As Ryan maneuvered his god-like body behind his cowering slave, he allowed the weight of his manhood to lay on Steve. Steve’s mind was racing. Here he was, on his knees, bowing down to this young buck in the throne of his kingdom…and he didn’t care. His rod ached, drooling pre-cum. He wanted more…he needed more. And master was going to give him more.

“Feeling comfy, Chief?” Ryan hissed.

“Yes, sir. I’m ready, sir.” Steve heard the master spit and felt the warm saliva drip down his balls. In an instant, pain shot through his body, racking him to the bone and forcing him to let out a scream that was sure to make his throat bleed under the stress.

Ryan had sunk his meat to the hilt in his pissy, little slave. The warmth, the tightness, and the pain that he had given to his slave made him sneer. He watched as Steve squirmed, unable to move, watching the trembling that his cock had induced in his little whore.

“You alright, Ol’ Timer?” Ryan chuckled.

Steve breathed heavily…almost hyperventilating. His hole was on fire, his gut stretched to the brink. “Yes…yes, sir,” he muttered. His cock was still hard, throbbing even more than before the pole invaded his sphincter. “I’m ready, sir.” He felt Ryan begin to slowly withdraw his cock from his body and the emptiness left in the void of his guts. And then the surge forward…painful, searing, tearing. He yelped with each stroke for the first few minutes as his body adjusted. His muscles were taunt, teeming with the excitement.

“You like being my little bitch don’t you?” Ryan chuckled as Steve moaned louder with every stroke of his mammoth cock. He felt the slave’s hole now devouring him as he pushed harder and harder. “Yeah, take it, my little whore.”

Steve’s moans echoed throughout the kingdom as his god plowed his hole furiously.  And as his master’s meat slammed deep inside his guts, rubbing his prostate, he felt his climax surging closer with every single, deep stroke. “Sir, I’m, I’m…” but before he could finish his sentence, cum exploded from his reddened cock. “Oh my god! Fuck!” He screamed as he came…and came as he never had before.

He lurched forward, still unable to move freely without a painful tug at his balls from the rope, and breathed heavily as his face lay on the floor. Moments, minutes, perhaps hours had passed before he realized that his master was silent…his cock was gone. “Sir?”

The crack of the whip on his back was the immediate response. The skin bubbled underneath the contact, almost breaking the skin. “Did I give you fucking permission to cum you goddamned whore?” Ryan screamed. Until now he had been calm…eerily calm. Steve was afraid of the consequences. He could hear the master’s footsteps now. Encircling him. Pacing.

“It’s okay, chief. This is a learning process. You’ll learn that nothing you do comes without my word first. Understand?”

“Yes, sir. I’m sorry, sir.” Steve wimpered.

“Good. Now…did we enjoy getting fucked? Obviously we did.” Ryan questioned him. His tone was sickly sweet…sinister almost.

“Yes, sir. I..I’ve never…” Steve trailed off.

“Oh, I know. I can tell. And I can also tell if anyone else gets to use one of my whores…and the price tag that comes with that kind of betrayal. Well, let’s just say that you best know that hole is mine. Am I making myself clear?” Ryan knelt down beside the king’s blindfolded face. “Am I making myself clear?”

“Yes, sir. Clear, sir.” Steve could smell the sweat and smoke from his master. It made his spent cock twitch in the weirdest of ways.

“Good. Now, I wasn’t done with my lesson. And though I’m glad you love my cock so much, there’s much more to do before I can be satisfied with tonight’s lesson.” Ryan walked back to his bag and removed a bottle from a forward pocket. “Now, I’m going to put something up to your nose. I want you to inhale it deeply. One nostril at a time.”  Ryan knelt down again putting the bottle to Steve’s left nostril. “Deep breath…” Steve wasn’t sure what this was about but feared resisting him so took a deep breath as ordered. “Good,” Ryan soothed. “And again…” as he held the bottle of poppers to his right nostril.

Immediately Steve felt light-headed. He wanted to lean forward but the tug on his balls made his resume posture. And in a flash, he felt his cock filling with blood again, swiftly becoming rock hard. Within seconds, it ached…painfully full mast. Ryan began to laugh.

“Now that’s what I like to see,” Ryan said coolly before cracking the riding crop on Steve’s perfect ass. Steve jumped at the pain. Ryan stuck him again, and again, and again. The slave’s ass was beet red, his hole still drooling, throbbing open and shut over and over like a hungry mouth waiting to be fed.  Ryan smeared more EG on the slave’s ass and began gauging him again with three fingers, then four, then fisting him relentlessly, punching into Steve’s guts without pause. Jab after jab he pounded into Steve’s abused hole.

Steve’s moans were mixed with screams as his tormentor went deeper and deeper inside of him. The pain, as intense as it was, still brought out a part of him wanting more. Steve’s mind began to drift into thoughts of all of the young bucks he had coveted taking turns using his hole and making him the cum bucket he apparently and unknowingly had always been.

Ryan, almost up to his forearm inside of the whore’s muscled ass, reveled in the groans, grunts, and whimpers of his little slave. Yes, yes….he needed so much more. “So, chief…do we like to obey?”

“Yes, sir. I will obey, sir.” Steve’s voice had become so hoarse and ragged. He loved the pain, the searing pain that melted into pleasure as his prostate was milked, his hole was stretched. The taste of blood in his mouth mixed so well with the taste of Ryan’s cock. The smell of his own cum, being drenched in piss, and the diesel…his raging hard was to its breaking point yet again. And in gasp, he felt Master’s fist rip away from its loving embrace of his guts. He felt the ropes being loosened. Steve’s mind began to race…”No! No! This can’t be it…he can’t be done.”

“Sir?” Steve begged.

“Hush, chief…I’m just getting ready for the next game,” Ryan hissed as he untied the slut slave’s hands. He left him blindfolded and ordered him to remain still. Steve did as he was told. Ryan began creating the greatest of clamors moving ladders and tying rope. Steve could hear him scurrying all around, but not in a hurried fashion. No. This was methodical. Precise. And that made it all the better.

Minutes turned into hours it seemed to Steve. The absence of his master’s attention was almost unbearable. But he was patient and didn’t flinch until he felt the slightest touch on his right shoulder.

“Stand,” Ryan said coldly. Steve rose to his feet. Ryan removed the blindfold causing Steve to wince at the light even though it was somewhat dim. Ryan grabbed him by the throat in a snake-like strike with his right hand that immediately caused his difficult to breath. Steve began to claw at this throat for relief. “Ah, ah, ah…” Ryan whispered coolly. Steve instantly relaxed. “Good,” the master mouthed as he leaned in to kiss him.

Ryan’s tongue began to probe Steve’s mouth sending electricity through his body causing his cock to bob and his hole to throb in lust. He began to feel light-headed as Ryan’s grip seemed to tighten. He couldn’t remember how long it had been since he’d taken a breath. His vision became blurry…his ears rang…then darkness.


“C’mon, chief. Wake up. There ya go. There you are. How you feel?” Ryan smiled brightly at him.

Steve was disoriented again as he looked down at his captor. He was hanging from something. Then he noticed the sting of the ropes as it dug into his armpits, forearms, wrists, shoulders, chest, stomach, thighs, and ankles. He was suspended from the rafters of his castle spread-eagle. Sweat poured from his face and ran into his eyes. Through this stinging, he watched Ryan walk to his bag and pull out his phone and dial a number.

“Yeah, he’s ready. Come play,” he chuckled before disconnecting. Steve eyed him again, his massive frame, his huge muscles and boyishly handsome face. And then there was that cock. The biggest he’d ever seen in life or in porn even he was sure. Ryan froze in some trance it seemed…simply staring up at him. He held an eerie, soft grin on his face that didn’t change until the station door opened and closed.

“In here,” he shouted. Apparently, Ryan was going to up the anty with a new master. Steve was ready. His cock was ready. His hole was ready as he lustfully stared at Ryan’s cock.

“Dad?” he heard breaking his gaze. His son, Darian, stood there in total shock. The prince was in disbelief at the current state of the king. In an instant, the shame and guilt took over as he began to thrash trying to free himself from bondage. He pulled desperately with each arm and leg. Every muscle bulging in it’s effort that was only stopped by the crack of a whip that lashed against the sweaty meat of his chest and stomach.

He heaved, breathless as he looked at Darian holding the whip with an evil glint in his eye. “It’s fucking playtime now,” Darian whispered.

Outside of the kingdom, the lash of the whip echoed again and again but was only heard by the pine trees that stood in silence as the cry of king remained unheard.



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