After sex with Paul, I waited a few minutes before going inside. As I entered the house, I suddenly froze

There in the den, facing me was Greg. He wasn't due back until Sunday.

'Shit, man, you startled me. I thought you weren't coming back until Sunday.'

'I made my decision on a new manager sooner than expected and decided to come on home. What have you been up to?'

'Oh, not much,' I replied, wondering if he had seen anything between Paul and I.

'I saw Paul leaving when I was unloading my car. He's good at his work, don't you think?'

'Oh, yea. He has the grounds looking fantastic.'

'Why don't you get dressed and let me take you to dinner, then we can come back here and relax.'

'Sounds great,' I said, and as I dressed I wondered what Greg had planned. He just wasn't acting like his usual self.

I dressed and we went to dinner then to a small bar where he was well known. As we had our drinks, he told me about his decision for the manager.

'I hid some shiping documents that were absolutely necessary then saw how each one handled their replacements. Your choice won out. After looking for them unsuccessfully, he contacted the shipper to fax copies to us. I was impressed and gave him the position.'

I agreed and after another drink, we returned to the house. As I retrieved two beers for us, Greg went to his room, soon returning nude. I handed him his beer and as I headed for my room to undress he called back, 'I'll be out at the pool.'

When I walked out to the pool, Greg was in the water, inviting me to join him. I did although he was quieter than usual.

I decided to push the subject and said, 'Greg, you act like something's bothering you. Can I help?'

'You're right, something is bothering me. I'm glad yu brought it up, because I do need to talk to you about it.'

'What is it?' I asked.

'It's something I saw that's bothering me.'

My heart began pounding and was up in my throat. I could barely speak but managed to asked, 'What is it?'

'I actually got home earlier than you thought. When I came in I saw you and Paul, uh, shall I say, enjoying each other. Mark, you're gay aren't you?'

'You get right to the point, don't you?' I asked.

'Well, it was fairly obvious.'

'Yes, Greg, I am. If that's a problem, I'll get my things and leave.'

I started to get out of the pool when he suddenly said, 'I'm gay also.'

I stopped and turned to face him. 'What?'

'Mark, I'm gay also, and I've wanted both Clay and Paul since I hired them. The difference between you and I is the fact that I'm shy and withdrawn. I'm not one to make suggestive remarks or actions. Therefore, most people have no idea that I might be interested in them.'

I returned to the pool and was facing him as he talked. I looked at him and said, 'I'm still trying to digest your confession. I can't believe what you said.'

'You see? Most people have no idea I'm gay. And to continue my confessions, I've had desires for you also.'

'No shit?' I asked. 'I must confess that I feel the same way about you.'

He just looked at me and smiled. I decided to 'go for broke'. Moving closer, I leaned in and kissed him, amost immediately parting my lips and offering my tongue. Greg quickly responded doing the same, and I felt both our cocks stiffening between our bodies.

After the kiss, I held him and asked, 'Greg, how long has it been since you've been with another man?'

'About three months. Maybe a little more.'

'Damn!' I exclaimed. 'May I ask who it was?'

'It was a local guy I met at a seminar on shipping. He owns a local trucking company.'

'How did it get started?'

'We were in the seminar and he saw my name badge and city. He introduced himself and being from the same town we got to talking. we had dinner together and talking. We ended up in his room and he must have suspicioned because after a few minutes he kissed me and felt my crotch. It went from there. His main office is here in town but he travels a lot but we do get together some when he's in town.'

I reached down into the water ad began slowly stroking his hard cock. He looked into my face and I asked, 'Shall we end your dry spell?'

'I'd like that.'

He led me to his bedroom and we kissed and made out for a good while, exploring each others bodies with our hands and tongues, before going into a sixty-nine. We took our time, making it last and eventually fed each other our loads. After wallowing and kissing, we lay side by side cuddling.

'Man, did I ever need that. After a while, jerking off just doesn't satisfy.'

'I agree,' I said. 'And should I assume that I still have a job?'

'Hell yes you still have a job. However, I think I'll have to add to your responsibilities,' he said with a laugh.

'No problem,' I said. 'I definitely don't mind.'

'Mark, can I ask a personal question?'


'How long have you been gay?'

I told him about my feelings in high school and how I got started. 'How about you,' I asked.

'Well, like you, I became a little curious but never acted on it. I was became engaged amdmarried a wonderful woman I met in college. We had been married about a year when her brother came o town on business. We insisted he stay with us. He had been with us about three days when my wife had to go out of town on business, leaving me and him at home. She flew out one afternoon and that night he suggested we go out. We did and had several drinks and when we got back home, he said he had a porn vidoe in his bags but hadn't seen it yet and asked if I would like to watch it with him. I agreed and it turned out to be a bi movie with two guys and one woman.'

'And that triggered things?'

'Eventually. We began watchng it and were both soon boned. He got up and said he was going to get comfortable and stripped totally naked. I was feeling good from all the booze so I did the same. Hell, I'd been nude with guys at the gym so what was the big deal. Anyway, when the guys started doing each other he shifted on the sofa getting closer. He said it looked interesting and before i knew it he was sucking my cock. we ended up in a sixty-nine on the floor and from that night until my wife got home he shared my bed. We did the oral thing and got into the anal action. I knew then that I preferred men. It affected my relations with my wife and after six months we divorced.'

'Did you see her brother again?'

'Yea, a lot. I started this business and he would visit me often for weekends. My ex never knew when he was in town.'

'Did she ever find our you were gay?'

'Not that I know of. She has remarried and lives out of state now.'

I slept with Greg that night and the next day he asked me to make a play for Clay and he'd walk in and join us. I agreed, not telling him I already had.

When Clay arrived, I was nude at the pool and Clay was soon nude also. After getting his equipment out of the pool house, he came over and as he stood by me I began rubbing his cock. He was immediatey boned and sripped. I began sucking his cock and he stopped me pulling me into a sixty-nine. As we sucked each other, Greg slipped out, nude and boned. When Clay saw him he jumped up, scared he would get fired. Greg just smiled and said, 'May I join the party?'

Clay looked at me questioningly as Greg knelt in front of him and began sucking his cock, soon bringing him to a climax. Clay immediately began sucking Greg as Greg moved to my cock.

After Clay got Greg off he began working on the pool, As he did, Greg said, 'Clay, this can be a regular thing if you want it to be.'

'I'd like that,' Clay replied.

After Clay finished his work, Greg called him over asking. 'You in the mood for another round?'

'Fuck yea,' Clay replied. 'I've dreeamed of this happening.'

'Well, to be honest, so have I. However, now I want you and Mark to both fuck me.'

Greg lay on the pool deck, puling up his legs. 'Clay, you go first,' he said.

Clay mounted Greg and fucked his ass wildly, soon filling his ass with his load. After Clay pulled out I took my turn, sliding easily balls deep into the freshly fucked and filled hole. I soon added my load to Clays.

Clay watched the action and as I pulled out he said, 'I've always wanted to be fucked by a boss. Will you fuck me now?'

'Hell yea,' Greg said. Within seconds he was sliding his cock deep into Clay's ass. It didn't take greg ong to reach his climax and as he did Clay said loudly 'Of fuck yea! I've wanted this for so long.'

After clay put away the equipment and as slipping back into his clothes, Greg smiled and said, 'See you Wednesday for more fun.'

'I can't wait,' Clay replied.

After he left, Greg smiled at me and said, 'Mark, I don't know how to thank you for answering my ad. If it weren't for you being so outgoing, I'd probably never have had that experience with Clay. Now, I'm thinking of calling Paul and teling him i want to redo some of the plants. I'm not sure I can wait until he comes by Friday to do the yard.'

'Well, I might have a plan.'

'What is it?'

'Call him and tell him you need him to come by on Monday. When he arrives, tell him what you want out front, then bring him back here. Be wearing just some loose shorts, and once back here, casually remve your shorts saying something about getting comfortable. Now here is where you have to take conrol and be more agressive. As he makes suggestions, ease closer to him with your hand hanging down. Get where your hand is at his crotch, and once there casualy grasp him and start rubbing him. Once he's hard, open his pants and let them drop and just go down on him. Once your sucking him, I'll come out if you want me to.'

'If I get that far, let's see if I can get him in a sixty-nine. If I can, after we finish, you come out and I'll suggest he and I both work on you and share your cock.'

'Sounds good to me,' I said.

We went inside and Greg called Paul, following our plan. Paul said he'd be by about ten Monday morning.

The rest of Saturday and all day Sunday, Greg and I sucked, fucked, and rimmed each other. It was an awesome time.

Monday arrived and greg was nervous as hell. He had never made a pass at another guy before. Paul arrived right on time and Greg met him at the door, asking him about what could be done to add color to the front of the house. Paul made suggestions. Then, when they entered the back yard, I slipped out of hiding and watched, hoping Greg wouldn't chicken out.

He followed the plan perfectly and was soon nude standing next to Paul. As they talked, Greg moved closer, his cock stiffening slightly. Once he was in place, I watched as he grasped Paul's cock. Without hesitation, and to Pau's a surprise, he opened Paul's pants and let them fall. Quickly, Greg knelt down and began sucking Paul's cock.

I watched, my own cock rock hard. I was so proud of Greg. Soon, Paul removed his shirt and stepped out of his pants. Then stopping Greg, he got them into a sixty-nine. I watched as they sucked each other to a climax. As they sood up and kissed, I walked out.

Greg looked at Paul and asked, 'Want to share his with me?'

'Sure,' Paul replied. They began working on me. While one sucked my cock, he other sucked my balls and rimmed me. After a moment they would switch. When I reached my climax, Paul was sucking me. As his mouth filled, Greg said, 'Don't swallow. Kiss me and share it.'

Paul did just that. After they kissed and shared my load, we told Paul about Greg seeing us on Friday and this was all planned in advance. Paul smiled and said he didn't mind at all.

Now that everything was out in the open, Greg was much more relaxed and somewhat more out going.

I stayed at Greg's and on Wednesday, we had another session with Clay, sucking and fucking.

That night, we went to dinner. As we ate, Greg said he had something to ask me and something to tell me.

'What is it?'

'First, I talked to my friend that own the trucking company, Jake Sims, and told him all about you. He wants you to house sit for him when you're available.'

'Great,' I said.

'I'll invite him over Saturday for dinner and you can meet him.'

'Perfect. I'll fix us a nice dinner for us.'

'Now, for what I was wanting to ask you. I'd like you to move in with me, if you'd like to.'

'I'd love it Greg, but I still have four months left on my lease.'

'Find how much it will cost to break the lease. I'll pay it. Also, if you have furniture, I'll pay for you to put it in storage.'

'Greg, I can't ask you to do that.'

'You're not asking. I'm offering. I want to do it. I owe you a lot.'

'You don't owe me a thing,' I said.

'Oh, yes I do.'

I agreed to his offer and said I'd find out.

Thursday, I checked and got the cost of breaking my lease. Greg wrote out a check for it.

Saturday arrived and I made dinner. Jake arrived at six and Greg introduced us. Jake smiled at Greg and said, 'You sure you want to share this stud?'

'With you asking that I may have second thoughts,' Grreg replied.

Jake was in his early thirties, god looking and well built. Knowing that he knew I was gay was a turnon for me.

We had drinks then dinner and afterwards went out pool side for mre drinks.

'Anyone for a swim,' Greg asked.

'Sure,' Jake replied.

Both men stood and began stripping and I immediately joined them. soon al three of us were naked in the pool. As we swam and groped some, Jake said Greg needed to enclose his pool and heat it for winter use. Greg agreed.

Soon, the three of us were back inside sucking and fucking. As Jake was on his hands and knees, he had Greg fuck his ass as I fucked his mouth. After we had both climaxed, I sucked Jake off while Greg ate my ass.

Before Jake left he said he would be needing me to house sit from Tuesday through Saturday night. I checked with Greg and he said he'd be in town and not need me to sit for him. I got Jake's address and said ask when he wanted me to arrive. Looking at Greg and smiling he said, 'Monday night if you can.'

I agreed.

Monday evening I drove to Jake's estate. He greeted me nude and showed me around, telling me to use his bedroom while he was gone.

After going over everything I needed to know, he said, 'There is one more thing.'

'What's that?'

'I have two hot sexy guys that drive for me. One is married and bi and the other is gay. When they have to lay over here in town, they stay here and we have sex. One is due in tomorrow night and the other is due in Thursday night. If you'd like, I'll contact them and let them know you'll be here and that you're gay and if they want to they can stay here like always and that you know about them.'

'Sure. It will give me some company.'

They are Buck Davis and Drew Baker. Drew is twenty seven and is married. Buck is thirty and single. Both love anything dealing with male sex. I'm sure they will want to stay so feel free to stay nude and even answer the door that way.'

'Thanks, I will.'

Jake got on his cell hone and sent both a text message explaining everything. Drew texted back saying 'great' and Buck said 'awesome'.

That night I slept with Jake and had wild sex. He was wild in bed. After fucking me, he lifted my legs higher and sucked his own load out of my feshy fucked hole. It was awesome.

Tuesday afternoon about four the buzzer from the front gate sounded. Pressing the talk button, I said 'May I help you?'

'I'm Drew Baker. I think Jake told you about me staying over.'

'Oh yea. Come on in.' I pessed the 'open' button and greeted Drew at the door, nude.

Drew parked the tractor of his rig in front and as he climbed down he looked at me and said, 'Jake said you were hot, but he didn'y say you were burning hot.'

'Thanks,' I replied, offering my hand.

Dew came in carrying a small bag and as if we had known each other for ages gave me a hello kiss, then said, 'I need a shower. Would you care to join me and help me out?'

'Definitely,' I replied.

He went straight to Jake's bedroom and began striping. Soon we were both in the shower, with me giving him his bath. We did some sucking and rimming there under the running water.

After drying off, we got into bed and after a hot makeout session, we had a sixty-nine.

We ordered pizza delivered for dinner then returned to bed where Drew had me fuck him savagely. He liked it rough and loved being called slutty names.

Thursday, Buck arrived and it was repeated. However, sucking and fucking, Buck reached in his bag and pulled out a small can of Crisco shortening. I knew what he wanted.

Before long, I had my entire hand up his ass to my elbow. 'Yea baby,' he said, 'work that arm in and out. I fucking love it. You're going to make me cum again.'

I fist fucked his ass and when he neared his climax I took his cock in my mouth and was nearly drowned by his huge load.

Jake returned Sunday and we had more sex before I returned to Greg's.

When I arrived, he asked how things went.

I filled him in on everything and as he took my arm looking at it he said 'I can't believe all of this was up his ass.'

'Well,it was.'

That week, we put my things in storage and I moved in completely with Greg.

About a month later I ran into Danny, my former co-worker. We talked and caught up on what was going on in our lived. He couldn't believe what I was doing and the sex I was having. Knowing Greg wouldn't mind I invied him to dinner.

Greg liked him instantly and we had a hot wild three way.

Greg went with Jake's suggestion and had the pool closed in with heaters installed for both the water and inside temperature.

Also, during the next few months,Greg and i woud go out of town and I introduced him to gay bars and he soon began to be more open with what he wanted, making passes at guys and inviting them to his room. since we always got seperate rooms I did the same. greg became a new man and I oved it.

Our sex with Clay and Paul continued although neither knew about the other. Greg decided to change that.

A week before Christmas he invited both over for dinner and to give them their Christmas bonus.

We greeted them clothed and introduced them to each other. Then after a round of drinks, Greg said, 'Gentlemen, you just met tonight but I think you need to know more about each other. What you two don't know is that Mark and I have been having sex with both of you on the days you're here. We all four love the same things. Mark and I are going to get comfrtable and you are both welcome to join us.'

We left the room and soon returned totally naked. After a moment, they both began stripping down. After a couple more drinks we had dinner and then went to the heated pool. Soon, there on the apron of the pool, we began an hot four-way. After taking it inside, we ended up in Greg's huge bed. They spent the night with us and before they left the next afternoon, greg gave them their Christmas bonus.

He handed each an envelope containing ten one hundred dollar bills. They were both shocked.

We watched as they went to their cars talking. Once there we saw then exchange phone numbers.

'You think I got something started there?'

'I wouldn't doubt it at all. They make a nice couple,' I said.

Once back inthe den, Greg said, 'I've got a bonus for you also.'

He reached into his pocket and pulled out a small box. As he opened it I saw a gold signat ring with a black onyx inlay. Holding it he said, 'Mark, would you do me the honor of being my life partner?'

'Oh shit, Greg, I wasn't expecting this.'

'Mark, I've come to love you with all my heart and soul. I want ou in my life forever.'

'Greg, I love you dearly also and yes, I accept your proposal.'

'I'm the happiest man in the world right now,' he said.

'I'll have to let Jake know that I'll have to stop sitting for him.'

'No. Keep doing it. I know you enjoy it. I don't mind you having sex with him or Buck or Drew. I wil always know youll be coming back to our home and to me.'

'But what about you? I'll be out having sex with others and you'll be doing without. I don't want that.'

'There are a few of my managers and clerks at different locations that I know are gay. I've decided that when I'm out traveling that I will get to know them better. I can do it because I know you will be here for me when I return.'

We agreed on the open relationship and before going to bed to consumate our union he said, 'Here's your Christmas present, or atleast one of them.' He handed me an envelope. Inside was five thousand dollars. I tried to refuse it but he wouldn't hear of it.

We'vebeen together eight ears now and I have stopped house sitting. We have found another sitter. I now travel with Greg and we have sex together with his employees. Buck and Drew sometines stay with Jake and sometimes with us.

Clay and Paul are still employed by us however they are now lovers and we still have sex with them. Jake visits as does Danny. We had them over together and they hit it off and Danny moved in with Jake.

Frequently, we have Jake, Danny, Clay and Paul al over and have a great time. Life is great.

THE END............



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