I'm a 39 year old Mr. Average American, I work as a construction worker, I'm quite healthy, and I go to the 'Y' and I swim, workout, and lift weights, jog, and play ball whenever possible, I'm pretty active except for my sex life which sorta died when my ex and I parted ways. I have two sons 18 the eldest, and the youngest 16, I had married when I was 18. My sex life lately has been about the extent of ole 'rosie palm and her sisters' which after a couple years has gotten rather boring, same ole, same ole, but never the less I have a great right hand and a wonderful fantasy life.

My Oldest Son, Barry, was away for his first year in college, in a midwestern state and was doing well he played college sports on the "B" team and was a candidate for the Varsity Baseball and Track team. He had been a letterman in High School and I was really proud of him, And He is damn good looking, if I may say so, And Built like a linebacker football player. We have a very close relationship also.

Well, the Christmas Holidays were coming up and I recieved a phone call from Barry, asking me If he could bring a friend to spend the Holiday break with us, Since his parents were in the midst of a nasty divorce and neither of them wanted him to come home for the holidays. I of course told him yes, and to find out what sort of things he liked so we would be able to have something under the tree for him to make him feel a part of the family, to which he complied and sent me a fax of his clothes sizes and a few gift ideas for his Friend 'Darren'.

The Day finally came and I picked them up at the airport and I met Darren, Damn he was a knockout. Darren was built like a '"brick shithouse". and had a smile with white teeth that glowed in the dark. I shook Darren's hand and welcomed him to our town and home, and told him any friend of Barry's was a friend of mine and he was welcome in our home.

I can't explain the feeling I had cause I didn't understand it myself, but something strange was happening.

Darren showed himself to be a wonderful kid, about 20 years old, Handsome as any model and so outgoing he made you proud just to know him. He and Barry took my car and went around town doing shopping, meeting some of Barry's old friends and girl friends, seemed to be having a wonderful time. They came home about 10:30 the next night and I was not expecting them to come home so early, I was in the kitchen getting a beer from the frig, and Darren walked into the kitchen, I was in my underwear, briefs and a tank top undershirt, Darren spoke and said, Hey Mr. 'K' don't you look hot and sexy in your underwear, I felt a little embarrassed, I turned red and He said, Don't be embarressed I run around in my briefs at home too, so does my Dad.

I turned around and noticed he was looking at the bulge in my briefs. I had always been proud of all 7.5 inches of my cock, but I had never felt so visually examined as that night.

I told Darren while he was there he might as well make himself at home, Barry and Steve do. I said 'Hell they walk around nude here half the time, as long as it doesn't embarrass anyone, and no one else is here but us.

Darren Said Thanks, I then noticed that Barry wasn't with him and ask Darren, Where's Barry? He replied, Some girl named Susan asked him to come back and spend the night with Her. I told him to go on and I would just like to come back here and get to know you a little better.

I was a little taken back, but I said Hey thats fine with me. I offered him a beer to which he laughed, and said, I hope you have enough, because I can drink. I went In and sat down, in my briefs and turned on the T.V. Darren sat his beer down and said I'll be right back. He went up to Barry's room and undressed to his underwear (Tee-shirt and Boxers) and came back down, and said, Now I feel more at home to which I just smiled. I had rented a couple of adult videos, thinking that the Boys would be gone most of the night, and I asked Darren if he liked porn, I told him I used it for jerk off inspiration, He looked at me kind of shocked and ask me You mean you still Jerk off? I said Hell yes, I didn't die, I just turned 39. A man doesn't change in his desire or sexual appetite he just gets older to which he replied 'Wow! thats awesome.

Well we watched the video and I was feeling a little Horney but I didn't let on except that my cock was about to split the white underwear that I was wearing, And for some reason I looked down at Darren's shorts and the Line of a very hard, about 8 inch cock with a nice shaped head outline was showing down the leg of his boxers. He just kept watching the TV. I got up trying to hide my boner, and said I think I need to go to bed. Darren said, I will too If you don't mind. Then He did something I didn't expect, he grabbed me and Hugged me goodnight, which really suprised me. I said my goodnight and then went up to my bed, I hardly ever close my door, and had just turned the covers back thinking I was gonna have me a good jack off session and then go to sleep. I had just slipped my hand down in my underwear and started my rubbing my hard cock, when Darren came to my door and said Hey Mr. K would you mind if I layed beside you and talked for a minute or so. I thought Well, I can pospone the j/o session for a while. Darren came into the room and layed down besides me and snuggled up to me like a little boy. He layed his arm over my lightly hairy chest, and he said, Mr. K.Do you realize just how sexy and good looking you are? You are one of the most sexy, Hot older men I have ever seen, can I rub on your chest, Now I have a slightly hary Chest and I love my nipples played with, But I was kinda shocked but yet excited, maan no one has touched me sexually in years. But I said whatever makes you happy, He reached over and started rubbing my abs and stomach muscles and chest and I heard him as he started breathing heavy and moaning lightly, The feeling was amazing to me too, really a first, no guy has ever touched me in that manner, but I was loving it, this kid was turning me on. I was starting to feel really get turned on then, he did something I have always loved done to me, He reached up and rubbled and lightly pinched my nipples I like to lost it. The electric shock of sexual energy, and I could tell my cock was harder than it had been for a long time.

I ask him where did you learn that, he just smiled, and said, it's something I love haveing doen to myself, and then I said what else do you know how to do. He just smiled and said just wait Mr. K. I going to show you pleasure like you've never had, and man was he right, Fuck me, He reached down to my package and rubbed my nuts slightly, in all the years of my marriage I had never had anything that had felt so wonderful, My breathing was so heavy and My ass hole was tingling and my dick was about to split, my foreskin had already pulled back naturally from the swelling of my dick, and pre-cum was flowing like a faucet.

Darren then reached up and took my shirt off and then reached down and pulled my briefs off, and when he did my cock sprang out, He reached out and grabbed my hard cock and started stroking, the feeling was incredible, I was in another The Twilight Zone, I was haveing feelings I had never felt before, and they were awesome. Slowly he stroked and milked my cock. I was feeling guilty for he was doing all the work and I was just enjoying all this awesome pleasure.

I reached down and put my hand on his hardon, and said this isn't fair. He said yes it is, I want to pleasure you Mr. K, later we can do more. I said Darren, thats a promise

He reached down and then he spread my legs and lifted my balls and leaned down and started sucking them while stroking my cock, then he did something very unexpected he lifted me up and started to tongue my asshole and I just about tore the bed down, fuck I was grasping the covers with my hands and about to rip them off the bed.

He had slowly opened up my poop shoot and and was driving his tongue, into it and it felt fucking awesome, I had never felt this feeling, No one had ever done that before, and I loved it. after about 15 minutes of this he stopped and kinda knelt up over me and leaned over and took my cock to the hilt into his throat. I went wild and thrashed on the bed and In about 5 minutes I started feeling like my cock was gonna split open. I felt way back in my groin, that imense feeling of a climax, now I had jerked off and shot my load before lots of times, but this was different, It was powerful, No one not even my wife or ex girlfriends had ever sucked my cock, at least not like this, and Darren wasn't gonna stop untill he had what he started to get. The Buildup was one of the most powerful feelings I have ever had and I started Saying 'OH Fuck, HOLY Shit, I'm Gonna, OH M---er Fu--! and it happened, My Cock Started exploding, Blasting a load of Cum that felt like it had been stored in my nuts for 5 years. and I filled Darrens mouth, so full he was gagging, and it was comming out the sides of his mouth andhe was lapping it up as fast as he could.

Needless to say I was exhausted, totally spent. I layed back and said 'That was the most wonderfully powerful climax that I ever had. Thank you Darren'. I rested up for a few minutes and noticed Darren was still licking my cum off his fingers. so I leaned down and did something I never thought I would ever do. I pulled Darren over to me and kissed him on the lips and he groaned and started slathering his tongue over my face I stopped him and leaned down and took his 8 inch cock into my mouth, the feeling was awesome, soft, smooth, and so tasty it even tasted better than I remembered pussy tasting , I started to do my best to make this kid feel like I had just been made to feel by him. In about 4 minutes He started grunting like a bull, and started thrashing about and blew a wad into my mouth, It was different, and didn't taste all that bad either, I kinda liked it. We were both Spent and exhausted, Layed back and went to sleep and slept like I hadn't slept for years.

The next morning Barry came home about 9:30 a.m. and said Hey guys you should have been with me last night I got Layed like a chickens egg. Darren and I were sitting at the kitchen in just our underwear. and Darren looked up at Barry and smiled, Darren then said, as he took a sip of coffee, As he looked at me and winked, Well don't some people have all the luck. and smiled.

Darren and I have had sex many times together after that, and still do, now even after they've graduated from College and are out on their own, Darren comes to my home and spends a few days at a time, And believe me, we had taken our love affair to the next level, You name it we've done it and even tho I was married and came into gay sex later on I'm hooked now and what I like about it most, no incumbermants.



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