'We're going to fuck you hard,' one of them told me. I was standing

between two of the college's hottest athletes. Both of them were

naked, except for a towel wound strategically around their waists.

They had both sauntered in from the communal showers -- their athletic

bodies beaded with water -- and caught me inhaling the musk from their

discarded jockstraps.

The pair roughed me up for a few minutes, trying to scare me.

'You new at this school, faggot?' the dark haired one yelled, his fist

gripping the sleeve of my t-shirt. The other one was blond, suggesting

to his friend that they teach me a lesson.

'Yeah, Tim,' the dark haired jock said. 'I think this kid needs

to get fucked. And hard.' Tim agreed, walking over and locking the

door to the locker room so no one would walk in on us. I quickly

learned the other one's name was Jake, right before he pushed me to my

knees, lowered his towel and slid a cock the size of a swollen sausage

into my mouth.

'Goddamn, Tim, this little cocksucker knows how to work it!' Jake

was plugging my face, wiping away my tears as he buried his knob between

my tonsils. 'I'm making him cry.'

'Naw, you're just making his eyes water. He's fucking gagging

on that tool, dude.' Tim dropped his own towel and began to stroke

his cock, working it up into a full-blown boner.

Fuck! These two guys had two of the biggest rods I'd blown in

the two months I'd been on campus. I was only a freshman and I knew

the two jocks were a couple years older than I was. I was only eighteen.

My body was smooth and lean, lacking the definition the jocks I was so

attracted to had. Where my own chest was smooth and mildly defined,

the two guys here with me had gym-built pecs that were coated in sexy hair.

Their abs were like washboards and their arms, legs and backs had been

honed to perfection. I could feel their strength as they manhandled


Jake grabbed me by the shoulders and tore off my shirt. Then he

spun me 180 degrees so Tim could thrust his cock into my mouth. His

prick was huge, red and swollen. I choked as he rammed it in, burying

his rod until it had disappeared down my throat. My nose was pressed

into his blond pubes, the aroma of him nearly intoxicating. I gagged

again and felt him start to cum.

'Fuck man, you're making me nut!' His fingers grabbed my hair

and he held the back of my head while he emptied out his balls into my

mouth. His load was huge, gushing in thick waves over my tongue and

down into my gullet.

Jake was turned on watching his friend unload in me. 'I want a

fuckin' turn, dude.' My mouth still full of Tim's cum, I was spun again

and forced to take all of Jake's cock. He fucked my mouth hard, then

slid in to the balls, letting me know he was about to shoot his wad in

my mouth. I choked as he started to cum, blasts of sperm shooting out both

sides of my mouth around his hard-on. He continued to thrust, telling

me to take it all. When he was drained, he slid his cock out of my

mouth and wiped the head on my face.

'You ready to get fucked, buddy?' Tim was behind me, hoisting

me up onto the wooden bench, easing down my shorts and underwear.

He sat me down; now I was completely naked. He propped me on the

edge of the bench so my hole was at the appropriate angle. 'It's

time,' he said, spitting into his hand and wiping his fingers against my

slot. He worked his fingers into the hole, greasing it up for the

first cock. Jake's cock was still hard, glistening with cum and my

salvia. He squatted down behind me and pressed the mushroom head

against my rosebud. I closed my eyes and gritted my teeth.

Jesus! His cock felt even larger in my ass, and he was stuffing it

in with little fanfare.

'Oh God!' he screamed, his tool buried to the balls in me. 'This

little cock whore has the hottest hole I've ever plugged.' While

Jake nailed me, Tim went to the other side of the bench and tortured my

nipples, tweaking the little nubs in his fingers. He kept spanking

my face with his cock, trying to keep it hard for his turn.

It took Jake nearly twenty minutes to cum, but when he did, it was amazing.

As he was cumming, he slid his cock out of my ass and shot right up my

back. I could feel splashes of his load smacking my neck and the

back of my head. My own dick was so hard I didn't think I could hold

it in much longer. Tim came around to the side of the bench my ass was

hanging over and pushed me forward. Once my hole was level with the

tip of his cock, he started to push it in. I held on tightly to the

bench, nearly passing out as the thick dong sank into my fuck chute.

Once he was balls-deep, he pulled out. Then he shoved his cock

back in. Hard. Over and over he did this, until I couldn't

suppress my own orgasm any longer. Rope after rope of my jism splashed

onto the lockers in front of me. 'You're fucking milking me, bitch!'

Tim slapped my ass and rammed me harder. I groaned when I realized

he was emptying his balls up my ass. His cum was hot and thick, squirting

deep inside me.

After I was fucked, the pair dragged me into the showers and cleaned

me up. We didn't fuck or suck under the spray, but there was a lot

of playful groping and kissing. I was surprised that two hot studs

got into gay sex, but they must have had a great time since they asked

me to meet them again in the locker room later that week!




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