Mistresses and wives often know about each other, but seldom met. Not only was I surprised to meet Silve, I would have never expected that she and I would become intimate! The next morning, she woke to see me smiling at her. She returned the smile and kissed me.

I was greatly surprised when she said, “You are the only other person to have shared my bed. Before last night, only Miguel had fucked me.”

I stared, dumbfounded and stuttered, not knowing what to think our say!

She placed a finger on my lips. Her warm smile melted my heart. I couldn’t believe the gift she had given me! How in the world could Miguel want me when he had this marvelous woman in his life?”

“I understand why Miguel talks so much about you,” she said. “He loves you deeply. And, I think, maybe I love you, too!”

Silve suggested we take a bath together. She poured bubble bath into the tub and we sank to our necks, luxuriating in the sensation. We moved closer to each other and kissed, our hands exploring and caressing each other. While she played with my breasts, I cleaned her bottom then fingered her pussy until she came. I held her close as she stoked my cock to orgasm.

“I was rather hoping to take you into my mouth,” she complained. 

I sat on the tub’s edge, legs spread wide and leaning back. She took the invitation and then my cock. The combination of her warm, wet mouth, and her tongue on the underside of my cock was more than I could stand. All too soon, I was emptying my load into her mouth. She took my face in her hands kissing me, sharing my hot cum with me.

We dried each other. I put on Miguel’s blue shirt and she grabbed a white one from his closet. It only covered half her bottom. We went to the kitchen and drank coffee while Mama Rosa prepared a light breakfast. 

Silve stretched, pulling the shirt above her hips.               

“I think I could get used to this,” she purred. “I feel like spending the whole day with you in bed!”

 “I led her back to bed and crawled next to her. We spent several minutes entwined, kissing deeply. I moved down to her breasts, sucking each one and pulling her nipples with my teeth. Silve gasped with pleasure and held my head close. I need no further encouragement to suck her breasts. 

I eventually kissed my way down to her navel and on down to the hollows of her hips.

She spread her legs wide, inviting me to eat her pussy. I grabbed her clit with my teeth, pulling gently. I nibbled her lips and ran my tongue deep inside her. She arched her hips to meet my tongue. I drank in her musky aroma as I tongued her into orgasm after orgasm.

 When she collapsed in exhaustion, I moved up and pushed my cock into her warm, wet pussy. She wrapped her long legs around me, pulling her hips up to meet my thrusts. I soon came as her pussy muscles milked my cock dry. I moved down and ate her out again, making sure to get every last drop of my cum.

As we lay together resting, she asked me to eat her. She had never felt anything like it before!

She lay on her back, then pulled her legs back behind her head. Her pussy and ass were exposed to my waiting mouth.  She pulled my head close as I sucked and bit her clit. She would moan every time I drove my tongue in her pussy. I loved the taste of her. Her cries of pleasure encouraged me in my efforts.

When she came, I could feel her pussy muscles gripping my tongue. I wanted to feel her contractions on my cock. I immediately put my cock in her. I fucked her hard and deep as she continued coming. I soon emptied in her.  I rolled off and she immediately unfolded and took my cock into her hungry mouth. She sucked furiously until I was hard again then lay back with her legs above her head. I could see my cum leaking from her.

I was going to eat her when she told me to fuck her ass. I drove it in causing her to yelp, at first. Soon, though, I was hearing cries of pleasure as I fucked her hard. I managed to fuck her longer before I emptied into her. I nearly pulled out, but I was still very hard.

“What the hell!!” I muttered. “”I hate to let fine ass go to waste.”

She heard me and said, “If my ass is as fine as you say, you better not let it, or me, go to waste!”

I needed no further encouragement. I fucked her hard for the next hour before I finally came. I pulled out, and with her legs still behind her head, licked my cum from both her dripping holes. She could hardly stop coming as I ate her out.

She finally unfolded and lay on top of me. Taking my face with both hands, she smothered my mouth and face with her kisses. She was talking too me in Spanish. I didn’t understand the words, but there was no mistaking the feelings. (I definitely need to learn Spanish as she and Miguel speak it.)

After we rested a bit, she rolled onto her stomach and raised her ass slightly. 

“Please,would you lick my ass again?”

I lay behind her, slipped my arms under her thighs and reached back to her bottom. My fingers stoked her bottom while my mouth and tongue caressed her cheeks and ass hole. This was going to be a long afternoon!

I don’t know how long I had been eating her, but I was enjoying every second. I love her taste. Her cries and moans told me how much she pleasure she was getting. Whenever I would stop she would beg me to keep licking her. Her beautiful bottom was always squirming, arching to meet my tongue.

“I’m very pleased you two are getting along so well.” It was Miguel!

Silve rolled from under me and pulled a sheet to cover her naked body. She was afraid, and nearly in tears!

Silve said, “You’re early! You’re not supposed to be here until 4!”

“It’s nearly 6. I’ve been watching you for over an hour.”

“I’m so sorry1” she cried. “I never intended to cheat on you!”

Miguel took her into arms, speaking softly to her. “I’ve never put restrictions on you. You did that. I’m pleased that you were enjoying yourself with Angela.”

He saw my guilty look and said, “Didn’t I say you could have any lover you wanted when I was way? That includes Silve, too!”

“Why don’t both of you go clean up? I’ll check with Mrs. Garza about dinner. “

We showered and I put on my blue shirt. Silve put on the white. As we were leaving the room, I got a glimpse of us in the mirror and saw what Silve had been seeing all along. I was a much younger version of her! No wonder she was frightened! I felt Miguel had chosen me because of that resemblance! I felt very small and guilty at that point.

We ate dinner with little small talk. Miguel would talk to Silve and tell her how beautiful she looked in his shirt. I could see her glances at me in one of his shirts, too. The whole affair was tuning awkward.

Mama Rosa walked over and looked at me. “Don’t you have an on-line exam due tonight?You also have to work tomorrow!” She said sternly.

The exam part was a lie, but Miguel and Silve apologized and bid me go. I gave Mama Rosa a grateful look.

Later Mama Rosa brought warm cocoa and cookies (she knows about me, but I’m still one of her “daughters”) and sat with me awhile. I cried in her arms. When I was done, she tucked me in and kissed me goodnight.

I got up for some wine later and saw the other door partially cracked. Silve had her long legs wrapped around Miguel as he thrust into her. I could see her nails raking his back as she moaned under his deep thrusts. I went back later to see him on his back and her riding him, his hands cupping her breasts. I was happy for her but sad for me.

Sometime later, my door opened and Silve crawled into bed with me. She kissed me and stoked my hair.

“Thank you for not taking him from me,” she said before she left. The fear was gone from her eyes.

 The next morning, I packed my things and left. Mama Rosa gave me a sad hug and asked me to visit her once n a while.

 To be continued…….. 


Angie K


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