When I was about 18 years I found life strange, I was still living at home, Dad and Mom had divorced a few years back and Mom got custody of the two younger siblings, a sister and a younger brother. And I decided to live with Dad. I was into many things but during the summer months I played on a baseball team at the local Park and loved it very much, It helped me stay in shape and gave me something to do of an evening beside the usual thing, cutting grass at home, yardwork and repairing cars ect. young guy stuff.

Many of the buddies I had grown up with had either went off to college or went into the Military. I found myself getting bored, lonley, and I walked around with a hardon most of the time, altho I still had a few friend which got together and have bull sessions and do crazy things together, my only problem was, I was beginning to know that I was gay and having a hell of a time getting partners to have sex with, and my right hand was getting boring. I wanted to have a mouth on my cock or an ass to plug and have the option of returning the favor.

About the only way I got to see another guys cock was stand at a urinal at he local shopping center and strokeoff and watch other men take a leak, And that too was beginning to get 'Old Hat'.

About two weeks into the new baseball season, we had had about three games at the park here in town, A mid sized town in the midwest, and I decided to go to the mens room and take a dump, thats when I discovered someting that changed my sex life.

I went into the closest mens room there at the park, and It was full. I was about to bust and one of the other guys on the team said there was another mens room across the field in the playground area, well I had to use it badly and said since the game was over I needed to take a trip to the mens room even if it was a mile away.

I had changed my spikes for my sneakers at that time so I wouldn't mar up the floor to the rest room, and I finally got into the room found out there were about 5 or 6 urinals against the walls without dividers and about three crapper stalls. I hurried to one and rushed in and closed the door. I was doing my duty and looked down the wall and discovered a hole cut into the walls about 4.5- 5 inches in diameter, and I noticed a guy in the next stall. I gingerly and slowly leaned over to get a look at the guy and noticed he looked like a young man, couldn't really guess the age, and he was slowly rubbing his cock, which looked to be about 7 inches long and thick, it was a beaut, I about swallowed my tongue. I had never seen anything like this and I was kinda mesimerized by it. I continued to watch and he began to pick up speed. I finished my business and pulled up my trousers and left. But the thought of him jerking off was really turning me on. I thought of that all the next three days and I decided to go back to the park with the guize of jogging around the center of the park (they had a running track that circled the ball fields). I had run about 30 minutes and had to take a leak when I remembered the mens room in the playground area.

I slowly and quietly went into the mens room and stepped really quite in case someone was in there and I saw a pair of Nike's under the stall wall, and I was very quiet there was another pair or feet standing facing the wall and I saw a pair of hands that looked like they were hanging on top of the stall wall and I heard a sort of slurpping sound and hear like a real gutteral groaning. I continued to watch this for a while and I realized that guy was getting a blow job from the guy in the other stall, I didn't know this type of thing really happened. I was getting a real stiff cock listening to them go at it. I listend for a couple minutes and the guy standing up started sayin oh yea! Fuck yea! Man I'm gonna cum, Oh God man I'm cumming. and sounded like he was having a fit or something, anyway I got out of there before he came out of the stall and I was setting on a park bench outside of the mens room and heard him coming out. He was a really good looking young man, Looked to be about maybe 23-25 or there abouts handsome as hell, and he was wearing looked like gym shorts and a tee shirt and I could see the outline of a still half hard very shaply cock bulging thru his shorts, with a very defined cock head outline. Damn he was a turnon. after he got into his car and left I went back into the rest and took a leak. I saw the man was still in the other stall.

I really wanted to try it but was a little nervous so I went back out of the rest room and kinda walked around some more when I noticed that another guy maybe 30, nice looking man went into the rest room and I waited about five minutes and followed quietly and there it was again, the guy that was standing in the second stall was getting his dick sucked, same senerio. I was leaking precum like a fountain just listening to them and I went over to the urinals and whipped out 'ole johnson' and began stroking like a maniac. The guy who had just come into the room I heard grunting a shooting his load. I was too close and turned on to stop and he came out and saw me slowly beating my meat. and walked over to me and said there was a guy in the stall that would take care of that for me and I would enjoy it more. So I saids thanks and walked to the stall and pulled off my jogging shorts and sat down my cock was already about to burst and I noticed he was stroking what looked to be an 8 inch cock. He put his finger into the hole and said put it thru, I notice the hole was big enough for my nuts and my cock, which I might say is a nice 7.5 inch thick uncut beauty. and I was standing up with my cock thru a glory hole for the first time in my life and then it happened, the most glorious feeling I had ever encountered up to that point. I felt his warm hands rubbing my cock as his tongue began licking my nutsack and lightly sucking my nuts into his mouth, he did that for a few minutes while he wrapped his hand around my shaft and stroked slowly and lightly, after about 3-4 minutes of that, he slowly started licking with his tongue up and down the shaft of my cock, gently swirling his tongue around the head of my dick, which sent absolute electrical shockwaves of pleasure up my spine and made my asshole draw up tight. Damn this guy was wonderful, I had never felt like this I had to meet this guy and have a love affair with him, He just kept me on the edge of exploding and then he would back off, I felt like my dick was about to split open it was so hard, I could hear him groaning as he slid his very warm, moist slippery mouth and warm wet lips all the way down to my pubic bush I was going wild, the thought Was just awesome, Here I was getting something I had always wanted in a park bathroom by a person I had never met, Totally stumulating and erotic as hell. I had had all my young body could take of the sucking and I let loose what had to be the mother of all climaxes I shot a load that seemed like it would fill a soda can. the guy in the next stall just grunted and swallowed. I was in dreamland, my body was convulsing, and jerking I was shooting cum like a breading stud and my mind was in Limbo. I had died and gone to heaven. Then I had started to come back dowm to earth. I was in love.

I knew I was in love and I had to reciprocate to this man, altho I had at that time never fully sucked another guy off before, I had tasted my own cum and kinda liked it I wondered if another guys jizz would taste like mine. I had to find out.

I stuck my finger thru the hole and the guy stood up His body was gorgeous nicely muscled stomach, light hair over most of his body, his cock standing up like a beacon light and as long and stiff looking as a flashlight. he stuck his package thru the hole and I started rubbing his huge nutsack, He moaned and I knew he was enjoying it, then I took his also uncut cock into my hand and started rubbing the foreskin back and forth and noticed he was dripping pre-cum like I did.

Then I took it into my mouth, god It was incredible, the skin was smoothe and so tasty, even tho the thing was like a peice of steel. I took it all the way to the hilt and started to gag, pulled back and slowly licked the head and swirling my tongue around the frenum (undertip) of the head which made him groan and jerk a little, He wispered how awesome and hot my mouth was, which made me feel proud, after the blowjob he had just given me. I then started putting a light sucking pressure on his cock as I slid my mouth, lubricated by saliva and his own pre-cum, back to the head rim and all the way to the hair, slowly rubbing the underside of his balls he was pushing it all the way into the hole as far as his body would let him push, and I was performing what majic I could on his cock. after about 4 or 5 minutes of this He started making grunting noises and I knew it was time to find out if his cum tasted like mine, well man did I find out. He came more than I did, and I loved it, out of his spasming cock head splashed an enormos load of Hot, salty, acrid, sweet man nectar that filled my mouth and throat, God man, I was in a state of euphoria, this guy was jerking, snorting like a bull, groaning and all but yelling Oh Hell yes, Hell yes, fella you know how to suck a cock. I really felt proud.

After he set back down he wispered he wanted to meet me. and I said O.K. we both got our breath and about 3 minutes later I walked out of the stall to wash off a little at the wash basin and I turned around to see the guy coming out the last stall, the man who had just sucked my cock like never before and the one I had just pleasured with my mouth, and Lo and behold It was my Dad! At first we just stared at each other, speachless, both in a state of shock. I just stood there not knowing what to say, I knew I loved my Dad, but had never had any Idea he was like that, well to be honest like me. It was strange but I began to feel an awesome love for him, He walked over to me and Said Son, I couldn't say anything but Dad, He said Say something, I said Dad I really Love you, He said Son, I really Love you too. Lets go home and get into something nicer to wear and go out to supper somewhere nice, my treat, We've got a lot to talk about. I said O.K. DAD. Needless to say We Have had an awesome realationship with each other since I found the Glory hole in the park restroom. But It has not been all about sex, it has been about an open, Loving, kind relationship.





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