I got my degree in advertising and graphic design and went to work for a large advertising firm. Things were going well for me at the age of twenty-one. Then, three years later, everyone got real nervous. The company instituten a hiring freeze when the economy began to slide.

After a year and no one had been laid off, everyne began to relax a little. Then, after another year, layoffs began. Everyone was scared shitless that they would be next.

Then it happened. One Friday, Danny, a co-worker, and I were called to the office of the company president.

When we arrived, his secretary showed us into his ofice and shut the door.

'Have a seat, gentlemen,' he said, calmly.

Danny and I sat in the two chairs in front of his desk. Looking at each other, we knew what was coming.

'I'm sure you know why you're here,' he began. 'As much as I hate it, I'm going to have to lay you two off. It's lay offs or we close the doors.'

We just looked at him and nodded slightly.

Continuing, he said, 'You two are better than most in your department, with your new fresh young ideas. However, we have always had the policy of 'last in, first out', and you two were the last two hired. You don't know how sorry I am to have to do this.'

We nodded and sais we understood, athough we really didn't. That good old policy. Fuck it, why not keep the good and get rid of the worst?

'I have your severance envelopes here. Inside, you will find several copies of letters of recommendation. I've given you both the highest possible recommendations I have ever given. Feel free to make more copies should you need them. Also inside is the highest severance pay I could get for you. I wish you both the very best.'

We took the enveopes and thanked him and left. As we walked back to our department, we decided that after cleaning out our desk, we'd meet for a drink.

Everyone else was gone when we returned, so we could gather our belongings in private. Once we had them collected, we headed for the garage, where we decided on where to meet. Danny said he knew of a small neighborhood bar near his apartment. I said I'd follow.

We arrived and as I got out and began looking over the place. Outside, there were a few motorcycles, construction looking pick ups and regular cars.

Danny saw the look on my face and said, 'It's a quiet place. Everybody minds their own business, however it is a gay friendly bar, so you might see things you don't expect.'

I really didn't mind, seeing as how I was gay myself. I began to wonder about Danny. He was my age, twenty- seven, tall and slim yet well built and extremey good looking. Yea, he turned me on and had for years.

'Hey, right now I couldn't care less,' I said. 'I just feel like getting totally wasted.'

'Yea, me too,' he added, then asked, 'Did you check out your package?'

'Yea. It really took me by surprise. It was more than I expected.'

'How much was yours?'

'Seventy-five hundred. How about yours?'

'The same,' he answered as we entered.

We found a table off in a corner and each ordered a double shot of burbon, straight up. After that, we switched to beer.

As we drank, we discussed what our future plans were.

Danny said he was going to take a few days off and relax then hit the streets and start looking, then asked what my plans were.

'Well, I'm going to close out my retirement plan and reinvest most of it. Then, I'm taking a couple of weeks of vacation. After that, I'm not sure.'

'I should probably do the same and get a fresh outlook on life,' he said.

As we drank, I looked around the bar, checking out the bikers and construction looking guys. As I did, I noticed two construction guys sitting side by side at the bar. The older looking one casually placed his hand on the other guys upper thigh, rubbing slowly. The younger slowly spread his legs and allowed the older access to his crotch. I watched a second then glanced at the bikers playing pool.

One was standing behind another waiting on his turn and was humping another bikers ass gently. The biker in front smiled broadly. When the back one went to take his shot, it was obvious that he was boned.

I looked back toward the bar just as he younger guy headed for the restroom. A minute later, the older man followed.

I waited a few minutes, then went to the restroom myself. When I entered, I heard some foot shuffling but didn't see anyone. Leaning over, I peeked under the stall partitions and saw that both men were in the last stall together. both had their pants down to the floor. I tookmy piss and returned to the table with Danny.

He could say this was just a gay friendly bar if he wanted too, but I knew a full fledged gay bar when I saw it and this bar was one of them.

When I returned to the table, I moved my chair closer to Danny's on purpose. After sitting down, I waited a moment before gently pressing my leg against his. He didn't pull away. Then, a moment later, I rubbed my thigh, my fingers also rubbing against his as I did. I felt him press against my leg gently. I knew I had to figure a way to take it further.

After a few more beers, I said I needed to get home but wasn't sure I could drive that far and haed to leave my car at the bar.

'Mark, listen, I only live about three blocks from here. Do you think you could drive that far?'

'Uh, yea, why?'

'Well, if you can, you're welcom to crash at my place.'

'Hey, man, thanks. Lead the way.'

My plan was working perfectly. I followed him to his complex and after parking, I followed him intohis place.

Shutting the door, he said, 'Make yourself at home.'

'Uh, I can't do that,' I said with a chuckle.

'Hell, why not?' he asked.

'You might think I'm weird, but at home I usually go nude.'

'No shit! So do I, so if you aren't shy or bashful, we can bot get comfortable.'

'Hey, I do it in the locker room at the gym so why not here?'

'Exactly. Come on, Ill show you to the bedroom where you can hang your clothes.'

'Hell, I can just put these in a pile. I love he casual Fridays when I can wear my jeans and sport shirt.'

I followed him to his bedroom and we undressed. I watched as more and more of his beautiful body was exposed to me. I noticed him watching me also. Soon, we were both totally naked.

Returning to the living room, he suggested he put a frozen Lasagna in the oven so we could get some food into our system. We switched to sodas, and visited as we waited on the dinner.

After eating, we cleaned the dishes and as we finished up he leaned against the counter and said, 'All done.'

I stepped up in front of him just inches from him and said, 'Danny, that was a gay bar wasn't it?'

'Yea, it is.'

'Why didn't you just say so?'

'I wasn't sure how you'd take it. I figured that if i just said it was gay friendly, you'd agree to go in.'

'I see. Danny, your gay aren't you?'

'Yes, I am. Is that a problem?'

'Hell no!' I replied, leaning forward and kissing him.

As we began kissing, he wrapped his arms around my neck, holding me tightly and moaned in pleasure.

When we seperated, he smiled and said, 'I've wanted to do that since the day you started, but I figured you as straight.'

'Hell, baby, I'm as far from straight as you can get, and I'm hoping you were going to invite me to share your bed tonight.'

'I was. And if nothing developed before then, I was planning on sucking you in your sleep.'

'Well,let's get started while we're awake.'

We went to his bedroom and after a long hot kissing amd make out session, we flipped into a sixty-nine and drained each other, both swalowing eagerly. Later, we plowed each others hot asses, filling them with our cream.

I spent the weekend with Danny and it was awesome. That SAturday, we returned to the bar. He had told me that after nine at night, it becomes a private club for members only and anything goes.

We arrived and sure enough, at nine the owner checked everyones membership status, asking non-members to leave. Since I was a guest of a member, I got to stay.

Once it was members only, things began to develop. The bikers began removing clothes and were soon down to leather jocks and chest X- harnesses. Some just wore the harness and nothing else. The construction workers also began removing clothes.

Danny and I did the same. We were down to jocks and I looked toward the bikers at the pool tables. One was on his knees sucking another. One construction worker sat on the bar while getting sucked by another.

'If you see something you want go get it.'

'I spotted the young cnstruction work I had seen at the bar the previous day. He was at the bar looking around. He was nude except for his socks and work boots. I walked up to him and said, 'Very nice!'

'Thanks. You pretty nice also.'

Smiling, I slowly leaned over and began sucking his left nipple. He moaned. I moved to the right one then went lower, soon swallowing his hard cock. I sucked him dry with several watching. That was a real turn on for me.

After I sfinished hom off and stood he smiled and said, 'Turn about is fair play,' and went to his knees sucking me. I glanced over toward Danny and he and one of the bokers were on a table in a sixty-nine.

We each had sex with no less than eight guys that night, leaving just before five the next morning. Back at Danny's, we crawled into bed and passed out from exhaustion.

Danny began looking for another job but I took a trip to San Francisco, loving the Castro district.

My checking account was now substantial and I tried to decide what to do with my life. As I went throughthe help wanted section of the paper, an ad caught my eye. It read:

'Needed in early September..Housesitter..

Must be bonded and insured. For

information call Greg ' and it gave

a number.

I gave it a thought and decided that housesitting would be a perfect job.

I did some checking and became bonded and insured. I removed the ad from under the magnet on the fridge abd called the number, asking for Greg.

'Speaking,' he said in a deep masculine voice.

'I'm Mark Greyson and I'm caling about the ad you had a while back looking for a house sitter. I was wondering if youhad found anyone yet.'

'Not that I flt that I could trust,' he replied. 'Do you have any referrences?'

'No, sir, I don't,' I said and went on to explain my layoff and mydecision to make a career change and be on my own.

'Very interesting,' he said. 'Can you meet with me this afternoon say around six?'

'Yes, sir, I can.'

'Great, but keep in mind this is just an interview.'

'I totally understand,'I told him.

He gave me his address and said he'd see me that afternoon.

I ooked up his address on Mapquest and printed a map. I arrived right at six to find a large house on about four acres of propety.

When I knocked, the door was answered by what i can only describe as a Greek god. His face was perfectly chiseled with sharp edges and he was extremely handsome. He stood close to six-three, was extremey muscular but not overly so. He wore an open collar sport shirt revealing a hairy chest, and snug slacks.

'Mark Greyson, I assume.'

'Yes, sir.'

I like when people are right on time. Come on in.'

He led me to a large den overlooking a pristine pool in the back yard.

We talked for a while before discussing the job.

'You would be staying here on property in one of the guest rooms. You'd simply live here and look after things. The yard man comes every Friday and the pool man comes in on Wednesday and Saturday mornings. They know what they need to do. The house keeper comes in as needed. That would be your decision. The fridge and pantry would be stocked and you'd be free to prepare whatever you liked for your meals. You would be allowed to have up to three guest over at a time but absolutely no parties. You'd also have use of the pool and my gym if you wanted to use it. Any questions?'

'No sir. I'm sure I could handle it with no problem.'

'I'm surprised you didn't mention a salary,' he said.

'To be honest, sir, I have no earthly idea what to ask for.'

'Well, the averge rates are in the neighborhood of five to six hundred a week or two thousand up a month. That's not bad considering you would have no expenses. Fees also range by the size of the house and property.'

I see. That all sounds fair to me and I feel sure that you would do right.'

'Mark, do you have any problem if I do a background check on you?'

'Not at all. I'd be surprised if you didn't.'

'You know, for some reason I think things just might work out here. And by the way, I'm Greg Rivers, s please, just call me Greg.'

'Thanks, Greg.'

'Now that that is out of the way, how about a drink?'

'Just one. I'm driving.'

We had a beer while he showed me around his house and property. Once back inside I said that I should be going and didn't want to take up any more of his time. He said I should be hearing from him in a few days.

When I got home I Googled him and found that he was single and president and CEO of Global Shipping Corporation. He was thirty years old and had started the company when he was twenty-two.

Two days later, my phone rang. When I answered, I heard, 'Mark, this is Greg Rivers.'

'Hello, Greg. How's things going?'

'I just wanted you to know that you are my permanant house sitter if things work out.'

'What do you mean?'

'Well, somethings come up and I have to be out of town next week. I'll be leaving Sunday evening and will be returning the following Sunday. this wil be a test for you. Why don't you come on over Saturday afternoon and I'll go over everything with you and introduce you to out community security chief.'

'That sounds great, Greg. What time?'

'Anytime you want. I've got nothing planned. We can have dinner then go over everything.'

'Perfect, I'll see you Saturday.'

My heart raced at the thought of being his permanant house sitter. I began to wonder how often he would need me and if he could set me up with some of his friends to sit for them when not sitting for him.

I waited anxiously for Saturday to arrive. When it did, I packed a bag and was ready. I arrived at Greg's at four that afternoon.

'Good, your earlier than I expected. We can go over everything before dinner then have a quiet evening. Let me show you to your room.'

Today, Greg was dressed much more casual. he wore shorts, revealing muscular hairy legs and a tank top that revealed that his chest was extremely hairy.

He led me to a beautiful large bedroom with a private bath. 'This will be your room when you're here. Go ahead and get settled in. I'll be in the den when you get through.'

I quickly unpacked and put things away. When I returned to the den, I found Greg sitting on the sofa, papers spread out in front of him on the coffee table.

'Have a seat,' he said.

I sat next to him and we went over the alarm code, password, emergency numbers, and the like.

'Here are keys to the house, the pool house, and the garage. If things work out, and I'm sure they will, they are yours to keep as long as you're my sitter.'

'Greg, how often will you need me?'

'I take week long trips once a month and month long trips about three times a year,' he said.

'The reason I asked was that if your satisfied with my work, I was wondering if you could set me up with some of your friends when you didn't need me. Of course, your needs would take priority.'

'Sure, I can do that for you'.

We continued going over everything and when we were through he said, 'There is just one room that's off limits when I'm gone. That's my offic, however there might be times when I'm gone that I'll call you and tell you to go in and check on something for me.'

'I understand,' I said.

We then went to the patio and he began grilling steaks for dinner. After we ate, he suggested we take a swim. We changed and hit the pool and the water felt great. Seeing his full chest was awesome. It was covered with thick brown hair as was his shoulders and upper back. Damn, did this man turn me on.

Greg left the next day and I was alone in this beautiful home. I used the pool several times a day and always nude.

Then, on Wednesday when the pool boy arrived, and after seeing him, I made a point of introducing myself. His name was Clay and he ws nineteen. He worked for his dad's pool company. He was well built, had beautiful pecs and abs and filled out his Speedo very nicely.

I lay by the pool while he cleaned it, wearing my own Speedo and not hiding the full erection it revealed. I noticed Clay glancing over several times and his Speedo seemed to expand in front.

When he left, I had to jerk off. Man had he turned me on.

Wednesday afternoon, my phone rang. Looking at the caller ID I saw that it was Greg.

'Hi, boss. What can I do for you?'

'Mark, I need a big favor, and I feel that I can trust you. I need you to go to my office right now. I'll walk you through a couple of things.'

'Okay, I'm there.'

'Look on my desk. You'll see a small metal box. The combination is 969. Inside you'll find a key for my desk. Unlock my desk and look in the lower left drawer. You will find a folder marked 'Davis'. Take it out and make a copy of each page. Put the originals back in my desk and lock it and replace the key and lovk the box. take the copies down to FedEx and ship them overnight. Here's the address.'

I wrote down the address and told him that I'd do it immediately. I did and went straight to FedEx.

Then, on Friday, Paul, the gardener showed up. When I saw him I wondered how Greg managed to find such hot sexy guys to work for him.

Paul was in his mid twenties and blond haired and blue eyed. I introduced my self to him immediately. When I saw him go into the gardening shed about an hour after he arrived, I went out with a big glass of water and a towel.

He thanked me for the water and as I handed him the towel, I suggested that he remove his shirt and dry off. Smiling, he did and after he wiped his face and chest, I took the towel and offered to dry his back. He quickly agreed. I took my time and more massaged him than dried him off. When I finished and he turned around, I notied a huge bulge in his pants.

Smiling, I said, 'I think something else needs some attention.'

'Always. He really embarrasses me sometomes.'

'Well, let me see what I can do,' I said.

TO BE CONTINUED...........



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