Chapter Four

Mr. Garfield’s Package Part Two

The day of the Christmas Eve party, Peter spent the entire time cleaning the house, making sure it was spotless when Mr. Garfield came over. It wouldn’t be the first he’d been to the house. He was friends with Peter’s parents. Even so, this time felt different.

“Expecting someone special?” his mother said jokingly as she watched him rush about. He brushed it off and chuckled, but inside worried he was starting to appear obvious. His parents couldn’t know. He continued to mop the floors and dust the cabinets. He cleaned the china twice and wiped the glass over and over.

The hand struck 7 as a knock was heard at the door. Peter had so much more to do, but was ready in his formal best. He looked at himself in his mirror. A nice patterned button down with a sharp collar and skinny dress pants; something formal, but casual. Peter headed down the spiral staircase, looking into the foyer. He watched as Mr. Garfield stepped in.

“It’s nice to see you again, Peter,” Mr. Garfield said, clearing his throat.

“And you,” Peter responded. When everyone had turned their attention to the next incoming guest, Mr. Garfield winked at Peter.

“Do you want a tour of the house,” Peter asked smirking.

“Sure,” Mr. Garfield answered. Peter lead Mr. Garfield through the halls and into each room, explaining how he thought there were just way too many rooms for one family. Mr. Garfield nodded and listened intently. As they walked farther away from the center of the party, Mr. Garfield’s hand kept bumping into Peter’s. Over and over. Peter brushed it off at first but then began to knock his hand against Mr. Garfield’s.

Finally they came upon Peter’s old bedroom. But before entering Peter walked a step past and opened up the next door.

“This is the restroom that is next to my bedroom,” Peter said emphasizing the words bedroom and restroom. He turned towards his room, but Mr. Garfield peeked in the bathroom with furrowed eyebrows, wondering why Peter showed him the bathroom. Stepping into Peter’s bedroom, Mr. Garfield wrinkled his nose.

“I can literally smell the rampant pubescent masturbation in the air,” Mr. Garfield said motioning as if to squeeze a ball. “It’s almost as if the cum evaporated and hangs by the ceiling like some sort of cloud coverage.” Mr. Garfield looked back to see Peter look surprised. “I thought that’s what we were supposed to do? Act like guys around each other?”

“Sorry,” Peter said shaking his head and laughed. “It’ll just take some getting used to.”

“Let’s practice now, shall we?” Mr. Garfield said. “Say the dirtiest thing you can think of.” Peter thought for a moment.

“I want my wet dick deep inside your warm asshole, breeding you inside out, holding your hair,” Peter said narrowing his eyes. Mr. Garfield resisted the urge to blush.

“My turn. If I could, I would rip your clothes off right now and explore every inch of your body,” he said.

“Can’t wait.” Peter winked.

“Alright. Well, I suppose we should get back to the party,” Mr. Garfield said. And with that they headed off to the kitchen.

Mr. Garfield and Peter spent nearly no time near each other. With Mrs. Fisher’s comment earlier, Peter wanted to make sure nothing seemed suspicious. Occasionally, Peter would catch Mr. Garfield glancing over before taking a sip of champagne.

After a while, they sat down at the obtrusively long dining table decorated from head to toe in rare foods and delicious meals. Everyone took their seats. Sam and Laura were there, each on either side of Peter. As Peter sat down and examined what was in front of him, he saw Mr. Garfield sit down facing him. A smirk grew on Peter’s face.

After the family prayed, they began to eat. Much of the conversation focused on Peter’s college experiences again. “For those who weren’t there last night,” his mother said. When Mr. Garfield spoke, it was, again, about Peter. As he spoke of the new kids, Mr. Garfield felt pressure on his manhood. Mr. Garfield stammered, feeling something move on his cock. Looking across the table, he saw the corner’s of Peter’s lips curl up. Mr. Garfield regained his words and continued speaking as Peter’s toes played with the bulge. Mr. Garfield stopped talking, his eyes fluttered. His lips were pressed into a firm line as he attempted to maintain control. It was exhilarating. Being sexually pleased in the dining room in front of everyone, yet no one knew. Peter could feel it too; the heat in his nerves, the adrenaline that pumped into his veins as his mother looked at him, not knowing his foot was giving Mr. Garfield a hardon.

While Peter ate, Sam nudged him in the ribs.

“Ow.” Peter winced. “What’d you do that for?”

“Sorry I just didn’t know if you really like Brooklyn,” he said scratching the back of his neck. “You seem a bit nervous. And I thought maybe it was just like a lying tic, you know?”

“I love it up there actually,” Peter said. “I don’t know why I seem nervous. Must just be the Virginia air.” Peter chuckled half-heartedly. They went back to eating their food in silence.

After a period of foot games, dinner was nearly finished. A few guests left early to accommodate for their personal agendas which left only a few at the table. Peter said he had to lie down due to a headache and rose from the table to leave. Before he did he stated that first, he’d use the restroom. His mother cocked her head and frowned, wondering why he would say that, but shook the question away as nonsense. So that’s why he showed me the restroom, Mr. Garfield thought. As Peter stood, he let his hair flip down, hiding his eyes from his mother’s view. He glanced over at Mr. Garfield, raising an eyebrow. Soon after, long enough to throw suspicion, Mr. Garfield excused himself to the restroom.

Peter went into the bathroom near his bedroom, far away from the party. He looked into the mirror, adjusting his hair and attempting to flex a bit to pump him muscles up with blood. He opened the mirror and took out some gel then combed it through his hair. As Peter turned around, Mr. Garfield stepped in and locked the door. Peter went to say something cocky, but couldn’t get anything out as Mr. Garfield slammed his lips against Peter’s. This surprised him. Mr. Garfield who stammered every other word and could never keep a conversation going was a top.

Mr. Garfield ripped the bottom  of Peter’s shirt out of his pants and shoved his hand down them, grabbing Peter’s cock and yanking it downward. Peter took in a deep breath while pleasure rocked through his body.

Suddenly, he bent down, picked Peter up and placed him on the counter. He mashed his lips to Peter’s shoving him against the mirror. Mr. Garfield ripped Peter’s shirt open, popping buttons everywhere, and dove to suck on Peter’s nipples. Peter let out a breath of air, feeling his nerves tremble.

Mr. Garfield licked down Peter’s abs until it hit just below his naval. Then, he unbuckled Peter’s belt and tore the pants down to his ankles. He continued where he left off licking down to Peter’s dusting of pubes. He followed the length of Peter’s penis, eventually toying with the piss slit.

“The taste of your skin is more than I could have dreamed,” Mr. Garfield said. Then he wrapped his lips around Peter’s head and went to work, methodically moving up and down. Mr. Garfield smiled, a twinkle in his eye. He continued to work Peter up, flicking his tongue on Peter’s smooth balls and licking the bottom of Peter’s shaft over and over and over. Peter felt the tension build in his nut-sack.

“I’m gonna cum,” he said under his breath. Mr. Garfield raised his eyebrows and moved his mouth faster and faster. He wrapped both hands around the base of Peter’s shaft and pumped away as he twisted his hands. He held his mouth on Peter’s head, swirling his tongue, and wildly moving his hands. Peter tensed, his abs clenching, his eyes shut tight. He began to shoot. He shot hard thick ropes of sperm, hitting the back of Mr. Garfield’s throat with force. Mr. Garfield, being experienced, swallowed every drop. After Peter had finished squirting he looked down at Mr. Garfield who seemed so alive.

“How’d I taste?” He asked.

“So sweet,” Mr. Garfield said. “Why don’t you try it?” With that, he rose, putting his mouth to Peter’s. He stuck his tongue out, licking Peter’s lips until Peter let him in. Peter circled his tongue tasting the seed from his own body. Peter pulled away, grabbing at Mr. Garfield’s package. He felt something damp. Looking down, he saw that Mr. Garfield had already cum in his pants.

“Mr. Garfield,” Peter said looking back into his eyes. “Show me something new.”

“Oh, you want something new?” Mr. Garfield said unbuckling his belt and pulling his pants down, “I’ll teach you something.” Mr. Garfield took his pants off and threw them in the tub as Peter took his shirt off and threw it over too. He grabbed Peter by the waist and pulled him forward. “Lift your legs up,” he said then bent down and searched the cabinets below to for lube. Peter did as he was told, revealing his tight pink asshole. Finally, Mr. Garfield found some lube in the back. He squirted some on his fingers, and spread the cool gel over Peter’s blonde hole.

Slowly, he stuck one finger in, pulling at the fleshy inside of Peter. Peter closed his eyes, wishing Mr. Garfield would put more in. He went in again, searching for the second ring. Finally, he toggled it, opening Peter wider.

“Looks like it wants me in,” Mr. Garfield said laughing. He returned to the open hole, inserting three then four fingers. Once he was done, he moved up towards Peter, locking lips. Peter paused for a second.

“Do you have a condom?” Peter asked. Mr. Garfield nodded and pulled one out of his coat breast pocket.

“I gotta always be prepared,” he said then went to quickly wrapping it down his dick. Peter watched the thin plastic stretch over the fat shaft. As he watched he felt his hole open and close, begging for something to fill it.

And fill it, Mr. Garfield did. He slowly inserted the small head, feeling the tight sphincter slide over his glans and moaned, closing his eyes. Peter tightened himself around the head, feeling the cornea. It wasn’t the head that was the issue, though. Mr. Garfield’s manhood was abnormally thick; the head was much smaller than the bulbous shaft. Mr. Garfield began to push in. Peter felt a slight jolt and moved. Immediately, Mr. Garfield pulled out.  Within seconds, he pushed back in, went a tad deeper, and pulled out again. He was stretching Peter’s hole wider than it’d ever been, even with Peter’s dildo he borrowed from Joey.

Mr. Garfield, nearly all the way in, began to pull out again.

“No,” Peter said. “Go deeper.” Mr. Garfield gave him a primal grunt and plunged his dick straight into Peter. There was a small shock, but soon a numb pleasure followed. Peter’s eyes fluttered closed. “Ah, fuck me.”

Mr. Garfield moved his cock into Peter then out, in and out, in and out, pausing every so often to kiss Peter and play with his nipples. As time went on, Mr. Garfield’s pace grew faster and faster. He started to slam his manhood into Peter’s loose hole. Pound, after pound, after pound, after pound. He put his hands over his hairline, thrusting forward with his hips.  Peter squeaked as the vibrations of Mr. Garfield’s speed connected with a spongy spot in his rectum. His whole body shuddered, feeling like a reset button was hit, like a wave knocked him off his feet, like he had just felt the suns kiss after living underground for years. He was in the clouds, eyes closed.

Mr. Garfield rhythmically pounded Peter up against the mirror, his dick made ever harder as he watched him writhe in pleasure. Peter feeling the tip of his English teacher’s tie tickling the hairs on him stomach, pulled the tie, yanking Mr. Garfield down. Their bodies moved together, Mr. Garfield never missing a beat to shove his cock up Peter. Peter yanked open Mr. Garfield’s button down shirt as he lay on top of him. He pushed the shirt and the blazer aside, letting Mr. Garfield’s short body hair rub against Peter’s stubbly blonde chest hair.

Grabbing onto Peter’s head, he drove his member harder and faster, clenching the hairs on Peter’s scalps so tight, his knuckles turned white. He shut his eyes, feeling his body tense up.

“I’m going…shoot…again,” he whispered in Peter’s ear in between breaths. The feeling was so strong, he had no idea how to open his eyes or form a coherent sentence. Peter’s toes clenched as his English teacher’s manhood began to pulse with fluids. Mr. Garfield let out a lion’s roar as he filled Peter with his seed. Peter was in heaven, feeling the cum seal every hole and fill every empty crevice in his body. Mr. Garfield’s semen felt like the answer to some obscure question he’d been asking his entire life. The English teacher continued to make noises as he pulled his cock out of Peter.

“I’d give you an A plus,” Mr. Garfield said. “And that means something, coming from a slut.” Peter laughed.

“What are we going to do about you, your pants are all cum stained,” Peter said gesturing to his pants. They both thought for a moment until Peter finally had an idea. “Stay here,” he said. “Don’t let anyone see you.” Peter quickly dressed, handicapped by the wide gaping hole, and headed out of the bathroom. He wobbled down stairs and stuck his head into the kitchen where his mom stood, cleaning dishes.

“Peter, there you are,” she said. “How’s your headache.”

“Its better,” he said rushing to get to the point. “Hey so, Mr. Garfield’s suddenly gotten sick.”

“Mr. Garfield? I thought he left almost an hour ago!”

“No…uh…,” Peter stammered thinking off the last hour. “I found him sitting in front of the toilet ready to throw up when I went to use the restroom. Must have sat there the whole time. Anyways, I don’t think he can drive. Do you mind if I set him up in one of the empty guest rooms?”

 “Oh, sure,” Mrs. Fisher says, “Mr. Garfield is welcome to stay here while he sleeps his illness off.”

“Alright,” Peter said, “I’ll go get him set up.”

Peter went back to the bathroom where Mr. Garfield attempted to clean up any escaped sperm.

“My mom said you can stay the night,” Peter said. “Follow me.” Peter stuck his head out the bathroom checking to see if anyone was in the hallway. No one was there, so Peter took Mr. Garfield’s hand and quickly led him, naked, into Peter’s room.

“I haven’t any pajamas, whatever will I do?” Mr. Garfield said, chuckling. Peter laughed.

“Oh don’t worry, we’ll sleep in the nude,” Peter said turning the lights off and pulling Mr. Garfield into bed with him. Mr. Garfield wrapped his arm around Peter, his chest firmly up against Peter’s back.

Peter would sometimes wake up to find Mr. Garfield’s hard cock rubbing against Peter’s ass as he snored. Peter smiled, appreciating the simple things in life. One time he had looked up to see the door open a sliver. Nothing registered with Peter and he quickly went back to sleep.

When he had woken in the morning, he found that he was alone. Mr. Garfield had left in the early hours and driven home pant-less. Peter couldn’t help but picture Mr. Garfield stroking away at a red light with cars all around him, none aware of the pleasure Mr. Garfield was experiencing.

Peter picked up his Fuck Book from the bed side table and pulled out a pen.

Mr. Garfield                                                        9/10

6” cock. Short but very large girth. Firm muscles covered in a

dusting of brown body hair. Cute beard, old 11th grade English

teacher sucked me, then fucked me up against the bathroom

mirror. He was a wild top.


Red Chocolate

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