I'm Mark Davis, a twenty-nine year old former business manager for a local company. I am now the owner of a motel and restaurant on the outskirts of town. Here is how that came about and what the results have been.

As a child, I loved visiting my grandfather at the motel he owned. He was my mother's dad and we would visit him in the summers. I loved having the pool to swim in all day as well as unlimited snacks from the restaurant. Grandpa had told the staff at the restaurant to give me whatever I wanted.

When I was fourteen, my mother passed away and dad and I visited Grandpa less often. Then it suddenly stopped. I don't know what happened but dad and grandpa had a major fling out and dad and I moved across the country when dad took a new job. I lost contact with my Grandpa.

Shortly after my senior year of college started, I lost my dad also. I managed to finish college and got a job at a local firm and worked my way up to manager.

Then when I was twenty-six, I returned to my apartment one Thursday afternoon and found that I had a certified letter that needed to be picked up at the post office. Friday morning I picked it up and saw it was from a law firm in our old home town.

Opening it, I began reading and found that my grandfather had passed away and as his sole heir, I had inherited his entire estate. They were requesting that I meet at their office as soon as possible to settle his estate. I called and made an appointment for the following Monday.

After explaining everything to my boss, he gave me the rest of the day off as well as the following week. I returned to my place, packed and began the drive back home. I arrived in town late Sunday night and checked into a hotel in town a block from the law firms offices.

At the meeting, I met with the executor of the estate, and was told that he had kept all the employees on the payroll to run the motel until the estate could be settled.

We started going through the paper work and I found that not only did I inherit the motel but that my grandfather had saved and invested wisely and that his estate, not including the motel, was over two million dollars. I was totally stunned at the revelation.

After the papers were all signed, transferring everything into my name, I was driven out to the motel. It and the restaurant were nothing like what I had remembered.

I was told that eight years earlier there was a fire that destroyed everything and that Grandpa had been heavily insured and took the money and rebuilt, making the motel much more up to date. Grandpa had always catered to the truckers passing through the area and when he rebuilt, he enlarged the truck parking area.

I was introduced to the staff and it was obvious on their faces that they wondered if I would keep it and run it or put it up for sale.

I had the desk clerk call in all the employees that were off, and when they were there I got the entire staff together and assured them that I had no intentions of selling the motel and with their help, we would make it even better than it was.

I was shown to the apartment Grandpa had built connected to the front desk lobby and met with each employee one on one. Several of the male employees were extremely hot and turned me on. I wondered if any of them played.

I checked out of the hotel in town and moved into the motel apartment. I hated Grandpa's taste in furniture and knew I would replace it with my own furniture.

I decided to begin my inspection of the property with the restaurant. It was open from four in the morning until midnight. During the close hours, the kitchen and dining room were thoroughly cleaned. For those that stopped during those close hours, Grandpa had built a patio out front and free coffee and pastries were always available. There was also restroom out back for them to use.

In checking out the restrooms, I found that there were three stalls in the men's restroom and that someone had started carving glory holes in each partition of the center stall. I smiled and decided to make them bigger and smoother. Truckers needed relief when on the road.

I spent the week there and before I left, everything was finalized and in my name, including all monetary funds. I was now owner of the Mountain View Inn and Restaurant as well as a millionaire. I couldn't believe it.

I returned to my job and resigned, giving just a weeks notice. My boss understood and wished me well. Movers came and loaded my belongings and withing another week, I was settled into my new two bedroom apartment at the motel.

I learned the computer process for the front desk, as well as for the restaurant. I wanted to be a very 'hands on' owner. The employees appreciated that I didn't mind getting in and working side by side with them.

Within a month, I had things under control and began thinking about making some changes of my own, the first change was completing the glory holes. I did that one night during the restaurants closed hours when there were very few employees around.

During my first week there, I noticed that many of the truckers were younger and hot. Many were regular customers and I made myself available to them, welcoming them getting to know them. They were all glad to know that I was keeping the motel open.

After the first few days, I noticed that more and more of the drivers were using the outside restroom. I had intentionally made the holes just big enough to get a nice cock through but not so large as to loose anonymity. Most drivers didn't want others knowing they were getting their cocks sucked. I decided to check out the restroom one afternoon late.

It was just at sunset when I went in. It was totally empty so I took the center stall. About thirty minutes later a driver came in and went into the stall to my left, dropping his jeans all the way to the floor. Immediately, he began stroking his slowly stiffening cock as I watched through the hole.

I put a finger up to the hole and he quickly stood and put his cock through. I immediately began sucking him and soon brought him to a roaring climax. I took his load and swallowed and as he pulled back, he stuck his finger through. I put my cock through and he sucked me to completion and also swallowed.

He pulled up his jeans and left but not before I took note of what his shirt looked like. I went out and into the restaurant to find his sitting at the counter. He appeared to be in his late twenties or early thirties and was damn nice looking and well built. I noticed he was drinking coffee so I went behind the counter and after grabbing the coffee pot went and refilled his cup, noticing a gold wedding band on his left hand.

"Everything okay?" I asked.

"Yea, it is. You must be new. I haven't seen you here before."

"I'm the new owner," I said. "It's nice to have you here."

"I glad to hear you're keeping the place open."

"Definitely. I grew up here. The owner was my grandfather. He knew how I loved it here and left the place to me in his will."

"Sorry for your loss," he said.

"Thanks. If there is anything at all I can do for you or if you have any suggestions to make things better, just let me know. I live here on property so I'm always available."

"Will do," he said with a smile and a wink. I wondered if he knew it was me in the restroom.

I found out later as he left. I was outside the door and as he left he said, "I'm through here every Tuesday and Thursday about this time. I'd love to meet again like we did today."

"Sir?" I asked.

Smiling, he said, "I recognize your shoes from the restroom out back."

"I see. Well, I recognized your shirt when I came inside. Maybe next trip we can get more comfortable. I'm Mark."

As we shook hands he said his name was Todd. "I'd like that. It will be nice to maybe have something regular."

"I agree," I replied.

He left and i was already looking forward to his next visit.

I began getting one or two cocks a day in the restroom, but I began wondering what the ones that stayed overnight did when in there rooms. I made a decision.

I went to Brad, the main desk clerk, who was hot as hell, and told him I was shutting down the front wing of the motel for some upgrades.

Brad said some things were needed and i asked him to make some suggestions.

Brad was twenty two and worked full time during the day and took online college courses at night. He was muscular, stood about six-two, and soft spoken. His smile was snow white and perfect.

Brad made suggestions of newer fridges and microwaves as well as new larger screen TVs.

I agreed but had other ideas of what to add, even though it was totally illegal.

The front wing had ten rooms, running from next to the front office back to where an 'L' was formed. There was a total of thirty rooms in the motel.

I went to a local electronics store and bought ten mini cameras, splitter, and monitor.

The mini cameras were installed in the air conditioning vents of those front ten rooms and aimed at the bed or beds. The splitter and monitor were installed in a locked cabinet in my office. Once activated, I could sit in my office and view each room and observe the activity going on in the room.

Once completed I stayed close to the desk and when a hot trucker came in for a room, I would suggest to Brad which room to put him in. Then, I would go to my office and turn on the monitor and watch the trucker as he stripped to shower, and all he did after returning out of the shower.

It amazed me at the number of drivers that would enter their room, strip, lay down and jerk off, shooting their load out onto their stomachs, then shower. Many would jerk off again before going to sleep.

There were two double rooms on the wing that contained two beds. If a pair of drivers came in that were hot, I would assign them to the double rooms. That usually proved very interesting.

The first time we had a pair of drivers come in was unbelievable. Brad was at lunch and I checked them in. After giving them their keys, I went to my office and turned on the monitor.

I watched as they both stripped totally naked and headed for the bath together. When they emerged from the bathroom they were both fully erect. They pulled the covers back on both beds and after making one looked slept in they both got into the same bed. What I viewed next was like watching a gay porn movie.

They were both wearing wedding bands when I checked them in, but in the room I wondered if they were married to each other. Once in the second bed, they began kissing and making out before going into a sixty-nine. I watched as they sucked each other and swallowed before kissing more. They dressed and went to the restaurant for lunch.

Brad returned and I decided to go to the restaurant and check them out. I saw them at a table and after walking up, I asked if everything was satisfactory with their room. They said it was and i commented that they were calling it a day kind of early.

"Well, we have a delivery to make in town and they can't unload us until ten tomorrow," one of the drivers said. "We figured we'd get some rest and relaxation."

"Well, if there is anything I can do personally to make your stay better, just let me know," I said with a wink.

"The only thing better is if you have room service. We'd probably use it tonight."

"That's no problem at all. Call and I'll deliver it personally."

Smiling, one said, "We just might do it. Thanks."

I left and as I stood by the counter facing in their direction, I saw them looking my way and whispering.

They finished lunch and headed for their room. I told the cashier that if room four called for room service to let me know.

I returned to my office and unlocked the cabinet. The guys were almost nude and once they were they again lay in bed kissing before rimming and fucking each other.

At near seven, the evening clerk told me that room four was on the line for me. I answered and they said that they decided to take me up on my offer of room service. I told them to just dial the restaurant extension and place their order.

When it was ready the cashier called me and I went and got their order and took it to their room. I knocked and one of the guys opened the door, standing behind it.

"Just put it on the table," he said.

I did and as I turned around the other man came out of the bath room, totally nude and his cock rock hard. Then I noticed the man that opened the door was nude and rock hard also. "Just call when your done and I'll pick up the tray," I said as my own cock was quickly growing stiff. I made no attempt to hide it.

Shortly later, I got the call and went to retrieve the tray. Knowing they were still nude from watching the monitor, my cock was rock hard as i knocked. I was let in and the door was closed behind me. They were both hard also and one was standing by the table where the tray was. As I approached the table the one standing there reached out and grasped my cock and said, "Would you be able to furnish us some desert?"

"I think that could be arranged," I replied with a smile.

Immediately, both men began stripping me and once nude, I was led to the bed. They began taking turns sucking my cock and I surprised them by sucking theirs. They got me off and kissed and shared my load and afterward I sucked them both off.

Afterward, they laughed and said, "Now this is customer service at it's best."

They said that they would be coming my way more often.

Then, one day I told Brad I had to go into town and would be gone for a few hours. I left and realized that i had forgotten my check book and returned to the hotel. I went into my apartment through my private door and decided to ask Brad if there was anything I could bring him.

When I stepped through the door leading from my apartment to the work area behind the front desk, I was shocked to see Brad there with his pants down watching a gay video on his laptop and jerking off.

He jumped and couldn't decide whether to hid his cock r what he was watching. I got a good look at both as I walked up to him.

"Uh, I thought you were gone," he stammered.

"That's obvious. The decision now is what to do about this situation."

"Mark, I'm sorry. I'll leave if you want me to."

"Why? I don't see anything wrong with what you're doing."

"What about the movie?"

"Do you do the same things they are doing?"

"Uh, yea. I'm gay."

"So am I, Brad," I said walking closer. "I think my trip to town can be delayed an hour or so."

"I reached down and grasped his cock as I leaned toward him and kissed him. After a hot kiss, I knelt and sucked him dry. After swallowing his load, I said, "I've been wanting to do that since the day I got here."

He smiled and as he felt my hard cock through my pants, said, "Same here."

"Then do it," I said.

He unbuckled my pants and let them fall and quickly swallowed my cock. He was experienced and quickly brought me to my climax, swallowing my load.

As I pulled up my pants to leave, I said, "I'll be back before you leave."

"Okay," he said with a knowing smile.

I took care of my errands and was indeed back before he got off. When he saw me he smiled and I said, "When you get off, act like your leaving them drive around to my private entrance. The door will be unlocked so just go on in. If I'm not there I will be shortly."

I left and went to the back restroom. The last stall was occupied and i went into the middle stall. Soon, I was sucking the cock of the guy next to me. I sucked three off before returning to my apartment to find Brad waiting.

"Brad, what happened today needs to stay just between us."

"I agree," he said. "But, I have a question for you."

"Okay, what is it?"

"When a hot driver checks in, why do you send them to one of the redone rooms?"

"That's a fair question, but right now I'm not ready to say the reason. In time, Ill fill you in."

"I'll accept that answer, but will we be able to continue what we did today?"

"Sure, that's the reason I told you to meet me here. Would you like to go to my bedroom?"

"I'd love it. I have some free time today."

We went to my bedroom and kissed as we stripped and before he left that evening we had engaged in a hot sixty-nine and fucked each other. I must say he was wild in bed.

After that day, if no one was around, it was common for Brad and I to grope each other behind the desk on in the back room. groping in the back room often led to a quickie blow job for each of us.

Brad was off Saturday and Sunday of each week. I had a clerk for the morning shift those two days but I would often work the evening shift.

One Saturday afternoon just after four, a deputy sheriff in his late twenties came into the office.

"How are you today?" I asked.

"Doing good. I was wondering if you had something up front here I could use for a few hours to get some rest."

"Yes, I do, and for you I won't charge."

"I appreciate that but you're in business so you need to charge something."

"Not for law enforcement. Just give me some ID."

He handed me his drivers license and I checked him in and handed him a key. His name was Todd Baker and he was well built and good looking. I gave him room two.

He went to his room and I headed for my office. I turned on the monitor and watched as he sat on the bed and made a phone call. After hanging up his cell phone, he began to undress and was soon totally nude. He showered then lay on the bed as if waiting for someone.

About twenty minutes later I saw a car pull in and park next to the deputies car. -




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