From Part 2.............................

But about the time I found out Brad was gay, I noticed that Matt seemed to be getting 'cozy' with me.  By 'cozy', I mean that at times, when it was just he and I together, he would very casually let his hand brush against my cock and if the occasion allowed, if my hand was at my side he would gently press his cock against my hand.

Having Matt do this was driving me crazy, but like it was with Brad, I wasn't going to make the first move.  It continued for several weeks, and as time passed he would press his hard cock against my hand and brush his hand against my hard cock, pausing for a moment.  Also, when alone, he was always extremely close to me, sometimes if behind me he would rest his chin on my shoulder.

Then one day, while his chin was on my shoulder, I happened to turn and then it happened.


Part 3....................

When I turned, our faces were no more than an inch apart and we looked into each others eyes. I had vowed not to make the first move, but now, in my opinion, he had opened the door. 

In an instant, I put a hand behind his head and pulled him to me pressing my lips to his and forcing my tongue into his mouth.  As I did this, I used my free hand and took one of his hands and pressed it against my quickly stiffening boner.

Our lips parted and I glanced down and could clearly see the outline of his hard cock laying flat against his stomach inside his shorts .  Looking at , as I rubbed his hand on my hard cock, I said, "I have the impression that you have been wanting this, so now it's all yours.  Go for it."

He stammered a moment, trying to think of something to say and finally said, nervously, "Mark, you got it wrong.  I'm just a friendly, touchy guy."

"Matt, I don't believe you and if your not man enough to go after what you want, I am."

With that, I dropped to my knees in front of him taking his shorts down with me.  His raging boner was hidden in tight white briefs and without hesitation, I wrapped my mouth over it and began working it through the material.  As I heard a soft moan, I jerked the briefs down and totally swallowed his hard eight inch boner.  Because it had a nice downward curve, it was easy to deep throat.

I began devouring it, hungry for what it could feed me.  I was like a starving dog that was getting his first meal in days.  After a few moments, Matt grabbed my shoulders  and pulled me up and kissed me passionately, driving his hand inside my shorts and stroking my cock.

After the kiss, he looked into my eyes and said, "Mark, you were right.  I have been wanting you.  I have wanted you since the day we moved in and met."

I almost blurted out that Brad had said the same thing the first time he and I had had sex, but I caught myself, remembering that Brad had said that his dad knew nothing about him being gay.

Instead, I said, "And I've wanted you also.  Shall we take this to the bedroom?"

We knew Brad was out with a friend and wouldn't be home until late.  Hand and hand we headed for the bedroom and seconds after arriving, we were both totally nude and laying on the bed passionately kissing and fondling each other.  I loved running my fingers through the hairy chest and feeling his big rock hard nipples.

Soon, we were involved in our first sixty-nine, both eagerly working toward receiving a great reward.  When it happened it was simultaneous, and beyond belief.  Hungrily, we both devoured the huge loads being fed to us, before kissing wildly.

Looking into my face, he said, Man, that was better than I ever dreamed it would be."

"I totally agree," I replied, and asked, "Do you do more that just oral?"

"Oh yes!  I want your awesome cock buried balls deep up my ass, and if you need me, I'll be your urinal."

Smiling, I said, "And I want the same thing."

"Fuck yea," he replied.

We talked and he revealed that at times, when working nights, he had given and received oral from inmates and used their asses for his own pleasure.

"If I ever got caught, I'd be locked up with them," he admitted.

"Well, you don't need them any longer.  You have me now."

"Thanks," he replied, before saying, "Matt fuck me.  Fuck me hard and rough."

"What ever you want," I told him.

He quickly raised his legs, exposing his hot hole before saying, "Don't go in slow.  Pile drive me."

I did as instructed and as I buried my cock in him in one hard thrust, he screamed in agony then said, "Fuck yea, stud!  Make me your bitch."

I soon filled his hole with my load and after I pulled out, I buried my face in his hole and sucked out my own load before kissing him and sharing.  He loved it.

I soon found that Matt was totally versatile and could be dominate or submissive, depending on the situation.  Sometimes he enjoyed being the master and other time liked being the slave.  I knew that we would be great together.

After fucking me lovingly, he said he needed to get home before Brad returned.  We kissed and agreed to have sex as often as possible.

We had a hot passionate kiss before opening the door and I watched as he walked next door to his house, wishing he could stay in my bed tonight.

 I closed the door and went to the den and began replaying the evening in my mind.  Approximately twenty minutes later, the door bell rang.  Hoping it was Matt, I answered it still nude to find Brad standing there.

"Damn, I love the way you're dressed," he said as he walked in.  Then after a hot kiss he said, "I need you tonight.  I want you to suck me, snowball, then fuck me."

Within moments , we were naked in my bed and I was hungrily going after the  huge delicious load I knew he held.  Moments later, my mouth was filled with his huge semi-sweet thick load.  After milking his cock dry, we kissed and shared his cum load, each swallowing half, and within seconds, my cock was buried in his ass.  Thinking of he and his  dad having sex together turned me on and it didn't take long for me to fill his hole with my load.

After he left, I wondered how long this could go on without one finding out about the other.

For the next few weeks, I played sexual roulette, and it wasn't easy. On more than one occasion,  Matt would be at the front door wanting sex and I would have to make Brad dress and rush him out the back door. I didn't know how long I could keep this up.

Then a month or so before graduation,  things came to a head.  Matt thought Brad had left the house when he called me saying "Mark, I'm horny as hell and need your cock in my mouth and up my ass.  Matt's gone and I was wondering if I could come over?"  I had told him yes.

I waited and a few moments later the door bell rang.  When I opened the door, there stood Matt AND Brad.  All I could think of was 'OH, SHIT!'

"We need to talk," Matt said. I stepped aside and let them in.

Everyone was silent until we were all seated in the den.

"Okay, what's going on?" I asked.

"Brad heard me on the phone and what I told you I wanted.  I admitted to him that I was gay and that we had been having sex.  Then he told me that you and he were having sex.  He told me how it started and I want you to tell me your version.  If he's gay and initiated things, I'm cool with it, but if you made the advances to him, then we have a problem."

I told Matt about seeing Brad jerk off and our conversation and everything that transpired, from jerking together and how Brad first sucked me."

Matt sat silent for a moment before saying, "That is exactly how he told me it started.  I'm sorry for what I thought."

"Matt, it's understandable.  Forget it. I just hope we canal remain friends."

"I don't see why not," Matt replied.

Then Brad spoke up.

"Dad, I have another confession.  For the last year before we moved here and since we moved here, I've been secretly watching you jerk off at night.  I've been wanting to suck it for you.  I think it would be awesome."

"Oh shit," Matt said.  "I'm not sure about doing anything with my own son."

"Dad, it's not like you are abusing me or taking advantage of me.  I want it, and besides, I am of legal age.  And now that you know I'm gay, I also want you to fuck me and I'd love a three way with you and Mark. Now, you know what I want."

"I don't believe this is happening. I didn't know how he would take it, if and when he found out I was gay but I never expected this."

Brad was sitting next to his dad and in a split second, before Matt could respond, Brad turned and began tongue kissing his dad and rubbing Matt's crotch.  After a moment, I could see Matt's crotch begin to swell as he relaxed and kissed Brad back passionately. Very casually, Matt's hand slipped over to Brad's crotch and began to fondle the hard cock under the clothes.

After a moment, the parted, and Matt looked at me, smiled, and asked, "Are you ready for a three way?"

"Well, lets go to the bedroom and just play it by ear."

Once in the bedroom we began to stripped and I saw Matt and Brad totally engrossed in watching each other remove their clothes.  Once the pants dropped both men were totally boned.

Sitting in a chair, I said, "Why don't the two of you start thing off by exploring each other and I'll join in later."

I watched as the again kissed and fondled each others bare hard cock before Brad flipped into a sixty-nine.  soon father and son fed each other their loads before kissing again.  It was then Brad called me over and he and his dad shared my cock taking turns sucking on it.  when I climaxed, Brad took it and kissed Matt sharing it with him

Brad later began playing with his dad's cock and once hard, began sitting on it.  I was watching a father fuck his son and it was awesome.

As Brad rode Matt's cock he said, "Dad, I've wanted this for so long.  I want to feel you cum in me."

"I will, son, and then I want you fucking me while I suck Mark off."

Before the evening was over both father and son had watched me suck each of their cocks and fuck each f their asses. They had watched each other suck and fuck me and eat cum.

They ended up staying all night, and it was awesome.

The following weekend, we got together for dinner and a swim and Matt said that Brad now shared his bed and they had sex nightly.  After that weekend, one or the other and sometimes both visited me for sex.  it was so hot and awesome to see a father and son sharing each others body and love for each other.

Graduation arrived and Matt and I took Brad to a gay nudist camp and it was so hot watching him with other men and he loved watching us with others.  

He left for college and Matt put all their belongings in storage and moved in with me, renting out his home. We became lovers and shared ex-con cock after guys were released from prison.  Seeing some of these guy you would never think that they liked cock and cum.

Brad graduated with a degree in engineering and moved back into their house with his new lover, a fellow classmate and football star who also got his degree in engineering.

After a year, I convinced Brad to sell the house and let Brad and Kyle move in with us.  I did some remodeling, giving them their own living quarters , complete with bath with sauna and kitchen and private entrance.

They led their lives and we led ours but at times we all enjoyed what each other had. Matt loved watching me take one of the boys in my ass while sucking the other boy. I didn't mind because I loved it.

The four of us have shared the house now for five years and still are as happy as ever.  and we both invite friends over for orgy pool parties.

Rather than being two separate couples, we are more like one guy with three lovers.  When poolside it is common to see either Matt or I having sex with either Kyle or Brad.

Four guys have found love as one group and it's awesome.

THE END............................... Coming soon.....RED HEADED BROTHERS



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