The Magic of Presence

He moaned softly as the full lips were slowly pulled back away from his own. He was out of breath from what had just happened, and subconsciously knew to lick his lips, which he did in a soft and slow fashion, making them wet with only the tip of his tongue. The experience of what had just happened haunted his thoughts and made him want more, but he knew in the dark recesses of his foggy mind that that was not possible. What had just happened?

He continued to ask himself that question over and over again, as his eyes were still shut, gently, yes, but shut. He also knew what was right in front of him, and it now frightened him, and was now shaking him to his very core of being, his resolve, his own essence. 'My God,' was all he was able to utter in near silence, in a sexy soft voice that would melt anyone, male or female. He licked his lips again.

"Would you like another one?" He heard the equally soft sexy voice right in front of him, as he sat very still. He didn't dare open his eyes to look upon who was actually there, and even though he knew who it was, he knew that he would lose that resolve that he was gathering to resist against what had just happened.

"Would you like another one?" Came the question again from the soft sexy voice. Lips were licked once again. He shook his head in response to the question, hoping that was enough for an answer. "You have to tell me, yes,...or no. That was part of it, remember?" The soft sexy voice in front of him was voicing it to in with warm breath this time as well. His resolve was fading, and he was melting toward it, wanting more, desiring it now. And there was something else now, something that pushing him from inside, pushing him to lean forward, to accept it, to want it, to have it. What was it? It became an obsession to him all of a sudden, to label it, to name it, to simply take it and possess it with everything he is and was. He wanted to scream. "You have to tell me." The soft sexy voice was there still, right in front of him, almost in a whisper now, sapping and draining all of him and his energy, making him want to surrender and juts beg to have it again.

"Holy shit." Came another voice from behind him, louder, a voice that he recognized, but it seemed so far away from him, it was quietly and carefully shushed. He wanted to turn and beg for help, but what he had just experienced, and was still experiencing made him sit still, part of him wanting more, the part began to slowly scream. The two sides were warring with each other, as he tilted his head back a little, into that pose, that pose of longing, wanting, to be taken, touched, and used . His lips became full, and as he ran his tongue tip over them again to moisten them, he tried one last time to gather draining strength. Slowly, his wits returned to him, his longing and desires faded back. His eyelids fluttered as he looked up.

"You have to tell me, remember?" The soft sexy voice asked once again. He gulped hard and tried to focus.

"I remember." He finally spoke.

"Good. Now, tell me...yes...or no." the soft sexy voice was so so close.

"I...I...." He tried not to whimper in his tone, and then gulped again. He drew upon the last of his strength reserves, and exhaled a little, "I'm not gay."

"That's alright." The soft sexy voice said. "You don't have to be. I'll ask you again, would you like another?" The question made his lips tremble slightly. That question was driving him insane, that, and everything else going on around him. He wanted to surrender to the screaming that was growing in him. "You need to answer me." The soft sexy voice said.

"I...I...can't." He was about to fold and fall apart, and it was very visible from those that looked on him. His trembling went beyond his lips to his shoulders and his chest muscles to his abs, and his legs were trembling uncontrollably now.

"Then that is answer enough." The soft sexy voice said near his ear. The blindfold came off and he was in full light from the lamp before him. He opened his eyes and blinked hard a few times, and slowly became oriented to his surroundings. The look on his face was one of sheer terror. He began to ease himself as he realized where he was and who he was with. The face before him was the one, the one that had brought him to this...this shaking of his foundations. He knew he should have been furious, livid, but he also knew that he let this happen by his own consent. He slowly eased himself in the chair he was in, rubbing his knees with his own hands. Seeing who was in front of him didn't make it any better, there was still that...feeling, that hunger, that desire, and now that he had discovered it, he didn't know what to do with it.

"Thank you." The soft sexy voice said. "Are you alright, Vinnie?" There was genuine concern and caring in the tone, he melted with it.

"Yes." Vinnie answered.

"Good, I'm glad." The soft sexy voice brought the face it was from to Vinnie's going almost nose to nose. There was a warm smile not only on those beautiful full lips, but in the eyes that came with them. "Now, I want you to remember what we talked about before we started." The soft sexy voice said. "Do you remember?" Vinnie nodded his response quickly. "Good. So tell me what you remember?"

"That...we wouldn't tell...tell anyone..."

"Good, that's right, Vinnie. I won't tell, and neither will you. Your reputation is safe, remember?" Vinnie nodded. "Now, you have to tell me." The soft sexy voice was filling Vinnie's head again, making him moan softly.

"Holy shit!"

"Cory, this is about Vinnie. Now please." The soft sexy voice said, making Cory go quiet. "Now, Vinnie, open your eyes and look at me." Vinnie did what he was asked. "Can you see me?" Vinnie nodded. "Good. Now, I'm going to do something for you. Are you ready?" Vinnie nodded again. "Good. Tomorrow or the next day, I want you to talk to me about what you're feeling, what you remember from a few minutes ago, can you do that?" Vinnie nodded again. "Good. Now, I'm going to kiss you again. It doesn't make you gay, it just means that you like it, is that alright?" Vinnie nodded again, and looked like he was going to burst into tears. Lips touched in a soft velvety manner, ever so sensual, but no way were they invasive or aggressive at all. And as quickly as it started, it stopped, being pulled away. "Was that alright?" The soft sexy voice asked. Vinnie just nodded. "Good. Now, you go off to bed, and we'll talk later or tomorrow." Vinnie got up from his chair and walked out of the room, closing the door behind him.

"Holy shit!" Cory said again. He was staring at the door that Vinnie had just closed.

"Are you ready, Cory?" The soft sexy voice asked. Cory gulped at what he had just witnessed. "You know I won't hurt you. I'll just make you feel wonderful." The soft sexy voice had a warm smile behind it now. "Do you want to try it?"

"The same exact thing?"

"Yes, the same exact thing." The soft sex voice said.

"Yeah, I'll try it, why not?" Cory moved to the chair that Vinnie had occupied. He seemed excited about it, sitting on his hands.

Now, perhaps would be a good time to explain a few things... first of all, my name is Devin Geary. I am a junior in college, 21 years old. I stand about 6'1", have almost black hair that sweeps over in the front almost over my right eye, sizzling deep green eyes. I am very toned, and tanned, due to being on the water polo team here at the university, a true swimmer's build with an eight pack, as I am also a gym rat of sorts and play volleyball, I wear a size eleven shoe and have a cock to match my big feet, which any gay porn star would love and drool over with hanging smooth balls. I know what you're thinking, conceited fucker, and you may be right, but I know that I'm... fucking... hot, as a college guy should be, and I love it. To say, that I could have anyone, male or female, is not a stretch, as I have proved it often enough, but as I am totally gay, and so into guys, their manliness, their deep testosterone levels, just the male form in all its beauty, the muscle, and just worshiping cocks, oh how I fucking love it, crave it, have to have it, constantly. Ahem!, lost there for a second....where was I?, oh yeah, I know I'm hot, and I love that fact about myself. I lost track again,,,,oh yeah, I have worked hard to get where I am in school, and hope one day to either teach or be some kind of psychologist or therapist, as it is such a turn on to help other people. I know, sick fucker, he really needs one himself, maybe you're right, have to think about that for a while, anyway, I have discovered that I have a special...'magic', if you will. And it all stems from some sort of biology, and I'm trying to get a handle on it.

Now, this 'magic' or overfunction of my body leads to all kinds of things around me. I first discovered it when I was about eight. I had a bunch of buddies that lived on the block and we always hung around with each other like a pack. We weren't bad kids at all, and always minded or were respectful of our parents or other adults, and rarely, if ever, got into trouble.

It was a Saturday, I remember, we were out of school for the summer, and most of us were just kicking around through the alley behind one of my buddy's houses. We happened across a stack of magazines that someone had tossed but failed to hit the can. One of us picked one up and opened it, and soon we were all huddled looking at pictures in it, big men screwing different girls in different ways all over the place in those pictures. Now, being young boys, and just being curious, hormones just barely starting to kick in, you can imagine that all of us were wide eyed, standing there with little bulges in our pants and not having a clue. We quickly gathered up our new found treasure and went running to find some privacy, some safe place to really study our horde. We went to my house and hid in the old garage. The garage was separate from the house and was in the back at the alley. My parents didn't use it because it was in bad shape, so it was perfect.

We gathered around the stack as they were spread out on some old work bench under a window that was filthy and streaked, but it let the sun in. We all huddled again and took our time turning pages, pointing, laughing, joking about this and that as most of the photos were black and white, and smudged, some pages stuck together, again, we had no clue, and as it proceeded on and on, I began to notice...things. I was at the bench, pretty much in front of the spread out stack of volumes, leaving the pages open of a few to what was deemed as favorites by some of my buddies, I noticed that my buddies were kind of circling around me, getting close to me, not really groping me, but just touching different parts of me, lightly, just grazes, nothing really physical or forceful, but they kept me at the center. I thought it was because it was my garage, but then something else happened and that triggered it, my knowing that I was different from them somehow. Each of them, sometimes three at a time or just in pairs, would 'inhale' me, getting close to me and just smell me standing there, and the looks on their faces, like they were some kind of zombies or something, it was becoming weird to me, but yet it was so cool at the same time. After a while, things began to simmer down and we closed the magazines and hid them in the old bench in a dark corner of the cabinet. I knew they would be safe there. We all let it go, and went about our day of being kids. We would return at other times as we got older and some of us would have beat off sessions together over our stash once we figured out what we were doing and what it was all about. But it was that first day, that 'look' that they had as they were hovering around me that stayed in the back of my mind and kept me thinking.

As I grew up, I began to notice it more and more, not only the behavior from girls, who constantly clung to me, but from guys as well. They were the ones that always got me going. And it wasn't just my buddies, it was all guys that would get near me. They all would eventually just want to huddle around me and just 'inhale' me, my scent. Junior high was bad enough, raging hormones, frustrations with it, wanting, desires, but high school was the killer...almost old enough to do something about it, but not really, you know? I mean, by now, as a freshman, I had lost my virginity to a girl, in my garage, and I wished that it might have been more special for either of us, but as young kids, we really didn't know what we were doing. All that really sticks out in my mind about the event was her just inhaling me. She had peeled off my shirt and was just smelling me while we did it on the old workbench. Thank God I used a condom. Anyway, it was all driving me crazy, this...everyone just getting near and just smelling me. There would be several more that I would hook up with, mostly guys, yeah, I figured out that I was gay, loved doing it with guys. But, it was this constant want of people to just smell me, driving me crazy. I needed someone to talk to. I knew it had to be my dad.

It was quite the 'talk' that we had, and it seemed to go on for hours. My father is a wonderful man, my actual hero, always has been, probably always will be. He always listened, just listened to anything that I said, whether it made sense or not. I seem to be a true clone of him physically, feature for feature, build, stature, and his obviously large equipment below. I can't tell you how many times that I silently thanked him for letting me inherit that trait. His eyes were different than mine though. They were a pale blue, as mine were that striking green. It was the only thing that I got from my mother, our eyes were identical.

In our 'talk', I finally got to it, the root of my problem, and my father seemed to know already. It comforted me, I suppose, that he knew, but as we or I discussed it further, he began to realize just how sexually active I was, and just how strong the 'magic' was in me. It was the first time I had ever seen that look of astonishment on him. It almost scared me like there might be something wrong with me. He slowly began to tell me about himself and how he had the 'magic' as well. He told me of his years in high school when he noticed it as well, leading to finding my mother when they were in college, and she, according to him, threw herself at him, and wouldn't let him go. In reality, my parents were a good fit with each other, loved each other very much, were always happy, and rarely did they ever have an argument. My father quit talking about his memories and told me he would take me quietly to a specialist to find out what was actually going on, and to ease my frustrations. Then my dad asked me the question I dreaded the most, but knew it was coming. I had just basically come out to him in our 'talk', but without actually saying it, him learning how active I actually was. He asked me if I was alright in talking about it. I had always been comfortable with him, and it came naturally as he was the man he was, always putting me at ease. I told him I was alright with it, and told him about my preference and he understood, as I knew he would be. I told him I was safe and that I never wanted to be any trouble to either of my parents at all. He hugged me tight, and held me for the longest time, telling me how much he actually loved me. He told me that he would always be there for me, and I knew it was true.

We sat in the exam room at the doctor's office. I had met the man already, and my dad and I were just waiting for him to join us. When he finally came in and sat down on the rolling stool, he rolled up near me. I was thinking to myself, oh here we go again, another 'sniffer', as I had begun to call everyone that had that 'look'. The doctor, who was an Endocrinologist, a strikingly handsome man as well, with a soft masculine voice, I could just look and listen to him for hours on end given the chance. He began to explain, in detail what the 'magic' was. He gave it to me in an analogy, comparing it to animals marking territory for mating and so on. What was actually going on was that my body was producing a huge amount of pheromones, his estimation was very high and shocked me, saying it must be at about one hundred times or close over the normal. My dad just listened and took it all in, now knowing what he had gone through all of those years and why. I could see the relief on his face. I asked the doctor if there was something that could be done about it. He told me that my body had some kind of internal switch that when it was flipped on, the 'magic' seemed to just ooze out of me. He didn't know if there was anything that he could really do about it, and it was rare, very rare that this never happened to anyone, as he had never heard of it. He said, in front of my father, that he was experiencing it right at that moment with being near me in the same small room. And as he was so sexy anyway, I was melting in my own jeans. He backed up a little bit from me on the rolling stool, and away from my father as well. The doctor said he wanted to research it more and to try and help me, but bottom line was he said he was envious of my 'condition'. That empowered me right then, and right there, which leads me back to Vinnie and Cory.

Both of them were my roomies. They were there on full scholarships for football. Both of them were any gay guys wet dream, incredibly handsome, muscular beyond muscular, but not like huge body builders, tall, hung, and just the nicest, sweetest guys. I always suspected it was the 'magic' that had kept them in control, and not doing the stupid 'jock' thing being assholes or jerks, rooming with the gay guy. We had a silent agreement with each other, I would not push myself on them, but I sure the fuck looked, I mean they were gods after all, and I really had to control myself not to tent my shorts when they walked around in their underwear or just naked from time to time. And the other side of it was they didn't tease or bash me, or let their jock buddies do it. I mean, I was a jock myself, on the water polo team and played volleyball, we were just good friends. I knew Cory was curious, as I had caught him from time to time checking me out in my speedo, half teasing I was going to fall out of it from being so big, but in reality, we three had become the best of friends and I wouldn't cross that silent line.

The two of them just couldn't figure out how I managed to always hook up with someone, how I always had a group around me, both male and female on the commons. It amazed them, and they asked me from time to time, and I would always casually just blow it off or explain it away as just being friendly. They always managed to get near me when we were studying or just playing a game. They had slowly become 'sniffers', and I tolerated it, I mean, really, wet dream? Hello?

It was into the second semester, that late afternoon, and our second year together as roomies, when they both approached me as I was studying at my small desk. It was obvious to me that they wanted to talk about something but didn't know how to start. I just looked at both of them, and then Cory, who was the voice of the two, began to ask direct questions. I listened to him, and would look at Vinnie from time to time, and realized that they had been talking about this with each other for a long time. I gave vague answers at first, but they became insistent, not forceful, with questions. My answers were not doing it for them, that was very clear. Finally, I held up my hands to stop them.

"Alright," I said, turning in my chair, "you want to know all about it." I sighed and sat back looking at them. "Would you be willing to try an experiment?" Vinnie's eyes went wide, as I knew where his mind was. Cory pursed his lips, as he was thinking, his mind going there as well.

"You mean" Cory finally asked. I sighed deeply.

"Dude, how long have we known each other? Have I ever made a pass at either one of you?" They both shook their heads. "I'm not talking about sex, I mean, it would be hot and all, and God knows how bad I want to with you guys," I wiggled my eyebrows, making their jaws drop open, "but, what I'm talking about is a simple experiment to show you. We will stay dressed, and I will be the only one that will touch you. And it won't be sexual." I said with a bright look, making them look at each other, then back at me. "No one has to know, it's just the three of us, and we can make a pact never to talk about it again." Cory narrowed his eyes at me, and Vinnie just gulped. "Well?" I asked.

"I guess." Vinnie said softly. He would be my first target, and was also my biggest fantasy, being the hotter of the two, and the subject of my many beat off sessions in the shower.

"Fine." Cory said, folding his muscular arms over his wide thick pecs.

"Now, conditions of the test. When we do this, you will sit in a chair, keep your hands to yourself and wear a blindfold." I was getting so excited as I had wanted to try this experiment for so long, and now I had these godlike hotties being led to slaughter, it was almost too perfect! "I will ask you questions while I do this, and you will answer. We will all be together, and only one of you will be blindfolded at a time, the other will watch and make sure that nothing else happens." My eyes shifted back and forth between them as they stood shoulder to shoulder. They seemed to be comfortable knowing that each had the others back. "Are you good with that?" They looked at each other for a second, then back at me, both nodded. "Alright, let's get this over with. I've got a psych test tomorrow." I said, as I stood.

We rummaged around and found a thin kitchen towel to use as a blindfold, and we put a chair in the middle of our little living space. I looked at Vinnie, as he looked nervously at me, but he was also leaning close, and was drawing in short breaths through his nose, obviously taking the 'magic' in. Vinnie sat in the chair as I folded the thin towel, then went behind him, tying it at the back of his head. I leaned closer to Vinnie's right ear and said in a soft sexy voice, "Can you see anything?" Vinnie shook his head. "Do you understand that I'm going to touch you, but not in a sexual way?" Vinnie nodded this time. "Don't be nervous. There's nothing to be afraid of. I would never hurt you in any way." I said in that soft sexy voice. With being so close to him, I could see Vinnie's muscles starting to relax, his fear was slowly dropping away. "Are you comfortable?" Vinnie nodded again, and I could see Cory sitting in a chair behind Vinnie just watching me and Vinnie. I ignored Cory completely. I continued to hover close to Vinnie, keeping my hands away, never once touching his smooth beautiful skin. My eyes ran up and down him, taking in every line, every vein, every part of him, seeing Vinnie's bulge in his jeans that he wore, and thought that it would be so awesome just to run my fingers over it, but I said I wouldn't. Vinnie was wearing a tank top, that clung to his chest and back, and I could see that he was starting to breathe deeper, and was moaning ever so slightly now, obviously becoming deeply affected by the 'magic'. I smiled to myself seeing him melt in the chair under me, becoming completely lost.

He was mine, and I damn well knew it. I slowly leaned in and we touched lips, softly, gently, Vinnie breathed out softly through his nose, not moving his lips at all, just letting them be touched by mine. I pressed in a little more, just compressing them to one another, and I felt Vinnie move under me, he slipped his hands under his thighs to keep them in place as I slowly pressed even more, our lips finally coming together fully. I heard a slight moan come from him, and then slowly, ever so slowly, Vinnie parted his lips opening his mouth wider, letting me follow his movements. There was no tongue, only lips, as Vinnie was moving his mouth on mine, as if he wanted, needed more. I became a little more aggressive with my mouth, moving it back and forth, gently, yet firm, and then I slowly introduced my tongue, running the tip around the inside of his mouth, teasingly. Vinnie was losing his control, I could feel it, as his head tilted back a little more, letting me take control, I had clasped my hands behind my back and fought the deep desire to run those hands all over him, trying to maintain my own control and not moan myself, staying focused but was loving his taste, his power that he was keeping to himself deep down, and then our tongues met, slowly working against each other, and then in unison, probing, dancing, teasing each other. Vinnie moaned into my mouth and tripped another switch inside of me, and the kiss became even more intense.

I pulled myself together and slowly, carefully, teasingly began to withdraw from him, but mouthing him, and he followed me, wanting more, wanting to keep me there, moaning into my mouth once again. I kept my resolve and didn't cave, staying the course and finally withdrew from him, leaving him breathless, his head tilted back slightly, sitting on his hands. He licked his lips with only his tongue tip.

"My God." Vinnie said below a whisper.

Cory was excited as he took Vinnie's chair, and was slightly boned in his jeans, as I looked down quickly and could tell it was becoming obvious. He was moving his left leg up and down like a little boy waiting for ice cream, his eyes were flashing about with anticipation. I bent down and picked up the thin towel that I had dropped on the floor, and his eyes followed me.

"We don't need that." Cory said. I frowned back at him.

"It's part of the experiment." I said, starting to use the soft sexy voice again.

"We're both adults." Cory flashed his eyes, sitting on his hands still, his leg going up and down, dancing on the ball of his foot.

"You'll change the conditions of the test." I said, still soft and sexy sounding, as I got closer to him. Cory eyes changed as I got closer to him, that 'look' was starting.

"You already changed the conditions of the test when you sent Vinnie to bed. We're alone now." Cory's voice was going soft, as the 'look' was getting deeper. I started to lean back away from him, but Cory stayed with me, and was taking in the 'magic' deeply through his nose. I could see his chest expanding in his tight tee, and I looked down quickly to see that he was boning more in his jeans.

"We shouldn't." I said, wanting to test Cory further, knowing where it was going to go, and even though I longed for it, wanted to be with him, I knew that it could have disastrous results, that morning after panic shit that straight guys always felt when they gave in and had either been blown or had fucked. "You want it too bad. I can see that."

"I have always wanted to..."

"Experiment?" I asked, leaning close to him again, going almost nose to nose. I dropped the towel on the floor, our eyes were locked. "If we don't stop, it will become full blown sex. Do you understand that?" Cory gulped and nodded, his lips parted and he looked like he wanted to ask something as his eyes scanned mine, and they were becoming glassy. He was becoming so lost. "I could do so many things to you, that you would just scream." I was soft and sexy again, and becoming so evil in my teasing. But I had to know, needed to know, if Cory wanted me as bad as I wanted him.

"Devin..." Cory licked his lips lightly, just moistening them, making them shine in the light of the room.

"Tell me what you want, Cory." I said soft and sexy.

"Kiss me." He whispered, exhaling softly, letting his breath out across my face. I breathed him in and was losing myself as well. Cory parted his lips, and his eyes started to slowly close. He was so hot, I leaned forward and put my lips to his, going soft and slow, giving him the same as Vinnie had been given. Cory melted, I felt it with my mouth, as I was doing my best not to touch him. Cory moaned under me, through my mouth, and once again, my internal trigger tripped. I pressed more against him, and this time, it was Cory that introduced our tongues. He moaned in my mouth again, and as his head tilted back a little, I followed, making me stand straighter. I was breathing through my nose as I worked my mouth on his, and he worked opposite to me, and then I felt him move, shifting his hands, and then they were on me, running slowly over my sides, and up my back to my shoulders, holding me. Cory began to pull with his powerful arms, and soon, I had no choice but to straddle him, sitting on his lap on the chair. Cory rolled his head to the other side, still keeping our mouths locked on each other, our tongues were working, pounding, pushing, filling cheeks every now and again. I was lost myself now. Cory was so hot, and so passionate, his hands feeling me, my shoulders, my back, my butt. I couldn't help but moan in his mouth, as I felt Cory rock his hips against me, dry humping under me. I could feel his hard length under my butt, and right thigh, trapped in his jeans, it was huge and I wanted it so bad. I felt both hands on my butt now, as our mouths were still locked to one another. Cory was like an animal, so driven with desire, but I knew it was the 'magic' that spurred it and him on, and at this point, I really didn't give a fuck, I just wanted him to fuck me, fuck me so hard, and so long. Up to this moment, my hands had been at the base of his neck, on each side, just holding him, our kissing was going on furiously, as I felt his fingers squeeze into the tight muscles of my butt over my jeans. I lowered my hands and rubbed my palms over the tight pecs in his tee, and I felt myself so hard and trapped in my jeans it hurt. I had to either stop or get out of my clothes. I withdrew from him, he was trying to follow me, hands went up my back as he felt my pulling away, trying to keep me to him. He moaned as if to tell me to stay.

I pulled back, scanning his eyes quickly, seeing the lust and desire in them. I took in a deep breath and felt him grind his hard length against me again. It was so hot, so long, and so very hard. My butt was twitching with want.

"Devin..." He moaned, as I felt hands sliding up and down my back, and then something happened that I didn't expect. I was almost to the point where I was going to get up and pull away from him, when he put his mouth to my neck, licking and kissing me from the base of my ear to the collar of my own tee. He was fast, and kept going up and down as he ground his cock against me in his jeans. I tilted my head back and sighed at the feeling, then my tee was being slid up my chest and back, going up to my pits, Cory used his nose to push it up further and expose my nipples and then his mouth was over my right one, another switch was tripped in me, as that was the sensitive one. I gasped as I put my fingers into his short hair, pulling his head to me, flattening out his nose against my own tight chest. I groaned at it, loved it, wanting more.

"Fuck." I said in the soft sexy voice as I looked at the ceiling. Cory moved to my left nipple and did the same thing with his mouth, and I was lost. I would deal with the after...after, whatever...this was just so fucking hot to me, and obviously to him as well, as he was making, uttering deep growls on my nipple, sending shock waves through my body. I let him go, and grabbed my tee, ripping it off me, tossing it away. I looked down grabbed his face with both hands, tilting his head back, his mouth was open, I looked at him for a second, and then fell on him with my own mouth, tonguing him furiously, almost gagging him, but he responded, as I felt hands go to my jeans in the front, unbuttoning them, almost ripping the zipper out, my hard cock was almost released from its prison, still trapped by my underwear. I moaned again, and then hands went to my hips, the power of his muscles was incredible as he squeezed and lifted. I went up and off him, and he let my feet go to the floor, as he stood up in front of me with that single swift motion. I was so impressed but so turned on even more with his power, I had a flash vision of him being able to pick up a bus.

My hands went to his jeans, undoing the top button and then unzipping them. I clawed at the flaps of the jeans, and rubbed my palm over my target, his hard cock that was trapped in his boxers. I moved into his waistband and wrapped fingers around the long thick length, pulling on it a couple of times. He pulled his mouth back from mine, and breathed deeply.

"You're gonna make me cum." He panted with his eyes closed. I grinned knowing that I was in control.

"I hope so." I said soft and sexy. I drug my fingers up and down it a few times, tickling him, making him groan as he leaned his forehead against mine. I let him go and slowly went down with my hand and found his large tight balls. I rubbed them, cradled them, and squeezed them, they weren't very hairy, and I knew that they weren't as I had seen him quite a few times before, but never like this, never hard and lusting like this, it was so fucking hot. I slid my hand up and out, and he gave me a look of utter disappointment and longing. I gave him back a sexy eyed look that I saw made him melt. My eyes went down, and then I grabbed his shirt by the bottom and pulled it up forcefully, his arms went up as reflex and his shirt was tossed aside as mine had been.

I looked back down seeing his pants had fallen off his hips and his hard length was tenting his boxers out to the left, almost obscenely, it was so hot looking as I touched the tip of the tent, it was wet on the back of my finger, I knew he was leaking precum by the buckets. Yeah, he was mine, there was no doubt of it now, I could do anything I wanted to him and he would have obeyed like a whipped puppy. I rubbed him through his underwear more and more with just the back of my finger, and as he was breathing deeply through his nose, and so close to me, I knew the 'magic' had total control.

"Have you ever done anything with a guy?" I asked in the soft sexy. His eyes went to mine as he was breathing heavier and heavier. "Have you ever had a guy suck you?" I asked in the soft sexy, and his eyes almost rolled. "I can do so much to you that's never been done before." He moaned as if trying to answer, resting his hands on my shoulders, his chest heaving. "I want to eat your ass, make you scream, make you cum over and over without touching yourself." The soft sexy was doing it for him, I could see it, as if his knees were ready to buckle. "Yeah, Cory, you're gonna feel so good, and then you're gonna fuck me, you're gonna fuck me all night, so hard, you're gonna make me scream." The soft sexy was on, as well as the back of my finger, and Cory lowered his head and shot in his boxers, he groaned and then it became louder and louder, as his cock was flexing and pumping wad after wad into his boxers. His hands clenched tight on my shoulders as he worked through his massive orgasm, and I was hoping it was the best one of his life. His breathing became labored and he took in one last deep one, and then he collapsed in front of me. I caught him, and struggled to get him and his weight to the chair, as his head rolled back like he was unconscious. His arms were dead weight and hung beside him. I stood in front of him seeing him slowly coming around, and supported his head in both of my hands, looking into his face, his eyes were trying to focus and he blinked hard a few times.

I knew that I had caused this, driving him to this point, making him pass out like that. It empowered me, and then the realization came to me of what had happened. Cory was so hot, so worked up, that his passion and him flipping on all my internal switches had made me turn up the 'magic' somehow. This was better than some stupid love potion. If I could just do it again, figure out what it was that actually tripped it, to learn to control it, then I knew I could be dangerous, in a hot fucking way. I smiled openly as Cory came round now. He focused on me and I saw that look, that after morning look with straight guys. I knew I had to take control again.

"Would you like another?" I asked in the soft sexy voice. Cory tried to smile back at me.




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