It was in mid-July and the weather was extremely warm.  I was working in my yard, shirtless, when I saw them pull up.  The son, who appeared to be about eighteen was in the car  followed by a large U-Haul truck with another vehicle behind it on a 'tow bar'.

The younger man parked in front of my home and as he got out told me that he and his dad were moving in next door and would I mind if he parked in front of my house.  I said that I didn't mind at all.  I work out regularly and am very proud of my physique and I noticed the kid eyeing me from head to toes and it excited me.

It was then that I saw his father climb out of the truck and began removing the second vehicle from the tow bar.  once the car and tow bar were removed, the dad backed the truck into the drive and, with his son with him, walked over to me.

"I'm Matt Jacobs, and this is my son Brad.  I just bought the house next door and as soon as we can get unloaded , we'll get the car moved over into our drive.

"I'm Mark Rivers and you are welcome to leave the car there as long as necessary, and welcome to the neighborhood," I replied as I surveyed Matt's hot muscular body.  

We talked a moment and I found out that Matt had just been hired as a security guard at the local prison and Brad would be a senior in the nearby high school.  I again welcomed them to the area and offered any assistance they might need.

They went back to the truck and began unloading their belongings.   I watched a moment thinking I wanted to get to know them better.  Matt looked to be in his late thirties or early forties and about six-three or six-four and about one ninety-five, which appeared to be all muscle.  His arms were fairly hairy  with the same dark brown hair that was on his head.  His eyes were emerald green and he sported a neatly trimmed goatee and moustache.   Brad was about the same height but weighed a little less with blond hair and blue eyes and a very  adequate build.  

I returned to my yard work, pausing later to go inside for a  break and when I returned to the yard, my heart nearly stopped.  Both men had removed their shirts and as expected, Matt's chest was covered with a nice mat of dark brown hair and his pecs were awesome.  On his left pec was a tattoo with the letters 'USMC' showing clearly.

Brad, on the other hand , was almost as well built and he had a nice coating of blond hair on his chest.  Both men were hot as hell and I decided that I was going to get to know them as well as possible, and today was a great day to start.

I finished the yard and after a quick  jerk off in the shower, I headed for the store.  Once home, I walked over with a cooler filled with bottled water, a few sodas and a few cold beers.  

"I thought you two might want to take a short break and cool off, I said as I handed Matt the cooler.  After opening it he tossed Brad a bottle of water ten opened one for himself. The drained the water and Matt handed Brad a soda while he grabbed a beer.

"A man after my own heart," he said with a smile.

"Well, there is plenty more to go with the burgers I'm preparing for this afternoon.  Let me know what time you think you might be through."

"Mark, that's very nice but really, I don't want to impose on you."

"Hey man, let's not start this friendship off on the wrong foot, so shut the fuck up," I said laughing. "I know what it's like to move, and I just want to do a little to help out and say welcome."

Shaking my hand, he smiled and said, "From the look of things we'll be unloaded by about three thirty or so and then return the truck, then set up our beds and shower, we should be over about half past six if  that's okay."

"Perfect.  I'll have everything ready and I'll put the burgers on the fire once you are there," I said.  "Oh, wear or bring your swim trunks.  I have a pool."

I saw Brad's eyes light up at the word 'pool'.

They finished up and arrived at my place just before seven.  As for myself, I was wearing only my swim trunks, which I seldom wear, since the back yard is totally private.  Out on the patio, I handed Matt another beer and Brad a soda as they both removed their shirts and jeans.  Matt wore a spandex brief which showed a nice package, but it was Brad that really caught my eye in his very small speedo.  

"I hate his swimwear," Matt said.  "One of these days it is going to disappear."

"Hey, at his age and with his build, let him, show it off.  You could get away with it also, but I like things loosed and free."  Smiling, he said, "I think I get what you mean, seeing how private it is back here."

Our homes backed up to some thick woods and although my home was two story, the homes on both sides were both one story, and my brick wall around my back yard was nine foot high.

We had a great evening and I found that matt was forty-one and Brad had just turned eighteen.  Matt said he knew his wife was running around on him from the letters Brad had written him.  Once in twenty years and had retirement, he got out and returned home.  That same day his wife walked out on he and Brad and he filed for divorce.

He said he had no problem getting hired on as a county deputy sheriff since he had been in the military police in the service.  Then when the job as a security guard was offered at a nice increase in pay and better benefits, he jumped at it.

As they left, I told them that I hoped that the friendship would grow and to my shocked surprise, Matt gave me a hug and said he was sure we would be great friends.

Days and weeks passed and on Saturday evenings if we didn't alternate having each other over for dinner, we would go out for dinner or to a sporting event.

Then had been my neighbors for about four months, when I saw something that was both a surprise and pleasure.

My bedroom was on the second floor and the window faced their house, and to be more exact, Brad's bedroom.  I had walked into my room and before turning on the bedside lamp I glanced out the window.  It was late and Brad was laying on his bed, totally nude and was gently stroking his beautiful cock.  I glanced toward Matt's window and it was dark.  I assumed he was sound asleep.

Returning my gaze at Brad's window, my cock began to stiffen.  I casually removed my shorts and joined Brad in stroking, wishing his cock was in my mouth.  The way he had the slats on the blinds turned, I had a perfect view of the action.  I had to control myself so as not to reach my climax before he did.  Then I saw him begin to stroke faster and knew that he was getting close.  I had my hand in position to catch my load when it erupted and a second later we climaxed together, his load firing out onto his stomach and chest and mine filling my cupped hand.

He reached our and grabbed a cloth and began wiping up as I lifted my hand to my mouth and gulped my own load down.  I knew I had to check out the view more often.  I wanted to mention to him that I had seen him but wasn't just sure how

Matt normally worked seven to three Monday through Friday, but before his shift ended on Friday he was informed that the morning weekend guard was ill and that he was needed for the seven to three shift on Saturday only.  I knew it was my chance to talk to Brad and see his reaction

When Matt told me about having to work the shift on Saturday I told him that I would prepare dinner and he could relax.  He was grateful.

Then about ten on Saturday morning I saw Brad in the yard and told him that I had turned the heater on in the pool and asked if he wanted to join me for a swim.  He immediately said yes.

Moments later we were both in the warm water of the pool and as we chatted, I said, "Brad, I need to talk to you about something."

"What's that?" he asked.

"You need to make sure your blinds are closed at night."

"They are," he replied.

"Not properly," I told him.

He became nervous and asked, "What do you mean?"

"The other night, I was in my bedroom and when I looked out my window, and the way the slats were turned, I had a clear view of you laying in your bed and what you were doing."

"Oh, shit," he replied.  "Did you see it all?"

"Every squirt," I replied, then added, "Hey, every male jerks off  even at my age. I started at thirteen and still do it when needed.  I just thought I'd mention it so you could adjust the blinds."

"May I ask you a personal question?"

"Sure," I replied.

"Did you do it then also?"

"Yes, Brad, I did."

"When I do it, I love the pleasure but at the same time I am wanting to watch another guy do it also..  I know other guys in school jerk off because I've heard them talk about it but if I say I want to watch, they might think I'm weird.  Would you?"

"No, it a natural curiosity," I replied.

He became silent for a few seconds then asked, "Would you get naked with me and jerk off so we can watch each other?"

"Is that something you really want to do?"

When he replied yes  I told him to follow me.  Seconds later we were in my bedroom and he looked at me and asked, "You're not going to tell dad, are you?"

"Fuck no. What ever you say or do will stay just between us."

I could tell he was nervous so I began removing my swim trunks and he followed my lead.  Seconds later we were both nude and our cocks rock hard.  I suggested we lay on the bed and once we were side by side we began stroking our cocks.  I noticed that his eyes were glued on my cock, and I must admit that my mouth was watering seeing his long hard beautiful tool.

As we both neared our climax, I was caught off guard at what happened.

TO BE CONTINUED........................



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