After Buck left, I leaned against the door, still not believing we had kissed. I could have sworn that when our bodies touched while we kissed, I could feel his cock stiffening.

All I could do to relieve myself was go to my bedroom and jerk off to the memory of that hot kiss. I was so looking forward to dinner at his place the following Saturday.

On Wednesday, I had walked to the front to check my mail. After removing my mail from the box, I noticed that the leasing office was closed. I didn't realize that it was past six, and as I walked back to my apartment, I saw Buck in his supply room. He glanced out and upon seeing me, he smiled and motioned me in.

i went in and followed him down an aisle out of sight of the door. Stopping and turning to face me he said, "I've been thinking about what we did. Can I have a quick one?"

I looked at him and smiled as he leaned forward and pressed his lips to mine, offering his tongue. I eagerly responded and we kissed passionately.

After we separated, he looked at me and said, "I was wondering if I would enjoy it again or if that first time was just pure curiosity."

"Well?" I asked.

"I enjoyed it," he said.

"Buck, so did I. I always do, and whenever we're alone together we can do it all you want. It will be up to you."

"Thanks. We still on for Saturday?"

"Hell yea. Five o'clock."

"See you then," he said.

I left, sure he was wanting to try more.

Saturday arrived and I knocked on his door right at five. He answered the door shirtless and in a pair of shorts.

After closing the door, he gave me a quick kiss and returned to his kitchen to work on dinner.

We had a beer while he finished and ate about six.

After dinner, he led me to the sofa and after we sat down we had another kiss, this one more passionate than any in the past. As we kissed, I felt his hand slide under my shirt and he began rubbing my chest and playing with my nipples.

After the kiss ended, I looked at him and asked, "Where did you learn to do that."

Smiling, he said, "After last Saturday, I went to an adult video store and rented a gay movie."

"So, you basically know what goes on?"

"Yea, I think so," he said, reaching for the bottom of my tee shirt and pulling ot up and off of me.

He leaned forward and we kissed again before he moved lower and began licking and sucking on my nipples. Then to my surprise, i felt his hand begin to rub my hard cock through my shorts. I moaned softly and so did he.

"Mark, let's go to my bedroom and get comfortable. I want to experience as much as possible tonight."

"Buck, if you want to experience sex with a man, don't rush it. Take it slow and concentrate on one thing at a time."

"You're the teacher. What ever you say," he replied as he led me to his bedroom.

Once there, I asked if I could have the honor of undressing him. He smiled and said, "Do what ever you want."

I smiled and began unbuckling his belt and opening his shirts. After letting them fall to the floor, I hooked my thumbs in the waist band of his bikini briefs and began sliding them down. As I did, his rock hard cock sprang forward and it was beautiful.

He casually stepped out of his clothes and said, "Now, it's my turn."

He slowly removed my shorts and briefs in the same manner as I had done his. Moments later, we stood face to face, both totally nude, our hard cocks between us as we kissed.

He slowly pulled back and said, "Mark, take me to a new world."

I led him to his king bed and lay him down. Laying atop him, we kissed for a moment then I began working my way down his hot muscular hairy body.

Working my tongue eagerly, I gently licked and sucked each nipple before going lower. I soon reached his pubic area and circled the base of his cock before stopping at his balls.

I gently licked each and sucked on them one at a time. they were just too large to get both in my mouth at the same time.

After a moment, i gently lifted his legs and went to his hole, licking it and sucking on it as he moaned loudly. after a few moments, I stopped and went for the gold.

Lifting his hard slightly curved eight inch cock, I swallowed it completely, burying my nose in his thick dark pubic bush.

"OH, MOTHER FUCK YEA," he said excitedly.

I began working my mouth up and down his cock as he continually moaned. "Damn, Mark, don't stop. I love it."

Little did he know that i had no intentions of stopping until he had fed me his nice load of cream.

I sucked hungrily and before long I could tell he was close. I went for the reward.

As I did, I heard, "Oh, shit! Oh, fuck! Keep going. Oh fuck, I'm about to shoot. Oh yea, man, here it comes."

Suddenly his beautiful cock swelled and exploded, filling my mouth with a huge load of thick sweet man juice. I collected it all and as I pulled off, he watched as I eagerly swallowed his entire load.

"Oh fuck, Mark, I've never had a climax like that. I've never shot that hard before."

"Well, all I know is that you nearly drown me but I loved it. Whether or not you ever do it to me, I'll gladly take care of you anytime."

"I want to do it to you," he said. "Right now."

We kissed then he repeated my actions on me. First on my nipples then lower on my balls. For his first time, he was doing a damn good job.

When he raised my legs he paused for a moment. I was about to tell him that he didn't have to do that if he didn't want to when he suddenly buried his tongue in my ass, licking and eating it wildly.

After a moment, he stopped and quickly began sucking my cock. he had me extremely turned on and it was all I could do to hold back my climax. Buck was a natural at cock sucking.

I couldn't hold back any longer.

"Fuck, I'm about to shoot," I said in case he wanted to pull off. He continued sucking and I soon said, "Oh, fuck! Here it comes. Noooww!"

MY cock erupted and Buck took it all and sucked to the end. With his mouth full of my hot jizz, he pulled off and paused a moment before swallowing.

"Fuck, man, you did great for your first time."

"Thanks. I just tried to do what you did."

"Well, what did you think?

"It was different, erotic, and to be truthful, I liked it. It was so refreshing to hear you verbalize your pleasure."

"You almost didn't swallow, right?"

"I was just getting a good taste. I was much better than I expected."

"To be honest, Buck, I totally enjoy eating cum. I always have."

"After taking yours, I don't think I'll have any problems swallowing in the future."

He said that he had totally enjoyed what we had done and especially liked the fact that there was no 'drama' like there usually was with a woman.

We talked kissed and cuddled for a while before he reached over and began playing with my cock. As it stiffened, he said he wanted it again.

"I want yours also so why not do each other at the same time. You can experience your first sixty-nine with another man."

We had our first sixty-nine and came together and it was awesome.

I later dressed and returned to my apartment, telling Buck that any evening that he wanted to come over he was welcome.

Buck and I began having oral sex two to three times a week, and we began spending Saturday nights together sleeping over at one apartment or the other. It continued for a couple of months before Buck asked about fucking.

I let him fuck me and we both loved it. I warned him of the pain he would experience his first few times getting fucked and he said he still wanted it.

I lubed us both up and began my entry. i could see the pain in his face but he didn't want me to stop. I went slow and soon was in him balls deep. He began to relax some and I began slowly working my cock in and out of his ass.

By the time I climaxed he was saying how good it felt and how much he was enjoying it. after my climax he said how hot it felt when my load shot up his ass.

Within a month, Buck was taking me with no lube. He admitted to me that he wanted sex only with men. He finally called himself a gay male.

We continued our secret affair for a few months before I took him out of town to a gay bar where we met a hot guy and had our first three way.

Back home, I introduced Buck to a few of my friends and he began seeing them one on one. He later told me that sex with them was great but that he much preferred sex with me.

I told him that I had had a lover for a while but caught him cheating on me with my best friend who I thought was straight.

"You never found another lover?" he asked.

"No, just never found the right man."

"Mark, I never thought I'd say this to another man, but I love you. I realized it after having sex with others. It's not just the sex, which is great, but it's also your consideration for my feelings and I feel you genuinely care."

"Buck, I do care, and i love you also, but with your boss the way he is, how could we be lovers?"

"I don't have to live here. If you moved, we could move in together. He'd never have to know."

"I'd love that. I want more than anything to have you by my side every day and night."

I found a nice house in a quiet subdivision near the apartment to buy. We bought it together, and Buck told his boss that he was moving in with a girlfriend.

We officially became lovers once we moved in together. My friends are so envious of me for finding Buck and I love showing him off. When we are out and others make a pass at him he smiles and thanks them but puts his arms around me and says, "I appreciate the offer but this is the one I love and go home with."




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