Range was getting restless. Spring does that to a man, things are blooming, cows are calving, down by the river the ice has thawed, you could hear the grinding as the white slabs tried to mount one another in hurry to get to the Gulf. But still he was stirring, and cursing, and stall walking; He knew what he wanted and he thought he had it a couple of times but...nope, no Bill. He had a saddle being made for him, planned on shipping it out hoping he'd see him come up the road with it slung over his shoulder like a proper cowboy but that was his hope, hadn't happened. Thinking about that, he called Bangles, the oldest hand around and the one who made the best tack. Told him to put an extra layer of padding on the seat for a city man and, if he could, figure out a way to have a break away pommel so when the horse stopped up short but the rider continued on he wouldn't rip off his cock and balls on the horn. He'd seen it happened and the last thing he wanted was to import a new stallion and have him turned into a gelding. He didn't think Bill would appreciate it either. The next time round his office that looked out on the barn, he slammed himself into his big chair, undid his britches and jerked himself off just thinking about Bill and then had to clean his desk. Having done that, he sat there, his business hanging down, still slightly up and ready to go, and realized that if he couldn't have Bill right then-and he couldn't-he was going to fuck someone. Since he met Bill he'd pretty much stayed away from the bunk house and the five or six hands who he knew wouldn't put up a fight if he ripped down their Levis and stuck it in. Actually, some of them dropped by the house, took their pants off outside his office and walked in fondling there nuts and holding a pot of Vaseline. That got a smile out of Range and also got his cock nice and hard but lately even his favourite cowhand to play mare with, Evan, didn't do it for him.

With an "Ah Fuck it" he made his hand a fist and grabbed his meat as hard as he could and whacked it up and down until some juice finally drooled out and he was sweating. But it didn't solve the problem, just made him madder. It was Bill or nobody. Bill knew how to saddle him up and then mount him better than anybody. Fuck, he wanted Bill.Couldn't call him, Bill was in Geneva so he called Bangles and told him to step on it double quick and, still unsatisfied, called the bunk house to see if Evan was there, he was, and told him to come to the main house however he was and don't bother to bring the lube.

As he was plowing him and Evan was giving every sign of loving it, Range thought about those places in Thailand that did special surgery on men. He wondered....send Evan over, get a pussy cut into his front side and then he and Bill would both have something to fuck simultaneously. Evan appeared. Range smiled at him and wondered aloud if he'd ever hankered to see the Orient?

Evan didn't know the Orient from a cow but since his boss proposed it he agreed that he had. They stared at each other. Hard for Evan not to notice that Range's pants were down by his knees, his cock looked just used and the top of his desk...Evan went over and started to clean up the good tasting goo that had only recently been in one of his favourite people on earth. While he did that he unbuttoned his jeans, let them slide to the floor-revealing he hadn't bothered with underwear and stuck his tail at Range.

On his best days, Evan almost touched 5'7" which, compared to Range's 6'5", left some distance to be filled in. Range filled it in and stuck his dick straight in Evan assuming those interior muscles of his would take over and begin to massage him beyond hard all the way to, "If the ax handle's broken, don't worry about it." He picked Evan up, sat in his big chair, leaned back, and allowed the youngster to commence his staccato motions of tight and loose while pulling his lips around to see what he tasted like and to kiss Evan who, he figured, was saving a life.

It was a sturdy chair, had to be, between their combined weight and sustained activity, your average dining room table wouldn't have had a chance. Specially after Range took his two big work hardened hands and applied them to Evan's nipples. That upped the ante a couple of thousand and Evan pret near bounced off his boss man as the nips sent a message to his cock that said get up and go. Which is what he did.

Range let him have a moment of arousal and slipped his big hand over his nicely sized cock and slowly, slowly began the up and down motion that every man knows. Not trusting his aim, he withdrew his hand, spit in it, and returned well lubed for the purpose although by then Evan was already doing a land office business in precum. As desperately as he wanted, there was no way to get fucked and suck off the big man in whose lap he was riding. Range removed the cowhands shirt not only to give him better access to his breasts but to allow him to massage his whole chest, work his hand down toward where his other hand was already beating a tom tom like rhythm on Evan's hard cock. He leaned further back in his chair to get a better angle to shove his bull meat into the man on his lap, currently in pleasure overdrive.

He thought of Bill, he often did, his almost partner in far away Chicago or wherever he happened to be and shoved his cock further in Evan to the point that tears almost came out. Sorry he'd done it, he picked the youngster up, with his I Beam still in him and calmly took him to the bedroom where he, momentarily, unhitched Evan, stripped both of them and then applied handcuffs to himself which he offered to Evan.It was rare but he knew what he wanted. He hooked the cuffs over a place in the headboard and then with a padlock, secured them.

Range wanted to be mounted and the only way and the only person was by Bill who was not there. Evan knew he could not match the man from the East but he could fall on the tall, saddle muscled man in front of him like a wolf spotting prey.

But there was a bit more, Bill had told him, anticipating this day, what to do and that's what he did. Found the gag shaped like Bill's cock, shoved in Range's mouth and, with another padlock, made sure it wouldn't come out. He wavered about one thing he'd been told but his loyalty to the other big man in his life was too strong and so he found where the dog quirt was and, having made sure the gag was in, started on one side of his ass then worked to his other. Bill said,"Cherry Red, and don't stop until they are" and that's when he stopped.

Range was writhing in pain and pleasure wondering where Evan had learned all this although the answer was too obvious to ignore; Bill.But....what would come next? Bill had an amazing repertoire of sexual things that meant never did he know what was next. Evan could see the stripes on his back put there by Bill to mark him as his own. There were three of them which ran diagonally from his upper right shoulder to his left butt cheek. Just looking at them you know that blood had poured out and allowed to flow to make sure they stayed healed only to the point that it was obvious that they were there. If you saw them, and some did, you were left to wonder but never dared ask.That's were Evan was.

When you have a hot red ass the best thing to do isn't fuck it, that will come later, but to lean down, cruelly pull the two sides apart, stick your head in and let your tongue start the eating out. Evan could almost get to his prostate but, lacking that, worked him like an animal licking the flesh to get to the bones. Now it was pleasure that tantalized him, wondering what might be next but to involved in what was to give a shit. The tongue, almost slimy, his ass chute, now pristinely clean but that was only the beginning. Evan worked his mouth like an eight inch snake clearing a drain, worked it until the sides were beginning to ooze blood and, just to finish him, slapped his butt shut.

Both of them panted, sweat, waiting. Evan put his head by Range's. "Okay, Stallion, you've been warmed up, put in the mounting pen, so you know what you gotta do, you got you a first class mare and if you don't service it properly, you'll stay just like you are until you do. Get ready."

Evan pulled back and inserted himself under Range's body then just lay there. It was up to the big man with the big cock to take him, no help given. He could feel the flesh first tense and then grow a shield of hardening muscle and blood. He waited. Range knew when he was ready and when he was, he raised up and drilled Evan straight in, hard, no thought to pain, just the idea of getting him, getting his seed out and then....do it again just to make sure. Evan didn't need foreplay or loving words, what he needed was a hard cock up his ass, bruising his prostate, almost touching his pubic bone. Like a pile driver it went up and down, no thought to the material it was on, just dropping down to go as deep as it could shove the steel column into the flesh.

Just like that he blew a gusher. Then another. Finally, he fell on his cowboy having done his deed.

Evan slowly crawled out, got some keys, unlocked his man, stood there and jerked off on his back, watching his cream fall into the streams made by the stripes of a whip.

Range twisted his wrists, sprang his jaw a few times then rolled over to see this young man standing there, quiet, head down, hands at this side, hoping he'd given service. When he got up, the big man, his cock still vaguely hard, picked him up, held him to his face, kissed him and then, still carrying him, walked off to the shower.

There, later, not at first, they made love in the water, the steam, their individual pain. They fucked each other again but with such delicacy that it was a treat just to feel flesh....sense the white flux, eat it....hold each other, say nothing. Evan hunched down, right about to cock level but the man lifted him, smiling, said nothing. On the steam covered door with his finger he wrote "69" and looked at the young, but very happy, face.

With the big rough towels they dried each other. Range used his cut throat razor to shave Evan and Evan responded but with something less dangerous.

Dry, clean, happy, they wallowed in the sweat and fluid drained bed and slept, one up, one down, a good sixty nine, like pacifiers for a good sleep.




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