Kurt Colden walked out of the bar towards his jeep, 'no sex tonight', he thought. But his gaze fell upon a good looking guy. He walked over to the guy, as confident as he was and spoke, 'hey, no date?', 'oh. . no. . just checking out the bars', the boy replied as though he had been caught doing something he shouldn't have.

'I'm Eric', he introduced, 'Kurt', Kurt replied. 'So you wanna come over to my place?', Kurt asked as straight-forward as he always was. 'Okay, I was just gonna head home anyway, was getting bored'. Eric replied immediately. Kurt walked to his jeep, Eric following and got in. Eric seemed rather nervous more than anything else. 'So how old are you?', Kurt asked him, 'I'm 21, you?', he replied. '29 since last month', Kurt replied. Kurt pulled parked in the driveway of his house and they got out. Kurt fished out the keys from his pocket and opened the door and Eric entered.

Kurt turned around and grabbed Eric closer to him, his hands on Eric's waist and kissed him, Eric moved his hands through Kurt's hair as Kurt pulled off Eric's T-shirt. Kurt moved to Eric's chest and licked his nipple and placing his hand on the other one, he rubbed his hand over it, Eric moaned in pleasure and his lust for Kurt was only increasing, what Kurt didn't know was that Eric was a virgin and that he was 17 years old or so Eric thought. 'Now tell me, how old are you really', Kurt asked as he kissed and ravished Eric's stomach, 'I'm 21, I told you', Eric replied. 'Bullshit. . . liar', Kurt laughed, 'alright, I'm 18 years old, 'Eric said. 'They how do you get into bar's?', Kurt asked. 'Duh, with a fake ID, like the rest of the kids my age'. Kurt laughed. 'So your a virgin huh?', Kurt asked. 'Yeah your totally my first. '. . . Eric said excited.

Completely naked Kurt carried Eric to his bedroom and put him on the bed his butt facing the air. 'get up on your elbows, I want you to arch your body', Kurt instructed and Eric did as he was told. Once he was on his elbows Kurt pulled off his own underwear and hovered over Eric's body. Kurt's tongue slowly traced from the back of Eric's neck going lower to his back as Eric screamed out, Kurt continued into Eric's butt and Eric yelled in pleasure. Kurt smiled at his reaction, truly this kid was a virgin, he continued rimming Eric for a while till Eric begged him to stop saying the one thing that would get Kurt to stop, 'I'm gonna cum, if you keep doing that'. Kurt stopped and flipped Eric around and lifted his legs, got them over his own shoulders and said, 'this may hurt a bit, but it'll ease up, just try to relax. 'Kurt said as he slipped a condom over his cock

Eric cried out in pain when Kurt pushed his cock into him. But like Kurt had promised the pain soon turned to pleasure. Eric moaned as Kurt pushed in and pulled out in a steady rhythm, he drove his hands through Kurt's hair as Kurt came down and kissed him, turning him into a ball, he kissed back enjoying ever nibble, his toes curling. Kurt increased his pace as he was reaching to the edge, he licked and bit Eric's neck and kissed his boy-face as Eric felt the warm gushes of cum fill him, Kurt pulled out and some cum even fell to Eric's stomach. Kurt pulled out and licked Eric's stomach while Eric squeezed his eyes shut, Kurt took Eric's cock into his mouth and sucked it a few times till Eric came in his mouth, he swallowed it all.

Kurt had never felt like this about someone ever before, certainly not the guys he brought home. But he knew that he was gonna break his rule of never sleeping with the same guy more than once. 'Can I stay here for tonight?, My parents think I'm at a friends', Eric asked. 'Sure. . . for tonight. ', Kurt replied and crawled up to Eric licking his way up and kissed him again and again until they fell asleep Kurt on top of Eric.



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