"Hey rise and shine sleepy head!" that was the first image I saw when I woke up. It was my sister trying to wake me up. "It's your first day as a senior and I know you don't want to start off with a late pass to your classes."

"Fine you win. I'll go take a shower." My sister left my room and I took off my clothes and headed to the shower. I took a cold, fifteen minute shower which completely woke me up. Afterwards, I dried myself and took a pair of jeans and a regular black t-shirt. I admired myself in the mirror when I was about to put my clothes on. I thought to myself, "Wow, 18 and I already have a six pack, a perfect tanned skin, soft dark brown hair, and hazel eyes. Another thing, I'm the most popular guy in school." Despite my great features, there were two problems. I am a virgin and most of all, I'm gay. I can't graduate a virgin. First of all, what guy can I get that I actually like and can take my virginity away. Really, I am the only gay student at my school at Hartford High. I just erased those thoughts out of my head. I should already be thankful that even though I am gay, everyone (well almost everyone) accepts that. Well, there is this guy named Brad that gets on my nerves. He is basically 100% homophobic. All my time in high school, I've been picked on by him due to my sexuality. That is why I tried to join sports and hang out with cool kids to become popular and be buff enough to defend myself. And it worked somehow.

I headed down the stares to see my sister, Kristen, making me breakfast. Since my parents died from a tragic car accident, my sister is my only family member who cared enough to let me live with her. She's 27 and is legal to take me in. After that, she became like my best companion. "Ok here you go." She sat my plate down full of scrabbled eggs and bacon.

"Wow. This looks great sis! Thank you so much." I said with a big smile on my face. She replied by smiling back and said, "Anytime. Well, I got to go to work in a couple of minutes and I am trusting you to be careful when you walk to school."

"Wait, you're not eating breakfast with me?" I said. "I already drank orange juice and ate some bacon earlier while you were taking a shower."

"Oh okay, well I will just see you after school I guess."

"Don't worry lil' bro. I will try to get off of work as soon as I finish getting the papers approved." You see, my sister works as a secretary at a small office building downtown. The pay is pretty good enough to provide for the two of us. "Well, I will see you in a while. Bye." She leaned over and kissed my forehead. "See you later!" she closed the door when she left. I was left alone. I quickly ate my breakfast and brushed my teeth. After that, I headed to school. It wasn't that far. It was probably only 2-3 blocks away. Besides, its good exercise. I locked the front door after I left and walked on the side walk. I then heard a familiar voice.

"Hey faggot!" I knew it was none other than Brad. "How was your summer? Trying to convert other guys to your kind?"

"Shut up Bradley!" I turned around and it was my friend Parker. He was my best friend since middle school. We always got each others back no matter what. At 6'1", just one inch taller than me, he is someone you should never mess with. If there was someone better than me at sports, it would be Parker. He was quarterback of the football team, main kicker for soccer, and basically captain for every sports at our school. "Why don't you back off and leave Levi alone." (Yeah that's my name. Not so tough looking when your name after your jeans)

"Fine. But, I promise you fags. I will be back for you two." He left afterwards.

"You okay dude?" Parker asked. With his charming blue eyes, attractive boyish looks and outstanding muscles, every girls and probably even guys will fall in love with him. Just like me. I USED to have a crush on him. He is totally fine with my sexuality and knew that I had a crush on him. It kinda made things awkward between us, but it eventually fade away when my crush for him was gone. "Hello?" I forgot I he was talking to me.

"Huh. Oh yeah I'm fine. Thanks for the help." I said with a smile.

"No problem man. You know I got you back." He gave me a look and smile. I don't know but I think I just had butterflies in my stomach. Wow, I haven't felt like this with him since....wait, I can't. He is my best friend. I still remember the awkwardness last time I felt this way. Even though his smile could melt you away, it is wrong to have this kind of feeling for him. "Well, here. I'll just walk with you to school. You okay with that?"

"Of course, why wouldn't I?" We walked all the way to school and reached it with 5 minutes to spare. "You know, it's really great to see you again. Its been forever since we last talked in person. So how wa-" He was interrupted with the bell. "Wow that was quick. Well, I'll just see you in third period ok?" He gave me a hug and headed off to his first hour.

What was that hug for? Could it really be possible that Parker missed me? One thing I know is that I can't do anything to ruin my friendship with him. If I can....


Eric Santos

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