It was Friday in London and the offices were very quite, the staff had been sent home late in the morning because of the weather. The day was grey and overcast and the temperature had not got above freezing all day. Snow had been falling heavily since early morning, there was already over 2 feet of snow on the ground.

Richard Johnson was 49, a well built man around 6'2', with dark hair going grey on the sides. He lived in a penthouse just a couple of minutes walk away, so he had stayed working at his desk. Richard was a very successful lawyer; he and his uncle owned the firm. They owned their own office block in the City, and employed over 100 staff.

Richard sat in his office working, occasionally glancing through the window at the snow falling. He turned the television on to see the weather report, it was all bad news. Airports closed, no buses or trains running, underground on limited service and advising people to stay indoors and not to attempt to travel.

Richard glanced at the clock; it was nearly 5 so he decided to put his work away. He had brought jeans and boots into work for the walk home, so he started to get changed. As he picked his jeans up there was a knock on the door, without thinking he called 'Come in'.

The door opened and Andrew Jennings stood there, he was surprised to see his boss standing there in his boxer shorts. 'I'm sorry sir; the security guard told me you were still here, I stayed to finish some work which had to be emailed today, now I cannot get home so I wonder if I can camp out in my office?'.

Richard sat on the corner of his desk, not realising that his boxers were outlining his equipment. Andrew looked at his boss; he noticed the very hairy legs and the outline of a large dick and balls. He thought how good looking he was, he had been having thoughts about men for a long time.

Richard looked at Andrew thoughtfully taking in his rugby players build and dark hair, he knew he was single and 28. Richard was bi, but kept it a secret from his work. He replied, 'It looks as though this weather is going to be with us all the weekend, so I don't see how you can manage here'.

He stood up and put his jeans and boots on while thinking. 'Best thing Andrew is for you to come back with me, it's only a couple of minutes walk away'. Andrew looked relieved at this solution, 'Thank You Sir, I just hope it's not too much trouble for you'.

Richard smiled as he replied 'Andrew it's the only thing I can think of, there's plenty of food in the freezer so we should be ok', get your coat and a couple of plastic bags if you can and meet me in reception'.

Andrew went off to get his coat; Richard went down to reception to see the security guards. He was surprised to see only one on duty, 'Are you on your own Mike?, he asked. 'Yes Sir, Bill could not get in because of the weather', Mike replied.

Richard looked at him, he knew he had been in the army for years and he was single and 43. 'You will not be able to get home either, lets lock the building down and then you had better come back to my place'. Mike soon had the building secured and alarmed, except for the side door.

Mike looked surprised but Richard was his employer after all. 'Well if you're sure that's OK Sir, I thought I would have to stay on duty until the weather clears'. Richard smiled and replied, 'Mike no one can move anywhere so I think its safe to leave the building, I cannot just leave you to fend for yourself.'

The lift doors opened and Andrew appeared, Richard looked at him and told him Mike would be joining them as well. Andrew nodded at the two men and asked what the plastic bags were for. Richard told them 'Mike find some plastic bags, then put the bags over your shoes and tie them up to keep your shoes dry'.

Andrew and Mike quickly did this and followed Richard outside, it was bitter and the snow was still coming down. Richard led the way across the street and turned left; they trudged along in file through the mounting snow. Richard soon stopped and opened a glass door and led them inside, into a converted warehouse building.

He called the lift and they all got in, Richard pressed the button for the top floor. He led them out into a hallway, quickly unlocking his front door. 'Welcome guys, follow me', as he led them into a laundry room.

'Take your shoes off, and get out of your wet trousers' as he took his boots and jeans off.

Richard stood in his boxers as Andrew and Mike took their trousers off, Andrew wore boxer briefs and Mike had jockey pants on. Richard then led them into on open plan kitchen/living area; he got out three glasses and poured them generous measures of Brandy. 'Drink up guys then I will show you around'.

He then led them into a large formal living/dining room, then on into another hallway. 'This is the spare bedroom, I suggest you have this Mike and Andrew can share my room as at least we know each other'. Mike nodded as Richard showed them what had been anther 2 bedrooms but he had converted into a gym, sauna, and Jacuzzi with a shower room.

'Sir this is great, no need to belong to a gym with all this' said Andrew as Mike nodded in agreement. Richard looked at them 'Look you two, let's drop the Sir routine and call me Richard while were here'. Both men nodded in agreement as they followed Richard out.

'This is my bedroom; through there is a dressing room and bathroom'. It was a spacious room dominated by a 6' bed; Andrew looked at it and thought about sharing it with his boss. 'That's all of it guys, now I suggest we have a sauna and get warm, Mike there are towels in your bathroom'. Mike went off to get towels and then go to the sauna.

Richard went and got towels for Andrew and himself, neither looked at the other as they stripped and put towels around their waists. Andrew looked at Richard to find his broad chest was covered in a matt of dark hair, 'I never realised you were so hairy' he blurted out. Richard laughed and replied, 'You never know what's under a shirt and tie'.

Richard looked at Andrew taking in his solid build, 'You are very hairy as well Andrew' he replied leading them back to the sauna. Mike was already there sitting with a towel around him, as the other two joined him in the sauna.

They sat there enjoying the warmth, as Mike said 'I must thank you Sir for letting us stay here', Richard looked at him taking in his muscular hairy chest and replied, 'Remember it's Richard, I could not leave the two of you there with no food or comforts in this weather'.

All three men relaxed in the heat as their sweat started to pour down their hairy chests. Twenty odd minutes passed and Richard suggested getting out and going in the Jacuzzi, the other two quickly agreed. Richard led the way back to the Jacuzzi, all three men giving furtive glances at the

other two.

Richard dropped his towel first to reveal an uncircumcised dick and heavy balls. Mike then dropped his towel; he had a shorter but thicker circumcised dick and large balls. Then it was Andrew's turn, his dick was uncircumcised and had smaller balls.

All three climbed into the Jacuzzi, they sat and relaxed as the hot water bubbled around them. Their feet touched each others at times as they stretched; they all felt warm now after the biting cold of outside.

Mike remarked, 'I always get a semi hard on in a Jacuzzi', Richard looked at him and replied 'So do I, how about you Andrew?. Andrew just smiled and nodded in agreement.

Richard got out as the others looked at his semi hard dick, Mike and Andrew quickly followed. They all checked out each others semi hard cocks, as they dried themselves. Richard threw them towelling robes, then he put one on.

Richard said, 'Come on I've some frozen Lasagne we can have for dinner'. The others followed him back to the kitchen, he asked Mike to turn the TV on so they could see what was happening with the weather.

Then told Andrew the end cupboard was full of DVD's, and for him to pick one for them to watch later.

Andrew opened he cupboard to see hundreds of DVD's, he started to browse as Mike came up to join him. Richard busied himself in the kitchen getting dinner, and opening some wine.

Andrew and Mike were still looking at the DVD's, Mike suddenly grabbed Andrews arm and pointed to the lower 2 shelves. Andrew looked to see porn DVD's, Mike pulled one out to find it was a bisexual movie. Soon they had found a mixture of straight, bi and even gay porn, both were surprised by this.

Richard called to them 'Dinners ready, have you found a movie?, Mike quickly grabbed one. They both turned to Richard looking at the DVD, 'Yes this one, Stargate' replied Mike. They went over and sat at the table as Richard put the movie on.

After dinner Richard loaded the dishwasher, then he joined the others relaxing on the sofas to watch the rest of the movie. When the movie was over Richard said he was going to bed, the others agreed that was a good idea.

Richard and Andrew said goodnight to Mike at his door, then continued on to Richards's bedroom. Richard took his robe off and climbed into bed naked, 'Hope you don't mind, I always sleep in the nude'. Andrew told him, 'So do I, it's more comfortable' as he slipped his robe off and got into bed.

They lay there as Richard remarked, 'I never thought I would end up in bed with one of my staff tonight'. Andrew laughed and replied, 'Nor me with my boss'. Richard laughed at this; it seemed to ease the tension of their relationship as boss and employee.

Andrew looked at Richard and remarked, 'Mike and I saw a strange mix of DVD's in the cupboard, there was a lot of porn in there'. Richard smiled and replied, 'That's one of my secretes, I enjoy porn but please keep that to yourself'.

Andrew nodded as he asked 'But it was a mix of straight, bi and gay porn. Richard nodded and told him, 'Yes I enjoy watching all sorts of porn; it's all interesting to me'. Andrew thought and replied, 'I've never seen any bi or gay porn, I have wondered what it was like'.

Richard lat there quickly thinking of where this was going, 'I have some in here if you would like to watch some?. Andrew quickly replied, 'Yes please Richard, I would like to watch a bi movie please'. Richard got out of bed and went over to the TV, he opened the cupboard underneath and selected a movie and put it on.

As he walked back to the bed Andrew watched him, his broad hairy chest and his dick and balls swinging, he was a good looking man. Richard got back into bed and they lay there watching the movie, soon there was a guy sucking another guy's dick.

Andrew watched intently, he felt himself getting hard as he watched the movie. Richard had also got turned on by the movie, and by Andrew lying naked next to him. Andrew suddenly remarked, 'I've often thought about sex with another man, to feel his body and his dick'.

Richard thought quickly, Andrew was an employee but this was a strange situation. 'Andrew another of my secrets is that I'm bisexual, I enjoy sex with both women and men, I hope that doesn't shock you to much'. 'No it doesn't shock me; it interests me more than anything'.

They were looking at each other, all interest in the movie lost by their conversation. 'Andrew are you really serious about trying out sex with another man?, asked Richard. Andrew nervously replied 'Yes Richard I am, would you mind if I felt you to see what its like?'.

Richard thought quickly, he then threw the duvet back and laid there exposed to Andrew. Andrew pushed his side of the duvet down so they both lay there naked to each other. 'Andrew there is still time to change your mind; if you do we will not speak about this to anyone'.

Andrew smiled and reached out and laid a hand on Richards's hairy chest, then he got to his knees and started to rub Richards's chest with both his hands. He started to play with Richards's nipples which soon became hard, his hands started to move downwards through the thick matt of hair.

Soon he reached Richards groin, he gently clasped the hairy balls feeling and kneading them. Richard sighed with pleasure as Andrew clasped his rock hard dick; he gently peeled the foreskin back to expose the bulbous head. Andrew just looked at the hard dick in his hand, then slowly he started to masturbate Richard.

Andrew stared at Richards's dick as he was wanking it, it was longer than his and thicker. He slowly picked up his speed as Richard groaned with pleasure; soon his hand was moving quickly up and down the shaft.

Richard groaned, 'I'm going to cum', as he started to shoot his load, the spunk flew out as Andrew kept wanking him, to land in his dense matt of chest hair. Finally his dick finished shooting his load of cum; Andrew was just staring intently at Richard's dick and cum coated chest.

Richard just sighed with contentment, 'Well Andrew did you enjoy that, was it what you expected?'. 'Richard it felt great to feel your body and to wank your hard dick off, I loved it'. Richard was smiling as he replied, 'There's still time to stop if you want, or I can take care of you now?. 'Yes please Richard, I would like that'.

Richard turned to Andrew and started to caress him, his hands rubbing the chest and nipples which hardened at his touch. Soon his hand slid down to gently grasp the balls, he peeled Andrews foreskin back and started to lick the head.

Andrew moaned as Richard licked him, his hard cock was leaking loads of precum. Richard opened his mouth and swallowed the hard dick, he started to suck and sallow as his head moved up and down the shaft.

Soon he felt Andrews balls tighten, as he moved his head faster and faster. Andrew cried out as his dick started to erupt, Richard kept sucking and swallowing the hot cum. Andrews's dick fired load after load down his throat, as Richard kept sucking until he had drained Andrews's balls.

Richard let Andrews's softening dick slip from his mouth, he moved up and laid beside him. 'How was that Andrew?, was it all you wanted and expected?, Richard asked him. 'It was amazing, it felt so right, I did not expect you to suck me, that was great.

Richard pulled the duvet up and cuddled Andrew, 'Its time for sleep now, lets see how you feel in the morning about it'. Both men soon drifted off to sleep.

To be continued, if you want me to?



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