After checking in Deputy Sheriff Todd Baker, I watched the monitor as he first made a phone call, then stripped and showered. After his shower he lay on the bed.

About twenty minutes later a car pulled into the parking lot and parked next to Todd's car. The driver got out and looked around cautiously, before going straight to Deputy Baker's room.

He was also in uniform and as hot and muscular as Deputy Baker. 'No fucking way could these two studs be gay,' I thought.

I hurried to my office and as I looked at the monitor, I saw Todd opening the door to let the other deputy in. Immediately after the door was closed and locked, the two deputies began kissing and groping each other. After the kiss, the second deputy quickly stripped and the action began.

After a short make out session on the bed, Todd flipped and the began a hot sixty-nine. Soon, I could tell that each man was climaxing and after they both swallowed, they again started a make out session with a hot wet tongue kiss.

I heard someone enter the lobby and went out and checked them into a room. It was an older fat driver and I put him in the back section.

I returned to my office and began watching the two deputies. They were laying cuddled together and talking, occasionally kissing.

After a while, i noticed that they were both fully erect again and soon Todd was n his back and the other deputy was fucking his ass. After the deputy filled his ass, they traded positions and Todd fucked the deputy.

I continued to watch and they headed for the bathroom together and after a few moments both emerged, drying off. I watched as the deputy dressed and kissed Todd good-bye and left.

About thirty minutes later Todd came to the desk to return the key.

"Was everything satisfactory" I asked with a slight smile.

"Everything was fine," Todd replied.

"Well, with your friend visiting, I doubt you got much rest like you were wanting."

"Look, I'm not into playing games. I've checked you out thoroughly. I'm sorry about your grandfather, but I also know that the holes in the back restroom appeared just days after you took over, and I know what goes on in there. You're in my district so it's up to me if I report the activities to the vice squad. Therefore, I assume my visits here and who visits me will stay confidential."

"Absolutely. In fact, when you need a room call me. I'll put it in the computer as 'Out of Order' and your name won't even show up at all, and I'll make sure you and your guest, regardless of the number, are not disturbed."

"Thanks, but what about you're daytime desk clerk?"

"I'll talk to him. You don't need to worry."

"I assume you, uh, play also?"

"Most definitely," I replied.

"You get much through the holes?"

"Oh yea. You should try it sometime."

"I just might on my day off," he said then asked, "Does that clerk of yours play also?"

"Yea, that's why I said you didn't need to worry about him. He'll know that if you call to put the room out of order for your use."

"Mark, I really appreciate what your doing. There are a few of us that are gay and we have to be extremely careful about when and where we meet."

"I'll help out anytime."

"Thanks," he said as he turned to leave. As he reached the door, he turned and smiled and said, "Next time I come by, you might be my guest."

Before I could respond, he was out the door, giving me a wave as he got into his car.

After seeing Todd and the deputy in action I knew that I had to make a change in my surveillance. the first chance I had, I went back to the electronics store and bought new mini cameras with microphones, where I could also listen to conversations and moans and groans.

I took part of the property behind the motel and parking lot and made a play area. About a hundred yards back into the woods, I cleared an area about two hundred foot square of the brush. I put in a few picnic tables with benches. A small narrow winding path led the way to it.

Many of my regular guest knew it was me sucking their cocks in the restroom. I told a few of them about the clearing and before long, gay and bi drivers were going back to it.

I went back one afternoon late and found the action hot and inviting. Several of the drivers were totally nude, their clothes on the tables. Sex was with whomever wanted it. Some were sucking, while others were fucking.

As I watched, two other drivers passed by me and went to a table and stripped, placing their clothes on the bench. They lay on the table and began making out and soon another driver that was already there joined in creating a three way. I received many comments about how much the drivers enjoyed being able to do whatever they wanted out in the open.

Todd called one morning and asked for me. When I got on the line, he said, "Mark, this is Todd. I'll be by about noon. Is the same room available?"

"Sure is," I replied.

"Great." he said, then added, "Why don't you go to it and be there waiting for me?"

"Sure," I answered, then said, "I'll have the door slightly ajar for you."

"I like the way you think, and by the way, be nude."

I was there before noon and was totally nude when Todd entered the room in full uniform. My cock immediately became rock hard. Seconds later we were in bed in a hot sixty-nine. Later, I asked Todd for a favor and he said "Just name it."

I had him put his uniform back on and once he had, I opened his pants and began sucking his cock. After a couple of minutes, I turned him around and with him still in his uniform, I bent him over the desk and fucked his hot tight ass.

After I filled hos ass with my load, I said, "Ive always wanted to suck and fuck a cop in uniform."

Laughing, he turned to me and kissed me and said, "I've always wanted to fuck a guy while I was in uniform."

"Then do it," I said. Seconds later this hot stud was pounding my ass and I loved it.

Before he left he asked, "If I give you the names of the other officers, will you give them a room to use when needed?"

"Definitely," I said.

I got a pen and paper and took down their names as he gave them to me.

"Josh Taylor and Cory Sims are both deputies. Josh is the one I was with that first day. Carl Walker is a local city cop, and David Porter is a state highway patrolman."

"Damn, city, county and state. What more could I ask for."

I've talked to all of them and they have agreed that in exchange for a room to play in, if they hear anything about the motel being watched or checked out, they will warn you in advance."

"I'd appreciate that. But if all the drivers are wanting sex, what laws are being broken?"

"For one, the restroom is public, so if anyone is caught having sex there the charge would be performing a lewd act in public. Same with the clearing."

"I see. I'll keep covers ready to install over the holes if I get a call, and a sign for the path saying 'Keep out. Private property.'


A few days later I saw a highway patrol car in the lot at the restaurant. I alked over and once inside looked around. I spotted a uniformed officer at a table over by the window and walked over, asking if his meal was satisfactory.

"Yes, it's perfect," he replied. I saw his name badge. 'D. Porter.'

"I'm Mark Davis. I own the motel and restaurant," I said.

"Nice to meet you," he said. "Have a seat."

David was in his early thirties and extremely well built. His red hair was a turn on for me. For some reason, red cock bushes got my cock rock hard.

In a low voice, he said, "Todd told me what you're willing to do for us. Speaking for the rest of the guys, I want to thank you."

"My pleasure," I replied. "Just give me a call anytime day or night."


I left and told the waitress that his meal was on me. Two days later, David called for a room. I had placed room one on permanent out of order status for the officers to use. He arrived and was given a key and a few minutes later called the desk and asked me to stop by, and use my pass key. I did and was pleasantly surprised.

When I entered the room, he lay in bed totally nude and said, "Join me."

Looking at his nice cock, I saw that his bush was indeed a bright red-orange. By the time I could strip, my cock was totally boned. I loved sucking his nice cock and burying my nose in his red bush. Before I left we had rimmed, sucked and fucked each other.

Within the next two weeks, I had engaged in sex with Carl, the city cop and Josh, the other deputy. All were hot, masculine, and did it all.

Then, one Saturday afternoon, Todd called and said, "You ready for some nonstop action tonight?"

"Always. What did you have in mind?"

"Well, me and all the others took tonight off and thought we'd come to the motel and have a six man party with you."

"Fuck yea, but instead of using a room, we will have more privacy in my apartment."

I old him where my private entrance was and he said he'd let the others know. He said that they would be here about seven.

I had the desk covered, and was waiting when they began to arrive. As they did, I soon found that they all wore minimal clothing, making it easier to strip nude. Soon, all had arrived and we did it all, including a daisy chain with oral, chain fucking, and double fucking David. It was a no-holds-barred orgy lasting until dawn.

Brad and I continued to have sex and occasionally he would be invited to have sex with one of the officers. While he did, I worked the desk and watched the action in my office.

Todd and I became muck closer and soon confessed our love for each other. I built a small six unit apartment next to the motel and 'rented' Todd an apartment. We became lovers and he used the apartment address as his home address.

Only once was the motel investigated for it's activities. The state began the investigation and David immediately called me. For a couple of months the glory holes were covered and the clearing closed. When the drivers asked what was going on, I explained that I had received word of the investigation and they understood. After thise two months of not being able to find any inappropriate activity, the investigation was dropped and things returned to normal.

Todd and I are happy and frequently have the other officers over to play. He knows I suck all the cock I can when he's working and doesn't mind. When he gets off duty, he changes clothes and does his share of sucking cock himself.

I love my grandfather even more for leaving me this Shangri-La.




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