I became tired of the hustle and bustle  of city life and bought a place outside  of town on just  under eighty acres of wooded property.  The house consisted of four bedrooms, two of which I could turn into an office, since I worked from home.  There were three baths, large den, kitchen, dining area, and formal living room. Off the den was a large patio next to  beautiful pool.

I bought the house and immediately decided what renovations I wanted to make.  The wall between the two front bedrooms would be removed to make a large office.  Then, the master bedroom would be extended and a new master bath created, with doube sinks, and a large walkin shower able to accomodate at least four persons. 

I contacted a local contractor and after plans were drawn up, the renovations started.  Thankfully, it was written into the contract that payments  would be made only onlyonan  'as needed'basis.  Renovations were well under  way and I felt that I was close to getting one of the hot muscular workers into my bed for some 'playtime'. 

The slab was poured with plumbing all in place.  The studs were up for the walls and the exterior sheathing and windows were in place as well as the roof.  Then, one Friday, none of the crew showed up.  I called the contractor numerous times but got no answer.  Then, as I watched the evening news, i got the surprise of my life.

The contractori had hired, as well as two of his workers, one of which was the stud  i was trying to get in bed, were all arrested in a huge local drug bust.  All were charged with manufacture and distribution of drugs and money laundering. Needless  to say, work stopped and i was at a loss of what to do.

The following afternoon, i headed to Home  Depot to pick up a few items needed to finish out my new office.  With my purchase in hand, I returned to my car and parked near me wasa large truck loaded with tools.  On the back was a sign reading 'Need work done?  Call Hank the Handyman.  No job to large or to small,' and a phone number. I got comfortable and decided to wait for  the owner to return.

Approximately, thirty minutes later a man approached and my heart began to race.  The man was very muscular, about six-three, close to one-eighty, and best of all, red headed.

Red heads have always turned me on big time and he was no  exception.  Hishair as cut in a burr and glistened red in the sunlight. His V-neck tee shirt revealed a nice patch of red-orange hair on his chest, and  red  hair glistened on his muscular arms.

When he stopped at his truck, I got out  and asked "Are you Hank?"

"That's  right,"he answered. "How can i help you?"

"I'm Mark Roberts and i have a situation and hope you can help me."

He asked what it was  and I explained the events that had transpired.  After explaining everything he said he could drive out Monday morning and check things out.  I thanked him and  gave him the address and my phone number.  I was wondering  if he had noticed the boner bulge in my jeans.  I returned home and immediately tookmatters in hand befoe devouring the hot  thick creamy load in my left hand.

Shortly after seven Monday morning i saw his truck coming down the long drive.  Wearing only a pair of nylon gym shorts, i went out front  and greated him.  After our greetings, i led him inside and offered him a cup of coffee.

"That would be great,"he said.

I casualy asked if his wife ever got upset about  his hours, he smiled  and said that it did at one time but he was now divorced and much happier.  

"Ah, no wife," i thought.  "Even better."

I led him to  the master bedroom and showed him the plans.  He looked them over and with a smile, said, "The hardest part is already done. The rest will be a breeze."

"Hank, I don't want it rushed.  Take your time and give me a price."

He did some figuring and finally gave me a price and an esimated date of completion.

"The price is right but take your time.  If you go pastyour expected date, a daily bonus will be added."  He looked at me and smiled.

"I've got a job  in town that i'm almost through with and can start here  probaby Friday.

"Perfect," I replied before offering him another cup of coffee.

I found out that he was thirty two and had served in the Marines in construction. He said he never dated and was 'married to his work'.

On Thursday afternoon he called me and asked if he could  bring out some tools.  I quickly told him that he could and that it was not necessary to call first. 

Then before he hung up, i said, "Say, if you have time, why don't you stay and i'll throw some burges on the grill. "

"Sounds good," he replied, "and i'll bring the beer."

He arrived shortly after five and as we sat on the patio,beers in hand and burgers on the grill, he commented on how inviting the pool looked.

"Hey man," I began, "feel free to dive in anytime."

"I definitey woud if i had  some trunks," came his reply.

'Buddy,  you just opened the door,' I thought.

"Listen, Hank, I always swim nude. Out here we are totally private.  There is no one around here that can see anything that goes on.   If you want to swim, go for it."

Smiling, he said, "Thanks for the offer.  I just might sometime."

"You go to the gym?"I asked.

"Oh yea, when i can," he replied.

"So do i at times,so with both of us having served in the military and use a gym, if we skinny dip, we certanly  are not going to see anything we haven't seen before."

"Good point," he replied with a laugh.

We soon ate and as we sat poolside with a fresh beer, i stood, kicked off my sandals, and casually dropped my shorts and stepped out of them, before diving into the pool.

I returned to the side of the pooland  as i hung on the  wall and sipped my beer, Hank casually removed his shirt,fully revealing his muscular chest coveredwith a thick  layer of red-orange hair.  What i was really wanting to see was that red bush at the base of his cock.

We chatted about the  work to be done  and as we did, Hak casually stood up and slipped out of his shoes.  My heart began to race.  Then, aftercasually turning his back to me, he dropped his jean and stepped out of them.  He was commando.  Turning toward me,he said, "That water just looks too inviting."  My eyes were glued to the thick red bush around his beautiful long soft cock.  

After some general conversation and a couple more beers, he said he needed to get back to town and get some sleep to start my job tomorrow.

"Hank, stay here.  I'd hate to see you get a DWI chargegoing back to town."

"You have room?" he asked.

"Well, until you finish the master bedroom, my bedisin the guest room however it is a king with plenty of room for the two of us."

"I'll stay.  I probably shouldn't be driving."

We cleaned up without putting on any of our clothes and as we headed to the bedroom, i decided to test the waters and said, "Oh, by the way, I sleep nude."

"I figured that.  So do I."

Moments later we were in bed, wishing each other a good night.

In the middle of the night i awoke to find Hank spooned in behind me.  I wonderedif it meant anything.

TO BE CONTINUED ...........................



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