I live in a small but elegant apartment complex. It and three others are owned my an older wealthy local businessman. My complex is built in a squared off 'U' shape and all are on the first floor. Each apartment opens onto the courtyard and has a patio and off the kitchen in back is a door that leads to covered parking. The two side wings are large one bedroom apartments and the back of the complex contains two bedroom apartments. In the courtyard is a large pool and grass area with several barbeque pits. In front is the leasing office, gym, hot tub, and clubhouse room that tenants can rent for parties.

The maintenance man we had left and a new one was hired. The manager had a small party in the club

house to introduce us to the new maintenance man who would be living on property. Is name was Buck Davis and he was hot as hell.

Buck looked to be in his late twenties and had previously done construction work before being laid off. He was just over six-three and was extremely muscular ad well built. His open neck shirt showed a light coating of dark hair on his chest. His hair was dark brown and just below his shoulders. His face was sharp and chiseled and he wore a thin narrow beard and moustache/ His smile was awesome and his teeth straight and snow white. My heart and cock both throbbed when I introduced myself to him.

I found any repair I could just to get him to my apartment so I could look at him. I had to find a way to find out if he played or would consider it.

A month or so later, i was home one Friday night and went into a gay chat web site. I chose the local room and began chatting with others here in town. I noticed a name I had never seen before. It read 'MuscStud' and his bio line just said 'curious'. I decided to see if he would chat.

I began a private chat with him by just saying "Hi."

"Hello," he sent back.

"May I ask what ur curious about?"

"Sex with another male," he replied.

He now had my total attention. I'm Tom," I lied.

"Sam," he replied.

I asked if he had ever done anything at all with another male. He said no. I asked if he ever jerked off with a bud when he was younger. Again he said no. I asked if he'd like to meet face to face and he could ask all the questions he wanted and I would answer all of them. I promised him I wouldn't make any advances toward him. He eventually said okay and asked when. I suggested now.

We agreed on a time to meet at a local burger joint. I asked what he would be wearing and he said a red shirt with a white collar. I told him that when I saw him I would call out,"Hey Sam, over here." He agreed.

I quickly logged off and dressed and headed for the burger joint. I was there about fifteen minutes early and ordered just a soda. I found a table off in a corner and waited.

At the agreed upon time, I saw a red shirt with a white collar walk in. I froze in shocked surprise. The person wearing the shirt was Buck, the maintenance man.

I didn't feel comfortable calling out the name he gave me. He looked around and when he saw me I motioned him over. He was extremely nervous as he walked my way.

"Hey guy. Have a seat. What's up?"

"Uh , not much. My weekend off," he said.

"Want something to eat or drink? My treat," I told him.

He said just a soda so I went and got him one, and upon my return, I began some small talk, asking how often he got a weekend off. He said that he got every fourth weekend off. The others covered for him if there was an emergency. "But usually nothing happens when I'm not off. Weekends we just handle emergency calls," he said.

We talked a short while longer and as he finished his soda he said he really needed to go. I said I did also. We left together with me driving a different route home.

As son as I got home I logged back into the chat site and found him there. I immediately sent him a message telling him I was a few minutes late and when I arrived he was talking with another guy. He said it was a guy from where he worked, and said maybe we could try to meet at a later date.

I agreed and asked if he was wanting to see what it was like to get sucked by a guy. He said yes and that he had heard that guys were much better at it than women. I said he had heard right.

I then asked if he was wanting to see what it was like to suck a cock. Again he said yes. I told him that I thought he was hot and would love to be the one to let him experiment on.

"I appreciate that," he said, "but first, I'd like to meet you face to face and get to know you a little."

"I'd like that," I replied, but really wanted to tell him that he already knew me.

I looked for him every night in the chat room but didn't see him. I decided to make a move.

On the following Saturday morning, I saw him cleaning the pool and went over to him.

"Hey Mark," he said as I walked up.

"Hey Buck," I replied. I was just wondering, do you have any plans for tonight?"

"Not really, why?"

"How about coming over for dinner? I've got a couple of steaks we can grill."

"Hey, that sounds great," he said. "I'll bring a salad. What time?"

"Whenever you're ready," I replied.

He showed up just after four in shorts and a snug tank top, carrying a salad and a six pack of beer. Damn did he look hot.

He came in and I as I put the salad in the fridge, he opened two beers. We talked for a while then went out onto the patio and grilled the steaks. After eating, he insisted on helping clean the kitchen. Afterward we went to the living room and I turned on the stereo keeping the volume low.

I asked how he got the name Buck, and he said his real name was Buckley. He said it was his mother's maiden name and he hated it so he just went by Buck.

I decided it was nor or never.

Looking over at him I said, "I enjoyed chatting with you the other night."

His face went white then he stammered and said, "Oh yea, at the burger joint."

"There and on line."

"What?" he asked.

"You remember chatting with a guy named Tom, don't you Sam?"

His face went totally white and he said "Oh shit! Was that you?"

"Yes it was," I replied. "And you can relax. No one will ever know."

"Man, I don't know what to say. If it gets out it could mean my job. The owner fired a guy at one of the other complexes because he was gay, but he said it was for poor job performance."

"Buck, I promise you that no one will hear it from me. When we chatted after we met, you said you wanted to meet face to face and get to know each other. I wanted so bad to say that you already knew me. And just so you know, I nearly shit when I saw you walk in with the red shirt and white collar."

"I'm sure, but how do you think I felt when I saw you, and was expecting some guy to call out 'Hey Sam,' when you knew my real name."

"So, Buck, how long have you been curious?"

"About six months," he said. "It was just before I got laid off. I had forgotten a few of my tools in the site office before I left and went back for them. When i got there I saw the foreman's truck there along with another worker's truck. When I approached the office, one of the window blinds was partially up. I glanced in and saw them both naked and kissing. I froze, shocked at what I was seeing. Then the foreman went to his knees ans began sucking the other worker. After a couple of minutes, they traded places. I changed positions and knocked over a bucket. They heard me and realized that the blind as up. They quickly dressed and I went to the door of the office. I went in and got my tools making comments about them working late. The next day I was laid off supposedly because of cutbacks."

"So seeing them made you curious?"

"It brought my curiosity back. In the Marines, one of the guys made a few remarks about us going on leave and playing around together. when I asked what he meant he smiled and said it would start with us sharing a bed. I knew then what he meant and told him I wasn't interested, but later I wondered what it would have been like."

"Well, if you want to ask any questions or try anything, I'm here. It is strictly up to you."

I changed the subject, and began talking about sports. He relaxed and we had a good visit. Then as he left, he paused and asked, "Mark, do you like to kiss?"

"Yes, I do. I love it."

"Is it different from kissing a woman?"

"Not much. Most men get into it more vigorously than women when they get passed the idea of it being another man that they are kissing."

"May I kiss you?"

"If you want to sure," I replied.

He stepped up to me nervously and lowered his head as I looked up to him. He leaned forward and gently pressed his lips to mine. After a couple of seconds, he pulled back. After looking into my eyes, he leaned frward again and kissed me again this time parting his lips. I did the same and soon he was offering his tongue. I accepted it and offered mine. We sapped tongues and spit for a few seconds and as he slowly pulled away, he smiled and said, "Not bad. Not bad at all."

I smiled as he turned for the door. As he left he said, "Next Saturday night at my place. Five o'clock."

"Ill be there," I replied.




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