Caleb stood in front of his bathroom mirror, just staring at himself, wondering why he was different, why his obsessions scared him, made him lay awake at night wondering how far he would go if given a chance. He looked at the person in the mirror seeing a guy who was tall, lean, his body still that of a teenager, still soft, flat, his arms and legs long and ungainly. His jet black hair conservatively cut short, long enough on top to comb to the side, neat, proper, every hair in its place. He put his hand on his chest feeling his heart beat, the vibrating beat pulsing through bone and flesh. He felt his heart beat faster as he moved his hand downward over his flat chest, over his flat stomach and down to his rising cock. He stroked it lightly feeling his warm fingers slide over the smooth skin. He felt his arousal, this masculine need and he reached down further, encircled his sac with his thumb and forefinger and he pushed down, painfully forcing his balls together, his sac turning red.

His cock rose up hard and pre-cum drooled from the head.

Caleb was eighteen but looked fifteen, his boyish face and fair skin, so light he never wore sleeveless shirts or went without one like the other boys in his class. He burned too easily in the sun and he worried about his looks, the way he presented himself to others. He had to be polite, socially graceful, one of the best students at school, always in church, even singing in the choir, and he was always dressed nice in khakis or dress slacks and a nice shirt, neatly ironed, always buttoned to the collar, or at least within one button of it. It was his mask, the persona he gave the world, hiding the one that scared him, made him feel his sex, the primitive urges, the ones that made him tie himself up when he masturbated, gagged himself, made himself eat his own cum, even sleep with his ankles bound together, afraid to be found out...and excited by the thought.

He sometimes wanted to be rougher, meaner, wear jeans that were tight and tattered and torn ripped t-shirts, exposing his body, teasingly, his cock just hidden by a low waist band or a hole in his jeans over just enough to not let it be visible. He wanted to be like the other boys, playing sports, rough housing with each other, hanging out making crude jokes, sexual insinuations, but he knew he wasn't like the other boys. He wanted more. He wanted to be the one roughed up, the one they made sexual insinuations toward, the one they used for sex. He avoided most of the other guys in his class, the masculine ones who worked on their family's farms developing strong muscular bodies. The same guys who played football, baseball and basketball, with their bodies straining with their exertions, sweaty, dirty, and primitive in their manner. He loved to watch basketball the most with their legs and arms exposed, the way they bumped and ground into each other, struggling to get past one another with their bodies wet with sweat.

Caleb had for his friends the good kids, those in band or advanced classes, those that considered the guys playing football as uncouth. If they only knew him, really knew him, they would run. These were the ones who spoke of love, not sex, afraid of it, the raw nakedness of it, but Caleb was drawn to it, and he found himself looking at some of the other guys in his class, wondering what they could be capable of doing.

The one thing that would let him relax, allow him to put aside his mask, was riding his bicycle, a hybrid that allowed highway and cross country riding. His father had been overjoyed he had asked for it when he turned fifteen for Caleb knew his father was afraid he was too feminine, to soft spoken, a good boy, but what if he knew the truth? Then he'd want that good boy, who is soft spoken, nice, nonthreatening.

Graduation was only two weeks away and Caleb was excited about finally finishing high school and to a summer getting ready to for college, and he fantasized about life in college, of being able to remove this mask he had created, to try to find others like him and do those things that scared and excited him. Caleb found himself lying on his bed staring up at the ceiling, his mind racing with all the possibilities. It was Saturday, a hot June afternoon and Caleb decided a bike ride would do him some good, the exertion of it till he was fatigued, and he unbuttoned his shirt and draped it over the back of his chair. He unfastened his khakis and slipped them off. He pulled a long sleeve jersey and a pair of cargo shorts out and slipped them on. As hot as it was he still needed the long sleeves to protect his fair skin. He went through the kitchen telling his mother he was going out riding. He pulled down his bike in the garage and headed out. He rode down the highway for a few miles and then turned down one of the lesser paved roads one not even marked, and made his way along the undulating hills and steep low valleys down to the creeks. It felt good, the exertion, and he was soon sweating in the hot humid air, his lungs working hard, his muscles aching. He coasted down one long grade and came upon Bruce's home, one of the guys he most feared, and one he fantasized about the most. Bruce was over six feet tall, muscular for working on his family's farm and playing football. His dark skin and thick dark brown hair and the way he always seemed to have a five o'clock shadow on his face made him not only attractive but also more masculine looking than most of the others.

Caleb coasted by Bruce's home and saw several cars parked at the rear of the house he recognized belonging to some of the other guys in his class and when he was past the house and looked back he saw them shooting baskets, with shirts off, their skin shiny in the hot sun as they pushed and bumped into each other. Caleb almost ran off the road and when he coasted down to the bottom of the hill coming to the creek he pulled over. He hid his bike in the woods along the small creek and made his way back up the hill cutting through the trees so he would come up close to where the guys were playing. He found himself behind a tree lying on his stomach watching the guys play. There was Bruce, his broad shouldered muscular upper body with his mat of chest hair on full display all wet with sweat, and playing with him was Michael, who had an average build with his lightly tanned torso and dirty blonde hair. It was Michael the girls in school chased after the most with his baby face and deep smoky voice. Michael and Bruce were playing against Danny and Ricky. Danny was shorter than the others but fast and more aggressive. His lean toned body with his freckled fair skin and strawberry blonde hair had sweat running in thick rivulets down his torso from his exertions. Ricky was tall and lean, the best on the court and with his black hair and dark skin he looked the most exotic, his ancestral heritage evident. No one else was around and Caleb lay there watching them, the way they pushed and shoved each other, the trash talk, the coarse insinuations, the sexual suggestions made in jest and Caleb took it in, all of it, and it made his cock grow erect watching his classmates playing their game so physically.

Caleb eased up on his knees and tried to adjust his cock were it didn't hurt from it growing erect in his briefs and he eased his shorts open, let them fall to his knees as he ran his hand inside his briefs, tugging on his cock feeling it grow fully erect, hard, the long thick shaft pushing obscenely against his briefs. He watched Bruce lean against Ricky, chest pressed to back, bumping him, pushing him as his hands reached around Ricky's torso trying to knock the ball away. Caleb watched intently, his hand on his cock manipulating it, stroking it, till his briefs were pushed down and fell on top of his shorts. Caleb was barely aware of his nakedness as he watched the guy's physical play.

How it happened Caleb wasn't sure, it occurred so fast, but one minute he was stroking his cock and watching the guys shove each other around and the next minute he was being held by Ricky and Michael, his shorts and briefs dragged down to his ankles and his cock was so hard, bobbing up and down as they held him down on his knees in the edge of the yard. Caleb didn't know why, couldn't begin to understand why he wasn't scared and why he felt in control Bruce came up to him with Danny egging him on, his body hot and smelling of sweat from his exertions and Caleb looked up at him wondering what he was going to do.

"What the fuck are you doing, Caleb, you goddamn fairy" Bruce asked as he moved right up in his face.

"Yeah, ya homo, what are you doing playing with your dick watching us" Danny added as Michael and Ricky held Caleb's arms, pulled out keeping him off balance. Caleb pulled against the two boys, one arm breaking free which Bruce grabbed quickly.

"Danny! Run into the garage and get that rope hanging on the wall in back" Bruce said as he held Caleb along with Michael.

Bruce took both of Caleb's wrists and held them up telling Michael to pull his shirt off. They tied the rope to his wrist and pulled them out to the side tying each end off to small dogwoods next to the rear drive where the guys were playing. Bruce went behind Caleb and put his foot between his legs and kicked downward, roughly forcing his shorts and briefs off his legs, one shoe coming off with his briefs. Naked on his knees Caleb watched as Bruce came up to him again.

"Jesus, your cock is still hard" Bruce stated in disgust, using his foot to capture the pre-cum drooling down from the head of Caleb's cock he brought it upward till it was tapping Caleb's cock on the sensitive head, making it bounce up and down. "You like watching us? You like looking at men while you play with your dick?"

Caleb turned his face up to Bruce.

"Yes" he said his voice calm to the point of threatening for Bruce.

"Yeah, you want to suck my dick?" Bruce replied laughing at what he thought was a joke with the others egging him on, telling him to get Caleb to suck it. Bruce moved up close to Caleb, his gym shorts starting to tent from his growing erection and he grabbed it with his hand, let it bulge out tight against the soft fabric as he moved up and rubbed it in Caleb's face. He thought he could intimidate Caleb, humiliate him, but he felt Caleb open his mouth and mouth his cock through the fabric, felt Caleb's hot breath and tongue on his shaft.

"Jesus!" Bruce exclaimed as Caleb worked his mouth on Bruce's cock.

"Pull your shorts down and make him suck it" Danny said as he stood to their side watching intently, his own shorts beginning to tent out. Bruce pulled back and pushed his gym shorts and boxers down letting his hard cock pop free. He moved back up to Caleb and when his cock rubbed over Caleb's lips he watched as they parted and let his cock sink into the hot slick mouth.

"Fuck" Bruce hissed under his breath as Caleb's mouth sank down his shaft. Michael came up behind Caleb and took his head and forced it back and forth on Bruce's cock, fucking his mouth hole brutally.

"Suck his cock" Michael said as he forced Caleb's head back and forth. Caleb closed his eyes and let Michael set his pace, pushing his mouth down Bruce's cock till it thrust into his throat. Drool poured from his mouth, tears from his eyes, as he let them use him, made him suck Bruce's cock, the thick vein covered shaft sliding through his lips.

Bruce felt his need to cum rise quickly, his body tense up tight and as Caleb's mouth continued to work his shaft Ricky moved up beside him, naked, stroking his long thin cock.

"Come in his mouth...make him eat it" Ricky said as he watched Caleb push his mouth down Bruce's cock till his nose was buried in his pubes. "Fuck, take it, you whore" Ricky urged Caleb. Bruce felt his cock swell and he pushed forward hard, jabbing it deep into Caleb's mouth as he shoot wad after wad of cum down his throat.

"Jesus, he swallowed all of it" Michael said, an uneasiness rising up in his voice. Bruce pulled back thinking Ricky would be the one Caleb had to suck next but Ricky looked over at Danny and how his shorts were obscenely tented.

"Danny, get over here and feed this cocksucker."

Danny moved up in front of Caleb and eased his shorts and boxers down, his short fat cock springing out free. It looked like a beer can, thick with a flared head and he put it to Caleb's lips smearing them with his pre-cum and when Caleb's tongue snaked out and licked the head he sucked in his breath at the feel of it. Caleb's lips parted and Danny eased his cock through them till Caleb's nose was pressed against his pubes. Ricky was jacking his cock as he watched every moved of Caleb's mouth on Danny's cock. Michael had moved to the side with Bruce watching Caleb suck. Ricky moved behind Caleb, dropped down on his knees and shifted up close.

"What...what are you doing" Michael asked, suddenly nervous.

"I'm going to fuck his ass" Ricky replied and he looked up at Michael with a smile on his face. "He wants that ass fucked; just look at him."

"Man...I don't know about this...Bruce?" Michael replied the nervousness evident in his voice.

Ricky grabbed Caleb by the hair, jerked his mouth off Danny's cock and pulled it back.

"You want me to fuck you?" Ricky asked.

"Yeah...stick it in me" Caleb said, his voice hoarse and faraway sounding. Ricky pushed his head back down and when Danny's cock was at his lips he shoved Caleb's head forward gagging him on it. Ricky rubbed his cock up and down Caleb's smooth ass, rubbed his pre-cum over it making it slick and he pressed against his hole, pushed his long thin cock against it.

Caleb felt Ricky trying to penetrate him, felt Ricky's cock rub his ass then press at his hole and he wanted it, wanted to feel Ricky fuck him, wanted Danny to use his mouth and he especially wanted Bruce and Michael to watch. Bruce he wanted to be humiliated in front of and Michael he wanted to hear the nervousness in his voice, his anxiety of the guys doing these things, the idea they were somehow forcing Caleb to do it, to suck cock and now, with Ricky at his back, to take it up the ass. Caleb pushed back against Ricky's cock and felt it breach his hole and penetrate through the tight ring of his opening making him gasp for air at the pain of entry. Caleb took it, the pain, the stretching of his hole and he pushed back as far as he could in his bonds. Ricky's hands came to his waist, holding him firmly as he pushed the rest of his cock into his hole.

"Oh shit" Michael whispered as he stood back, but Bruce moved up closer, his own cock hard again, his hand stroking it.

Ricky began to fuck, shoving his cock in hard and fast. He wanted to cum, wanted to fill Caleb's hole with his cum and he swung his hips fast, slapping against Caleb's ass so hard he shoved him down Danny's cock gagging him. Danny held still and let Ricky's fuck work Caleb's mouth on his cock, felt the two of them rock back and forth, Caleb moaning and grunting as Ricky slammed his cock up Caleb's hole.

"Jesus, fuck his ass" Bruce urged Ricky as he stroked his cock. Danny felt his cum rush down his shaft and he pushed forward as he cried out.

"Fuck, I'm cumming" and he pumped his cum into Caleb's suctioning mouth. Caleb took it all, sucked every drop out of Danny's cock and when Danny finally pulled back his cock was going flaccid. Bruce turned to Michael, motioning him to come over.

"I don't know about this" Michael said in a weak voice, but he moved to them, came in front of Caleb just standing there at first.

"Take it out" Caleb urged Michael looking up into his scared face, knowing he had full control of him. Michael unfastened his cargo shorts and let them drop to his ankles and everyone could see how his cock pressed against his briefs and a wet spot where his cock was leaking its lube. Caleb leaned forward and mouthed the wet spot, sucked the fabric of the sweet juice from Michael's cock making him suck in his breath and hold it. Bruce grew impatient and reached over tugging Michael's briefs down till they fell on top of his shorts. His cock, the dark skinned shaft thick with its wet flared head bobbed in the air in front of him for a brief moment and then it disappeared in Caleb's mouth Michael tried not to move, tried to tell himself he didn't like this, another guy sucking his cock, but Caleb's mouth felt too good, the way he sucked it all the way down letting him feel the hot slick mouth move along his shaft and he began to pump his hips. Slow full thrusts, pumping his cock all the way in and almost all the way out, he fucked Caleb's mouth as Ricky pounded his ass. Caleb rocked between them, moaning and grunting around Michael's cock, even as it pushed into his throat. Bruce moved up closer, his breathing ragged.

"Fuck, this is hot...can't take it anymore" and he shot in Caleb's face, a wad over his nose and cheeks and a wad over his upper lips as Michael's cock slid into his mouth. Bruce pumped the rest of his load over Michael's cock as it went into Caleb's mouth letting him taste his second load. When he was spent he wiped it off on the side of Caleb's head smearing cum through his hair.

Michael watched as Bruce pumped his cum in Caleb's face, then over his cock and it made him want to cum, the urge rising up fast and he pushed his cock into Caleb's mouth, felt the head of his cock pushing into Caleb's throat and he came, pumping thick wads of cum down Caleb's throat.

Ricky had watched them, first Bruce, then Michael and he pounded his cock into Caleb, burying the long thin cock deep into his hole till he felt his own need to cum rise up, his body tense up tight, his cock swell up a little more and he pumped his cum deep into Caleb.

When Ricky slipped his slimy cock out of Caleb and he wiped it off over Caleb's ass smearing a slick trail where he rubbed it over each cheek. The four of them pulled back from Caleb, him on his knees, his tired arms hanging to each side of him, his cock painfully hard, drooling down to the ground.

Bruce turned and went over to where his shorts and boxers had landed and picked them up, sliding them up his legs.

"Let him go" he said as he headed inside. "I need to piss and when I get back we can resume our game" and like that it was over. Caleb pulled on his clothes and ran down into the woods to where his bike was stashed. He felt the cum drying on his face, felt Ricky's load leak from his hole wetting his briefs and he could still taste the three loads of cum he had taken from Bruce, Danny and Michael. He pulled his bike out into the open, hopped on and rode as hard as he could, his own cock still achingly hard, trapped in his briefs. He rode for two miles as fast as he could and when he came to the old Johnson house, abandoned decades ago, he turned down the drive which was still used to access the fields around the old house site. He had explored the old house years before, the empty rooms with walls covered in graffiti and used condoms and empty beer bottles littering the floors, and he rode up to the collapsed front porch, laid his bike down and made his way to the side porch where he knew he could get in. The interior was as he remembered it and he made his way to the least trashed room, pulling his shirt over his head, tossing it on the floor. He moved into the room, the front windows partially blocked by the collapsed porch and he undid his shorts, pushed them down and kicked them off. He groped himself, felt his hard cock trapped in his brief and he pushed them down till they dropped to his ankles. He saw the wet seat where Ricky's cum had leaked from his hole and he kicked them off his feet and picked them up brining them to his face smearing the wet seat over his nose and mouth, breathing deeply, smelling Ricky in his briefs.

Caleb lay on his back on the dusty dirty floor with his briefs laying over his face and he began to stroke his cock, fast he moved his hand up and down the slick shaft, desperate to get off, his mind reliving each moment Bruce, Danny, Ricky and Michael had used him, kept him tied up as they fucked his mouth and Ricky, with his long thin cock, fucked his ass. He brought his feet up, raising his knees and letting them spread open as he ran his free hand down between his legs and felt his wet slick hole, and as he pumped his cock he slipped two fingers into his hole and finger fucked himself. He raised his ass up off the floor, pushed three fingers into his hole and pumped his hips with his stroking hand on his cock. He let his grunts escape from his throat in a loud echoing rumble as he pushed himself to cum, his hand stroking his cock in a blur and his other hand pushing another finger into his hole, stretching him open more and Ricky's slick cum lubricating them as they dug deep into his hole.

"Oh...oh...fuck" he uttered as he shot. Thick wads of cum splattered over his face and chest, dribbled out of his cock onto his stomach and finally smeared along the shaft as he finally slowed his hand, moving it slowly along his throbbing sensitive shaft. He collapsed on the floor, his breathing ragged, the smell of cum strong in the air.

He used his briefs to wipe off and finally to wipe Ricky's cum from his ass and he tossed them on the floor, smiling at the thought of someone finding the cum crusty briefs lying here. He got dressed back into his clothes and saw how dirty he had gotten and knew he had to think of something to conceal why he was so messed up. As he walked back to his bike he remembered the cross country trails someone had built in the woods a couple of miles away and he rode over the site and for an hour, as hard as he could ride, he rode the trails, jumping ditches, racing down steep inclines and shooting back up the other side, all the while purging the scent of sex from his body, exercising it away.

When he got home his father looked at him and laughed, thinking he had just rode his bike hard as explanation of his appearance and Caleb smiled back, relieved with his deception. He took a long hot shower, scrubbing his body clean, and stroking his cock till he came again, watching his cum hit the wall and run down. He squatted down and watched it for a moment, the thick white cum trickle slowly down then he leaned forward and ran his tongue up the wall scooping it up.

For weeks he stayed around his home, riding his bike in other directions away from Bruce's house, and on weekends he stayed in playing on the computer and when he knew he was alone, his door locked, he surfed the social sites for men, watched them flirt and toy with each other, and when he saw someone from his community on the site he followed his conversation, looked at his description and wondered who in this community of farmers would be on this site looking for someone to use. The guy, using the name Farmer32, said he was five eleven, twenty three, weighed one seventy, and owned his own farm. Caleb lay back on his bed, thinking of the guys who were five years ahead of him, those still in the area farming and one name immediately came to mind. Jacob.

All night he thought of Jacob, the way he looked the role of farm boy every time Caleb had seen him, his sleeveless plaid shirts, the tight jeans and work boots scuffed and dirty. Even his light brown hair that would bleach out in the sun stuck out around his cap in thick waves the manner one would expect. Caleb remembered what he looked liked in school when trips to the library or cafeteria afforded him the opportunity to see Jacob, his lean body not yet filled out. Now he saw Jacob at the general store or in town eating out or shopping at the grocery store and he had found him so attractive he was shocked no girl had cornered him yet. But if this was Jacob online, searching for men, submissive and willing to do what he desired, then it explained why Jacob was still a bachelor. It also fueled Caleb's own fantasies, lying in bed late at night slowing stroking his cock, his briefs stuffed in his mouth, a belt tied around his ankles giving himself a sense of bondage. But it was superficial, this make-believe, and he found his ability to cum harder and harder to achieve. He thought about how much Ricky liked using him and toyed with the idea of calling him up to see if he wanted to meet.

In the end he didn't really trust Ricky, knew his using him was more abusive than some sexual masochist urge, or so he thought. The summer was nearly over and the time to leave for college was fast approaching, and Caleb found himself straddling his bike standing at the end of the drive wondering which direction to ride. It was a Thursday afternoon, the summer winding down but the temperatures were still in the nineties, the air thick with humidity, and Caleb decided to ride to the general store eight miles away, it a destination he could get something to drink. The ride didn't take long, less then forty five minutes and he was pulling into the parking lot. He leaned his bike to a sign post and headed inside. It being late afternoon, the store wasn't busy and as Caleb made his way to the drink coolers he greeted Sam the owner. It took only a few seconds to grab a drink and turn around and when he did he saw the red Chevy truck he knew belonged to Jacob. He moved slowly back to the front to pay glancing out the window, watching as Jacob climbed out of his truck and made his way inside. He wore a red plaid shirt with the sleeves ripped off, the tail not tucked in. His tight jeans were dirty, the knees scuffed, nearly worn through and Caleb tried hard not to stare at him as they passed.

"Hey Caleb" Jacob greeted him in his quiet low voice.

"Jacob" Caleb replied as he smiled at him.

Caleb paid and went outside to drink it, wondering how he could approach Jacob, make some comment that would test him, find out if he was indeed Farmer32, the man online looking for someone submissive. He turned the bottle up, taking long drinks as his eyes scanned the interior of the store until he saw Jacob at the counter paying for his stuff.

Caleb was straddling his bike when Jacob came out. Caleb still hadn't figured out how to approach him, not the way he wanted, but it was Jacob who made the first move and came over to him.

"You're heading to college soon, aren't ya?" Jacob asked as he stopped close to Caleb holding a brown paper bag.

"Yeah, I leave in a couple of weeks."

"I bet you can't wait to get out of here."

Caleb smiled at Jacob and nodded his head. "You know it. Farming is not for me."

"Well good luck this fall...and have fun" Jacob replied and the way he said 'and have fun' had a tone that made Caleb embolden to speak up.

"I could have fun now...if I knew who Farmer32 was" he said with a low conspiratorial voice.

Jacob froze for a moment, his eyes widen with surprise at hearing the handle he thought was a secret no one around here would ever know, then he looked at Caleb, saw the look, that something that told him what he needed to know.

"Why do you want Farmer32?"

"Because he may be only the person who can give me what I want before I leave in two weeks" Caleb replied, bold and straight forward.

Jacob had known Caleb all his life, watched him grow up, sing in church, and through it all he appeared as conservative and straight-laced as they came, but now, with him straddling his bike, wearing shorts and a jersey, his body sweating, his black hair wet with sweat hanging down over his forehead in a seductive manner he saw another side of him and he leaned forward, close to Caleb.

"You want to be tied up?" and Jacob watched Caleb nod his head.

"And let me do things to you?" and Caleb nodded his head again, then he leaned toward Jacob close enough he could whisper.

"I'll suck your cock and if you make me, I'll let you open me up and fuck me" Caleb said in a low husky voice. Jacob looked at him, smiled and nodded his head. He looked around making sure no one was nearby then turned back to Caleb.

"My place in two hours; don't be late."

"I won't."

Caleb didn't want to dress in his usual manner and he pulled out a pair of old khakis, a pair so old they were soft with wear, a pair he had cut the legs off to make them shorts that he wore around the house and he slid them on without underwear. He pulled out a white t-shirt and then pulled an older dress shirt over it leaving it unbuttoned. His parents thought he was going over to one of his friends when he was vague with where he was going and he soon found himself driving up to Jacob's house. It had been an old family home that Jacob had fixed up for himself and he greeted Caleb at the door wearing a white shirt and jeans that hung low on his waist.

"Come on out back" Jacob said as he led Caleb through the house and out the back door.

"We're going to the barn?" Caleb asked.


There was one lone light on that hung down to one side of the old barn, one that had a dirt floor and rough weathered wood planks for its walls. Caleb stood in the room and watched as Jacob removed his shirt revealing the leather harness he wore underneath, his muscular chest tightly framed by the leather crossing his torso. Jacob looked at Caleb and his demeanor changed; the look on his face.

"Strip" was all Jacob said and Caleb removed his shirt, then slipped the t-shirt over his head revealing his lean body with its unblemished fair skin, then he unbuttoned his khaki shorts and eased the zipper down, slowly, taking his time, watching how Jacob's eyes followed his hands. He spread the khaki shorts open and the sparse black hair over his cock and its base came into view, and he let the shorts go allowing them to drop to the floor leaving him naked, ready for what Jacob wanted, ready to submit.

Jacob came over to him, grabbed him by the hair pulling his head back hard.

"You've grown into quite a hot little fucker" and Jacob kissed him roughly. Caleb felt his cock respond, start to thicken, begin to rise up hard. Jacob let him go and stood in front of him holding up wrist cuffs. Caleb held out his hands and let Jacob bind each one, hooking them together. Then Jacob took them and pulled him over to the side underneath the lone burning light and squatted down jerking downward making Caleb get down on his knees. Caleb saw the concrete set in the ground with a large steel ring anchored in it and Jacob locked his wrist cuffs to it.

"You like to feel that mix of pleasure and pain" Jacob asked as he kneeled next to Caleb shackled to the floor, "... to feel a man touch you, to use you...have you experienced this already?"

"Sort of" Caleb replied and he told Jacob what had happened at Bruce's house.

"That was dangerous...but I know why you did it, that moment of danger, the submission. It makes your cock hard, doesn't it?" Jacob asked as he ran his hand underneath Caleb grasping his cock which was half hard already. Jacob let go and stood up and disappeared out of the light and when he came back it was only a moment before the flogger struck across Caleb's back. Jacob brought the flogger down over and over, striking Caleb over the back and ass till he glowed red and Jacob kneeled down and ran his hand over the red skin feeling the heat of it. He rubbed his hand over Caleb's back and ass, where he squeezed each ass cheek and pulled them apart so he could see the bare smooth skin down between Caleb's cheeks.

"I'm going to enjoy fucking this ass" Jacob uttered more to himself than to Caleb.

Jacob walked away leaving Caleb alone for what seemed to be a very long time, his nakedness in the barn giving him an odd feeling. When he saw Jacob's shadow pass over him he knew he was back and he held his breath, waiting.

The hot wax landed on his back, drizzled down over one cheek. It burned and Caleb cried out. Jacob rubbed his skin then dripped more hot wax on him. Caleb cried out, his voice echoing in the old barn.

Then he felt it, Jacob cock, pressing against his ass, pushing against his tight hole. When Jacob put his cock tight to Caleb's hole and pressed tight to it he dripped hot wax down the middle of Caleb's back and Caleb cried out, arcing up his head and shoving back with his ass sinking Jacob's cock into his hole.

"Oh...fuck me...fuck me hard" Caleb uttered as he pushed back further taking Jacob's cock letting it sink painfully into his hole. Jacob sank all the way into his hole and held still as he poured hot wax across Caleb's back and ass till he was completely covered and his skin glowed red under the white wax.

Jacob set the candle down and slapped Caleb's ass, hard smacks, several times in quick session, and Caleb held his head down taking each smack letting the burn soak into his skin. Then he felt Jacob hold his hips firmly and begin to fuck, hard driving thrusts. Jacob didn't hold back, wasn't interested in making it last for he just wanted to pump a load into Caleb's tight little ass and he slammed his hips hard against him as he drove his cock deep into Caleb's hole, rocking him savagely across the dirt.

"Take it...take it, punk" Jacob cried out all too soon for Caleb as Jacob pumped his cum into his hole. Then it was over, Jacob was gone again leaving him tied to the floor and he felt cum run from his ass and down his thigh. His cock was hard and leaking and he hoped Jacob would return soon.

Jacob appeared at his head and helped him flip over on his back, his arms twisted together still bound to the floor. Jacob put nipple clamps on each nipple, their painful bite causing him to fight his bonds and push up his chest. Jacob watched Caleb fight with this new pain, looked down the lean torso, the skin so smooth and soft and he lightly slapped Caleb's stomach, a flat palm slap, just hard enough to feel, but he did it over and over and over till Caleb was breathing hard, crying out for him to stop and Jacob stopped and pushed his hard cock into Caleb's mouth to shut him up. Caleb sucked like his life depended on it, took Jacob's cock as far as he could in his prone position. Jacob shifted his position at Caleb's head and was able to drive his cock into Caleb's mouth till it sank into his throat. He slow fucked Caleb's mouth, feeling its hot slickness take each push forward till Caleb couldn't breathe.

"Take it...take it all" Jacob said as he drove his cock deep into Caleb's mouth. Jacob kept at Caleb's mouth until he felt ready to cum and he pulled out and jacked his cock over Caleb's face pumping cum across his chest and over his face. Jacob wiped his spent cock across Caleb's forehead and quickly disappeared out of sight.

How long Caleb lay on the floor he didn't know, but his cock stayed hard. The smell of Jacob's cum on his face and the feel of it running over his chest kept him excited. When Jacob came back into the light he was naked, his jeans and harness removed, and his cock was up hard with a metal cock ring around its base. He moved down between Caleb's legs, pushing them apart and he took them behind each knee and raised upward then pushed them over, folding Caleb in half, his ass spreading open.

"Yeah, I'm going to fuck you again...a long hard fuck" and Jacob pressed his cock to Caleb and sank his cock into him in one push making Caleb suck in his breath.

"Yeah, take it...take my fuck."

Jacob fucked slow, a steady driving pace, his rhythm one he could maintain a long time and he pumped his cock into Caleb, bore it as deeply as he could, feeling the tight hole milk his cock.

Caleb, hands still bound, laid there, his body folded over and Jacob's cock pumping his hole, and he relaxed to the fuck, every stroke of it, letting Jacob use him. When Jacob finally needed to cum he pushed in hard and stroked Caleb's hard leaking cock and when Caleb blew his load over his chest and stomach, his hole spasm around Jacob's cock each time Jacob began to fuck harder, slamming his cock through Caleb's sensitive hole till he pumped out his load.

Jacob left Caleb lying on the floor, another load of cum leaking from his hole and his own running over his torso and down his sides. When Jacob finally returned he was dressed in clean clothes. He didn't say anything as he squatted down and released Caleb's wrists and Caleb watched quietly as he was released. Caleb, naked, wax stuck to his back and ass, his skins till red and cum drying on his skin, followed Jacob back to his house. His clothes were lying on Jacob's bed folded neatly and Jacob led him into the bathroom giving him a towel.

"Go ahead and clean up. By the time you get dressed I'll have dinner ready" Jacob told him, leaning over and kissing him lightly on the lips.

Caleb went over to Jacob's one more time before he left for college letting Jacob push him a little further, test his limits and Caleb found he liked being with Jacob but knew there was something missing; more experience on his part, or the notion Jacob wasn't the right one. He didn't know. He arrived at college a few days before classes started and settled into the dorm assigned to him finding his roommate hadn't arrived yet. He spent a his first full day on campus finding the buildings his classes would be held in and walking into town he found a sandwich shop and a coffee shop that seemed like a good place to hang out when he wanted to get off campus.

The next day he laid in bed late reading since it was raining. It was around eleven when there was a knock on the door. Caleb jumped down off the top bunk and opened the door. The guy standing there was wet, his blonde hair matted down and his t-shirt soaked till it was transparent and Caleb could see his nipples and lean body underneath.

"Hey, I'm your roommate, Mitch."

"Caleb, come on in" and he let Mitch enter dropping his bag on the floor. "Is that all you have?"

"Oh no" Mitch replied, laughing, I'm afraid there is more in my car. This has clothes in it and I'm hoping their still dry" as he sat his bag on the desk and opened it up. He pulled a stack of shirts out laying them to the side.

"Good it seems everything is dry" as he reached in for a stack of jeans. He lifted them up and as he moved to set them down a pair of handcuffs and a bottle of lube fell to the floor. Mitch froze as the lube rolled across the floor, and Caleb watched it roll. When the bottle finally stopped Mitch looked up at Caleb, a worried look on his face. Caleb leaned forward and smiled at Mitch.

"I think you dropped something" he said in a mischievous tone.



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