The Magic of Presence -4- Tricia and Cory

Seth stood out the way of the door and let Tricia in, I was sitting there on the lounge, covered, thank God, with a blanket, holding a cup of coffee, as she came walking toward me. She stopped in front of me and I don't why, but I gulped so help me, and I guess my eyes were wide and I was just lost in the feeling that I was dead, but just didn't know it yet. She has that stare of death on her face.

"Hey? Are you in there?" Oww, a slap upside the head, brought me around.

"Ow, yeah, I'm here."

"Doesn't look like it to me." She said, her hands on her hips, bending down and looking me right in my blank eyes. "Do you need more coffee? Or a doctor?"

"Huh?" Seems to be my favorite word to say this week.

"And you, what are you doing over there?" She turned on Seth now, and let me tell you, I was happy to share that wealth, "Get over here and sit down." She was giving orders, and I got the feeling she was enjoying it. Seth came over and sat down right behind me.

"So, Mr. Conquest, I see what you've been doing." She looked at me and then glanced at Seth, then back to me, tapping her toes, then she folded her arms under her boobs, pushing them up and out, her favorite stance. Now Tricia really was a pretty girl, and if I wasn't gay, yeah, I'd probably be chasing her. She liked guys that looked like me, yeah I was her type, and she let me know it, several times, as long as I'd known her, she wasn't into the jock type, not the big jock types like Vinnie and Cory, but into someone who probably wouldn't crush her in bed, even though she might really enjoy if she gave it a try. Wait...hold on...eewwww, I can't believe I just had that visual...anyway, Tricia, my friend, was very pretty, and,,,owww!

"Are you listening to me?"

"What?!" I said loudly, after being smacked again. God, this is getting old!

"You want to explain all this to me?"

"What do you mean?"

"I mean, I spent last night and yesterday with Cory. He was trying to explain it to me, but none of it made any sense. And then we walk into Mr. Hunk here, taking Vinnie on, by himself, and you're all beat up on the floor. Now, Vinnie and Cory are fighting and not talking to each other, you look like ten miles of bad road and Mr. Hunk here..." I look over at Seth, and he hangs his head down.

"You took on Vinnie? To try and save me?" I ask, cutting Tricia off. I turn and hand her my coffee cup as I do. "Seth..." He slowly looks at me, and then I could see the swelling on his cheek from the sunlight. My eyes go wide.

"You were hurt...what else could I do? I thought he had done it to you. You were out on the floor at his feet. I guess I..."

"Oh, Seth..." I said and started to wrap an arm around him, but had to move more to get to him, losing the blanket in the process.

"Holy shit!" Tricia said, "Put some clothes on." She looked away as my bare ass was showing. He and I looked at each other for the longest time and then I looked around, not seeing my clothes. Seth smiled and got up, walking across the room and picked up my clothes bringing them to me, all folded up nice and neat, oh man, and he's a neatnick too! He's Perfect! He set them down as Tricia had turned and was facing away from me. Seth helped me get dressed as my back was aching and my shoulders were strained. All I had was my pants and underwear as well as my shoes and socks, I had no shirt. I couldn't remember what had happened to it. I looked at myself and then at Seth. He went and got me a tee out of his drawer and came back with it. I put it on, then grabbed him by the wrist and pulled him to me. We went nose to nose.

"I've never been rescued before." I said, looking into his eyes.

"I've never rescued anyone before. It's kind of new for me." He smiled. I felt his hands on my waist.

"It's really hot." I said, and wiggled my eyebrows. "I guess I owe you a big one, don't I?"

"Uh, yeah you do." He said, raising an eyebrow, and then smiled. I knew what he meant.

"All right you two, break it up." Tricia said as faced us. She sighed sounding upset. "Devin Geary, I mean it, you need to explain to me what's going on."

"You're right." I said, still looking into Seth's gorgeous eyes, "No more secrets." I kissed Seth softly, wanting so much more of him right now, I grinned and I growled in my throat which made him smile. He sat on the lounge, tossing the blanket back to the back behind him. Tricia sat down next to him and handed me back the coffee cup, which I drained, and then I started to explain it, the whole thing, from being a kid to now. They were both wide eyed, especially Seth and I thought he might be upset about me explaining that I was the campus kinda slut thing, but I got the feeling that wasn't it. They both listened to every word as I paced back and forth in front of them, with the experiment, that went really wrong with Vinnie and Cory, and then Tricia got a little embarrassed with that part of the story, and I didn't know what was going on. I came to the end, after our date...ended, abruptly...and then walking into our room and Vinnie attacking me.

Tricia had recomposed herself and Seth was doing his best to look as natural as he could. Both of them were failing, and I could clearly see it. Especially Tricia, she was so obvious to me and I knew that she and Cory had finally hooked up. There goes that friendship, I thought, he was probably doing the day after, oh fuck thing again right now in his bed. I wondered. Seth on the other hand was more difficult to read as I didn't really know him, apart from being bashed once upon a time, yeah it was bad for him, and the other guy, but I didn't really know him, and I so wanted to. I decided to go with Tricia, as she was the easy target.

"Alright missy, you want to tell me about you and Cory?"

"What do you mean?"

"You know what I mean? Was it good?" I widened my eyes, making them flash, and she cracked a smile and pulled it back quickly. "Ahah! It was!" I pointed a finger at her, and then tilted my head back and laughed. "And you call me slut?" I asked and her jaw dropped open. "You know I'm only kidding, jeez." I got down on one knee in front of her and wiggled my eyebrows. "He's hot, isn't he?" I said in a low voice and she blushed and smiled, "Yeah, you ought to try living with him. So, I guess you changed your mind about muscled up jocks." I turned and looked at Seth who seemed to be lost, he was so much the mystery to me, why the 'magic' didn't work on him, how he was so...perceptive. I slid over in front of him, knowing I would get the juicy details from Tricia later about the sex thing with Cory...but Seth was now foremost in my mind and my heart. I took his hands in mine, and he stared down at them.

"You knew, didn't you?" I asked. "You knew there was something, something in me."

"I kinda had an idea." Seth said, not looking up at me. "I had heard a few things from different people." When he said that, my eyes went wide.

"How long have you been here?"

"Over a week." He finally lifted his eyes to mine. "I didn't lie to you, I did just transfer here."

"I don't understand...why...?"

"I had the professors give me all the work necessary to get caught up. I did it here rather than in the classes. I used that time you, watch you, I guess."

"You a stalker?" Tricia asked, looking almost horrified.

"No,...more like a...spy." I said, with a smile. "Isn't that right?"

"I guess." Seth said softly as our eyes met. I smiled wider, and then kissed him gently. I pulled back still keeping my eyes on him. "You're not mad?" He asked softly.

"Are you mad at me?" I asked in return, he gave me a questioning look, and then he shook his head. "How could I be mad at you for that? I think it's kinda hot actually. You sneaking around, watching me and all? Did you learn anything?" I winked.

"Yes,... yes I did." He sounded firm in it.


"You have a good heart, you care about those you come in contact with, and you have to keep your distance from them." He looked at me with those shining eyes that I was so falling for. "And it makes you alone and lonely. I could tell. You've never had a real...relationship with anyone, have you?" Smack! Wow, he hit that one on the head, and he was right, I never have, in all my life, it's been just...'sniffers'.

"You're right." I said with a bit of sadness I guess as the realization came to me. I had never given it much thought, just moving from one person to another, always just sex, never anything else, not that it was bad, but Seth was making me realize that I had never thought about tomorrow, that the future would be empty and he was right, I would be alone. It hit home to me, and I guess I kind of slumped a little, realizing that was what I had been actually looking for.

"That's what you're missing, someone to be there, someone to share things with,...someone to love."

"Are you offering?" I gave him my hottest smart ass cutest look I could come up with.

"Would you accept it if I did?" Seth said, with his drop dead gorgeous smile with dimples. I was so boning in my jeans right now.

"Okay,..." Tricia said, getting up off the lounge, "I gotta go and check on Cory and Vinnie, you guys are obviously going to have sex right now and I don't want to see it." She held up her hands and waved them side to side as she backed to the door. "So, when you're done,... text me and we can get together and figure out the rest of this." She bumped into the door, and then opened it and closed it behind her. I hadn't taken my eyes off Seth the entire time and neither had he.

"Are we going to have sex?" Seth asked.

"Uh, I certainly hope so." I answered. A smile crept over my lips and I wanted him so bad. But there were so many things I needed to know. Who was this guy? Why had the 'magic' not affected him? Was I part of some experiment for him? Oh, yeah, that last one, he could experiment on me all day, anytime, anywhere, uh yeah.

"I can't help but love you, you know?" He said softly and my eyes went wide.

"Uh...huh?" Yeah, I was in love with him too, but I wasn't going to drop that bomb yet, and boom, wreck everything, and then be alone...again, before this even got off the ground. Who is this guy? Thank God he loves me!

"Oh man," Seth said as he lowered his head and shook it, "I just blew it, didn't I?"

"No, my superhero, you didn't." I said softly. He lifted his head and his eyes were welling. "Oh, don't do this," I gulped looking at them getting wetter and wetter, "if you start this, then I'm going to, and then it'll get really bad, and..."

"You talk too much." Seth said, and leaned forward and he kissed me softly at first and then as I leaned into him, it became more firm and then his hands went around me, pulling me into him, and I was getting lost, his taste, his touch, his scent, yeah, I was in love, even more so than I was last night at the bistro, even more so than when we got here and started to make love, yes, make love. With him, it would be more than sex, I think I knew it from the start. I felt his hands on me, pulling me, gently.

My shirt, actually his shirt, went up and was tossed and I was working my hands over his back and sides and I was on my knees in front of him as he sat on the lounge, I pushed and started to climb up with him, as he went back slowly. I climbed up on top of him and felt his legs spread wider and then wrap around my hips as we ground our crotches against one another. Fuck he felt so good, and I could feel him so hard now against mine, being trapped in our clothes, he was only in underwear, yes, but he was still trapped, and I was in my jeans. I rolled a little to one side and put my hand down, feeling him and his hardness and he moaned into my mouth. Oh yeah, I loved it, a switch was flipped, here we go, I moaned back, and he went after me with his hands.

He turned me on my back and went after my jeans, getting the button undone, and then the zipper, he pulled the flaps back and saw my hard length laying off to the side and dove on it with his mouth, chewing it through my underwear. I could feel his perfect teeth and then lips, and then teeth again. Fuck, I needed to get out of these jeans. I started to push, but he moved and grabbed the bottom of the legs and pulled them off, tossing them to the floor. He went after me again, and his hands were everywhere, as I put mine into his hair, clenching my fingers into those soft strands of his. I moaned as he worked over my hard cock, and then his palm pushed against my balls, pushing them around in my underwear. I gasped as he hooked fingers and pulled them off me down to mid-thigh, and he started running his tongue up and down my shaft, stopping at my head, running his tongue around the slit and then back down again. He moved to my balls and started licking them and then took my left one in his mouth, tossing it around using his tongue, and then let it go. I was breathing hard as he took the right one now. He worked it over longer as I pulled his hair a little, making him moan on my nut. I spread my legs a little wider, and then his hands went to the backs of my thighs.

He pushed up and my legs rolled up at a ninety degree angle and I felt his tongue at my hole, teasing, licking, probing, I groaned at the feeling. I hadn't been really rimmed in so long and I wanted it so bad, it was my favorite. He seemed to know as he pushed his tongue in and teased a little, then, and I don't know how he did it, he started to twist his tongue as it went in and out, it was amazing and I gave a really deep groan from it. I was melting from it, it was just so good. After a few minutes my head was spinning and he went deeper with his tongue, it was so long, I had never had it like this before, going deeper than anyone had ever done before and as he did it, he put his mouth over my hole and sucked as well, his tongue burrowing into me. I thought I was going to blow when he did it, and I was trying to clench my fingers into the fabric of the lounge. As I was gasping for breath he slowly pulled out of me, and left me there for a minute as my breathing slowed and I got myself back together. He came up on me and kissed me deeply, I could taste myself in his mouth and loved it. I wrapped my arms around him, pulling him in tighter. I was almost where I was last night, showered by that memory. He slowly pulled back and looked at me.

"You are so fucking amazing." I whispered.

"You are too. I've never done that that much before."

"Really? Well, you can keep doing that for hours if you want." I wiggled my eyebrows.

"Maybe I will later. But first, I want you in me."

"What?" I was surprised, are we going to have to fight to see who bottoms first? "You need to finish what you started last night, mister. And now, you've got me all loosened up and wet. You are going to fuck me till dark."

"Well, beings on how it's only about eight in the morning, I think we need to switch off, what do you think?"

"Oh,...I think that's a good idea. I should warn you takes me a while to go off."

"Perfect, I'm the same way." He smiled and kissed me again. I felt him move and slide himself off the lounge leaving me as he stood. I went up on my elbows just watching him, and this feeling washed over me and through me, seeing him, in the daylight, the light streaming in through the window on the far wall, yeah, it was love, I had never felt it before. He was perfect, absolutely perfect, his tight muscled body, those abs to die for, and that hard cock of his trapped in his tight underwear. All of him was in perfect proportion, nothing was flawed about him at all. He smiled out of the corner of his mouth as he slowly pushed his tight underwear down and then bent over to get them to his ankles. He stood straight and I wanted to gasp, seeing him naked like this. His legs moved and I knew he stepped out of his underwear. His cock was totally smooth, long, and stood away from him, his head was not mushroomed but close in line with his shaft as I remembered from last night, and his balls hung and were large, but didn't hang too far down. Yeah, he was perfect and he was mine, all mine. I could look at him for days on end and I now planned on it. He leaned forward and started to climb back up on the lounge with me, over the top of me.

"How do you want it?" He asked in a sexy voice, and I melted, another switch tripped. I spread my legs wider, and used my elbows and arms to work my body further up on the lounge.

"I want you to look at me as you take me. I want to wrap myself around you." I said in the soft sexy. He smiled that even smile of his, as I lifted my legs up a little, and let him slide into his position, placing his tip at my wanting hole. He moved up a little further and he slid in a bit. I moaned at the feeling of being entered. "Yeah...," I said in the soft sexy, "give it to me, baby,..." He smiled as he looked down at himself and me, as he slid in a little further, I took in a deep breath and tilted my head back, moaning, still resting on my elbows and forearms, he looked up seeing my throat and the bottom of my chin, he leaned forward and kissed the base of my neck, "yeah...slide in me...ohhh, you feel so...fucking good..." I took in a deep breath through my nose and slowly let it out as he went deeper into me. I groaned as he was filling me up inside, expanding me, making me feel warm from his own heat, "this is so good..." I lay back down on the lounge and was melting into it, letting him take me. I wrapped my legs around his hips and then I felt his lips on my neck. I put my arms around his shoulders and clasped the back of his neck, running fingers up into his hair as his lips worked my neck to the base of my ear. My breathing eased as he moved further into me, slowly, and then he stopped, and I could feel him fully inside me, letting me adjust and get used to him being there. I wanted this, would always want this from him, this way. I would truly be his bottom for the rest of my life if it always felt like this. He moved up my neck to the base of my ear, kissing me softly as he went.

"You like this?" He asked. I mean, who really wouldn't, right? No, I didn't like this, I fucking loved it! I wrapped my arms around his neck, sending my hands down his back.

" feel so good in me." I whispered into his ear. I felt him push deeper into me, making me moan even more.

"You really like that, don't you?"

"Fuck yes." I breathed out, wanting more and more and...

"Yeah, maybe I'll do this all day long to you." He said as he lipped my earlobe, sending me into the clouds, another switch tripped.

"Oh God, please...yes." I moaned softly into the air as he started to move in and out of me slowly. He was still kissing me on my neck as he settled on me, driving me wild inside. This state of...euphoria came over me, and I fought back tears, not of pain, God no, there was none at all, only the sensation of being filled and total pleasure. I was so totally happy from it all, him with me, inside me, he was everything in my mind and heart at this moment, as I clutched him in my hands, wanting more and more. It was like we were hand in glove...yeah, that's it...hand in glove, he moved with gentle movements rubbing against my insides rubbing my button which was screaming right now for more of his smooth steel like shaft, and I was breathing in and out from my nose, making soft moans in the back of my throat. I just lay there letting him take me.

Usually about now, I would be fucking back against someone, just wanting to get off and away from the 'sniffer', but Seth was different, more different from anyone I had ever known, and I would let him work me on his own, his own speed and comfort, just to be here with him, letting him have me. He slowed a little and brought his face up over mine and our eyes met.

"You feel so good to me." He said softly and then he kissed me deep, his long tongue went in and I took it, as much as he would give me. We both moaned as he moved his mouth, working over mine, I could feel his hands on my back underneath me, gently kneading my aching muscles, as I tightened my grip on him. My legs went tighter around his hips and he slowly started to move again, in and out just a little, sliding over my button. I was breathing harder through my nose. He pulled back slowly and lifted his face. "Am I hurting you?" He asked as he rocked his hips in and out.

"No," I moaned and closed my eyes, feeling what I truly wanted, him sliding in and out. "I feel so good right now." I said softly almost in a whisper.

"I wanted our first time to be like this." He whispered into my ear and then rubbed the tip of his perfect nose over my lobe.

"Last night was good," I moaned softly, "but this is so much better."

"Yeah?" He pushed in a little deeper and then drew back about halfway, "What about the rough stuff you said you liked?" His voice had a sense of play in it. The sexy talk was driving me crazy! I loved it!

"We'll get there..." I moaned again, as he slid back in all the way, making me sigh in a high tone. "eventually."

"Promise?" He asked as he rolled his hips around making his cock spiral inside of me. I groaned loving this new feel and so did my prostate.

"Anything..." I moaned and gripped his back with my hands even tighter.

"Yeah, you like that even more, don't you?" He was whispering into my ear.

"You're so good." I whispered as he moved in that spiral again. I felt it building all of a sudden, that urge to cum. I was panting with my mouth open slightly. "You're gonna..." I tried but I couldn't say it, as he was doing it over and over to me.

"Gonna what?" He asked softly into my ear, making me pant even more. He knew, yeah, he knew, but he wanted to hear it from me, and I just couldn't say it as he was driving me insane with this feeling inside me. "Tell me," He whispered, and then tongued my ear again. I was done, and done in now, "tell me what you're gonna do..."

"I'm...I'm...gonna...cum..." I groaned and he let me go, getting up on the palms of his hands over the top of me, as I erupted, sending stream after stream up my chest, while he spiraled his awesome cock inside of me. I groaned deeply as I came, harder than I had ever known or done before. I had shot a few times without touching myself before but not like this. My eyes clenched and I just kept cumming, covering myself, my chest and stomach, my cock flexing as I did it over and over, and as I eased, I still felt that I had to do it again, all over, as he continued to spiral his hips, I was clamping on his hard cock inside of me with each and every pulse. Fuck, this was so intense and awesome! I was gasping for air as my arms fell away and landed on the lounge.

"You make me want to cum so bad." He said softly still spiraling his hips, and then he slowly pulled out almost the way. I groaned, for a moment thinking he was leaving me, but he slid back in all the way again, making me rock my head back arching my aching back up a little, wanting all of him inside me. My ass was numb but in a good way as he slid over my prostate again. I wanted to scream in total ecstasy. I opened my eyes, blinking hard a few times and saw him moving down me, licking up what was on my chest. I moaned as I watched him, his hot tongue taking my juice in. Then I felt him slide out of me slowly, leaving me completely as he went down, giving me an empty feeling as my insides missed him now. I watched and tried to lift an arm, but it was so heavy that it dropped back down. He slowly cleaned me totally, and moved back up toward me, I could see that there was some of me on his lips and wanted him and it. He gave me that even smile of his, as he slowly put his weight back on my chest. We stared at each other for a long minute.

"I thought you wanted to cum?" I asked softly.

"I do...but I want this more." He said softly and I felt him at my hole again, rubbing against me, teasing me gently. I growled in my throat, and he gave me dimples. "Are you insatiable?" He wiggled an eyebrow a little.

"I seem to be...but only for you." I whispered. I was able to lift an arm now, and put it to the back of his head, my fingers going into his hair. I pulled him gently to me and our lips came together. I tasted myself and him, as he opened his mouth. Our tongues came together and he didn't fight against me, only letting me probe him. I took what he had left of me and loved it, this sharing between us. He slowly pulled back, our eyes met. And he slowly got up off me, and then up off the lounge. I went wide eyed. "Where are you going?"

"I think we need to get up." He said, with a straight face.

"What?" I was stunned. "I thought we were...? But, you need to...?" I shook my head, thinking I was hallucinating or something, and I looked up at him, and saw that smile, those dimples, I was going to bone again any second.

"We have all day...and all night...together." He said softly as he reached out a hand toward me. "But first, we need to go...get something to eat,...and then check on your friends..." I was stunned at what he said.

"Wait a minute,...I'm confused." I said putting up a hand, "I thought we were just getting into this...did I do something wrong?" I was starting to get angry. He moved and came back over me, resting his hands on the lounge. He went almost nose to nose to me.

"We are just getting into this." He said softly, but there was something else in his voice, something that was certain, commanding in his tone. "And we are going to get into this even more, but later. But, right now, you need to eat." I blinked a few times.

"What makes you think so?"

"Your stomach growled all night long."

"You were awake all night?" I asked and he nodded in reply. "But,..."

"No buts, no questions." He said simply and it was like a command again. I melted. I was beginning to realize that I liked being dom'ed. It was making me hard. "Then we need to take care of your friends."

"Take care of them?" I asked, wanting him as he hung over me. He nodded again.

"It went kind of bad last night, and I'm worried a little. That's why she was here this morning."

" guys didn't tell what happened last night."

"I will...over breakfast." He smiled and then kissed me softly, and as he pulled slowly pulled back, he took my bottom lip between his and sucked on it gently, as he pulled it a little. Okay, I was boned again. I reached up and put my hand to the back of his head, but he let me go and pulled back. The king of total tease! Fuck! My eyes were wide staring at him. "Come on, shower." He stood and pulled me, and we headed for the bathroom. We went in and he turned it on, I just watched him, his muscled back, his tight narrow ass, the backs of his legs, his calves were muscled as well. He was obviously either a runner or a swimmer, or both. He was beyond gorgeous, and I was so boned right now, my nine was standing straight out in front of me. He turned and looked into my eyes, then he lowered them, seeing what was sticking out in front of me. "You are insatiable, aren't you?"

" it to me..." I stammered out, like when we first met. Who is this guy? My mind was spinning just watching him, as he stepped into the shower, and then he rolled his head to have me join him. I stepped in and he turned me around, letting the water cover me, and then I felt the cool of a body wash. He worked it gently over my bruised and battered back, and I thought about last night when he first saw it, ending our love making, I was afraid he might freeze up again seeing me in the light, but he didn't, and then I felt him wash my butt, I moaned at his touch, and then he was at my ear.

"Just hang on now, don't get any ideas." He said softly, "I just want to get you clean. We can do this later if you want." My eyes went wide. If I want?! Are you kidding me?! If I want?! Fuck yes, I want! My mind was screaming again. I was gonna cum again if he kept going like this, playing with my hole, sending shock waves through my body like he was, then he turned me around, and he washed my neck, being careful of the bruises, then my chest and stomach, then he lathered up my cock and balls. I wanted to scream it felt so good. I closed my eyes and let him work me with his hands, the lather was rinsed and he glided his hands down me, never being sexual, just sensual. Then he washed my hair, that was almost orgasmic on its own. I mean, I've had my hair washed by stylists and whatnot, but this was was so erotic to me, and I knew I was harder than I had ever been in my life. I keep asking it, over and over, who is this guy? He rinsed my hair, and I opened my eyes slowly. "Alright, you get out and get dried, while I wash myself." I went wide eyed wanting to do this to him myself. He saw it and knew it. He gave me dimples, "I can handle it, but you can't. If you wash me, we'll never get out of here and get back." I gave them that sad puppy look, but he was right, I would have played with him until we were beyond pruney and unrecognizable. I reached out and grabbed a towel, and stepped out, drying myself, wishing it was him doing me. I watched him as he washed himself behind the clear glass. It was better than porn and so erotic. I discovered another fetish, wow. I turned and went out to get my clothes. He came out while I was almost dressed, and I picked up his borrowed shirt. He looked at it, and pursed his lips, and came to me in his naked glory, for a moment, I thought he changed his mind, but nnnoooo, he took the shirt from me and went back to his drawers and pulled out something else, turning, he came back to me, handing it to me like he was presenting it. It shimmered in the light, it was some kind of a nylon, like a running shirt. I took it and it held it up, it was a grey silver color with black trim around the sleeves and the high v-neck collar. I smiled at him, and put it on, as he stood there, admiring it and hopefully me, as it hugged my muscled chest and abs. He winked liking what he saw and turned and went to his drawers again, pulling out clothes. I watched him get dressed. I went back to the bathroom and

did my hair quickly, letting that wild bang drape slightly over my forehead in its natural sweep, just like my dad's. I checked myself out quickly and walked back to him.

"You look really good." Seth smiled.

"You look better." I wiggle my eyebrows and sighed. We walked out together and went toward the parking lot, he was leading me. There were tons of cars there, and I was surprised when he walked up to this black Lexus CT, my mouth went wide as he opened the driver's door. Who is this guy? He smiled as I stood there. He popped the lock for me, and waited.

"You gonna get in?" Seth asked. I snapped my mouth shut and felt like I wasn't 'clean' enough to sit in the seat. He closed his door as I did as well, and he started the car. We drove out of the parking lot and down the street and out of the property of the University.

"Where are we going?"

"This little place I know for breakfast. I think you might need a change of scenery."

"Really, what makes you think that?"

"You've been stuck on campus since the beginning of the year." He said as he drove and made a turn like he was headed out of town. I really wasn't paying attention to where we were going, just watching him, my mouth wide open again.

"And how do you know that?"

"Tricia talks way more than you do." Seth said giving the eye and a half-smile, looking so sexy like that I wanted to reach over and rip his clothes off.

"And what did my dear friend have to say?"

"Well, in the time, it took those two guys to carry you from your building to mine, she told me just about everything there is in your life up to now. Well, as much as she knows, that is." Which was just about everything, as I told her everything anyway, I needed to find a different hag, that's for sure. I looked out the front windshield and saw we were in the country. I looked around and wondered, and then off in the distance I saw it, and we pulled in. I had heard of the place but had never been here, as I tried not to drive the old car that I had on campus.

The Country Club was nice and elegant looking and it looked as if every blade of grass was hand manicured and every petal of every flower had been hand selected for perfection and planted that way. There were large old Birch trees that were in groups, their long branches danced their way to the ground, and those as well seemed to be meticulously manicured. We pulled up to the front of the large building into the circular driveway that had a large water fountain in its center, and Seth parked the car, leaving it running and got out. I was going to tell him, but thought I'd best not look the idiot that I truly was and got out as well. Seth said something to a young guy, who was in a red vest and black slacks with a long sleeved white shirt, and then Seth walked toward me. He smiled that even smile of his, thank God there were no dimples yet. He took me by the elbow and gently led me through the door into this great monstrous room, past a large reception desk area, and to a large room off to the left, that was some kind of dining hall.

"Morning, Mr. Palmer." An older balding man in a suit said, from behind a podium of some kind. "Good to see you again, sir."

"Thank you, Jeffries. There will be two of us this morning for the buffet."

"Very good, sir." The older man nodded, and gave us a smile. "I believe you know the way, sir?"

"Thank you, yes I do. Good to see you, Jeffries." Seth said with a smile.

"Thank you, sir, you too." Seth led me by the elbow and we walked in, and I felt like I was so out of place and very outclassed by all the people inside, milling about or at tables, wearing either suits, designer golf clothes, or tennis apparel. Man, I hope he wasn't trying to impress me with all this shit, because if he was, I wanted out of here, and really didn't want to deal with this. I was really feeling uncomfortable and felt there were eyes all over us.

"Do you trust me?" Seth whispered into my ear from behind me as he guided past all of the tables toward the far wall. What could I say? I barely knew him.

"Does it matter?" I asked in reply, and his eyes widened, not what he was hoping to hear obviously. "What are we doing here?" I said over my shoulder.

"Having breakfast. It's the best here, especially during the week. It sucks on the weekends."

"And where are we going?"

"Right over there." Seth said as he pointed to a table that had a 'reserved' sign on it. Okay, I was almost done with this whole money bullshit thing, when we got close to the table, we were met by two young men, in the same black slacks and red vests, white long sleeved shirts. "Morning." Seth said, as chairs were pulled out for us, and the 'reserved' sign was pulled from the table. They both nodded to us, and waited for us to sit down. I had never had anyone drop a napkin in my lap before, but this cutie could do it anytime he wanted. I looked him up and down and he flashed a smile toward me in return, obviously liking what he saw as well.

"Drinks, sir?" The other asked Seth.

"Yes, coffee and Mimosa, for two, please."

"Come here often?" I ask, trying to put on the charm and hide my obvious dislike for all this around us.

"Only for meetings."

"Meetings?" I leaned on the table as the server, not the cutie, comes back with a warmer, I can smell the coffee and two tall frozen orange looking drinks. He placed them on the table.

"Yes, meetings." Seth says with an even smile. I'm confused and I'm out of my element, that's for sure and all I want to do is get out here, but the server is standing there, waiting for something. He is obviously looking a little hazy and I think, 'oh no, here we go'. The 'magic' is kicking in. Seth sees it, something in this guy and takes over.

"Randy, I'm wondering, could you bring us some crepes and lots of fruit?" Seth says in his smooth voice. The server is weaving a little. "Randy?" Seth brings him back to attention.

"Yes...yes, I'd be happy to." Mr. Dazed and Confused says and walks off. What the fuck just happened? Seth just plowed right through it. Who is this guy?

"What kind of meetings?" I ask as I am starting to see something that is forming like a giant picture or puzzle and pieces are starting to fall into place. "You really aren't a university student, are you?" Seth gives me a 'who? little old me? 'look', and I narrow my eyes at him.

"What makes you say that?" He asks.

"You don't fit." I say and sit back a little, pouring myself a cup of coffee, not making eye contact with him. "You have been very vague in our conversations. I thought it was kind of hot, you following me around and what not, but now, it just doesn't fit. You show up after we have our little issue last night at my door, I never told you where my room is. You somehow get me away from Vinnie, and 'deal' with him, and all you have is a bruised cheek, that car of yours, and the professors giving you makeup work that you don't have to do in class? And in your room, there is nothing, not so much as one single book or notepad. Now, I'm not the swiftest guy in the world, but I have learned over time to observe, and you just don't fit." I sip my coffee which is excellent and I'm watching him, and then Randy appears carrying two plates, loaded with crepes, covered in strawberries and there is a ton of prepared fruit as well on each plate.

"Wow." Seth said as he picked up his drink and swallowed some, setting it back down on the table. Randy puts the plates down, and smiles, and then looks at me. There is a 'look' in his eyes.

"Meetings. What kind of meetings?" I ask again, while I'm staring at Randy.

"Business meetings." Seth says. I reach out and take Randy by the wrist and he is fading. I look at Seth and narrow my eyes at him, I'm pissed now.

"Tell me what this all about, right now, or I'm going to take our young friend here and do him right here on the table in front of all of these people." I said in a cold voice. "I have nothing to lose, you obviously do. You better make up your mind, because he's boning in his slacks right now, aren't you, Randy?"

"Yes." Randy whispered.

"Alright, let him go, and I'll tell you everything." Seth said in a smooth voice. I let go of Randy's wrist. Seth stands and puts a hand to Randy's shoulder, and signals to one of the other servers, who comes over quickly. "Randy isn't feeling very well. You might want to take him into the kitchen and splash him with some cold water."

"Thank you, sir. I will." The cutie leads Randy off toward the kitchen. Seth sits back down, he stares at me.

"First, let me say, I'm sorry. I didn't want to lead you on."

"Convenient." I said, as I'm absolutely crushed right at this moment. My one and only chance for a relationship, I fall in love with frickin James Bond, a spy of some kind.

"The meetings I spoke of are true, we hold them here to keep a low profile. And yes, they are business. You were right, I'm not a university student, well, at least not where you are. My name is Seth Palmer, and Devin, I didn't lie to you. I just haven't told you everything yet."

"Don't give me that, it's almost as bad as a lie."

"I won't mince words with you. You, yourself, did not tell me everything as well." Seth said, and looked across the room, seeing someone he obviously knew, I looked and saw a finely dressed woman coming toward us. "Look, you have to trust me. Believe me when I say, I love you, Devin Geary. And if you love me, just a little, then you have to trust me. I'll get us out of this, I promise. I never lied to you about us." Seth said and then he stood. The woman reached the table, she was all smiles and they were fake, rehearsed, there was poison in her claws I knew it. "Morning, mother." Seth said, as he pulled out a chair for her.

"Seth, darling." She said and gave him a fake kiss on the cheek, and she looked at me. "And you must be Mr. Geary." She said, holding out her hand, which was gloved. I half stood, knowing my manners and took her hand, she squeezed my fingers only and lightly. "A pleasure to meet you at last."

"Devin Geary, my mother, Emily Palmer, Avant Chemicals." Seth said, lifting his eyebrows slightly.

"How do you do?" I asked, sitting back down, picking up my coffee cup.

"I do well, depending upon what you tell me, my dear." She said, sounding like a spider springing her trap. She turned my stomach.

"I don't understand."

"I don't suppose you do, my dear, as my son probably hasn't told you why he brought you here, the real reason."

"No, actually, we were just getting to that."

"Well then, I'll be blunt and come right to it," She sounded wicked, very creepy, and I was going to lose my coffee here in a minute. "you see, I want your body, or rather what your body produces in a rather 'large' amount." She wanted the 'magic', I had a feeling, but it was the way she said it that really creeped me out. "What you produce naturally only happens to one in five million, perhaps every fifty years or so. Modern science can't explain it, nor can they reproduce it, accurately, without...side effects. You can trace what you have back through history to ancient times, such the goddess Venus, or stories of great lovers throughout history or in literature, like Don Juan, and so on. I am here to offer you a proposition, a business deal."

"You want to dissect me or something?" I asked, she chuckled like some cornball villain in an old movie.

"Don't be so crass, my dear, you would be no good to me dead or in lab jars in parts and pieces." She said with a leer, and my eyes went wide.

"Mother!" Seth said, and she turned on him like a cat, without hissing. The look she gave him made me burn and cringe. She looked back at me and smiled that fake smile.

"No, my dear, we wish to study you, to learn from you, about you. All so we can advance medical science."

"Yeah, I've watched enough Frankenstein movies, I get the idea. Strapped to a board, blood samples, yada, yada." I stood, dropping my napkin, "No thanks. I gotta go."

"I'll make it worth your while, and your parents as well." She said as she looked in my direction, making me stop and look down at her, "They will never want for anything ever again, and neither will you."

"Lady, I don't know you, but I don't like you. You leave my parents alone. Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to catch a cab back to the University. Thanks for breakfast." I looked at Seth and walked away from both of them.

Thank God there was cab out front. I told him to drive to the University and thankfully I had just enough cash to pay the fare. I had thought about Seth's creepy mother and she made me shiver, with all her plastic surgery that she had, I wondered how old she really was. I almost barfed, thank God I didn't eat. What was killing me was Seth, I was really in love with him, and painfully so with my entire heart. I didn't want to cry, not out here, with everyone walking about, people I knew, or rather 'sniffers' coming up to me wanting to linger with me as I made my way toward my building. My life sucked, and not in a good way either. Maybe I just needed to get laid. Take my mind off it. All I had to do was grab someone and it would happen, drown my body in quick pleasure, but that was the point, it was always quick, had to be, then throw them aside and move on. Seth was different, oh so different, and I didn't know why, but I knew I missed him, and missed him terribly. I walked into my building and up the stairs, seeing different people, 'sniffers', and kept going, most of them were the football team, big hulking guys, hot in their own way, fuck yes, I could do them all, and thought, why not, maybe we could throw a party this weekend, I'd form a line, and have them all fuck me one at time or maybe even two at a time. Yeah, maybe that's what I'd do, a venge fuck to get back at Seth for lying to me, leading me on, but had he really? We'd barely known each other for a day, a full day yet, and here I was head over heels in love with him. I opened my door and walked in.

Cory and Tricia were sitting on the love seat piece of shit thing, holding hands, Vinnie was in a chair in front of them, all three looked at me, as I was trashed inside and out. It was Tricia that got up and came to me. I dropped my head on her shoulder and fell apart. I stood there silently sobbing and she put her arms around my shoulders for the very first time in our relationship. Vinnie and Cory got up and came to me as well.

"Dude, what happened?" Cory asked, not getting too close, knowing it had bad results. Vinnie was right next to him.

"Whatever it is, we're here to help." Tricia said, now that was a slap to the head, I had never heard her talk compassionately to me in the least. It was usually some kind of ass chewing or something about some guy we both lusted over, comparing notes or something about cock size, yeah, slut, remember? Ugh! No, it was Seth, all Seth!

They drug me over and sat me down, on the piece of know I had to ask my mom about getting rid of this thing the next time I talk to her, anyway Tricia was sitting next to me, Cory was at her feet, yeah, I needed to know about their sex deal cause I bet it was hot, really hot, had to get her alone, Vinnie was back in his chair and he was wringing his hands, those big hands that I wanted to feel all over me, everywhere, yeah, Mr. Marriage Material, and all I could see was Vinnie's huge bulge in his shorts, fuck! FOCUS!, I could hear Jimmies voice, that fucker. So I started to tell them everything after Tricia left us this morning, the love making, the shower, Vinnie was getting hard, I could see it, the car and the Country Club, and then meeting Cruella DeVille, and what she wanted, which led me to back here. Tricia gasped and mumbled something under her breath. Cory was okay but he was kind of lost, and Vinnie? Sweet Vinnie was going to kill Seth the next he saw him, I could see it in his eyes, as he worked his giant hands in and out of each other. I was scared, with just the look in his eyes. Cory was kind of drifting away, being so close to me, I realized that the 'magic' was having an effect on him, and he was rubbing a hand up and down Tricia's leg, and she was watching him, then looked at me, she looked back at him, and Cory went to get on his knees in front of her. Whoa, I wanted to watch this as Cory slowly went at it, and Tricia melted in his hands, right next to me. I was wide eyed as the door opened and Seth came in, looking wild eyed. I stood up, and so did Vinnie. Oh shit! Vinnie turned and faced Seth from across the room.

"What are you doing here?" I asked, pissed, but my heart racing seeing him.

"We don't have much time. I need to get you out of here." Seth said, there was something in his voice that said I'd better listen.

"What are you talking about?" I asked.

"She won't stop. She won't take no for an answer. You have to trust me. I need to get you out of here, to get you somewhere safe." Seth said, as he took a step forward. Vinnie growled like a guard dog, and I saw him start to move. I got in front of him to stop him. He picked me up with both hands at the waist and set to one side like I was a hamper full of laundry, and then Vinnie charged like a Rhino at Seth, I couldn't stop him, there was no way. Seth moved and got out of the way and Vinnie hit the wall, denting it with his head, he shook it off, as Cory got to his feet, to help, but Cory in his state was easy, and I stopped him easily. Vinnie turned and threw one punch at Seth and missed as Seth ducked. Vinnie roared, and threw another. Seth grabbed Vinnie's wrist and did some kind of spin and then put his body against Vinnie's and flipped him over his shoulder, Vinnie slamming the floor on his back. He wasn't hurt just stunned by it. Vinnie went to get up, but Seth was on him, and threw him into some kind of head and shoulder lock that I had never seen before, making Vinnie go paralyzed, only being able to blink his eyes.

"Vinnie? Vinnie can you hear me?" Seth asked. Vinnie grunted as I came near seeing what had just happened, but couldn't believe it. "Vinnie, you have to believe me, I'm here to save Devin, he's in danger, his life is in danger. Do you want to see him hurt, or worse?" Vinnie shook his head. "Vinnie, I'm here because I love Devin, and I need your help, can you help me to save Devin? Vinnie?!"

"Yes." Vinnie growled. Seth let him go, and rolled up to his feet. I was wide eyed. He came to me and wrapped his arms around me, kissing me, and kissing me deeply, I melted into him. Vinnie was getting to his feet, Seth pulled away.

"Devin, I do love you, I love you more than anything. You have to believe me that I had no choice, it was only to protect you, or they would have taken you a long time ago. Believe me." Seth gave me that look, I had seen that look before, and it was last night, my eyes went wide. I believed him, truly.

"What do want me to do?" I asked

"We have to leave. I need you to go someplace that's safe, with me. Can you do that?"

"With you, yes." I said, and I gave him a smile.

"Good. Let's get your things, we don't have much time." Seth said with an urgency in his voice. I turned and hurried off to my room, closet, whatever, and started to grab clothes and things that I needed and get them into bags, duffels. Tricia came and helped me. Vinnie and Cory stood guard keeping Seth at bay. The stare down continued until I was done and had everything. Tricia and I came out, with me carrying two duffels. "Anything else you need, we'll get later." Seth said, held back by Vinnie and Cory. I came through the two of them, and looked back at my friends.

"I'll be back. I promise." I said. Vinnie was welling and tears were dropping. "Vinnie, be tough, bud. Hang on for me, okay?" He nodded and gave me a huge hug. I couldn't breathe. When he let me go, I gasped for air, and then gave him a kiss on the cheek. Cory was angry, but was clouded by the 'magic'. "Cory, take care of Tricia and Vinnie, it's up to you." I said, "I'll be back, I promise. Make sure nothing happens to them, do you hear me?"

"Yeah, I hear you." Cory said. "You sure you trust him?"

"I love him, that's all I need." I said, looking up into Cory's face from underneath him, he was glaring at Seth.

"You hurt him. I'll find you." Cory said to Seth, burning those words into him.

"I've already done that, bud. And I'll never do it again, I swear." Seth said, holding out his hand. Cory looked at it, and then took it, squeezing it tight. "He'll contact you when he can, I promise." Seth turned and went to the door, putting his hand on the knob.

I looked at Tricia, I wanted to say so much to her, but didn't know where to start. I think she knew, and she threw her arms around my neck, as I bent lower. She squeezed me tight, and then kissed my cheek.

"Take care of these lugs will you? They need constant supervision. They can't even pick up their underwear out of the bathroom without me yelling at them."

"I will." She whispered in my ear. "Do you trust him?"

"I'm not sure, but I love him, with all my heart, God I love him, and that will have to see me through."

"I hope it's enough." She sobbed into my shoulder and I felt hands on me, Vinnie and Cory.

"Devin, sweetie, we have to go." Seth said, as he opened the door and looked out into the hall, then looked back. "Come on, babe." He said softly. I stood and looked at Vinnie and Cory, and smiled at them.

"We got your back, bro." Cory said. I turned and followed Seth out. We made it down the stairs and out the door, Seth took one of my bags and we went for his car, a man in a suit with dark glasses stepped out from around the back of the car. He went toward Seth and threw a punch, but Seth ducked it. Seth dropped my duffel and took him out with three moves and the guy went face first, hard into the asphalt. I was amazed, as Seth opened the back of the CT. He tossed the bags in as I was looking at the guy, and then shut the back. We got in, and Seth took off out of the parking lot.

"What do they really want?" I asked as I turned in the seat. Seth was driving and kept looking in the rear view. He was driving fast.

"They want you, and they want you bad. She won't stop now. They'll keep coming."

"We need to go to the cops or something." I said as I was getting really scared.

"They won't do anything, and she might get to them anyway."

"What are they going to do to you? That guy looked like he was going to take you out."

"They want you, but they'll probably kill me." Seth said with such matter of fact in his voice, I was really scared now, wide eyed. How was this possible? He said that they were going to kill him? Wait a minute...this isn't right, and then it hit me, OMG!

"She's your mother...what makes you think she..."

"Wouldn't kill me?" Seth answered for me, "It was what happened right after you walked away. I chose sides...I chose you, not her." Seth was watching the rear view. "We're being followed."

"Seth, my parents..."

"I have someone looking out for them, someone I trust. They'll be alright, I promise."

"What are we going to do? Where are we going?" I was looking over the back of the seat.

"We're going to plan B."

"What was plan A?" I asked, still wide eyed.

"I was going to get you to New York, then out to Canada, maybe Montreal."

"What's plan B?"

"Hide, survive. There's a safe place I know. She won't find us there. We just have to lose this guy first. Tighten up your seatbelt! I'm going to try something." Seth said, and downshifted as he turned left, hard, tires chirping. Fuck, he is so hot!



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