I'm Brad Thomas and I recently turned thirty-nine. There is nothing I love more than having sex with hot young studs between seventeen and twenty-one. I don't care if they suck me, as long as I get to suck them or they fuck my ass. Either hole is all there for as long as they want it. And if they want me to, I'll gladly eat their ass for hours.

Everything started a couple of years ago with me meeting one frat kid one rainy night.

I was driving home that night after attending a business meeting when it began to drizzle, but the lightning and thunder said things were sure to get worse. I had to pass the campus on my way home and saw this young man, head down, walking in the direcion I was going.

'Need a lift?' I asked as I pulled up next to him, the passenger window down.

He looked in at me, smiled devilishly and said, 'Hey man, that would be great if it's not out of your way.'

'Hop in,' I told him as my crotch began to stir from looking at this hot muscular stud.

Once he was in and he door closed I asked, 'Now, where are you headed?'

'Over on Rose Lane.'

'Hell, so am I. Let's get going.'

As we drove I found out that he was nineteen and a sophomore at the college majoring in accounting.

I introduced myself and he said his name was Cory.

We turned onto Rose Lane and I said 'Let me know which house is yours.'

A half block down he said 'It's right here on the right where the porch light is on.'

'You're kidding. I live three houses down on the right. You can't see it in the dark but it's the white house with green shutters.'

'Hey nice. We're neighbors.'

'Cory, you said you were majoring in accounting right?'

'Yes, sir.'

'Well, I'm a CPA and if you ever need any help feel free to come on down. I work from home so I'm usually there.'

'Thanks, Mr. Thomas, I probably will.'

'Cory, please, call me Brad.'

'Sure, and thanks for the ride Brad.'

As he started to get out he shook my hand and held it slightly longer than necessary. I wondered if it meant something. He certainly didn't look, dress, talk or act gay in any way. In fact, he looked more like a jock to me.

After he got out and was running through the rain to the large porch I realized that he was entering a house that had been vacant for a few months.

When I got home, I logged ono my computer and did some checking of public records. I found that the house had been sold a couple of weeks before to a national fraternity.

'Holy shit! It's a frat house,' I said out loud.

My heart began to race at the thought of all these young studs living so close. The house was a large older two story home with five bedrooms. I began to do some calculations. I knew he bedrooms were huge and depending on how many shared a room here could be ten to twenty guys living there.

I had trouble sleeping that night and was up early, sitting on my front porch drinking coffee, watching to see how many guys were there and what they looked like.

I soon had counted twelve guys, all muscular and hot, leave the house. I was sure that there were more that had later classes.

I went back in and went to work as best as I could. Taking a break later in the morning, I went out front and saw Mrs. Davis working in her yard. She lived right next door to the house.

I began talking to her about the occupants. She said that when the house sold, the people from the fraternaties national headquarters had talked to her and others and assured them that there would be no loud noise or parties. She said that she was told that if the police were ever called the boys would have to move out and the house would be sold. She said that so far, she hasn't heard any loud music or yelling and that the 'boys' were helpful to her when she went shopping by carrying her bags in.

I returned home and went back to work.

Two days later around four in the afternoon, there was a knock on my door. Opening it, I saw Cory standing there with a book.

'Hey, Cory, come on in.'

'Brad, were you serious about offering me help?'

'Definaely,' I said. 'Let's go sit at the dining table.'

'I don't want to interupt your work.'

'You're not. I was just quitting or the day. Let's see whats giving you trouble.'

We went to the dining room and sat on one side of the long table. After I sat down, he moved his chair right up against mine. Opening the book, he indicated a scenario saying, 'I'm just not sure what they are wanting here.'

'Let me read it.'

I began reading the passage and as I did, he casually placed his right hand on my left thigh. My cock twitched and I had to start over on my reading. As I read, he ever so slowly, moved his hand closer to my crotch.

I managed to finish my reading and began to pose questions to him about it, trying to get him to think it out. He did beautifully and I wondered if he was really having problems.

As we discussed the problem his hand moved closer and his fingers were lying over my hard cock which was aimed down my leg.

As he gently rubbed it, I looked at him and asked, 'Cory, you like what you feel?'

Turning slightly red, he answered, 'Yes, I do.'

'Well, do you want it?'

'If you'll let me, yes, I do.'

I stood up and took him by the hand and led him to my bedroom. When we stopped, I turned to him and could see that his cock was rock hard also.

'Shall we get comfortable?' I asked.

We began stripping and were soon both totally naked. I wanted to grab him, kiss him and grope his hard beautiful cock but instead I lay on the bed and said, 'It's all yours.'

He sat beside me and began to lick and suck my nipples as he slowly stroked my cock. Slowly he moved down my body and eventually got between my spread legs. He began licking and sucking my balls, then raised my legs and rimmed my ass as I moaned in pleasure. He soon returned to my balls for a second then swallowed my cock as I gasped.

As he sucked me I said, 'You do realize that I'm twice your age.'

He stopped sucking me and said, 'I know. That's what turned me on to you. I much pefer sex with older men.'

He returned to sucking my cock and soon brought me to a roaring climax. My cock exploded in what was one of the best and largest climaxs I'd had in ages. Cory expertly took and swallowed every drop of my huge thick load, moaning as he swallowed.

When he pulled off, he came up and lay beside me saying, 'I've wanted to do that since you gave me that ride.'

Raising up on my elbow and looking into his eyes, I said 'Really?'

'Yea,' he replied.

'Well, I've wanted to do this since that night.' I leaned down and kissed him, offering my tongue. He quickly accepted it and offered his. We kissed passionately for a moment then I began sucking his nips and then moved to his balls repeating when he'd done to me. After eating his hot young ass, I swallowed his cock and quickly brought him to an explosive climax, eagerly swallowing his delicious thick huge young load.

After I kissed him again he said, 'Damn, I never expected that. I thought you might be willing to let me do you but I never dreamed it would be mutual.'

'You're turned on by older guys and I'm turned on by younger guys.'

We talked and I found out that he had been gay since he was thitreen. He said as he got older, he began preferring older men because he felt that they were more apprecitive. I also learned tha he was on he football team. I asked if any of his frat brothers were gay.

'Not that I know of and none of them know about me. There is one other guy on the team that I know of that is gay and like me, he prefers older men.'

'How old is he?' I asked.

'Twenty, I think. He's a junior.'

'Hell, give him my address and tell him to stop by.'

'I will if you really want me to.'

'Hell yea,' I said then asked, 'Cory, do you think any of the other guys at the house would want just a blow job or fuck a guy in the ass?

'I don't know but I know they are always talking about being horny.'

'Without revealing yourself, see what you can find out for me.'

'I will,' he said.

'And, Cory, you don't need to have a problem to visit me. Come over anytime.'

'Thanks, I will, but I'll bring my books to make it look good.'

He dressed and as he did, I asked what the football players name was.

'It's Matt.'

'Thanks. If he stops by at least if he gives me his name I'll know it's him.'

He left and I returned to the bedroom and brought myself to a second climax.

Cory visited again the next day and after a hot sixty-nine, we kissed and cuddled then fucked each other. I definately could get spoiled to have sex with him regularly.

Then, two days later there was a knock on the door. I answered it to find an extremely muscular young man at the door. He wore a tight tank top revealing a nice dusting of light brown hair on his chest.

'May I help you?'

'Are you Brad?'

'Yes, I am.

'I'm Matt,' he said smiling. 'Cory said we might have a lot in common.'

'Oh, I'm sure we do. Come on in.'

He entered and before I could shut the door, he had his ank top off and was beginning to remove his tight shorts. I quickly joined him in stripping and within seconds we were both naked and kissing passionately.

I led him to the bedroom and as the saying goes, he turned me 'every way but loose'. He kissed me, licked my chest, sucked me totally dry, comntinued licking down to my feet, sucked my toes, then began working his way back up. I then managed to calm him down enough to suck him and afer he fed me a huge load, he began sucking me again. Once I was again hard, he straddled me and sat on my cock, burying my eight inches in one quick movement. After bouncing on me a few minutes he pulled off and lay on his back. As he pulled up his legs he said 'Fuck me, daddy. Pound my ass hard and deep.'

I did as he asked and soom filled his ass with my hot load.

'Yea, that's it. Shoot it deep in me. Give it all to me. Oh you make my man pussy feel so good.'

After I pulled out we lay together and kissed and made out. After a few minutes he asked, 'Brad, can I see you again?'

Hell, yea, baby, any time you want to.'

'Can I spend this weekend with you?'

'If it's going to be like today definatey but I'm not sure I'll survive it.'

'I'll go slower. It's just that I haven't had man sex in over a week and I needed it desperately.'

'Hey, I'm not complaining,' I said. 'But, what if Cory stops by?'

'Would you mind having us both work on you at the same time?'

'Oh, fuck no! I'd be in heaven.'

He dressed and as he left he said, 'See you Friday afternoon late.'

'I'll be waiting.'

The weekend with Matt was unreal. When Cory came by on Saturday, I was the center of their attention. I was in heaven having two hard young cocks to suck all I wanted to. And I loved them tag teaming my ass.

On Monday, Cory came by again.

'Hey, Cory,' I said.

'Hey, Brad. I don't have but just a minute, but I wanted to let you know that I've put things in motion.'

'With your frat brothers?'



'Saturday night late, a bunch of them were talking about their girls being on the 'rag' or not putting out and that they were horny as hell. I jus made a comment that I had that problem solved. They asked how. I told them about you giving me a ride and offering to tutor me in accounting. That part was true. Then I said that when I came down that first day, you asked if I had a gilfriend and I said we had boken up. I date but just to hide my true sexual preferrences. Anyway, I said that I made the statement that I needed to find another because I was horny and needed some relief. I said you told me that you could solve that problem.'

'What did they say?'

'The immediately asked if I let you blow me. I said yes and that just because I let you blow me it didn't make me a 'fag' also. Sorry.'

'Hey, no problem. Cover your ass.'

'Anyway, I said that you offered your ass or your mouth and that it was my choice and I felt sure that you'd be willing to help them out anytime. They said they had heard guys could blow better that women and asked it it was true. I said definately and that you don't stop part way through. I told them I'd been here twice and your ass was as good as your mouth. I said if they decided to try it, to come down and just say 'Cory said you coud help me out with a problem.' If any come down I don't know but the seed has been planted.'

'Hey thanks man. I owe you big time.'

'I'll find a way to collect,' he said smiling.

He left and now all I could do was wait. Just wait and see. I didn't know if my nerves could take it.




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