Miguel would come to town twice a month for 2-3 days at a time. The sex was great, but we also spent time learning about each other and enjoying our time together. The servants, Felipe and Rosa Garza, made me feel at home, including me in their activities and inviting me to eat with them when Miguel was gone. “Mama Rosa” treated me like one of her daughters.

Many times Miguel would be in town only for the day. He would take me to lunch and leave.

Miguel set up a trust fund for me, which Jackie administered. I had a substantial living expense account and a nice personal allowance. It was enough for me to return to college.

 Jackie helped me purchase a few outfits, suggesting I go cautious at first. I paid for college from my personal allowance. Jackie let me reduce my hours to 3 days a week.

 Miguel was impressed with my restraint, but said I should have used the expense account for my education! I reminded him he was more than generous with both accounts.

 “You are my mistress. It is expected I lavish you with the finer things!” he replied a little indignantly.

I whispered in his ear, “And I expect you to lavish my ass with your magnificent cock!”

He turned red. I took his hands in mine and laughed lightly before I kissed him. He soon laughed with me.

“Ah, Angela. My Querida! I feel young again when I’m with you!”

 On afternoon, I was on my bed studying for an exam. I was wearing Miguel’s blue shirt, naked underneath. I wore his shirt most days. My hair was in a long pony tail and I was wearing white socks. I was expecting Miguel to come in that evening. He loved seeing me in that shirt. I never bothered buying any night gowns.

“He told me you found that old shirt,” came a voice from my doorway.

It was Silve! I had never met her and was a little nervous. She saw my startled look and smiled.

“It looks marvelous on you. Miguel and I had the best sex of our lives whenever I wore it. We thought it lost. I’ve since taken a couple other of his shirts.”

She sat on my chair as we talked. She asked me to stand and remove the shirt. I turned around at her direction.

She looked at me with a sad smile. “I can see why he wants you. He often tells me how beautiful you are.”

She then proceeded to tell me her story…..

 Miguel and I are from Madrid and come from very wealthy, traditional Castillian families. I was 5 years old when he was born. We often played together growing up. When I was 10, I would look after him. We grew very close. Our families often visited together. Our father’s shared business interests.

On my 15th birthday, Miguel’s father and mine stood up together and announced Miguel’s betrothal to me! I was dumfounded and frightened! Sometimes a father would give his daughter to one of his associates. My father was 30 years older than my mother.

Miguel saw my look and took my hands in his. 

“I will be the best husband I can possibly be to you. I promise I will learn to love you with all my heart!” The seriousness of his expression and declaration of a 10 year old boy’s devotion partially eased my fears. He turned my palms up and kissed them both. His touch was electrifying! I knew then he would honor his word and that I would learn to love him, too.

By fifteen, he had reached his full height of 5’4. He was very handsome and had a commanding presence. I had grown to be a gangly young woman 5’11 tall. I was small-breasted with narrow hips. I towered over Miguel, but he didn’t seem to mind. I had grown to love him deeply. I was 20 and most of my friends were married by then.

There were always younger girls with full breasts and wide hips vying for his attention. I was afraid he might leave me for one of them and decided to do whatever it took to keep him.

One night, our parents were at a party and would be gone the whole night. I slipped naked into his room. His jaw dropped and he stammered that I shouldn’t be there! I shushed him and went to him, leaning down to kiss him. I placed his hand on my small breast.

 “Make love to me,” I pleaded. “I want you so bad.”

I didn’t know how big his cock was. Losing my virginity was the most painful thing I had ever felt. He didn’t know how to be gentle, yet. I didn’t let him see my tears. He fucked me three times that night. We hid the bloody sheets from our parents, but I expect his mother may have suspected. I let him fuck me as often as he wanted, even to fucking my ass.

He was 21, and I 26 when we married. I always felt his deep love for me.  I couldn’t give him children, though.

We had been married 10 years when he told me his father said he should take a mistress. It was expected a man of his wealth and power should have a younger mistress. Wives were supposed to accept it.

Miguel picked a woman and kept her in another city. He would go to her, but his heart was always with me. He left her after a year. Ten years later he met Jackie and kept her 5 years. I never felt threatened by either.

And then he met you.

He had seldom discussed his previous mistresses, yet, he often talked about you, and I became jealous. I am 66 and you are in your 20s. How could I possibly compete with someone young enough to be my granddaughter!

After his visits with you, he would return to fuck me with a passion he hadn’t shown for years! He even fucked my ass on several occasions, and he hadn’t done that in many years!

It felt good to be fucked like that, but I felt he was really fucking you, instead of me. He denied it and said I should meet you and see for myself. 

Still, I see you and I am afraid.

 She cried softly for a moment then left for her room. I was thinking of packing and leaving. I had no desire to be the “other woman”, or a home wrecker. However, she returned before I could start packing. She was totally naked!

Silve was very tall. She had small breasts that had very little sag. Her body looked very good for a woman her age. Her hips were a little wider than mine. Her bottom was small but nicely rounded.

She let her hair down. It was more grey than black, falling past her shoulders. She had few wrinkles on her face, but those emphasized how attractive she was.

“Miguel won’t be here till tomorrow evening. I’m feeling very lonely. Please, make love to me.”

 I got up and kissed her. We held each other for a moment and then I tried to take her to my bed.

“This is your room. Take me in mine. Besides, the bed there is larger.”

We lay intertwined, kissing and touching each other. I kissed her neck and her breasts working my way down her stomach to her pussy. She spread her legs wider than I had ever seen anyone do. I put my face to her pussy. She had a floral smell to her. Her clit was larger than any I had seen. I licked and sucked, eliciting moans from her.

Silve gasped when I stuck my tongue deep inside her. I alternated licking then sucking her clit. I was rewarded by her wild orgasm. I could feel her pussy muscles gripping my tongue. She grabbed my head trying to force my face deeper in her. I slowed my licking until she finished coming. 

I was licking again when she pulled my face to hers.

“Fuck me now! I need you inside me!”

 I drove inside her. Her pussy felt like a warm soft glove around my cock. She wrapped her arms and legs around me, holding me tight. Hip hips arched up against mine with each thrust. She bit my lips. 

Then she rolled us over and sat straddling me. She had her hands on my waist, rocking and thrusting. She told me to lie still. She reached to fondle and squeeze my breasts. She had an unfocused look in her eyes. She was deep into riding me.

I reached up to play with her breasts, causing her to moan softly. Suddenly, she grabbed my wrists and forced my hands against the bed above my head. She leaned over me teasing me by brushing her nipples against my lips, moving away before I could grab them with my teeth.

I don’t know how long we fucked before she came again! Her pussy muscles milked my aching cock until I exploded into her. She kept riding until we both finished.

Silve quickly turned around and placed her pussy on my mouth. I could taste my cum spilling out. I ate her until she had another orgasm. She took me into her mouth and sucked me while I continued to eat her. She came several more times as she ground her pussy against my face. When I came she drank the entire load.

We lay in each other’s arms, resting. She was soon ready to go again.

“I’m getting hungry,” I said, “Do you mind if we eat first?”

She laughed and we headed to the kitchen.

 Mama Rosa had left a tray with chili dogs in the refrigerator. (She spoils me. She knows I love these!). I stuck them in the oven and poured us a soft drink. We sat at the bar, not talking while we ate. Silve used a finger to wipe a little chili from my face and licked her finger suggestively.

We returned to her bedroom and kissed while clumsily groping each other. I turned her on her stomach and started kissing her neck and shoulders, slowly working my way down her back. She gasped with delight as I kissed the small of her back. She lifted her bottom in anticipation of my caresses.

“Miguel used to spend hours kissing me like this! He said my bottom was his favorite place to kiss!”

“He kisses me like that, too. I really love it and thought you might, too.”

She fingered her pussy while I enjoyed her bottom. I licked my thumb and a finger. I stuck the finger in her pussy and my thumb in her ass. Her ass hole was extremely tight and she resisted the intrusion. She finally relaxed enough for my thumb to slip in. I rubbed my finger and thumb against the walls of her pussy and ass. She could feel the sensation in both places. She started bucking her hips and soon had an intense orgasm. I kept rubbing and within minutes she had another orgasm. Still I kept rubbing and was rewarded with another strong orgasm. 

Silve collapsed on the bed. “I’ve never experienced anything like this! You made me feel as if my needs were the most important things in the world!”

After she rested a bit, Silve reached behind to spread her cheeks, exposing her ass hole. I licked the rim and stuck my tongue inside. I ate her a few minutes until she pulled away.

“Would you like to fuck my ass? It’s been a while.”

I lubed my fingers and worked one into her tight puckered hole. I had to strain to get my cock inside. She gasped in pain when I finally got the head in. Hers was the tightest ass I had ever fucked! I kissed her neck and fucked her slowly, not wanting to hurt her. She buried her face in the pillow trying to hide her tears. I finally came then moved down and ate her ass, licking up all my cum.

“Why are you doing that?”

“Please. Let me do this.” I said, resuming licking.

Soon, she reached between her legs, fingering her pussy.  She came twice before I finally stopped. We kissed and snuggled before she fell asleep in my arms. I held her tight the entire night.

The next morning, she awoke to see me smiling at her. She returned the smile and kissed me.

I was greatly surprised when she said, “You are the only other person to have shared my bed. Before last night, only Miguel had fucked me.”

I stared, dumbfounded and stuttered, not knowing what to think our say!

She placed a finger on my lips. Her warm smile melted my heart. I couldn’t believe the gift she had given me! How in the world could Miguel want me when he had this marvelous woman in his life?”

“I understand why Miguel talks so much about you,” she said. “He loves you deeply.And, I think, maybe I love you, too!”

 To be continued….


Angie K


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