It was a warm July evening, I was setting there on the bed, in my tee shirt and briefs, having just had my shower. I was setting there with my knees pulled up, my feet on the bed and my arm wrapped around my legs resting my head on my knees.

I was sad,upset,torn, between very angry and devastated, My Boyfriend of three years, had just shown his true colors, an unfaithful liar.

I had asked him if he was messing around with someone else, he of course denied it and said a flat out, NO! your the only man in my life. I had taken him at his word, but then it happened several days later I saw him in coming out of an adult book store with another young good looking stud, hand in hand and kissing as they stepped out of the door.

I confronted him when he got home very late that night, he was embarrassed, and I told him to take his shit and go live with the guy he's been seeing, our relationship was over.

Todd, my ex boyfriend, got his clothes and other things together and left.

It was a hurtful day, and I greived for several weeks, I couldn't get it out of my mind, I needed something or someone to take my mind off it.

Oh! my name is Aaron, and I was one of two boys,in my family, our parents had been killed as childred and my Grams, my mothers mom, had taken us in, gotten custody and raised us, she was a strict, old fashioned, victorian style grandmother, very proper, and prim, stately and gracious, we had a great life, and wanted for nothing, but we did have the love of a wonderful grandparent to grow up with.

She had passed away at seventy three, two years ago, and she left me some of her rental properties and part of her money.

I was doing fairly good, finished college at the local community college and got my bachlors degree.

I loved that old house that she left me, she also left some properties to my older brother in Denver, where he took up residence.

The House was an enormous Tudor style home, that I had inherited, and the upstairs four bedrooms were huge, big enough to be turned into two room, full bath, small efficiency apartments.

I spend several thousand dollars getting them ready for tenents, turning each one of those large bedrooms into an apartment. Each with a small kitchenette, complete with a Cook stove with vent cover, small refrigerator, small kitchen table, and furnished living room area and nice bedroom, the apartments were totally furnished, very nice and ready for renters.

I of course lived in the big two bedroom apartment on the lower level.

Well I was setting on the bed that night in just a tee shirt and a pair of white briefs, and at about eight thirty I heard the door bell ring.

Without thinking about my state of undress, I went to the door and opened it up.

I was greeted by this very handsome looking guy in a pair of those satin looking shorts with the double stripes on the sided and this pull over shirt and a hat on his sort of wild flying hair sticking out from under the brim of that hat, his face was handsome with dark eyes brows and beautiful, mystical dreamy dark brown eyes. He had this peice of paper in his hand, looking at it.

'Hi are you Aaron Styles?' he said.

'Yes I am,' I responded.

'Well I'm answering your add, and wanting to look at the efficiency you listed for rent.' he said with a very nice smile.

'Ah! Oh yeah, come on In,' I said, 'please excuse my state of dress, I just took a shower,' I tried to make an excuse for being almost undressed.

'Hey man, I don't think you have anything that I don't know about or haven't seen before.' he responded with a smile.

Well I got dressed in some shorts and took Him up to the apartment to show it off. We chatted about the apartment and I was very happy to hear him say he's take it, actually I was so impressed with him I gave him a fifty dollar a month reprieve on the rent, I didn't tell him though.

'Sorry Aaron, I forgot to tell you my name, we got so busy. It's Todd, Todd Garner,' he said.

I reached out my had and shook Todds hand, just thinging, 'wow, my ex'es name was Todd too, was this a coincidence?'

We went down to my apartment and we signed the lease and I welcomed him to the apartment, and I handed him the key.

'I usually would like a months rent as a deposit but I don't think I have anything to worry about with you.' I said.

'Hey man, that would be alright with me, it's just good business,' so he wrote me a check for the first and last months rent, and a security deposit of a months extra rent.

When he brought his things to take possesion of the Apartment I was out giveing him a helping hand with his things, bringing them upstairs to his pad.

'Thanks man, I appreciate it,' he said.

'no problem,anytime you need help with anything, don't hesitate to ask,' I replied.

I felt so good about Todd, he was truly an awesome looking guy, about six ft maybe six-one tall, with a very almost Darth Vader type of deep resonate voice, very masculine and sexy. And as outgoing and friendly as he could be.

I would watch each afternoon as Todd would go out Jogging in a pair of flimsy thin shorts, he would always return about an hour later running up the walk way to the front entrance I would try to be setting on the porch watching as he came back from jogging, but the one thing that I really loved about watching him run was the big long, thick cock flopping back and forth as he ran in those flimsy shorts, damn it wsa like a huge swinging pendulem on a large clock, swinging back and forth with each legs stride. I could tell that Todd was hung very well and I wanted very badly to get a good look at it.

Each evening I would smile and see him running up to the house and he would smile and say 'Hey Aaron, how's it going.'

My response was always almost the same thing, 'Hey Todd, not much, how's your day been?'

He would almost always pull up the bottom of his shirt up and give me a glimpse of his gorgeous stomach and chest, as he wiped sweat off his face with his shirt tail.

Just ogling his awesome body, that treasure trial of dark hair, running down his stomach from the thick brush of hair on his chest and disappearing into his shorts, noticing the sweaty beads of perspiration on his hairy, muscular legs, Hell what I wouldn't have given for a pair of those sweaty shorts, I wanted to sniff them and smell his awesome fragrence, I would end up going into my apartment and jerk off a load, just dreaming about Todds body and wondering just what that awesome cock would look like, I had all these questions like how big was his ball, did he shave his pubic hair, I hoped not, I had this thing for a beautiful thick pubic bush, was he circumcised or not, My mind just went berserk wondering about such things as I stroked my cock to a thundering cum.

Todd went on upstairs to his apartment to shower and I went in and then remembered that he had some mail mixed in with my mail that day, so I decided to take it up to him.

I climbed the stars and walked to his door, It was slightly ajar, standing open, I lightly knocked and didn't hear anything, thinking he was probably in the shower, I decided to walk in and lay it on his little kitchen table.

I layed the letters on the table and then I noticed that his sweaty shorts and grey boxerbriefs were laying there on the floor, he was in the little bathroom, I just thought wow, and I reached down and picked up his sweaty shorts and boxerbriefs and raised them to my nostrils and took a deep sniffing breat. I moaned from the exquisit aroma waifing into my nostrils, god was that ever a turn on. Holy shit his sweaty, manly aroma smelled so fantastic as I just stood there with my eyes closed taking in the most awesome aroma I have had the pleasure of enjoying in a long time.

I lost sense of time as I took in that smell and let my mind float away.

My cock was about to split my shorts as I sniffed away, without even thinking where I was or what I was doing.

I heard someone clear their throat and I jumped, startled, and I opened my eyes and there standing totally naked before me was Todd, with this rather simple smile and looking straight into my eyes, he had his right hand around a very stiff cock, slowly, gently stroking it back and forth, and as I looked at him like a kid caught with his hand in the cookie jar, he smiled and said. 'Aaron, wouldn't you rather have the real thing, that looks very hot what your doing, and I'm really turned on watching it.'

He walked over shut the door, walked straight up to me face to face, and with out saying a word, he took my right hand and placed it on his very thick cock, 'There thats what you really want isn't it?' he said.

'Ye,Ye,ughm, yes,' I finally studdered out of my mouth.

'Hey Todd, you don't need to be ashamed, I have noticed how you look at my cock flopping in my shorts when I came home from jogging, and I was wondering just how long it would be before you would get to suck on it, I was letting you make the first move, but believe me I love a good round of sex with a hot guy, and I love having my cock sucked. What do you say, would you like to get it on? I know I would. Can't you tell by my hard cock?'

'Oh hell yeah Todd, I have dreamed of doing it with you.'

'Well do you want me in your apartment or shall we initiate mine?'

'I really have no preference Todd, its you, not he apartment I want.'

Todd took my hand took his underwear from my left hand and led me to the bedroom, I stripped and we crawled upon the bed, I realized he had not showered yet, he had just gotten ready to shower when he heard me in his apartment.

I went down on that awesome almost nine inch cock of Todd's as he lay back and groaned with that deep voice like a bear.

His body smelled so awesome, Todd was more gorgeous than I had first dreamed.

I had a problem of taking his uncut cock all the way into my throat, not that it was so long, it was just so damned thick, almost unreal, I finally got my throat relaxed and I felt Todd's cock slide deep into my throat with a loud groan, 'Jesus, Aaron it has been so long for me. Fuck that feels like heaven, yeah man suck it, take it all, fuck that feels good,' and I did just that.

I worked that awesome forskin on his covered cockhead back and forth, sucking that beautiful bluish purple head and I worked his cock like a master.

It took me about fifteen minutes and I felt his climax coming on. I felt his body start to getting tighter, more ridid, his huge nuts had pulled up tight into the sack against his cock base, and he let out a loud gasp as his cock started jerking and filling my mouth with almost thirteen shots of cum. He layed back breathing heavy and smiling, 'Wow Aaron, an apartment with extras.'

I smiled at Todd, 'Todd your awesome man, I love your cock and your cum,'

'Hey man, it's here for you anytime you want it,' he said.

I started to get up and he grabbed me and said, 'Where the fuck do you think your going man, I'm not done, he pushed me back on the bed, leaned over and started sucking my cock like a professional cock sucker, I knew by how good he was that I wasn't the first cock he had sucked.

I was so hot at this time I shot a load into his mouth after about four minutes of his sucking, and he sucked it out like a soda thru a straw from my cock opening. I was about to scream as he sucked me off. And if you hadn't notice this Todd made me forget about what I had with the other Todd, I guess I was suppose to have a Todd in my life.

That was just the beginning of this story there is more to come in the next chapter, when Todd takes this to the next level, stay tuned.



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