I woke up with a jerk.(sigh)It was just my best friend Mark calling me,I wondered why he was calling,I checked the time to be sure.It was 9 A.M.....shittt!!!,9 A.M....I was late for my flight...that's why he was calling me,I answered.But before I could say anything,Mark began screaming'Ben!!!,.,where the hell are you!!,you have one hour or else your gonna miss your flight,it's soo typical of you,I told you to go to bed early'.'Ok,ok i'mm sorry 'mom'....I said jokingly but he was in a more serious mood and he replied'You better be'.

I reached the airport on time and we took off for South America,Brazil actually.Mark and me,we worked for a pharmaceutical company and we were currently researching on an age accelerator that would extend the life period of an average human.For that we needed an enzyme found only in a specfic type of spider which was found only in South America.We landed and as we exited the building we found someone sent by the hotel where we were going to stay and he took us to the hotel.It was beautiful and our suite was awesome,since it was Mark and me,we didn't mind sharing one room or one bed.We reached at about 11 P.M.'Just in time for bed'Mark said poking me with his elbow....for the 'mom'joke.But we were actually so tired from travelling that we decided to skip dinner and go straight to bed.We got everything in the room organised...clothes,toileteries,bags.etc,etc and he stripped down to his briefs.Mark had an awesome body,there was something I never go used to and that was seeing him naked.I knew Mark since kinder-garden and I was in love with him since I was fifteen,but never said anything about it cuz I didn't want to loose him and I never knew if he felt the same.Since middle school we've seen each other in the nude loads of times...like when he would come and stay over at my place or when I would go to his,but I never got used to seeing him nude even in all these seven years.He waved his hand in front of my face and I snapped out of my thoughts.'You gonna sleep in that'he said pointing to the polo shirt and jeans that I was wearing.

I laughed and said'Why don't you help me out of them'and he replied'yeah why don't I suck you dick while i'mm at it',for a minute I was surprised by what he said and then laughed when his tummy growled.'Looks like someone's hungry,lets take care of that shall we'I laughed and said,we were too tired to change and go to the restaurant so we called for room service.We talked more than we ate.Once we were done we were lost in conversation.I could barely focus on what he was saying,all I could think of was him,his awesomely muscular body in bed with he....naked.I just kept staring at him..it was long until I realised that he was doing the very same thing,it felt like this was it,now was the time,I moved closer to him and he did the same until our lips met,mine spreading apart to give way to his tongue and we kissed and made out for about ten minutes...before we both bore the kiss for air...gasping for it...'WOW'was all I could say.'Yeah,wow'he replied,then I told his that I had always loved him and surprisingly he said that he had always loved me and he meant it when he said'why don't I suck you dick while i'mm at it'.Unable to stay apart from each other anymore we embraced kissing again more fiercely this time.He pushed me onto the king sized bed and ripped off my briefs in one quick move,I was also very muscular but not as muscular as him....he took his off next.We were making out again...rubbing our bodies together,my 8 inch dick fully erect.....and so was his.He then broke the kiss and began moving down nibbling on my neck,then my hairless chest,one nipple at a time,licking them,sucking them and I just kept moaning in pleasure,the feeling of his wet mouth on my nipples was out of this world.Then he moved lower to my stomach and just went crazy licking.Then my navel licking around it in circles,he moved lower to my dick,he grabbed it and stroked it a few times and spread some or the pre-cum around,as he opened his mouth to suck it I said'you sure you want it'and I pulled out of his hand and he said'hey',giggling I tried my hardest to keep out of his reach,'come onn'he said pleading and I gave inn..i mean who could resist that angelic face of his.At once he grabbed it and licked the tip,'ohh!!yeah babe'I moaned as he took it in inch by inch,slurping kissing,licking.I was reaching edge and when I couldn't take it anymore I yelled,'Fuck!!I'mm gonna cuumm'but he just keep quickening his pace and I lost it...I came...in his mouth and he just kept swallowing it all,a few drops around his mouth...he liked them once I stopped cuming,'Fuck,you really like that don't you'he nodded and said'mmmhhhmmm'I couldn't help but laugh a little.'My turn' I said and grabbed his 9 inch hard cock and took it in all the way,it was easy for me because it wasn't my first.I moved up and down on his cock...twirling my tongue around his cock...enjoying the tasted,the way it felt inside my mouth.Without warning he came and I swallowed,'mmmm'I said 'sweet' and he smiled his angelic smile.'Ready for some more'He asked me and I said'yess please'he giggled and said'you have to stop doing that'.I took out a bottle of lube that I had brought along,just in-case,smeared it onto his ass and on my cock.'Isn't this gonna hurt you'I asked worried,'don't worry babe it'll only last a bit it gets easier after a while'he said.I lifted his legs..bringing them to his chest and he held them,excited for what was next'although he was more stronger than me and more muscular,for some reason he wanted me to fuck him instead of the other way around,I guessed it was because he wanted to experience being at the other end.I pushed my cock into his hole,it felt awesome but he winced in pain and I pulled out.'I'mm sorry,I didn't mean too'I said thinking what I did wrong.He read my expression,smiled and said'don't worry babe it wasn't your fault,thats supposed to happen.Again I tried,this time slower and it went in a-little.Slowly and gently I pushed and inch by inch I saw my cock disappear in him and I asked him'what next',he replied'hold your horses,babe,I need to adjust to your cock in me'he said.Once he adjusted to my cock he told he to move in and out and I obeyed,moving in and out,I gradually increased my pace and we were both moaning,the entire room was filled with'uhhhh's and ahhhh and ohhh yeeaahhh's,which pushed me off the edge.My whole body went rigid,spasmed and I came,filling his ass.We were both panting covered in sweat and each others cum.We took a shower together,me soaping him and he soaping me,which led to him sucking my cock and me sucking his.We dried off and decided to sleep naked,we moved under the covers and made out again,'Fuck we have to find a way to control this'I said pointing to his already rock hard dick,leaking pre-cum.'I'mm not the only one'he said pointing to mine which was just as hard.We sucked each other off one last time and then decided to call it a night.I layed there curled up next to him,nude....it was a dream come true,he wrapped his arms around he and I wrapped my arms around his neck....he kissed once again...and then I drifted off to sleep..in his arms next his beautiful body.



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