The next afternoon, Peter headed back to his apartment in Brooklyn, ready for the next semester. Well, partly. He wasn’t looking forward to the nights with his nose in books, but he was happy to be back in New York. He’d missed his home before the Christmas vacation but was ready to come back. On the way up I-95, he’d thought some more about Sam. He wondered whether they had a future together, or whether it was best to just meet up during visits home. Whatever became of it, all Peter knew was that Sam really knows how to take care of a guy.

“Fun trip?” Zach said as Peter entered the lobby of his apartment complex. Peter pulled out his headphones.

“I. Hate. Driving,” Peter said taking a deep breath.

“Really? I find it peaceful. One of the only times my mind just falls into a gentle stream of calmness,” Zach said leaning on the desk in the lobby.

“That’d be your ADHD, my friend,” said Peter. Zach laughed.

“I guess so.”

Peter headed up to his room, throwing everything down and plopping down into the sagging sofa. Even though just a day ago he had a hot mouth wrapped around his dick, Peter felt a warm building sensation in himself, an urge to do something fun and dangerous. He pulled out his phone and opened Grindr and looked through the people who’d messaged him.

Blank profile. Blank profile. Not online. No age. Stocky. 300 miles away. Spam. But what’s this? Peter stopped and looked at the profile. A muscular 24 year old man looking to have some “real fun.”

Hey, Peter messaged back.

What’s up, the guy responded.

Looking for someone to play around with, Peter said.

Me too, whatre you into?

Kinda want to bottom rn

I’d love to stick this in you, the guy said and sent a picture of a very long and very straight dick.

I’m already drooling, Peter said.

You into being fucked rough? The guy asked. Peter thought for a moment. He hasn’t had a nice rough fuck for a while. Sure, Mr. Garfield was a little wild, but not rough.

Yeah, I’m into it, he answered.

Awesome. Cum here and I’ll let you play with me, the guy said. Peter rolled his eyes at the pun as the guy sent his location.

What the fuck, that’s in the middle of Central Park, Peter messaged.

It’ll make things a little interesting, the guy responded.

For that dick, okay. I’ll be there at sundown. Peter put down his phone. What the fuck am I getting into? He thought.

Peter, looking at the clock, figured he had maybe two hours before Sunday. He decided he needed to get back into working out, the trip had been a nice break, but he noticed his arms grew a bit softer and he needed them larger, not smaller. So he headed out to the gym a few blocks down.

There, he couldn’t stop thinking about the guy’s dick. The strong veins and the foreskin. Peter had rarely ever played with a guy that had foreskin, so it was a new adventure he was ready to take. At one point, while doing a few bicep curls on a preacher bench, he looked down to see his pants tented. Turning away from those around him, he tried to hide the hardon, focusing on pumping his arms, he only got harder and even began to see a little damp spot on the sweatpants he wore. Cursing under his breath, he decided he couldn’t go on like this. He walked back to his apartment and took a quick shower. His member twitched, begging to be touched but Peter knew he shouldn’t. He had to save it for later.

As the sun showed signs of retreating, Peter pulled on some fresh jeans and a hoodie. He boarded the L train and took it downtown. Most people were headed on the Brooklyn-bound train so the downtown-bound cars were mostly empty. While sitting on the train, Peter read a few of the ads, just to keep his mind off his raging erection. “Seamless. What New York Eats” covered the car. Despite their ads, Peter had never even heard of the company.

While looking at the ads, he noticed another figure standing a few benches down. He was wearing a fitting business suit without a jacket, sleeves rolled up to his biceps. Every time the train speed, the biceps would bulge threatening to burst out of the cuffs. Peter had to do everything he could to not look.

Finally, Peter transferred trains to get to Central Park and left the man behind. The man’s figure would be burned into Peter’s subconscious for a while. Good material. As the sun set, Peter arrived in the park, and pulled out Grindr to look at where they guy said he was located. Under the bridge, by the pond. Peter looked around the dimly lit park and headed to the pond. He’s jogged around the pond many times and knew the area very well. He knew the spots to avoid and what was safe from view.

Peter reached the bridge and peaked under. Suddenly a hand grabbed his jacket and yanked him under the bridge. The man’s mouth went straight for Peter’s neck as his hands viciously grabbed for Peter’s cock. A little taken aback, Peter let out a small yell.

“Shut the fuck up, there are still people in this park,” the guy said. Peter pulled away.

“Well forgive me, but I didn’t expect to be assaulted,” Peter answered. He got a glimpse of the guy in the sun’s last rays reflecting on the water under the bridge. The guy had a thick black beard hiding the top of a large green jacket zipped to its fullest. The hood was pulled up over the guy’s head.

“You said you’re into being fucked rough,” the guy said. Peter sighed, now feeling normal after the scare. The adrenaline from jumping back actually dissipated in all the right places. He could feel his pants growing tighter. He stepped forward.

“You’re right.” Peter moved close to the guy to the point where they could feel each other’s breath. “And can you fuck me hard? I’m talking balls-slapping, hair-pulling, cum-in-my-ass hard.”

“Let’s find out.”

The man turned Peter around, and pushed his torso forward. Peter grabbed the stone wall under the small bridge and held on to the jagged cracks. Before he knew it, his pants were ripped away from his ass, buttons popping open. He suddenly felt a warm wet tongue flicking over his hole. Peter’s hole responded by opening and closing. Without warning, the man shoved his tongue in, licking every inch it could reach. Peter’s grip tightened, sweat gathering in his palms.

Standing up the man ripped his own pants open, his long cock swinging out in the motion, hitting Peter’s asscheek. After rolling a condom on, in one swift motion, he plunged his head right into Peter’s ass, the shaft following suit, until the entire member was buried deep within Peter’s warm flesh. Both groaned in unison, both pushing against each other as far as possible. The man sat still for a moment, feeling the warm wet sensations wrapped around his dick. Peter enjoyed opening and closing his hole around the shaft, feeling the head sitting still deep inside him.

Suddenly, the man pulled out all the way and plunged back in. He repeatedly moved his nine inch cock all the way in, all the way out. All the way in, all the way out. He leaned back a bit, using his hips to perform the motion. He then grabbed Peter’s hips, shoved his cock in as deep as possible, and began pounding. He pushed and pulled Peter on and off his dick, focusing on his own pleasure. Without missing a thrust, he unbuttoned his green jacket, but left it on. He bent over and wrapped his arms around Peter, fucking him as fast as he could. Straightening up, he pulled Peter with him. Peter bent back, unzipping his hoodie and pulling it off. Chest to back, Peter felt the sweat on the man’s chest. He moved his head, capturing the man’s lips in his own. The man returned the kiss. Then quickly pushed Peter back down. He pumped and pumped, first twisting his own nipples, then flexing his arms in the air. His cock was enjoying Peter’s ass more than any other. And Peter was enjoying the man. He hadn’t been dominated like this before, but he loved it.

Peter began pulling at his own hard cock, but not soon enough. The man began to breath heavily, his eyes fluttering. Without another second his member exploded cum in Peter’s ass. The man didn’t stop fucking as hard as he could while he came. His thighs twitched and his body jolted, but his hips continued to slam into Peter, his balls slapping Peter’s taint. It was minutes before the man pulled his still hard cock out of Peter. Breathing deeply, he pulled the condom off, throwing it in the dirt.

“Clean this up,” the man said pointing to his dick. Peter immediately got on his knees, cock still out. And licked the man’s shaft up and down till no cum was left. He even sucked on the tip a bit, making sure nothing was left. “You’re a good fuck. I’ll message you again,” he said while buttoning his jacket. He pulled his hood on and disappeared into the dark.

Peter sat there, on his knees. He looked down at his own cock, covered in precum. He hadn’t even cum but he sure felt like he did. Peter breathed in and out a few times and stood up. He attempted to button his pants, but realized the man had popped the buttons off. Blushing, he thought off how to cover it up on the train home.

Luckily, the walk to the station was shrouded in darkness for the most part. He passed a few people, but was able to hold his pants up with his hands in his pockets. Once on the platform, he leaned against one of the yellow steel polls. No one else was on the platform at the time. Looking down at his still hard dick, he had an idea.

Checking twice more, he made sure no one was around. He quickly unfolded the jean flaps and pulled his dick out. Just like that one night in his apartment before he left for break, he began stroking his dick. He started off slow, letting the skin grow sensitive. He flexed his asshole, the inability to fully control it turning him on. He looked around one last time. Just in case. Seeing no one he closed his eyes and started moving his hand faster. He felt the cum charge in his balls as he heard the horn of the B train arriving. He opened his eyes to see the lights of the train grow in the tunnel. He stroked faster, forcing the cum to shoot out immediately. As he shot, he heard the cum splatter against the front of the train and quickly turned so no passengers could see anything. He quickly pulled the flaps over his dick and stepped into the evening crowd headed home.

As soon as he got home, he opened his fuckbook and filled out a new entry.

Central Park Man                                                           9/10

Got my ass slammed into. Rough as fuck and I loved

it. Grindr hook up. Under bridge in public. Central P.

About nine inches. Long and skinny. Thick black beard.

Knows how to use his big tool. Hit the best spots. Hard.


Red Chocolate

[email protected]


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