked at my sleeve saying that we might be late for our next class.

"Okay! Well I'll just talk to you at lunch?" I told Parker.

"Yeah of course." We immediately left leaving Parker in the hallway. We entered the doors heading to the locker room since our next class is gym.

"I can't believe we still have to dress out. It's just gym class."

"I know right! I don't see the point but oh well." We picked lockers that are right by each other so we could still be able to talk to each other. I slide down my jeans showing my ass and shape of my 7-inch dick due to the tight boxer briefs I wore and changed into an athletic shorts. I took off my shirt revealing all my hard work to achieve a six pack and got a black t-shirt to wear.

"Wow nice six-pack man. But I think I have a better one." He smiled and took off his shirt. It was true. His tan showed his six-pack better and you could see that he workout a lot.

"You know what? Fine you win!" We laughed it all out. He slid down his pants and I was shocked when I saw he was wearing a jockstrap. He turned around to grab a pair of shorts in his backpack and I saw his bubble butt. It was perfect. It has a perfect shape and was something that the girls at school would kill for. After he grabbed his shorts, he turned around again facing me.

"What?", he said. I just realized that I have been staring at him for ten seconds. I also realized that my dick was getting hard. What am I going to do?! What if he saw this and get scared?! I can't risk this friendship!


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