I woke up again to the sound of my phone.It was the company,they were just checking up.It was once I switched off the phone that I remembered everything that had happened last night.It all seemed like a dream,but then I looked to my side and he was there.I just sat there absorbing everything when he woke up,'hey babe' he said'good mornin'.'Morning'I replied.We were both still naked.'Why do I have a bite mark on my neck??'Mark asked.'I dunno,sorry,don't really remember what happened last night'I lied,the truth was that I bit him to have his blood.But I was only lying to myself,pushing down my true identity,truth was that I was.......a vampire and that vampires weren't just in fairy tales they were real existing for over a thousand years,but so were werewolves,our enemies.We hunted the werewolves to near extinction for over six decades.My family,were the rulers of the vampires,we were changed by the very first vampire,who was once a human but bitten by a bat.Valdone Murdan,my Grandfather.I was 600 years old and I've been killing werewolves for as long as I remember avenging the death of my family,whom they savagely butchered right in front of me,but Markinous saved me before they could kill me...Markinous....the one person I loved,the one person I got close to.....but he was murdered betrayed by one of our own kind.

'looking at you like that is turning me on Ben'....'you read my mind'I said coming out of my thoughts.Unable to do otherwise I moved closer to him and our lips met,mine giving way to his tongue.The next thing I knew,we were doing it again,but it flashed by in a blur.'We better get to work if we wanna keep our jobs'Mark said as we got dressed.We spent most of the day researching for a place to start looking for the spider.We rented a jeep to take us to a jungle not too far away,we had to start somewhere.It was about 10 P.M when we reached to the edge of the rain forest.'Well,these iss ass farr as I go,my frends',our guide said looking at me in fear,suspecting what I was.'What,but we had a deal'I said trying to be surprised,I knew why he was running or at least I tought I knew.'Yees,my friend but de deal waas thet I geet u to de forest and thet I hev done'.We argued with him for about 15 minutes but he said that there was no way he was staying here when 'THEY'were gonna be out hunting.This worried me.But when I asked him all he said was that he and his people were forbidden to speak about the blood enemies.'BULLSHIT!!!'Mark said,he was now getting pissed off at the guide'look if you wanna go then go,but making stupid stories isn't gonna stop us,we're not kids!!'....'OHH NOOO!!it is too late!!....At that the guide ran off towards his jeep,unfortunately for us we didn't see what he saw,until it was too late,it lunged from one of the trees above onto the guide and sank it's razor sharp teeth into the guides neck and ripped his flesh then began to eat.I grabbed Marks hand,I must have used more power than necessary because I saw him wince and yelled,'RUNNN'.We ran straight into the forest hoping that it wouldn't follow,but what we learnt soon was that it wasn't alone.As we stared around,we could see about fifty yellow animal eyes staring at us,I knew at once what they were,one of them jumped out of the tree cover.




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