From Part 3......................................

After we had eaten dinner, I told them to take Sunday off so that we could all get better  acquainted.  We went out to the pool and as we sipped our beers, conversation was casual.  Then, I noticed that Hank had begun to fondle his cock and it as gradually stiffening.  At the same time, Buck began to fondle his, so i decided to join in.  However,  what i really wanted was to get on my knees and alternate them fucking my mouth.  I hoped that would come in time.

As  we stroked, Buck confessed that it was the first time he had jerked in front of anyone,but he found it exciting.  I knew that watching these two hot studs jerking was turning me on.  

When time for bed, I made sure that i was in the middle.  Then in the middle of the night i awoke on my back and realized that they were both fondling my cock and i loved it  I soon reached out and had a hard cock in each of my hands.  Then  without warnig, Hank began to slide lower in bed and my heart raced.  Then, my body stiffened......................

Part 4.....................................

Buck felt my body stiffen and as Hank began to gently lik the head of my cock, Buck spoke softly and said, "Hank and i have  talked in grreat length over the last year and confessed that we are both curious about sex with men and want to see what it is like, but until we met you, we never found anyone that we knew was gay or that we trusted."

Hank stopped licking my cock and re-emerged from under the sheet ad added, "Mark, we want you to intrduce both of us to what men do. We want to try it all."

"Well, if you are boh sure of that, I would like nothing better that introduce both of you to the pleasures of sex with another man.  And i have to confess that ever since the day i met each of you i have wanted sex with you, and yes, the living nude and serking off was just the start of my plan."

"Well," Hank said, "since everything is now out in the open, how soon can we start?"

"You have alredy started when you went under the sheet.  Did you like it?"

"It was different  and i assume what was leaking out was precum."

I said it was and he smiled and said, "I liked the taste."

Not wanting to be left out, Buck slipped under the sheet and licked up more of my leaking precum.

As he returned next to me he admitted that it was tasty.

"Gentlemen, if you really want to experience everything men do together, I will show you everything, but realize that some of it may be not  what you expected."

"Your the boss and teacher," Buck said.

"Perfect," I said, before turning to Hank and pressing my lips to his. As I began to extend my tongue, he instinctively parted his lips and offered his and Buck watched our tongues carress each other as we traded spit.

After a moment, we  parted and in an instant, Buck turned my face toward his and began tongue kissing me.  I gently pulled Hank closer and eventually he joined in on a three way kiss.  I pulled back and wathed these two hot studs enjoy each others mouth.

After sitting up, i had them move together so that they were side by side.  I was  between their legs and asked, "Have either of you had your cocks in another persons mouth?"

"Only in a few  girlfriends mouth,"Buck said, "but it felt more like she was biting it instead of sucking it."  

"Same here when my ex-wife tried sucking me."

"The important thing to remember about sucking a man's cock is to use your lips and tongue and not your teeth."

I leaned over toward Hank and lifted his rock hard cock, gently swallowing it and caressing it with only my lips and tongue.

"Oh fuck man, that is awesome. I love it and as horny as i am it won't take me long to climax."

I stopped, and heard Buck say, "Go ahead  and finish him.  I want to see how he reacts."

I returned to sucking Hank's leaking cock and soon brought him to a roaring climax.  "OH, FUCK YEA," he cried out. "I'M CUMMING!  TAKE IT MARK."

His huge thick load of cum filled my mouth and once i had it all, i pulled off and opened my mouth to show them the thick cream before i smiled  and swallowed. 

"Damn! You really swalowed it? Buck asked.

"Of course.  There is nothing harmful bout eating it.  It is basically pure protein."

"Hell man," Buck began, "take me to the moon like you did Hank. "

"It will be my pleasure," I said as i leaned over  and took his cock into my mouth.  As i did he gasped, and moaned loudly saiying, "OH FUCK! I had no idea that i was missing something so antastic."

I began working my head up and down on Buck's cock and after a moment i looked up  to see Buck pull Hank's face to his and begin a hot tongue kiss with him.  They kissed passionately and moments later Buck pulled back and said, "Fuck,  Mark, get ready.  I'm about to blow my nuts,"

A second later  his cock exploded sending his huge hot thick load into my mouth.  I collected it all before eagerly swallowing it all.

The both leaned in and issed me, getting a taste of  the remnants of Buck's load.  After the kiss, i looked at them and asked, "Well, what do you two think of kissing  another male?"

Hank spoke up first, saying, "I always thought it would be revolting, but i must admit that it was more intense and passionate and hotter than any kiss i have ever had with  a woman."

"I have to agree with that,"  Busk quickly added. 

"And what did you think of your first blow job?" i asked.

Hank spoke up and said, "If i had ever thought it would be that awesome, I'd have started leting guys suckme years ago."  Buc quickly agreed.

"Well," I continued, "when it's just two guys  and one sucks off the other, it is common eor then to have what is called a 'cum kiss', where they kiss and share the cum load."

"Sounds hot," Buck said,  as he leaned over and pulled Hank over for another three  way tongue kiss.

As we kiss, they both began to fondle  my cock and almost simultaniously, began moving their heads toward my hard throbbing cock.

TO BE CONTINUED........................



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