I had made the offer to Paul to solve his problem with his boner. He smiled and as he did, I began rubbing the bulge in his pants.

'Well, I wouldn't object to that,' he said, 'but there is one condition.'

'And what would that be,' I asked.

'I get to solve your problem,' he said feeling my hard cock.

'I can agree to that condition.'

I slid his shorts down and being commando, his cock sprang forward.

Kneeling, I licked the precum off the tip of the head and he moaned softly.

Then in one swift movement, I swallowed his cock balls deep, burying my nose in his pubic hair. Slowly, I began sucking his beautiful long slim cock.

As he neared his climax, he gently held my head and began face fucking me. Soon, he gave a final thrust forward, burying his cock and it exploded, sending a huge volley of sweet cum down my throat. I pulled back and collected the rest in my mouth and once I had him drained, I swallowed.

I slowly stood up and when I did, he kissed me passionately. After the kiss, he knelt and lowered my swim trunks and began sucking my hard tool. Damn, did he ever know what he was doing. It didn't take me long to reach my climax. I don't know if he was just that good or if I was just that horny, since it had been over a week since my last one.

Regardless, my cock exploded with the largest and strongest explosion I had experienced in a long time. Paul expertly collected it all before swallowing. As he stood up we kissed again, then he said, 'I hope we can do this again.'

'Definitely. Today before you leave if you want to. Greg said he's be needing me quite often so whenever I'm here it's a go.'

'Great,' he said as we both pulled up our shorts.

After he finished his work we had a hot sweaty sixty-nine next to the pool. 'Until next time,' he said afterward, kissing me before he left.

Saturday, Clay returned to clean the pol again. I casually sat in the den nude and the drapes open so that he could clearly see me. I noticed him glance my way several times and the bulge in his Speedo grow almost out of it. To make things hotter, I began slowly stroking, making sure he saw me. Once I knew he had, I left the room and decided to wait until the next time I house sat to make my play.

Sunday, Greg called saying he would be arriving home about seven and asked me to stay, saying he needed someone to talk to.

I waited and decided to surprise him, having dinner ready when he arrived. He was duly impressed when he found out that I had prepared it. After eating he commented on how clean the house was.

'How many times did you have the housekeeper in? This place is spotless.'

'I didn't call her in. Cleaning gave me something to do.'

'Damn, man! You cook and clean? I might have to put you on full time.'

'I wouldn't turn it down,' I said.

'I'll have to think it over. Right now, I need to talk.'

'Sure, what about?'

'Well, mainly I just need to verbalize what happened this week. I had received information that the manager of the branch I was at had been overcharging customers and pocketing the overcharge. I did a surprise audit of the books and when I went through his desk one night after he left, I found a second set of books. He was charging a cash payment upon signing the contracts then the regular payment on the contract. That's when I had you send me the file on him. I confronted him and at first he tried to deny it. It ended up that there was more than what I found. It cost me close to five thousand to repay the customers. I had a choice of just firing him or turning it over for prosecution. He has a family and I didn't know what to do. I decided that he had to learn a lesson so I fired him and demanded that he sign an agreement to repay me every penny or go to prison. I couldn't hurt his wife and kids.'

'Greg, for what it's worth, I think you were very gracious. You did the right thing.'

'Thanks,' he said. 'Why don't you stay here tonight and lets get drunk. I'm just in the mood and hate to drink alone.'

'Sure, I said.

We started drinking and before long Greg was several beers ahead of me. He suggested we go for a swim and I agreed. We were on the patio, and to my surprise, he stood, stripped naked and dove in. Turning to me when he surfaced, he said, 'You coming in or not?'

'Sure,' I said. I stripped and dove in with him.

When I surfaced, I asked jokingly, 'You always swim nude?

'To be honest, yes I do,' he answered, slurring his words. He was plastered!

'And if you're around me much you'll see I run around the house that way most of the time.'

My heart raced and I wondered if there might be a chance of getting him in bed, his or mine.

After a few minutes, I suggested that we go to bed. He agreed and I picked up our clothes and followed him in. After dropping my clothes in my room, I took his to his room, helping him pull back the covers and into bed.

His body was beautiful. It was muscular with well defined pecs and abs. His chest, shoulders, stomach, and ass were covered in hair. His bush was thick and full accentuating his long thick cock and large low hanging balls. Damn, did I ever want sex with this guy.

I went to my room, and jerked off before going

to sleep and dreaming about him.

The next morning, I had coffee ready when he walked in nude.

'Damn, I feel like shit,' he said. then realizing he was nude in front of me he said,'Oh, sorry about being like this. I go nude a lot here at home.'

'I know. You told me last night.'

'I did? Damn, did i reveal anything else about myself?'

'No,' I replied.

'Thank goodness. That could have been embarrassing.'

Changing the subject, I asked,'What are you going to do about a manager for the branch?'

'I have three people in mind, and I need to make a decision soon.'

'Well, good luck.'

After a moment he said, 'Mark, you are hired permanently as my house sitter. I'll need you again next week when I go back to appoint a new manager.'

'Sure, no problem.'

'And since I now know I can depend on you, why don't you move some of your things in here so you don't have to pack and unpack every time?'

'That sounds great. I'll just leave the things I brought for last week here.'

'Perfect. Be back next Saturday afternoon. I want to go over the prospects with you and get your opinion.'

'Sure,' I said as I started to leave.

'Mark, you know the gate code. If you're in the neighborhood, please feel free to stop in any evening.'

'Thanks, I just might.'

I left, wondering about what he had said.

I didn't return until Saturday telling him that I had had a three day job house sitting on the other side of town. When I had arrived, he was nude, suggesting that I join him if I so desired. I did, and had to keep strict control to keep from getting boned as I looked at his body.

We went over the three candidates he had for branch manager and I gave my opinions on each from what he had said about them.

He left and on Wednesday when Clay returned, I was nude at the pool. When he started cleaning the pool, I began getting boned watching him and I made no attempt to hide it. When I saw that he was boned also, I said, 'Clay, you might be more comfortable if you took that swim suit off and gave yourself some room. I wouldn't mind and you'd be more comfortable.'

'You sure?'

'Of course. When Greg's gone and I'm here you're welcome to clean nude.'

'Hey man, thanks,'he said quickly removing his Speedo.

He finished the pool and we went for a swim, clowning around. We were both boned and as i swam underwater, I swam to him and before he realized it, I had his hard cock in my mouth, sucking him underwater. When I came up fr air, he smiled and said,'Fuck! That was awesome. I've never been sucked underwater before.'

'Have you been sucked by guys before?' I asked.

'Oh, yea. I love it and don't mind returning the pleasure either.'

'Well then shall we go inside and pleasure each other?'

'By all means,' he replied.

We went in and kissed and made out heavily before going into a hot sixty-nine.

It was awesome and we agreed that we'd have sex whenever we could.

After Clay left, I began to look forward to seeing Paul again.

Friday, when Paul arrived, we began a sex session before he went to work, fucking each other in the shed. Afterward, when he finished his work, we took a swim to rinse off then there on the patio, had a sixty-nine after making out.

As we sucked slowly and lovingly, I heard a sound. We stopped and I looked around seeing nothing and returned to our sucking. I heard it again. I again checked the area.

A short while after Paul left, I went inside. As I stepped inside, I froze.

TO BE CONTINUED...............



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