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The Life and Times of Daryl Tanner

Subtitle: My Bully

Chapter Four

Tanner was lying back in my beanbag chair, and I was on my side lying almost on top of him. Tanner was getting a tongue bath and I was having the time of my life.

After we had come from school and stripped down Tanner lay back in the beanbag chair and called me over. “Worship time” he said as I got on my knees in front of him. “Come up here.” I crawled up on the chair next to him and he put his arm around me and gave me a quick kiss on the cheek and then one right on my lips. Yeah, on the lips. Tanner may have acted like the straightest butchest stud on the planet but he sure didn’t mind kissing guys.

“You like these muscles of mine?” he asked, looking me in the eye from inches away. His hand, which had already grabbed my butt, gave it a squeeze, and I felt a shot of adrenalin shoot up my spine. God, that felt good. It was like he was claiming ownership and I loved him for it. I couldn’t help but moan softly. “I guess you do” he chuckled.

“Oh, shit yes, Master” I said as I kissed his shoulder. Yeah, I was calling him Master now. He wanted it and it just felt right, anyway. “You know I’m wild about them.”

“Well, show me then” he said. “Get that tongue busy.” And that’s what I did. Starting at his shoulder, I kissed and licked and sucked, and then kissed and licked and sucked some more. Gradually moving from those big rounded deltoid caps down to his chest and then across his chest. This was unquestionably the most exciting thing I’d ever done in my life. Yes, the most exciting thing ever! As you can imagine my dick was throbbing the whole time and I didn’t dare get my hand anywhere near it. Tanner kept his hand on my butt and squeezed it once in a while. I moaned every time he did it because I wanted him to own me. I wanted every inch of me to belong to him.

Tanner had not fucked me yet but I knew he was going to, and I could hardly wait. God, I wanted it so bad. I knew he’d love it when he fucked me, and that’s what I wanted. Everything I read said that it was going to hurt but that didn't bother me in the least. Hell, I actually craved a little pain in order to give him pleasure, because he'd know I was doing it because I loved him. I just wanted Tanner to do it and I wanted him to love it.

The two most thrilling moments of my life so far were when I was sucking him and I saw the intense enjoyment showing on his face and heard him actually moaning in pleasure. Knowing that my ministrations were turning him on and bringing him off was like a dream. He was such a hunk. He was so wonderful. He was so perfect. The intense satisfaction that I got from being allowed to give this demigod pleasure was almost overwhelming. I dreamed about him every night; wet dreams.

As I sucked my way over his right pec, I reached over to feel his left one, but he pushed my hand away. This was to be mouth only I guess, but I was more than happy with that.

“You wonder about these ridiculous bikini’s I wear?” he said, speaking for the first time. “I told you my mom bought them last year. And I told you she was hot for my prick.” I didn’t respond but just made a ‘mmmmm’ sound as I licked along the ridge at the bottom of his pec. “The day she bought them for me, she had me model one for her. You should have seen her” he laughed. “Her eyes were fucking glued to my crotch.”

“And listen to this” he laughed. “Every once in a while when she’s doing the washing she’ll ask me: ’do you have any socks or underwear that need washing?’ Honest to god, she does. I don’t know what she does with them but I have some ideas. I can tell you that sometimes the old bikinis disappear and new ones show up in my sock drawer. I’m pretty sure those old ones don’t get washed, not in the washing machine anyway.” He laughed even harder. “But it’s okay because I like the skimpy things, they’re damn sexy. If she wants to make use of them, it’s okay by me, because she always replaces them with new ones.”

“But she is so fuckin obvious sometimes, I actually feel sorry for her. It's pretty damn pitiful that she moons over my dirty underwear. I’ve actually considered ripping the damn things off and showing her what a ten inch hard-on really looks like in the raw.”

"Mmmmm" was my total input to his comments. I was busy. My tongue was busy.

“But. Let me tell you about yesterday. My mom grabbed my dick yesterday and it sure as hell wasn’t an accident” Tanner said. “I was helping her get something, a sauce pan handle she said, that somehow got stuck under the sink. She wanted me to feel around in there and see if I could find it.”

“She touched you? On purpose?” I said, lifting my head from his chest.

“Isn't that what I said? Clean out your fuckin ears" he said and slapped me along the side of my head. "I told you she was hot for my prick” he groused. I bit my tongue, wishing I'd learn to keep my mouth shut.

“So, anyway, I was sitting on my butt leaning back and reaching under the sink when she tripped and fell right on top of me.” He laughed aloud now. “Shit yeah. She accidentally fell on top of me and her hand accidentally landed right on my crotch. Then she accidentally gave it a squeeze.”

“Oh fuck. You’re serious?” I was still looking up at his face, watching the delight on his face as he told me this. (Was I questioning him again? If so, he didn't notice.)

“She said ‘oh, excuse me Daryl’ but as she was getting back up she accidentally squeezed my dick again and it was about half hard this time.” He really laughed now, and I giggled along with him. “Actually she didn’t plan it very well, because I know she was disappointed that I wasn’t fully hard. I’ll bet my bottom dollar that she’ll figure out a way to do it again when I’ve got a full ten inches showing.”

“Did you find the thing you were looking for under the sink?” I asked.

Then he laughed hard again. “It seems as though we forgot about it, because she left the room and didn’t mention it again.”

“What about your dad?” I asked as I bent down and swirled my tongue around his left nipple.

“Let’s not talk about my dad” he said. “He’s an evil son-of-a-bitch. This is his fourth wife and I doubt that she'll last much longer.”

"She's not your mom, you're real mom?" I asked.

"Hell, no. She's my step-mom. Four down and counting."

Giving my butt another squeeze, giving me chills, Tanner raised his arms and put his hands behind his head. I lifted my head from licking his chest and looked at those gorgeous bulging biceps. “Oh, my god” I moaned in awe. “Oh, Jesus.” I raised up and gave his right bicep a lick.

“My pits, baby. My pits” he said. Reluctantly, I pulled back from his bicep and buried my face in his armpit. God, I loved him. I loved him, I loved him, I loved him.

I scoured out his armpits. both of his armpits, for a good ten minutes before he let me get to his biceps. And, my god, those biceps. His biceps. Those bulging mountains of muscle have got to be the greatest thing on god's green earth. I was wild about them. I was wild about Tanner’s. His monsters were bulging even when he wasn’t flexing them. If he had let me I could have spent all evening on them, slurping on them and rubbing my nose against them and making total love to them.

But he didn’t let me. After a few minutes, all too few minutes, he had me go back to his chest and abs. He wouldn’t let me touch his cock, but kept me on his upper body.

“You know what, Charlie? That damn kid, that football player, Jim …, ahh …. Jim Stanley, the linebacker. He’s avoiding me” he said. “I’m sure of it. It’s been two days now since I told him we should get together. And two days is a long time when that hot butt of his is just dying for Tanner’s ten inches. I’m running out of patience.”

“You, patience? Since when were you ever patient?” I laughed. Yeah, I made sure I laughed. I had to be super careful with Tanner, and I wanted him to know I was only joking.

“Okay” he laughed along with me. “That’s not my best feature. But I gotta have him. Tell you what, Charlie. You track him down for me. Check him out for a day, do it tomorrow; check him out all day so I'll know his schedule. If I know where he's going to be I can plan to meet him.”

“You want me to follow him?” I asked in surprise.

“What the fuck did I just say?” he snapped, giving me a dirty look.

I gulped. “Sorry, Tanner. Sorry. You want me to follow him. Okay.” Jesus, I have to be so careful what I say to him.

“Yes, I said follow him, you dumb shit.” I’d been sucking on his ribbed abs, but now I looked up at him and could see that he was annoyed. Just that quick. He assumed and demanded that I be on the same wave length as he was, so even misunderstanding him was unacceptable. He just couldn’t abide the slightest hint of what he thought was disagreement. “Be at his house tomorrow morning before school and follow him all day. Stick to him like glue.”

“Okay, Tanner. Okay” I quickly agreed. “You want a report tomorrow after school?”

“Are you fucking listening to me?” he snapped and grabbed my chin, pulling my head up so I was looking at him. “You won’t be here after school. You’ll be following Jim.” I really gulped this time, because I thought he was going to hit me. “Damn it, pay attention.”

“Okay, Tanner” I gasped. “I got it, Tanner.” Was I scared? Not physically, I wasn't. Oh, he could hurt me of course, but I just didn't want him to be mad at me. I know he's volatile but if I could keep my mouth shut and keep myself from fucking up he wouldn't want to hit me. “I’ll follow him all day” I said.

Tanner was a lot more wound up about Jim than I realized. I know he’d been saying what a great ass Jim had and how he wanted to plug it with his prick, but I didn't realize it was such a big deal. But for Tanner, I guess that was not just wishful thinking, that was the beginning of an action plan.

I’d known Tanner for a few weeks now and I was beginning to understand him more and more. When he fixated on something he’d make sure it happened. He said Darrell was going to be his lackey, and, in less than a week Darrell was his lackey. He said he was going to have Rasheed, and he had him, and he was probably going to be his lackey as well. He said he was going to fuck Mr. Carson, and that was going to happen on Thursday. And now Jim. Tanner was lusting for Jim’s butt, and I was willing to bet he was going to get his prick in there within the next 48 hours.

“You know, you can be a real shit sometimes” Tanner said. He was still peeved with me. “You need to pay attention to what I say.” I wanted to lick him or kiss him or something, to show him my obeisance, but he had a hold of my chin. “I'm getting pretty damn sick of you giving me shit.”

If I could have, I would have kicked myself. Why do I do or say such stupid things to get him angry with me. I simply hated myself for getting him upset. And he really was upset.

“I’m s-sorry, T-Tanner. I’m really sorry” I said hesitantly. “Please, Tanner. I’m sorry.” I didn’t know what else to say. I know I can be a real idiot sometimes, and he’s right, I needed to pay closer attention. "Please, Tanner. I don't mean to do such stupid things."

"Why in the hell do you do them then?" he snapped at me. "I don't think you appreciate what it means to be my best bud." Now I couldn’t control the tears because this was getting serious. I was getting afraid. “Of course I picked you for a pretty face, but I also picked you because I thought you would be a loyal friend. But you're not acting like it. You're not even calling me Master like I told you. I don’t know why I put up with you.”

"Please, please, please" I whimpered. " Master. I'm sorry. I'm really sorry." Jesus, he was really mad. I didn't know what to do.

"Look at the time I spend with you" he snapped. "Look at the attention I give you. And all you give me is shit. You're supposed to be my loyal best friend but all I see is disagreement.” I just looked at him in total shock.

"Look at today?" he groused. "Do you see Darrell here? Do you? Do you see anybody else here? Hell no, because I gave you this afternoon. I gave you this afternoon so you could have me all to yourself. I gave you this time so you could focus on me and me alone. What in the hell more could you want? You stupid little fuck, you don't appreciate anything." Did I say I was in shock? That's not the half of it. I was horrified.

He still had his hand on my chin, but I grabbed it and started kissing it. Kissing it wildly while the tears dripped down my cheeks

“Please, Master. I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry” I blubbered through my sobs and my kisses. “I'll do anything for you. Please, Master. Don't dump me. Please don't dump me. I love you.” My greatest fear was that he would drop me as his friend.

“Well, if you love me, you sure don't know how to show it” he grumbled, pulling his hand away. “Now get the fuck out of here.” I got out of the beanbag chair as he grabbed the remote and turned the TV on. I wasn't sure what he meant by ‘get out of here’ since this was my house and my bedroom, but I went over and sat on the edge of my bed.

I was crying. I simply couldn't help it. I was crying my heart out. I really loved him, and it was beginning to look like I was going to lose him. I couldn't stand the thought of losing him. I didn't know what to do, but I knew I had to do something. He was my whole life now, and I didn't know what I would do if I lost him.

After only a moment, I got down on the floor, not on my knees, but prostrate on the floor. I had to show him that I could truly be a slave to him, that I would do anything for him. Pulling myself with my arms and trying to be as servile and fawning as I possibly could, I dragged myself across the room to his chair. When I reached him, I kissed his foot. I didn't look up at him, but just concentrated on his foot. I kissed it again, a long wet kiss. I kissed it several more times and then licked it a couple times. Then, taking it in my hands, and holding it lovingly I kissed it and kissed it and kissed it, covering every inch with soft loving kisses. Not a sound from Tanner, so I started licking. With lots of saliva I washed every inch of his foot with my tongue.

Tanner didn't say a word, and I didn't know if he was watching TV or watching me. "Master" I finally said softly. "Master, may I kiss your other foot." He turned off the TV.

"Beg" he said.

"Please, Master. Please." I dragged the please out like 'plleeaassee', not being silly but emphasizing that I was begging him. "Please, Master. May I kiss your other foot. Please. I'm begging you."

I thought he was on the verge of forgiving me, but instead there was a long pause, and I began to shiver in fear. Maybe he was going to reject me! I didn't dare look up at him, but I started gently kissing his foot again. He must have waited for over a minute leaving me totally terrified, before he said anything.

"You can be a real shit, Charlie" he said and there was a pause. I wasn't sure if he wanted me to say anything or not but I did.

"Yes, Master. I know" I whispered.

"You don't deserve me" he said.

"Yes, Master, I know."

"Kiss my other foot" he said, and I felt a huge weight off my shoulders. I felt enormous relief as I bent over his other foot and began kissing it. I think he was going to forgive me. I kissed and kissed. I must have given his foot a hundred kisses before he finally reached down and tussled my hair I felt a lightning bolt of total joy shoot through my body.

"Get up here, Charlie" he said and it was definitely a pleasant tone of voice. I got up on my knees and looked in his face and saw he was smiling. Another shot of joy zoomed through my body as I saw that smile. I saw that his hand was holding his dick up which was only half hard, but still pretty impressive. He nodded his head towards it.

I crawled up, grabbing his massive thighs with my hands, and took his dick in my mouth. I was damn well determined. This was going to be it. I was going to give him the absolute best blowjob he'd ever had. He tousled my hair again as I began to suck. He immediately started growing, and within seconds he was fully hard.

I knew what I had to do. I'd just never been able to do it. Closing my eyes and concentrating on nothing but his dick and my throat, I pushed. When his big pole hit the entrance to my throat, I really put the effort into it. ‘I'm not going to choke’, I said to myself. ‘I'm not going to choke’, ‘I'm not going to choke’.

I choked.

How in the hell do those other guys do it? There had to be a way. "Shit" I said as I pulled back off his dick. I was gasping for breath and I didn't dare look up at Tanner. If he was angry at my failure I didn't want to see it. I didn't want to see his disappointment.

And that's when he hit me. He slapped me. I didn't yelp and I still didn't look at him, because I was more embarrassed than anything else. But that slap sure as hell got my attention. It was clear that he expected better from me, and damn it, I knew I could do better. I knew it. Damn it, damn it, damn it. I had to do this.

Once more, pushing, I forced the monster into my throat. 'Don't choke', don't choke, don't choke' I kept saying to myself over and over and over. It was okay so far as it eased into my throat because I hadn't choked, although tears were pouring out of my eyes and I was struggling to cope. My body desperately wanted to choke but for the moment I was able to control it. Pushing even harder, I felt his cock slide into my throat. Yeah, just like that, it slid in all the way. My nose banged against his crotch.

Almost immediately the urge to choke became uncontrollable and I had to pull back, but I'd done it! I'd actually done it! As I pulled almost off of Tanner's dick I looked up at him, and he was just staring at me, cool and calm. Then he reached down and gave my nose a bit of a pinch, and smiled. Yeah, he smiled. He liked it. He really liked it.

If I could do it once, I could do it again. Taking an enormous breath, and focusing totally on his dick and my throat, I did it again. I swallowed him. I took every damn bit of his dick in my mouth and halfway down my throat. Shit, I really did it! As I pulled back I looked up at him again, wanting to see his reaction.

His eyes were closed now but that smile was still on his face, and he had what I call that look of 'Bliss'. He was loving it! He was really loving it, and so was I. I'd do anything to keep that look of 'Bliss' on his face.

Now, the blowjob of a lifetime. If I could deep throat that ten inch monster of his, I could do anything. So, I went at it. For the next half hour I worshiped Tanner's prick like it had never been worshipped before. Giving it my total attention and dedication, actually worshiping it as much as sucking it.

Bobbing up and down on it, sometimes slow and dreamlike and sometimes wickedly fast. Sometimes licking up and down its length and sometimes swirling my tongue around the head. Sometimes rubbing it against my face and sometimes actually banging it against my face. And kissing, lots of kissing. And sucking. Yeah, sucking him wildly like a lunatic, and of course, occasionally deep throating him. Yeah, taking every centimeter of that monster deep into my throat. I was going to be sore for a couple days, but at least I now had the confidence that I could do it. I could now deep throat him.

I finally felt him shudder and knew he was getting close, and even though my mouth was exhausted, I was also disappointed. I wanted this to go on forever. I was worshiping probably the biggest cock ever and most definitely the most beautiful one. And it was attached to the most beautiful man in the world whom I loved desperately.

His first shot was like a pistol, firing into the back of my mouth. I swallowed, and as he fired again and again I kept swallowing. I loved it. I loved the taste of it. This was Tanner; this was Tanner's cum and I wanted every bit of it. Tanner's prick was jerking like crazy while his whole body was shaking in fervor and he was moaning endlessly .

He didn't grab my head like he'd always done when he got a blowjob, so I knew what I was doing for him was really special. Now, even as he was still ejaculating, I started bobbing my head frantically up and down on his enormous dong trying to increase his pleasure.

"Enough, enough" he said with a laugh, as he grabbed my hair. "You're killing me." Jerking my head up sharply, he slapped me. I was shocked and actually yelped. Shocked? I was horrified. What did I do?

But then, as I looked up into his face I saw that look of total pleasure was still there. That slap may have stung but I realized that it was a slap of emotion. A slap of recognition. This was Tanner, and he was proud of me. He was looking me in the eye with a great big grin on his face, looking so perfectly beautiful that I was actually stunned and maybe my heart missed a beat. I was stunned and thrilled and gratified. I got a great big grin on my face as well. A grin like you wouldn't believe because I knew he was showing me how happy he was with me. There was no way that grin could go away, even as he gave my hair another jerk and hit me again. It stung, but I loved it.

"That was terrific, Charlie" he said, still slightly out of breath. "Damn. You're turning into one hell of a cocksucker." Pulling on my hair he forced me to crawl up over his body to lie on top of him. He put his arms around me and kissed me on the cheek, and then on the lips. But as I was half dragged, and half crawled up against him, dragging my super hard, throbbing prick along over his hard body, it happened.

"Ooooo" I groaned as I shot my load onto his stomach. And what a load. I'd never been so hot in my life. Tanner chuckled as he pulled me cheek to cheek and hugged me tightly against him as I groaned and moaned and ejaculated onto him.

"You're making a mess, you little brat" he laughed when I was done, "and you need to be punished. So after you clean it up I'm going to spank you."

I just smiled and hugged him back. Did I tell you how much I loved him?



"Tanner, you're not going to believe this, but Jim is here in Satter's Park" I whispered into my cell.

"Now, this time of night?" Tanner asked.

"Yes, and you're not going to believe what he is doing. Sally Truse is here too."

"Sally Truse the slut?”TannerLaughed. “I think I can guess. Yes?"

"Yes" I whispered and laughed softly along with him. Tanner had assigned me the duty of following Jim Stanley, our football teams linebacker, all day so he could figure out a way to meet him. So I'd been at it since 6:00 AM. I was late for every class at school because I had to be sure where he went each period. And I'd been following him every minute since.

Tanner let me have a break when Jim got home for dinner, so I came back and made dinner for us. Yeah, Tanner never wanted to go home if he could avoid it, so I'd made dinner for both of us a couple times now. My mom worked a 3:00 PM to Midnight shift so I was used to making dinner anyway. I was a pretty good cook and Tanner couldn't boil water.

So I went back to Jim's house, and along about 7:00 PM he slipped out and walked over to the park. Slipped out? Yeah. He kept looking to see if anybody was following him, so I had to be very careful. When he got to the park, he went to the back, away from the street lights, and that's when I saw Sally. She had obviously come prepared because she had already put a blanket on the ground.

That's when I called Tanner.

"Sounds like a perfect opportunity" Tanner said. "I'm on my way. Don't let him get away."

"Okay, Tanner" I said. So I watched. Jim was a big guy, I mean, he's a football linebacker so he has to be big. He's well over six feet and probably weighs 250 or so. He's not fat, but just big from lots of hours in the weight room. He didn't have the definition that Tanner had, which comes from total dedication, but he was definitely taller and heavier than Tanner.

But Tanner is one hell of a fighter, so I was totally confident that if it came down to it, Tanner could easily overcome him. Tanner knew judo and stuff, had wrestled and boxed, and said his best feature was street fighting; down and dirty.

Jim was not being gentle with Sally. They were still standing up but he had a handful of her hair and was roughly kissing her. With his other hand, he had pulled her hand into his crotch and was holding it there. He was silent but she was moaning up a storm. Letting go of her hand he reached around and grabbed her ass, and actually pulled her up off her feet. Definitely a show of power and strength. He was trying to impress her.

She didn't move her hand. She had a grip on that bulge in his pants and looked like she'd never let go. "Get it out" I heard him say as he broke the kiss, and in two seconds Sally had his zipper down. He was obviously going commando because she reached in and pulled out his big piece of meat. He obviously wasn't as hot as she was because he was still soft, but it was pretty hefty even soft. She started working it while he pulled her into another kiss.

The kiss only lasted for a few seconds when he said: 'suck it Sal. Get me ready'. She tried to kiss him again, but he put his hands on her shoulders and pushed her down.

"Jim …." she started to say.

"Come on, come on, just suck on it" Jim said. She was still holding his cock, but he pushed her hand away and grabbed it himself. Grabbing her head like a basketball with the other hand, he took aim, and pushed it into her mouth. He let go of his prick but held on to her head, and started pumping her back and forth.

"Oh, shit, yeah," he moaned. "This is what you wanted. Yeah, suck it." He pulled her head back and forth a few times, and then pulled her in tight. He only held her there for a split second, so she hardly had time to choke on it. She put her hands on his thighs and it looked like she was trying to push away, but Jim wasn’t about to let her.

“Come on, Sal, you know how it's done. You know how to suck cock” he said. “Jerod tells me you’re an expert.” I saw her eyes get big and she pushed him and jerked her head, pulling away from him.

“That son-of-a-bitch” she shouted.

He grabbed her hair and put his hand over her mouth. “Shut up, for god’s sake. You want the whole world to hear?”

“That bastard” she yelled, but it was muffled by his hand. Jim pulled her to her feet, keeping his hand over her mouth.

“Listen, Sally” he said, looking into her eyes. “I know you’ve sucked Jerod plenty of times, and who knows who else. And you’re going to suck me. That’s what I’m here for.”

“Jim, please, I don’t want it like this” she said softly as he let her talk.

“Well, I do” he said roughly. “First you’re going to suck me and then I’m going to fuck you, so I hope you brought a condom.” He lifted her up in his arms like she were no more than a feather, and ignoring the blanket she’d put on the ground, he carried her over to the kids slide. Laying her down on the bottom of the slide, he straddled her, grabbed her head, and stuck his dick in her mouth.

And what was I doing? Without even realizing it, I found that my hand was busy because I had opened my pants and pulled my dick out. Shit, this was hot.

“Ugggh, ugggh, ugggh” I heard from Sally as Jim started fucking her. Yeah, fucking. He was straddling her on the slide with both hands in her hair holding her tight and fucking her face. There was no way she was going to get away from him this time. She didn’t seem to be choking, but was just grunting with each thrust, so evidently Jerod was right, she was an expert.

I let go of my prick because I was getting too hot. I didn’t want to cum now, because I hoped for some kind of action with Tanner. I always wanted to be ready for Tanner.

“Oh shit, Sally” Jim moaned. “You are good. Jesus yes, suck on my dick.” I noticed that Jim was being rough. Rather than just pumping in and out, he was jerking her in to the choking point, holding for a second or so, and then jerking her back giving her only a second to breath, and then doing it again. She was just a rag doll for him as he manhandled her on his prick.

Then I did hear some choking from her. Jim had evidently over done it, because she was not banging her fists against his thighs. But Jim was too far gone now, and ignoring her contortions, he jammed his dick in even harder and deeper. She became really frantic now, but Jim let out a moan. He was there.

Ramming his dick in one final time he yelled: ‘Aaaagh” and started to shoot. He held her there on his dick for maybe two seconds, before letting her go. She flew back so fast she slammed her head on the slide. Jim was moaning as he fired shot after shot, most of it on her face and hair, while Sally was gasping desperately. “Oh, fuck, yes, yes, yes” Jim moaned.

My prick was throbbing but I kept my hand away trying not to cum. But I couldn’t take my eyes off of Jim and Sally. Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, that was hot. I’d never even imagined something like this.

“Oh, shit, Sally” Jim said as he came to his senses. “I’m sorry. I just got carried away.” Sally was still trying to get her breath back, and was now crying. “I’m sorry, honey” Jim said again. He lifted her up in his arms again and carried her over to the blanket. He didn’t look at all sorry to me, because he had a big grin on his face. But the amazing thing was, she had a big grin as well. She loved him being rough.

Laying her down on the blanket he unbuttoned her blouse and pulled it open, and since she wasn’t wearing a bra, he put his hand on one of her well-formed knockers. “You have beautiful tits, Sally” he said as he lay down next to her.

Sally had a big grin on her face as Jim's hand got busy on her breast and he lay down next to her and latched his lips on to hers.

Then I had the bejesus scared out of me by a hand on my shoulder. I jumped, but luckily I didn’t yell. It was Tanner of course.

"What's going on?" he whispered.

"Jim just got the most amazing blowjob. You should have seen it" I whispered back. "Sally's going to be sore for a week." Tanner was quiet and just watched for a moment. Jim was now sucking on Sally's tit and had his hand down her pants. He's just cum five minutes before but I had no doubts that he'd be ready to go again in no time.

Sally was panting and moaning: 'ooh, ooh, ooh" and then louder: 'OOH". I assumed Jim stuck a finger in.

"You're going to entertain Sally while I deal with Jim" Tanner whispered in my ear.

I said "Huh" before I could catch myself, but then bit my tongue. Thank god I caught myself before I questioned him. I was learning to never, never question Tanner. He didn't seem to notice my comment.

"How, Master?" I asked, hoping that this was a fair question.

"You know what girls want, you're not stupid" he said. "Pretend you're going to fuck her. Let's go."

"Well, what have we here?" Tanner said loudly as he walked over to them. Jim jerked his hand out of Sally's pants and sat up in surprise. Sally just lay there looking shocked. "Rape is against the law, Jim." Jim started to stand up but Tanner pushed him back down.

"Tanner!" Jim finally said, coming out of his shock. "What are you doing here?"

"I'm here to protect, Sally" Tanner said. "Does she need to be protected?" Jim started to get up again, but this time Tanner put his hand right in his face and pushed him back hard. As Jim landed on his butt, Tanner pushed him back and dropped down on him hard, kneeing him in the stomach. Jim let out a loud 'OOF'. Tanner grabbed him by the hair and slugged him in the mouth, splitting his lip. "Does Sally need to be protected, Jim?" Tanner asked calmly.

Tanner said to entertain Sally, so I went over to her. She had set up now and was trying to zip up her pants. "Hello, Sally" I said softly giving her a big grin. Her blouse was hanging open so I simply slipped it over her shoulders and off. Pushing her back down on the blanket, I lay down on top of her.

"Charlie?" she said in a startled tone. "Charlie?" I grabbed one of her breasts and kissed her. I was so proud of myself. I didn't particularly like the squishy feeling of her big breast, but I pretended to like it. But I I certainly wasn't going to lick it or suck on it. It was big rock hard slabs of muscle like Tanner's pecs that I wanted to get my tongue on. But, hell. I knew what girls wanted. It wasn't that hard to figure out.

I heard grunting so I knew Tanner and Jim were going at it. Jim may have been bigger but I knew he didn't have a chance against Tanner. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Tanner had him in a head lock, and Jim was swearing at him, but then suddenly, so quick that I barely saw it, Tanner had him in a leg lock and was twisting one of his arms. I knew how strong Tanner's thighs were, so I wasn't surprised that Jim started groaning almost immediately. Tanner was beginning to crush his stomach.

Sally broke away from my kiss and looked me in the eye. "Charlie?" she said again. I squeezed her squishy breast and latched onto her lips again. This time she was more accepting, returning the kiss. Jim may have been handsome, but he couldn't hold a candle to me. Everybody said I was gorgeous, and Sally was one of many girls at school who had made a play for me. And since Sally was a real slut I can tell you that she damn near had her hands down my pants more than once.

"Mmmmm" she murmured, really getting into the kiss. Hell, I think she'd already forgotten that Jim was there. She was obviously turned on to me but unfortunately the same was not true for me. My dick wasn't doing anything.

"Tanner" I heard Jim gasp. "I can't breath. Please, Tanner. I can't breath." And leave it to Tanner, he was laughing. As always, when he was working someone over, he was enjoying himself.

"How.s the arm, Jim?" he snickered. "You feel this?" He gave a violent twist to Jim's arm. It must have hurt like hell, but Jim barely grunted, since he couldn't breath.

"Tanner" Jim wailed.

"Oh, Charlie" Sally swooned.

"You wanna submit, Jim baby?" Tanner laughed. "Huh? You ready to submit?"

Jim could barely speak: 'Yes, yes, yes" he groaned. In the mean time, Sally had put her hand between us and grabbed onto my dick. But I'm not sure she could even find it, because her soft mushy tits had turned me off.

"Let me help" Sally panted. Maybe I wasn't hot, but she sure was. "Get your shorts off." Evidently she was not disappointed that I was still soft. At least she wasn't surprised. I rolled over, unfastened and unzipped and started to pull my shorts off. Sally helped by grabbing them and my jockey's and pulling them completely off. A couple seconds later she had my dick in her mouth.

I saw that Tanner had already removed his shorts, and was standing over Jim, straddling his body with a grin on his face. Tanner was certainly turned on to Jim, because his very hard dick was trying to force its way out of his bikini.

I felt myself starting to respond to Sally's activity. I looked down and seeing her was an immediate turn off for me.. So I closed my eyes and tried to imagine that it was Jim, or Larry, or maybe Ralph. Then it came to me: Darrell. I imagined that son-of-a-bitch Darrell down there sucking me off and I immediately began to respond.

"You got no choice, Jim" I heard Tanner say. "You're going to do it, or you're going to find out what pain really is." I saw that he was sitting on Jim's chest now and was banging his dick in Jim's face. "Open up, Jim, or I'm going to tear you a new asshole." Tanner grabbed his hair, pulled his head up and stuck his thumb in his mouth, forcing him to open up. Then he slid his dick into Jim's mouth.

Sally was still down between my legs and I was almost fully hard now. But I had an idea. I had a really hot idea. I reached down and pulled her up to me and rolled her over on her back, right next to Jim. We were all still on the blanket anyway, but now we were just inches away from each other. I climbed on and sat on her chest and pulled her head up to my dick.

I was now touching shoulders with Tanner, him with his dick in Jim's mouth, and me with my dick in Sally's mouth. Let me tell you, I was fuckin turned on. I was even more turned on when Tanner turned to me with this huge grin on his face and gave me a smack on the lips.

"Go to it, Jim. Eat my big pecker" Tanner said. At the same time I said: "Come-on, Sally. Suck on it" God I was wild about him. I leaned against him, rubbing my skinny thirteen inch arm against his enormous seventeen inch bulk.

I knew that Sally had probably sucked a hundred pricks before, but I could see that Jim was no neophyte either. He and his buddy Jerod probably had something going, because he seemed to be handling Tanner reasonably well. He wasn't gasping or choking or yelling anyway and it looked like Tanner was not going easy on him.

Holding Jim by the hair Tanner was manipulating his head as his dick plowed in and out. Tanner wasn't even moving so he wasn't fucking Jim's face as much as Jim's face was fucking his big dick. And he wasn't being gentle about it either. But that's Tanner, he likes it rough. But I could emulate him. I grabbed Sally's hair with both hands and started jacking my dick in an out. I hate to say it but looking at her was actually a bit of a turn off for me, but watching Tanner and Jim was turning me on like crazy. I'm such a faggot.

The crazy thing was, I could see that Sally was not watching me either, but was watching Tanner out of the corner of her eye as well. But it's no wonder since he's such a stud. And right now, controlling big Jim Stanley and fucking his face, he definitely looked like a god.

Jim was grunting from Tanner's rough treatment, but Sally was moaning. She was moaning in pleasure. Hey, I ain't dinky down there. I may not be a Tanner, or a Rasheed, but I've got damn near six inches and it ain't skinny either. It was quite a mouthful for Sally, and she sure seemed to like it.

I don't know how Tanner was doing, but this whole situation had made me hotter than hell. I was about to cum, and there was no way I could stop it. I let out a yell: "Ohhh Shiiittt" and started pulling out of Sally's mouth, but she grabbed me by the butt and pulled me back in. I fired into her mouth.

"Ohhh" I groaned. "Mmmmm" Sally moaned. She simply gobbled up my semen like gangbusters as I fired shot after shot into her mouth.

But Tanner wasn't done, not by any means. Pulling Jim off his dick, he bent down and whispered: "you've got the most beautiful butt I've ever seen, Jim" he said. Jim's eyes got big.

"No, Tanner, no" he said, realizing what Tanner had in mind. "Please, no." Tanner was smiling as he gave Jim a couple gentle slaps to the cheek.

"I said, you've got the most beautiful butt I've ever seen" he repeated. Grabbing his t-shirt, Tanner pulled it up and off, leaving him completely naked. Naked and absolutely awesome.

"Tanner …" Jim started to say.

"Don't worry, babe" Tanner said, interrupting, "I promise I'll go easy. You'll like it. I guarantee you'll like getting it from me."

"Tanner, please. For god's sake" Jim pleaded.

"I'm the expert, Jim" Tanner grinned down at him. "You're going to love getting it from me" Tanner raised his arms and performed a double bicep pose. Jesus Christ he was incredible. He left me breathless, and Jim too I think. "You're going to love it, and so am I."

"Tanner. I can't …. You can't …. Please, Tanner" Jim pleaded sounding really desperate now.

"You don't want to piss me off, Jim" Tanner grinned. "If you want me to kick your ass for half an hour first, that's okay by me, but then I'm going to fuck you anyway. In fact that sounds like fun." He chuckled as he said this and gave Jim another couple friendly slaps to the cheek. "Working over a big lug like you really turns me on and makes me hot."

"Tanner, you …., you …. "Jim mumbled. "Please, Tanner. It's gonna hurt. You gotta promise …."

"I said I'd go easy on you, man, and I will" Tanner said. "Now roll the fuck over." Tanner had been sitting on Jim's chest this whole time, but now stood up.

"Jim …." Sally suddenly shouted, shocking all of us. I guess we all forgot she was there. I immediately put my hand over her mouth, trying to shut her up.

"Tanner, please" Jim said. "Don't let her watch. Please."

"Don't matter now, babe" Tanner chuckled. "She already knows it's going to happen. Might as well have an audience." Jim still had his pants on, although his fly was open and his now soft dick was hanging out. Tanner reached down and unfastened his belt and his pants, and jerked his pants down below his butt. Jim didn't object but just lay there looking at Tanner with tears in his eyes.

I had to wonder what he was thinking as he looked up at Tanner. Tanner was gorgeous. In every way a guy could be, he was gorgeous. And he was super masculine, a stallion among colts. What I saw in Jim's face was a look of respect, a look of veneration, an acceptance of Tanner's superiority. Jim recognized Tanner's power and dominance and the inevitability of him taking control. Jim rolled over.

Tanner bent down and gave him a kiss on the neck.

Tanner evidently came prepared because he pulled a tube of cream out of his pocket and handed it to me. "Get him ready, Charlie" he said as he stepped aside. I was startled, but no way was I going to question anything Tanner said. I got off of Sally, opened the tube, and got busy preparing Jim's butt for Tanner's assault.

"Sorry, honey. This is for Jim" I heard Tanner laughing, and as I glanced over I saw that Sally had scooted over and grabbed his prick.

"Oooooo" she moaned as she started manipulating it with both hands. Tanner just chuckled as he watched, but made no attempt to stop her. But as she got up on her knees and started to take it in her mouth, he slapped her hand away allowing his dick to slap up against his abdominals.

"Go ahead and get a taste" he laughed as he grabbed his dick and pushed his crotch into her face. She caught on immediately and started licking his ball sack. He started gently stroking his prick, keeping it hard, as he watched her slurp away on his balls. She tried to grab onto him but he slapped her hands away again. "No hands, hon. Just that sweet mouth." She seemed to be satisfied with that, and grabbed onto his massive thighs and pushed her face into his crotch.

Meanwhile. Yeah, meanwhile, back at the ranch, I had greased Jim up and got three fingers into him. Jim glared at me the whole time but made no attempt to stop me. It obviously pissed him off that I was doing this to him, but he also knew it was for his own benefit. I didn't care what he thought, because I was obeying Tanner's orders. At least I didn't care until he whispered to me. "I'm going to rip off you balls and jam them down your throat, you little shit."

Tanner didn't hear since Sally was making so much noise slobbering over his balls, but Jim really shocked me. And scared the hell out of me. He outweighed me by a hundred pounds, and could break me in half with one hand. There wasn't anything I could do about it now, and since his ass was ready, I just backed away. I just hoped Tanner was always going to be around to protect me.

"Slobber on it, get it wet" Tanner said and I saw that Tanner had grabbed Sally by the hair and was holding his dick in front of her face. He just held her there for a moment, as she got a look of desire on her face, and then pushed in, jamming a good eight inches into her. She took it easily and started sucking. Tanner jerked her hair, pulling his dick back out. "Don't suck on it. Just get it wet, like I told you" Tanner repeated, and pushed back in.

This time I could see that she was loading it with her spit, rather that sucking on it. Tanner pushed her away.

Jim was still lying on his stomach with his legs spread wide, but Tanner grabbed him and rolled him over. Yeah, two hundred and fifty pounds of muscle and Tanner flipped him over like nothing. Lifting his legs and getting between them, Tanner looked into Jim's eyes.

"You do it" he said.

"Huh?" Jim said.

"I said, you do it" Tanner said and gave Jim a healthy slap on the ass. "Line me up." Jim just looked at him with a blank stare, not understanding what he wanted. Tanner gave him another slap on the ass, but he now grabbed Jim's hand and pulled it down between his legs to his cock. "Line me up" he repeated. Jim looked shocked as Tanner put his hand around his cock. He'd already accepted that this was going to happen, that Tanner was going to fuck him, but now Tanner was demanding that he not only capitulate but actually stick Tanner's enormous wanger into his own ass. What could be more denigrating than that? Tanner was demanding that he become his compliant, fawning toady.

Jim already had tears in his eyes, but now they started dripping down his cheeks. "Do it" Tanner growled at him. So Jim dutifully holding Tanner's dick, pressed it up against his ass crack. Tanner got a big grin on his face and pushed forward. Jim screamed as the monster prick forced its way into the little hole.

"Please, Tanner" Jim yelled, gasping frantically, trying to ease the pain. "Please. Oh shit. Tanner." Tanner didn't move for almost a full minute giving Jim a chance to adjust. Then he pulled out completely.

"I said I'd go easy on you, babe" Tanner said, "and that's what I meant. Now line me up again." Jim just lay there gasping and probably wishing for an alternative, until Tanner slapped him on the ass again, really letting him have it this time.

"Ouch, Tanner" Jim yelled.

"Do what you're fuckin told" Tanner snarled at him. I knew from experience that things could get a lot worse if Tanner got pissed, but now Jim grabbed Tanner's prick, and aimed it up against his ass crack again.

Tanner pushed in, but slowly. Very slowly, forcing the little ass crack to gradually expand for the enormous girth of the invading prick. Jim did not scream, even though he was moaning, so although it must have been hurting like hell, I figured the worst of the pain was gone. Tanner pushed in a couple inches this time, and just held it there.

"Look at me" he said to Jim, and Jim opened his eyes and looked up at him. "Keep your eyes on me, Jim. Watch me while I screw your tight little ass." More humiliation. Jim looked so sad with tears streaming down his cheeks, that I almost felt sorry for him. Almost.

The truth is, Tanner had not fucked me yet, and I wanted to be there. I wanted to be where Jim was right now. I wanted to be looking into Tanner's eyes while he screwed the hell out of me. Hell yes, I was jealous. So Jim was going through some pain. Big fuckin deal. I'd put up with any kind of pain to be able to see that look of satisfaction on Tanner's face.

Pushing Jim's legs even higher in the air, Tanner got ready to fuck.

Suddenly, Sally spoke up: "Oh, this is so wild, Jim. You getting screwed by Mr. Perfect. Mr. Perfect, with a perfect prick" she said. I liked that name. Mr. Perfect. It was so fitting.

"Shut the fuck up, Sally" Jim groaned. "Charlie, shut her up." I tried to get Sally to turn away, but she was not about to let me. She wanted to watch. "I'll be quiet" she said softly to me.

Tanner hadn't moved yet, but now started a slow in and out movement. He really was going easy on Jim just as he said. With each slow push, Tanner went slightly deeper. Very slowly, in and out and in and out until he was in almost all the way. Then pulling out all the way to his cockhead, he jammed in hard.

"Yeeoohh" Jim yelled as Tanner slammed into him. Tanner just held his dick there for a moment, and then started a slow in and out motion again. Pulling back almost to the tip, and then slowly, slowly pushing back in. Getting a slow even rhythm going. Then he smiled at Jim, puckered up, and threw a kiss at him. More humiliation. Jim closed his eyes, but Tanner gave him a sharp slap to the cheek and he re-opened them.

I knew at some point Tanner would have to stop being gentle and just start ramming it in. but he wasn't ready yet, because he just kept the slow steady ‘in and out’ motion going. On and on and on, obviously getting a lot of pleasure from the slow build up.

But then, very gradually, he began to speed up. Not going any deeper but just speeding up the motion. Jim was moaning softly, barely a murmur, almost continually now as Tanner screwed him. And then it was time. Tanner slammed it to him. Jim yelled, but more in surprise than in pain. Tanner now started plowing it to him, hot and heavy, hard and fast. I knew it couldn't be hurting Jim that much by now, but I could see that Tanner no longer cared anyway. He was totally focused on his own pleasure now.

Holding Jim's legs well up in the air, he slammed into him with abandon. Over and over and over. Jim stopped moaning entirely, but was now grunting each time Tanner slammed into him: 'ugh, ugh, ugh'.

Then came a scream "yeeeaaaoooh" from Tanner as he reached his peak and fired his first shot. I felt movement next to me and saw that Sally had a finger up her clit and was jamming it in and out frantically. Without realizing it I had taken my own dick in my hand, and it was hard as a rock again.

In the frenzy of the moment Tanner grabbed a handful of Jim's hair and gave it a hell of a jerk, causing Jim to scream as he fired over and over into his ass. Jim was yelling, Tanner was yelling, Sally was moaning, and I sat there looking on in amazement with my dick in my hand.

Jim's prick however was completely soft. Evidently the pain from the first time fuck was too much to get him excited. However, knowing Tanner and his plans for a 'harem', I was sure that Jim was going to get plenty of opportunities to learn to enjoy it.

Then Tanner let out a sigh, and Jim stopped yelling. Tanner was finally done. Sally was going" 'oh, oh, oh' softly, with her finger still up her cunt, but now moving slowly. And I still had a hard dick in my hand. I'd just cum fifteen minutes before, and as hot as this scene was, I couldn't quite get my dick to blow again. I'd have to save this scene for my wet dreams tonight.

I hated too break up the moment, but we were making an awfully lot of noise. Somebody was likely to call the cops.

"Tanner" I said softly trying to get his attention. He looked over and gave me a look that could have frozen a candle. Oh shit, I'd done it again. He was pissed and I knew I was going to get it later. "Tanner, please" I pleaded, hoping he wouldn't be mad. "Somebody might come."

That got his attention, as he came to the realization of where we were and what we were doing and how much noise we'd been making. He pulled his still hard prick out of Jim's ass.

"Fun's over" he said. "Let's get out of here." We all scurried around getting dressed and Sally got her blanket. "Sally, you're not going to say a word" Tanner said menacingly. And you better believe that menace coming from Tanner is pretty scary stuff.

"Don't worry" Sally said. "I wouldn't say anything about Jim. Honest, I would never say anything." She turned to Jim. "Honest, Jim. I won't say anything."

"Jim. I'll talk to you tomorrow" Tanner said, and without another word he turned and walked away with me scurrying along behind.

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