The First

There was a place down on the river I used to like going too. The nicest thing about this spot was the fact that it was a mile or more away from the road in an area were I never saw any other people so it was a prefect place to go skinny dipping. The great thing about this spot is that it was a deep hole with shallow spots above and below the deep area. Another good thing was that there was very little current during the summer months so you didn't have to get washed down stream. I loved going to the river in the summer time, fishing and skinny dipping. for some reason, swimming naked in the river and laying out on the back and feeling the sun on skin really turned me on. There were many times I would end up laying out in the sun after swimming, thinking nasty thoughts and end up jacking off. This spot was also the first place i had ever touched another guys cock.

We started out with one of those "you show me yours and I'll show you mine " things. It turned out that he wanted more than just to show me his, he wanted me to jack him off. I found out that day that I enjoyed feeling a hard cock in my hand. I ended up jacking him off almost every time we went to the river after that. It took him almost 6 months to finally get me to take his cock in my mouth. I wasn't very good at it to start with and he ended up fucking my mouth instead of me sucking it, but I wouldn't let him do it very long because I didn't really want him to cum in my mouth. After a few times I got to where tell when he was going to cum and would pop it out of my mouth and finish him off with my hand. I also took one other guy there with me who was a friend of the first one. I didn't know until were down by the river that the first guy had told the second one that I would handle and suck his cock. I didn't enjoy the second one. he was an asshole! As soon as we got to the spot he pulled his jeans down, sat down on a log, grabbed his cock and told me to get over there and start sucking it. I just stood there staring at him, He started stroking his cock and began to tell me all about how his friend said I would suck his cock. The biggest problem was that he was quite a bit older and bigger than I was and when I told him I didn't really want to do that he came over and pushed me down on my knees and didn't give me much choice. I figured if I hurried and sucked him off he'd leave. Once I got his cock in my mouth it wasn't as bad as I thought and I figured I might as well enjoy it. he surprised me by pulling out and telling me he wanted to see me naked. i thought he wanted to suck on mine also so I stripped and was all ready to enjoy myself also. Turns out that he didn't want anything to do with my cock, what he wanted was my ass! I had had cocks rubbed against my ass before and yes I did like the feeling but there had never been one in me and it wasn't going to happen that day either. he tried grabbing my hips and tuning me around so he could get to it and even pushed me down and tried to spread my legs but no matter what he did I kept moving around enough to keep him from getting it in. i guess just the trying was enough for him because he ended up cumming from rubbing it on my ass. It could have been a lot worse that day. I ended up having to walk home and I never went swimming with either of those guys are any of there friends again!

Even though I'd been going to the same spot for a few years I knew that someday I would end up finding someone else sharing my spot so I always approached it as quietly as I could so if on the chance someone else was there I could always turn and leave without them knowing I had been there or having to talk to them. Of all the days it could happen it turned out to be one of the hottest days that summer! All I could think about on the walk to the spot was how cool that water was going to feel and how bad I wanted to get naked and in that river. The problem was that I was thinking to much about what I wanted to do instead of pay attention to where I was going so instead of stopping back in the trees to check the spot and make sure there wasn't anyone there I had stepped out into the clearing without realizing it. When I saw what I had done I stopped but I was already past the trees and was so busy cussing myself for it that it took a minute for me to even realize what I was seeing.

Not only was there someone else in my spot, it was another guy. He was laying on a blanket next to the river. I was shocked to see some one else in my spot, more shocked to see it was another guy, even more shocked when I realized he was laying there naked and the most shocked to see it was a black man! My first thought was to step back into the trees before he saw me because I didn't want to embarrass him. I could imagine how I would have felt if someone would have walked up on me while I was laying there naked, but as I started to step back I realized it was to late, he was looking right at me.

In my mixed up thoughts i was thinking that maybe he hadn't noticed me even though I could plainly see his eyes but those thoughts evaporated when he smiled and waved at me. At least he had pulled a towel over his waist so i wasn't quite as embarrassed as I had been at first and I was able to return the wave even though I was still rooted in the same spot. Part of me wanted to just turn and head back down the path but since he seemed nice enough I didn't want to be rude.

Nether of us had said a word so far, he changed that when he called out "You come down for a swim?" I just nodded my head. "Well, you made it this far, might as well come on over" he said. When someone is trying to be friendly you really can't ignore or be rude to them so I walked over to where he was laying.

"Sure is hot today" he said My total reply was a simple "Yes, it is"

"You come here to swim often?" he asked My brain finally worked enough for me to answer "Yeah I do, this one of my favorite spots on the river".

"I didn't mean to embarrass you" he said "I've been coming here a lot myself and I've never even seen another person along this stretch which is why I'm naked. I love the feel of the water when I'm naked and with it being so hot today I just couldn't pass it up".

"I know what ya mean" I said "I come back here for the same reason".

"Well, my name is Robert and I hope you don't mind me sharing your spot"

"I'm James and no I don't mind. You have as much right to enjoy the river as I do".

I sat on the old log that Robert was using to lean his head against and we chatted for while. I found out that we both came from small towns and both liked to hunt and fish which is the reason we both ended up finding the same spot on the river. It was surprising that we hadn't met before as many time as both of us had been to this same place. I also found out that he about 15 years older than I was which didn't seem to matter at all the longer we talked. We talked for at least an hour, him stretched out on his blanket and me sitting on the log when he looked up at me and said "I thought you came here to go swimming". He was right. I really wanted to get in the water. It was even hotter than when I had got there and I could feel the sweat running off my body. The problem was that I didn't have a suit of any kind, only the cloths I was wearing. It didn't bother me to swim in my jeans and I knew as hot as it was the sun would dry them fairly soon, but I had really been looking forward to stripping off and skinny dipping. It wasn't that I was that shy, after all I had been swimming naked around other guys since I was 7 or 8. The problem was that having been raised in a small town all the other guys were friends. It's one thing to strip and swim naked with a bunch of friends and quite a different thing to get naked in front of a stranger. "Look" he said "I don't mean to embarrass you. I know you came here with the idea of going swimming and from the way you're acting I figure you were planning on doing it naked. If you would feel better I can leave but there's no one around to bother us and we both agree that is one of the best spots to swim. Also, if you're worried that some one else might show up and see you and a naked black man hanging out, I understand. So if you want, I'll get dressed and leave".

What to do! Robert had been way to nice for me to do anything that was going to hurt his feelings. Being the way I was back then I could care less what other people might think. I also didn't care if he was black, white or pink. The only thing that was slowing me down from stripping of and jumping in that water was getting naked in front of an adult stranger! I wasn't a kid but I sure didn't count myself as an adult either and I had never knowingly been naked in front of any adult. It really only took a minute to make up my mind! " No" I said "you don't need to leave. I was enjoying the talking so much I didn't want to take a break to swim, but you're right, I came here to swim and that water sure looks good right now".

I took my shoes off then stood up to take off my shirt and jeans. I will admit I was kind of happy when Robert settled back down on his blanket and was watching the river instead of me. After I folded my cloths and lay them on the log I was left standing there in my under shorts. I was thinking about leaving them on but when I stepped toward the river Robert said " I thought you were going to go skinny dipping. It don't matter to me but since we're the only two here and it don't bother me none that water feels a lot better when you're naked". That's all it took, off came the shorts and down to the river I went.

A little about Robert while I was down swimming. He was huge! height that is. It was hard to tell since i had only seen him stretched out on his blanket but he had to be close or over 6 foot which seemed huge to me since I was only about 5'5" at the time. Other than that he just an average guy. he had a bit of a belly but he was what we all called "stocky" back then, short hair, as was the style. In other words he was a person you'd probably pass on the street without even noticing. I had caught glimpses of adult guys cocks before and from what little I saw before he coved it up, his cock didn't look any different or any bigger than some of the others I'd seen, other than the color of course, he is the first black man I'd ever seen naked.

God that water felt so good! I was having a ball splashing around. floating on my back and diving under to feel the cold layer toward the bottom. I didn't even think about Robert until I swam back to the bank. I hadn't even looked up while swimming back so I was a little surprised when I crawled up on the bank and raised up while I was still on my knees and found myself staring directly at his cock less than 6 inches from my face! "Mind if I join you" he said "I'm really getting hot laying out in the sun and I need to cool off for a minute". I had trouble taking my eyes off his cock but I was able to answer "No I don't mind at all". I moved over enough for him to slip into the water.

I went on back to the log we'd laying by and decided that Robert wouldn't mind if I shared his blanket. I could hear him down playing in the water as I lay back and closed my eyes while the sun warmed and dried my skin. I could get over how nice his cock had looked and was laying there thinking of how nice it would be to feel of it and maybe even put it in my mouth. i guess I might have been thinking about it a little too much because the next think I knew I heard Roberts voice saying " That just from the sun or you been thinking bad thoughts?" It took me a second to realized what he was asking and another second or two to realize that I had gotten hard while I was laying there thinking about his cock. I rolled over real quick and mumbled " it's just from feeling the sun on me". He laughed and said "yeah, that happens to me too." I peeked back then and sure enough, he was right, he had a nice hard on and I noticed that since I had rolled over he was staring at my ass.

He lay down next to me on the blanket and asked "have you been skinny dipping here with other guys?" I rolled back over so i could see him and said "Sure, I've been here a few times." he was quite for a minute than asked if I enjoyed looking at the other guys when they were naked. I almost denied it but instead I just blurted out that Yes I did. nest he ask me if I'd every touched another guys cock or had one touch mine. Again, I almost said no, but form some reason I found myself telling him about jacking off a couple of the guys. He put me at ease when he said " I've had guys jack me off before and I really enjoyed it." We lay there in silence for a while he asked " you every done anything besides jack them off?" that time I didn't even hesitate to tell him that I had taken a couple of them in my mouth. "Oh" he said " Did you enjoy having them in your mouth?" "Yes" I said " I like the feel on them getting hard when their in my mouth."

His cock had gotten soft when we first started talking but I now noticed the not only was it hard again, he was laying there stroking it as we talked. he wanted to know every thing I had done with guys and it seemed that the mire we talked the dirtier his talking became. He wanted to know if I'd every sucked a dick long enough to make it cum. Had I ever had someone fuck my mouth and had I ever been fucked in my ass or wanted anyone to fuck my ass. I told him every thing I had done and most of the things I'd thought about doing. I told him that the only time I had anything in my ass was one time when a guy came while rubbing his cock between my ass cheeks and because he had cum on my hole making it super slick the next time he rubbed it he had slid just the head into my ass. All that time I had been laying on my side, watching him stroke his cock. I could tell by the way he was breathing that he was getting close to coming. I really wanted to help him out but even after all the talk I was a little to embarrassed to reach over and take hold of his cock. He must have been reading my thoughts because he rolled over toward me and asked if I'd ever touched a black dick. I told him I hadn't and he asked if I'd like too.

At first I just reached out and ran my hand down his shaft. I will admit that it didn't feel any different than any others I had touched. It was a little bigger than some and a little smaller than a couple but I did love the smooth, soft, hard way it felt. He scooted a little closer and ask if I minded if he touched mine. All I could do was shove my hips toward him. He took my cock in his hand and started stroking it slowly so I followed along and did the same to his. He ran his hand down and cupped my balls and I did the same with his. Most of the other guys I had played with only wanted me to stroke their cocks, Robert is the first person that seemed to like it when I felt of his balls. While he was cupping my balls he ran his middle finger across my asshole and pushed against it a little. It wasn't like he was trying to put his finger in my ass but just feeling him push and rub against it made me get harder!

After a bit he rolled onto his back and put his hands behind his head. I kept stroking on his cock while he got comfortable. "Damn that feels good" he said "What would you think about putting your mouth on it for a minute?" He didn't need to ask twice. I moved over him and ran my tongue from his balls up the underside of his cock to the tip. I even surprised myself doing that because the other ones I had in my mouth I just held the shaft and stuck the head in my mouth, I'd never before even thought of licking it. Next I ran my tongue back down to his balls then took each one into my mouth and sucked on them. This was another first for me but I was really enjoying it!, Next I ran my tongue back up to the head then slipped it in my mouth and started sucking on the head, then slid down to see how much of his cock I could take in my mouth. Found out I couldn't take it all but that didn't stop me from trying!

Robert was rubbing my shoulders and running his hands up to each side of my head while I was sucking on him and before I knew what was happening he had his hands on the back of my head and was shoving his cock in my mouth while he was pulling my head down. it felt good but I had been fucked in my mouth before and I knew what was coming if I didn't stop. I put both hands on his thighs and tried to push myself off his cock because he pulled my head down at the same time he drove his cock as deep in my throat as he could. I was trying to get some air because he was choking me with his cock shoved in that deep when all of a sudden I felt him cumming! this was the very first time I had ever sucked one long enough to make it cum! I had no choice but to start swallowing. His cum was a salty and little bitter taste but I actually liked it! I don't know how much he pumped out but it seemed like it went on for ever. He finally let go of my head and I was able to slip back enough to breath but i didn't let it slip out of my mouth, I kept sucking till there was nothing else coming out then I let it slip from my mouth and kissed the head as I lay back.

"I really didn't mean to cum in your mouth" he said " I wanted to pull out but it just felt so good I couldn't stop." "I really didn't mind" I said "I've never had cum in my mouth but I kind of liked it." I rolled over onto my stomach, closed my eyes and was re-living what I had done when I felt him roll over toward me and felt his hand rubbing my back. "For someone who's never sucked a dick all the way, you really did good." he said. "I would love the chance to fuck you're mouth again if you don't mind." I laughed and asked if he meant he want me to suck him off again right now. He laughed and said "No, I think I'm going to need a little rest before I could do anything else."

After what we'd just done we were both sweaty from the sun and the excitement. I was loving the feel of his hands rubbing across my back from my shoulders to my ass. I really liked it when he started paying more attention to my ass and started squeezing my ass cheeks and rubbing them. It felt so good that I must have relaxed enough to doze off just a kittle because the next thing I knew I could feel his finger trying to slip into my ass! "Damn you have a nice ass" he said" This little hole is super tight! I believe that you've had a dick in here." I started to tell him about the time a guy had slipped the head od his cock in it but about that time he slid his finger in me. I knew what was going to happen next and this time I didn't care. I kept my eyes closed and spread my legs a little so he could keep fingering and rubbing. "Think you might be willing to try a dick in that ass?" he asked. I couldn't answer so I just nodded my head. I was scared by so horny that I was more than willing to try it. "You let me know if it hurts or you decide you don't want to." he said. Again, I just nodded. I could feel him moving around behind me. Next i felt him put his hands on each side of my ass and pull me up onto my knees. I was really worried then, the time the other guy had slipped the head in my ass I had been laying flat on my stomach and my ass wasn't as exposed as it was now. he put his hands between my legs and pushed me open a little more. he moved closer to me and I could feel his hard cock rubbing against my ass cheeks. He spread my cheeks out and put his cock between them then squeezed them together and started rubbing his cock between them. My ass cheeks were slippery because of the sweat and he slid up and down with no problem. He was pushing my cheeks together hard as he could and really squeezing his cock. I began to relax a little then because i was thinking he was just going to fuck my cheeks till he came and wasn't going to actually stick it in me. I realized I might be wrong when he used one hand to spread my cheeks, held his cock with the other one and started rubbing the head of his cock across my hole. I was getting scared and at the point of telling him to wait when I felt him pushing against my hole. About the time i was going to say wait I felt the head of his cock pop into my hole! As soon as the head went in he put his hands on each side of my ass and pulled me open some more. I'm not going to lie, it hurt when the head went in but thank god he held it there with just the head in which gave me a little time to get used to the feeling.

He bent down over me close to my ear and started telling me all kinds of nasty stuff. "That ass is squeezing my dick better than any pussy has ever done." he said "Let me know when your ready, I want to get all my dick in you. He also told me that I had the tightest ass he'd ever been in and how much he want to dump a load of come in me. he might have been lying but I was getting used to the feel of his cock in me and wanted some more! he spread my cheeks a little more and I could feel him pushing and sliding more into me. "I'm going to fuck you like a girl" he said "I'm going to fill your ass so full of cum it's going to run down your legs!" the more he talked, the more I wanted it. With all his talk i didn't even notice that he had slid all his cock into me until I felt his stomach hit my ass and I could feel his balls slap against mine! Once it was all the way in he held still again to let me get used to it but by then i was so horny I started moving my ass. I pulled forward till only the head was in me then shoved back and took all of it! As soon as I did that he grabbed one of my ass cheeks and used the other hand to push down on my back which made my ass go up and he started pumping hard and fast!

I swear I could feel his cock swelling as he was pumping my ass and when he reached around and starting stroking my cock I started cumming! I had never thought I was gay back in them days because I loved soaking my cock in a pussy but I'm pretty sure i fell in love with his cock in my ass right then!. he kept pumping my ass far longer than he had fucked my mouth and I loved every minute of it! I could swear that i could feel his cum filling my ass when he hit the point! One last big shove and he squeezed my cheeks so hard while he was cumming the I had his finger prints on my ass for a week! As soon as I felt him cum I collapsed on the blanket. he dropped down on top of me with his cock still inside. it was unbelievable just to lay there with his cock still inside me and feel it getting soft as I squeezed my ass around it.

His cock finally slipped out of me and he rolled over onto his back. "Did I hurt you?" he asked. "No" I said "I really enjoyed it." "that was a really nice fuck." he said I don't know what possessed me right then But I blurted out "You can fuck me as much and as often as you want!" I thought I had gone to far but all he did was turn on his side and roll me on my side and pulled my ass back against his cock and told me that he would really like that.

We went back to the river to cool off aging after I felt i could get up and move around. All the way to the river I could feel his cum leaking out of my ass. there was something so nasty about that but at the same time it felt so good. It was just a little afternoon by then so we had plenty of time to visit some more and I was really hoping that he wasn't going to want to leave to soon. I needn't have worried, once we left the river he made no move to put his cloths back on. Instead he went back to the blanket and smiled up at me as he patted the spot next to him. I lay down on my back next to him and he started rubbing my stomach and cock this time. I just lay there with my eyes closed and enjoyed the feel of his hand on me. My next surprise came when he leaned over and started licking and sucking on my nipples. I'd never had anyone do that before and my biggest surprise was how quick I got hard again! Then he kissed me. I had never been kissed by a man! I wasn't sure what I was supposed to do. "Do you mind that?" he asked when he was done. I wasn't sure what to say. It wasn't like I disliked it, it was just really new to me and I wasn't sure how I felt but seeing what we had already done i shook my head and the next thing I knew not only were his lips on mine but I could feel his tongue pushing against my lips. Without even thinking about it I open my lips enough to let his tongue slip in. At the same tome he pushed his hand down between my legs and pushed them open. As his tongue fought with mine I could feel him sliding his hand down between my legs and his finger rubbing my hole again. I was lost then. i put one arm around him to pull him closer and slide my other hand down to his cock. I was not surprised to find it hard. I got just a little crazy then, I was kissing back as hard or harder than he was, I was stroking his cock while he was slipping a finger into my ass! he could have shoved his cock in me and fucked me till I died and I wouldn't have cared right then, I had never been so horny in my life!

He broke contact and went back to sucking on my nipples but he still had his finger in my ass and was working it in and out slowly. I was shaking just form feeling him working on me! "Do you want to try something different?" he asked. Truth be know, by then I was willing to try anything he wanted to do! I was so wrapped up in the feeling I couldn't answer so I just nodded my head yes. He gave me one more deep kiss then got up on his knees, pushed my legs apart and moved up between them. He hooked his hands behind my knees and lifted and spread my legs till they were back by my ears. As hot as it was I could feel a cool breeze blowing across my ass as he spread me out. he leaned down and I wrapped both arms around him and kissed him long and deep as I felt his cock rubbing against my asshole. he broke off the kiss and looked down at me. "I know this is new to you and I don't want to hurt you but I want to fuck you like you are my girl." "if I hurt you let me know and I will stop." at that time I was willing to let him do anything he wanted as long as he kept kissing me and I could feel his cock, and i did feel his cock! he rubbed it against my ass and then pushed it in. It felt so different having a cock go in my ass on my back than when I was on my knees but I didn't care because it still felt good. This time he didn't stop until his cock was buried all the way in me. "How does it feel?" he asked. All i could do was try to wrap my legs around him, grab his ass cheeks and try to pull him farther inside! I had never wanted to be fucked as bad as I did then. I wanted so bad for him to just hold me, kiss me and shove that hard cock in me as hard and fast as he could! he did a couple of slow strokes but maybe he was feeling the same thing I was because he grabbed my ankles and pushed them up and out as far as he could and started slamming my ass as hard as he could. He kept saying, I'm sorry with each pound. I think that he thought that he was hurting me . I kept trying to tell him to just fuck me! slam that cock in me! Fill my ass full of your cum! i got th the point that I had no idea what I was saying but I remember talking all the time and begging him not to stop. the way he ramming me I was beginning to think i could fuck and suck him at the same time. The wider he spread my legs the deeper he went in and the more i loved it! When he finally came we both collapsed. My legs went down and he more or less fell on top of me. The same as the first time though, his cock was still in me and we just held each other and kissed until it got soft and slipped out of me.

Robert fucked me two more times that day and yes i was a little more than in love with him after that first day. Don't get me wrong, I wasn't because he was black, it was totally based on his personality and the way he fucked me. We had an on going thing for the next two years. Even after that summer I used to go spend weekends at his house. I got naked as soon as I walked in his door and didn't get dressed again until it was time to go home. I ended up joining the army a couple of years after we met and the relationship didn't survive the time I was gone. He fucked me the few times I came home on leave but by the time I got out he had moved back east and we never saw each other again. I still think of and miss him after all these years.


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