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He became silent for a few seconds then asked, "Would you get naked with me and jerk off so we can watch each other?"

"Is that something you really want to do?"

When he replied yes  I told him to follow me.  Seconds later we were in my bedroom and he looked at me and asked, "You're not going to tell dad, are you?"

"Fuck no. What ever you say or do will stay just between us."

I could tell he was nervous so I began removing my swim trunks and he followed my lead.  Seconds later we were both nude and our cocks rock hard.  I suggested we lay on the bed and once we were side by side we began stroking our cocks.  I noticed that his eyes were glued on my cock, and I must admit that my mouth was watering seeing his long hard beautiful tool.

As we both neared our climax, I was caught off guard at what happened.


In an instant, Brad had stopped jerking his cock and had pushed my hand out of his way and was stroking me, saying "I want to see what it's like to feel a guy shoot his load and have a guy stroke me off."

I reached over and grasp his cock and just having his cock n my hand sent me over the edge.  My cock exploded sending numerous huge thick volleys of cum out onto my stomach and chest.

"Holy shit!" he exclaimed.  "That load was huge!"

About that time, his cock exploded and shot an almost equal amount of thick white cum out onto his stomach and chest, with the first two volleys barely missing his chin.

"Hey, buddy, that wasn't a small load," I replied, with a laugh.  "Let's get cleaned up."

We headed for the shower and as we dried off, he looked at me and asked, "Mark, could we do this again?"

"Brad, I just don't know.  I'd hate for your dad to find out and it ruin our friendship."

"He won't find out if we both keep silent."

"Brad, I won't say we will, but at the same time I won't ay we won't.  Let's just take it one day at a time."

Brad had no idea how bad I had wanted to take his cock in my mouth and eat every drop of cum he produced.  Maybe someday.

That evening, when they came over for dinner, I felt the strange feeling com over me, knowing I had been naked with Matt's son and had jerked off together.  I was wishing that I could do the same with Matt, but my ultimate dream was to have them both naked and me alternating between their cocks.  I knew it would never happen.

Matt began coming over a couple times a week when Matt would be working or out running errands.  About two months after the first time we jerked together,  Brad was working another Saturday and Brad was at my house early.

When I went to answer the door, I checked to see who it was and after seeing Brad, I opened the door still nude.

Smiling, he asked, "May I join you?"

"If you want to," I replied and headed for the kitchen for a cup of coffee.

By the time I had my coffee ready, Brad was totally naked and his cock rock hard. Since that first time, Brad would openly play with my cock when he and I were alone.  I damn sure didn't mind, and at times, I did the same with him.

After a few minutes, he smiled ad said, "Let's go to your bed."

Without saying a word, I stood and headed up the stairs with him closely following.  Once in the room, I lay on the bed and he lay next to me, in a sixty-nine position.  We had found that it was easier to jerk each other off in this position.

We gently grasped each others hard cock and began stoking. His cock began to gradually expel clear slick pre-cum, and as in the past, if he wasn't watching I would get some on my finger and slip the finger in my mouth.  It was delicious.

Suddenly, I could feel my pre-cum begin to flow and then I froze.  to my shocked pleasure, Brad had taken my cock in his mouth and was hungrily sucking it.  It was extremely obvious that it wasn't his first time.

I stopped stroking his cock and looked down to watch him and asked, "You enjoying that?

Stopping, he replied, "Fuck yea.  Mark, I've been wanting to do this since the first day we met."

"How long have you been sucking cock?" I asked.

"Only about a year.  I started with a bud at my last school, and have been doing without since we moved."

"How often did you and he blow each other?

"During the week, once or twice a day but on weekends sometimes three or four.  He lived next door and we were together all the time."

"Well, I could tell it wasn't your first time," I told him.

Looking at me questioningly, he asked, "Have you had guys blow you before?"

"Oh, yea, for years," I replied, and added, "Finish what you started."

He returned to sucking my cock and I watched for a couple of minutes before turning slightly and swallowing his beautiful cock.  When I did, he moaned loudly.

The sixty-nine was full motion and it was fantastic.  After several minutes, I reached my climax and glanced down to watch Brad take my load and swallow the entire load.  A second or two later, his cock erupted and filled my mouth with his hot young thick creamy cum.  I savored the taste for a moment before swallowing. 

After I pulled off of his cock, Brad flipped around and quickly pressed his lips to mine and in a quick second out tongues were exploring each others mouth.  After a long passionate wet tongue kiss, we cuddled together and I said, "You said that you had been wanting to suck me since the day you moved in, well, just so you know I've wanted you since that day also, but I wasn't going to make the first move."

He began kissing and licking his way from my neck to my chest and as he gently sucked on one nipple then the other, I asked, "Does you dad know anything?"

"Fuck no, but he has a brother that is gay and he has no problem with it."

About half hour later, Brad looked at me and asked, "Mark, will you please fuck me?  I haven't been fucked in ages and I need it."

"I'll be glad to but only if you fuck me in return."

"Gladly," he replied.

A few moments later we were both lubed and my cock was buried in his hot tight ass.

"Oh fuck, that feels so damn good.  Fuck me and let me feel you shoot your load in me."

I fucked him slowly at first and as my climax neared I fucked harder and faster and he loved it.  Soon, his ass was full of my thick hot cum.

I slowly pulled out of his hot ass and moments later he was buried in my ass fucking the hell out of me and it was awesome.  As he climaxed in my hole, we kissed passionately.

After pulling out, I led him to the shower and as we washed each other he asked, "Can we do this again?"

"Anytime you want, as long as your dad is gone." I replied.

Brad and I got together at least once a week and sometimes more.

But about the time I found out Brad was gay, I noticed that Matt seemed to be getting 'cozy' with me.  By 'cozy', I mean that at times, when it was just he and I together, he would very casually let his hand brush against my cock and if the occasion allowed, if my hand was at my side he would gently press his cock against my hand.

Having Matt do this was driving me crazy, but like it was with Brad, I wasn't going to make the first move.  It continued for several weeks, and as time passed he would press his hard cock against my hand and brush his hand against my hard cock, pausing for a moment.  Also, when alone, he was always extremely close to me, sometimes if behind me he would rest his chin on my shoulder.

Then one day, while his chin was on my shoulder, I happened to turn and then it happened.



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