Chapter Five


Peter spent the rest of the vacation meeting up with old friends. He met up with Laura at the nearest Starbucks spending the entire day catching up. They told each other about the boys they met and she told him about the girls she met. He laughed at her saying it was unfair that her dating pool was twice the size of his. She shrugged chuckling. “The benefits of being bi,” she said. They had nearly gone to the same college but one in Florida offered her a full ride and she just couldn’t turn that down. So she ended up down there. She had returned from college for the same reason he had, visit the old town. See if it had moved forward while they were gone.

On the day before he had to leave, he decided to invite all friends from high school to meet under the oak tree in the park across from the school. The oak was pushed back into a corner of the park, hidden from most people as they ran by. After school, Peter and a few others used to hang out under the tree. Sometimes they’d climb it, and other times they’d just lay in the grass, soaking up their youth.

 Now that they were all back together under the snow-dusted tree, they reminisced, telling stories of mischief they participate in during the last year. Laura and Peter had invited Sam to hang out with the group. It was like that ever since Peter and Laura started hanging out. Sam always tagged along. It was a bit weird at first, but Peter has gotten used to it and just accepted it. Sam had been a senior when Peter was a freshman. He hadn’t gone to college, but instead, made music in his bedroom. Quite successfully, as well. He’d made a load of cash collaborating with a few other people to put out a few tracks on itunes.

An hour into hanging out, they looked over to see Joey walking out of the school and towards them. Deciding to make fun of Joey, Peter began to taunt him. “Did you not wake up from naptime early enough?” Everyone chuckled.

“I’m not in kindergarten you fuckwad,” Joey said, “I’ve gotten more head than you, huh?”     

Peter rolled his eyes and pretended to not care, but inside, he blushed.

Peter watched all of his friends, seeing familiar facial tics and mannerisms. As usual, Sam had withdrawn after a while. He’d get tired, lick his lips, and put his arms on his knees looking down.

After a few hours of twirling their fingers through the weeds, they decided to go their own ways for the rest of the day. Peter had enjoyed hanging out with his old friends but there was a clear gap that hadn’t been there last year. Before getting up Sam had tapped on Peter’s shoulder to ask him a question.

“Hey, do you wanna come over?” he asked. Peter quickly went through his mental schedule, confirming that he was free.

“Yeah, I’ve got time,” he said. Laura walked up, seeing Sam walk with Peter.

“Is he coming home with us?” she asked.

“Yup little sis, he is.”

“Fantastic!” Laura said. “Let’s go.”

Peter drove behind Laura and Sam, following them to their house. Soon they were in Laura’s bedroom. It looked like it had only months ago, barely anything had changed. Only the photo of the three was missing from the bedside table, probably taken to Florida.

They all sat, backs against the walls, legs stretched out, thinking about the times spent in those exact spots chattering away after school. After conversation died down, they sat in silence, only to be interrupted by Sam.

“You know you’re not the teenager I woke up at 2:00 am to find jacking off on the couch,” he said laughing.

“But you’re still just as awkward Sam,” Peter said, rubbing the back of his neck and laughing. “Still love ya bud, but damn do you not know when to start a conversation.”

“I’ve missed it, honestly,” Laura said. “I don’t have anyone quite like my little brother at college.” Laura pauses and Sam and Peter watch. Surprise flashes in her eyes. “Shit. I forgot.”

“What’d you forget?” Peter asked. Sam laughed, knowingly.

“My shipment came in today. I have to go pick it up from the post office.”

“What’d you order?”

“Um, it’s a long story,” she answered.

“A box of a dozen tissue boxes,” Same answered laughing.

“Why so many?” Peter asked, his eyebrows furrowed.

“You visit Florida during allergy season, try it,” Laura said grabbing her jacket from her bed post and shrugging it on. She leaves the room, muttering. “It’s going to be hell.”

Sam and Peter look at each other and crack up laughing. Laura always had a knack for dramatics.

“Stop laughing! I’ll be back in about thirty minutes,” she yelled down the hallway. And the door slammed.

“I saw you two,” Sam said as soon as the door shut. Peter twisted his head to look at Sam. He’s cheeks filled with warmth as the image of a door cracked open flashed in Peter’s mind. He couldn’t have.


“I went to find the bathroom. I had been talking to your mom about your college and what I was doing with my music and whatnot, you know. And I saw your room, remembering the nights we’d had sleepovers.”

“So you just barged in?” Peter asked, his brow bristled with nervous sweat.

“I didn’t mean to. I thought you were out or something. But I saw you. And someone else,” Sam finally let out.

“Okay. Who I sleep with isn’t really of your concern.” Peter’s voice held a bite but inside he was feeling relief that Sam hadn’t seen who was in his bed.

“Oh no no no,” Sam said, eyes wide. “You misunderstand me.”

“What do you mean?” Peter felt nervousness in his hips. Like something was about to happen that had been building for years.

His feelings were correct as he watched Sam move forward and lay his lips on Peter’s. Only slightly shocked, Peter returned the kiss gently holding Sam’s jaw. Slowly, Sam pulled away.

“So that’s what you meant,” said Peter. Sam chuckled.

“Yeah. I’ve wanted to do that for a long time,” Sam said.

“Honestly, me too,” Peter said then paused as he got an idea. “Has there been anything else you’ve particularly wanted to do as well?” Sam narrowed his eyes and took a deep breath.

“Well, you could say that,” he answered. And with his signature abruptness, Sam darted towards Peter’s neck. Peter moaned as he felt Sam’s soft lips tug at his skin. Sam moved to gently suck on Peter’s collarbone. Peter closed his eyes and leaned his head back engulfed in the wave of both physical and emotional feelings that Sam had caused.

Sam began to unbutton Peter’s shirt, starting from the top. He opened a button, kissed Peter’s chest, than opened another and another. As Sam did this, Peter singled out one emotion in the wave Sam set upon him. It was warm and had this fuzzy outlining to it. Something he hadn’t felt with Mr. Garfield or the trucker. This felt different. Peter put his hand on Sam’s head feeling his mocha-colored hair and that feeling grew just a tiny bit stronger.

Finally, Sam reached the last button and popped it open, his lips landing on the soft trail of hair under Peter’s belly-button. Sam noted that Peter’s skin had a slight taste of salt, but was overwhelmingly sweet.

“You’re killing me here,” Peter said laughing.

“I’m taking my sweet time,” Sam said. “You can’t rush this stuff.” And with that, Sam unbuttoned Peter’s pants and dove under. With Peter already hard, Sam began to lick the outline of Peter’s manhood. He rolled his tongue over the vein, using his lips to firmly stroke it.

“I’ve always wondered what you’d feel like in my mouth,” Sam said.

“Well here we are, try it.”

Sam pulled the member out between the slit in Peter’s underwear and gave the tip a flick. He used his tongue to circle the head, paying special attention to the area below the lip of the head on the top.

“Shit, man, I’ve never felt that before,” Peter said. Sam chuckled, moving his head directly over the head. And in one swoop, he dove straight onto it, burying his face in Peter’s light dusting of pubes. “Fuck, man!” Peter said.

Sam moved his head up and down over and over. He moved quickly, feeling the suction pull at his cheeks. After a few strokes, he began to twist his head with every pump, moving his tongue up and down the shaft in a diagonal motion. He sucked as hard he could and pulled off.

“Jesus, how’d you get so good?” Peter asked. Sam laughed stroking Peter with his hand, the skin sliding easily with the help of Sam’s spit.

“I don’t know,” Sam said. “Guess I’m a natural.” Peter chuckled.

“You sure are.” Sam went back to work sucking over and over, moving his head down to the base with Peter’s head lodged in Sam’s throat, almost as if the lining of his throat begged for Peter’s release. Sam moved slightly up and down, with Peter’s cock still lodged in deep.

“Shit, I’m gonna cum,” Peter said through baited breath. Sam pulled off and stroked the shaft like a piston, building up as much tension as he could. He took a deep breath and plunged back on the cock shoving it farther down his throat than before.

“Goddamnit!” Peter said as he felt his body tremble and his member finally release shooting rope after rope directly down Sam’s throat. As he did, they both heard the front door open. Peter’s heart leapt even farther than it had when cumming and Sam pulled up as an eighth shot of cum dribbled out of Peter.

“Fuck!” Peter whispered. Sam dove down to lick up that last bit of cum as they heard footsteps down the hallway. “What are you doing?! Stop!” Sam moved away as Peter tugged up at his pants, buttoning them up. The door swung open as Peter stood up to face away from the door. He pretended to look at the poster on the wall, hiding his open shirt. As Laura walked in, he was halfway done, buttoning up his own shirt. He spun around as to not look guilty.

“Is that a new look for you?” Laura asked laughing. “You look like a middle aged man trying to prove his masculinity is still intact.” Peter laughed, expelling some of the nervous energy.

“Sam said I should try it out.” Laura looked over at Sam.

“Really? An why do you look like you ran a half marathon, what’s with the sweat?” Laura asked.

“Oh nothing,” Sam answered. “It’s just hot in here, that’s all.” Laurau raised her eyebrows, seemingly able to guess what had happened. Yet, as she did, she also shrugged and left the room.

Both Peter and Sam looked at each other and laughed.

“That was one of the most amazing blowjobs I’ve ever gotten,” Peter said.

“Ditto. Except given, for me,” Sam answered.

After that, Peter returned home for his last night in his old town. Laying in bed, he reflected on everything that’d happened here. From the trucker to Mr. Garfield, and now Sam. He pulled out his Fuckbook and a pen, ready to record.

Sam                                                                       8/10

A wonderful bj from Sam. Really knows his stuff.

childhood friend, now grown up. Four years older.

don’t know his size or physic, yet. More emotional

than others. Will continue relationship in future.

Peter put the book away and stared at the ceiling. Sam had been really different. He’d actually felt something very emotional when he’d kissed him. Something worth coming back to. He’d leave a space after Sam for the next encounter, because he knew there had to be one.


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