JD and I spent the previous night together gently caressing each other's bodies, kissing and nibbling each other's nipples and necks. There was no wild, passionate love making that night and I fell asleep facing away from him with his arm draped over me.

Mr. Internal alarm clock and junior, with his morning piss hard-on, woke me up with frenzy at about 5:30 am. Before jumping out of bed I realized that JD was still lying on his side, spooning from behind, with a very "awake" monster cock barely nuzzling my ass. It took all of my inner strength not to turn over and go to work on his dick but I realized my own little guy was calling and I was going to have a busy day....so I best get on with it.

I went into JD's bathroom, turned on the shower and relieved myself and junior. While I realized I was a bit horny, again I made my mind up to get started with my day so I got in the shower and soaped up. I suddenly realized that Mr. Cavanaugh had joined me and was "washing my back" so to speak. What started out as an innocent morning shower turned into a 15 minute jack and rim session facilitated by Mr. Cavanaugh. In spite of my lame attempts to stop him I secretly wanted him to take me right there and then. With all of his expertise he worked my shaft with his hands at the same time his tongue worked my hole and, while I was certainly enjoying the treatment, I wanted more. JD's walk-in style shower had a small tile seat built into the side of the stall so I maneuvered us over to that seat and put one foot up on it. I reached around and jacked him for a minute to make sure he was good and hard (not a problem at all for him!) and I urged him to go for it. Unlike the first time a few nights ago when he used particular caution entering my ass, today JD seemed on a different sort of mission and he popped through the ring very quickly and went right to the sweet spot. 7 or 8 thrusts and I was almost banging my head against the tile...ya know....slippery shower tile, soap, water running and a guy banging you in the ass so hard it's not only moving your body, it's moving your world! With an uncharacteristic last stab and carnal grunt Mr. Cavanaugh made his final assault and I could feel the pulsing of my expert cocksman shooting his juice deep inside me. With that junior let me know he was ready and, almost simultaneously, I began shooting all over the side of the shower wall. Now we all know our orgasms don't go on for hours, or days or years but this one sure felt like it was gonna go long....again.....it was so intense it almost hurt. A good kind of hurt!

When we were both done and regaining our composure we realized the water was starting to chill and JD turned me around to face him, holding on to my dick, and he kissed me again.....then ran his tongue down to my two nickel-sized sweet spots where he lingered for a bit. He had managed to pump the remaining juice out of my lil friend junior and then he pointed one of the 4 shower heads our way and rinsed us off.

We dressed, again with him giving me a fresh shirt and pair of boxers (I didn't really care for regular boxers - might as well go without as far as I'm concerned but they were his and I took them)...we grabbed a cup of coffee, he toasted a bagel for me and I was out the door with a kiss and a promise that he would call me later with any info he had regarding the business venture. There I was, again, on my way to Magnolia almost floating down the sidewalk anxious for what today was going to bring.

Chapter 10

Monday mornings were always crazy with trying to figure out the paperwork from the weekend, deliveries from all the vendors, payroll and scheduling. The good news is that there was going to be plenty of things to keep my busy and my mind of the new business, both with the fire house property and JD.

A couple of hours into my morning routine Carly came in and said "Boss, we gotta have a chat about something".......I told her to go ahead, totally unprepared for what was coming.

Over the next 45 minutes Carly described some things that, at the very least, were very concerning to me regarding Andy's behavior both on the job and off. She detailed for me his growing pattern of irresponsibility with his job, the staff and his personal life. She said that she had figured out that he was the one who had hit me and that was the final straw for her - meaning...she had to tell me about some of this stuff. Among other things he was doing, she had caught him drinking on the job - in the walk in cooler, in the bathroom, out side when he would smoke...and he was taking the beer and wine from Magnolia. She went on to tell me that she had confronted him and, at first he denied it, but later came back to her and came clean begging her not to say anything cuz he really needed the job.

After all was said, I thanked Carly for her loyalty...both to me and Mag and told her I would take care of it. Everything would be ok, just for her to keep her focus on the job, customers and the staff. Andy was scheduled to do the night shift that day and I would deal with it when he came in.

Needless to say, the rest of the day was kind of a blur. JD called and said he had some paperwork for me to look at...would I like to come over to his place for dinner. I told him I had some staffing issues and it looked like I would be working until closing time, which on Monday's is 9pm. He asked if there was anything he could do to help, noting that I sounded a bit strange and stressed.....I thanked him but told him this was something I had to handle internally and that I would call him later.

Things slowed down that afternoon around 3pm and I told Carly to go ahead and get outta here - Andy was due any minute and it probably would be better if she weren't here - "But boss, I assumed I would be closing tonight....who's gonna work the floor?" "Carly, it hasn't been so long that I've forgotten how to run my own restaurant - come on...this is your Friday so get out of here.....if you want the hours you can pick up tomorrow night" "Ok, ok.....if you are sure....thanks dude...er....I mean boss. I will see you tomorrow afternoon" and with that she was out the door like a shot.

Andy arrived on time and I pulled him into the office to chat. I told him that I appreciated him going and talking to Steve at Teresa's but I had some other concerns and things we needed to work out. I basically relayed the story Carly had told me and then told Andy I could not have anyone, especially someone in management, behaving like he had been behaving and, because of that behavior, I had to let him go. I could tell by the look on his face that he was totally shocked and caught off guard. He asked if this had anything to do with the other night or the next day at his place....I told him no...not really. I thought he was wasted the other night when he hit me and that it was totally out of character that I knew something was going on, but it had nothing to do with the next morning at his place. "Andy, at the end of the day I need to trust the people around me; I need to know they are not going to steal from me; and I need to know they are going to take care of the customers and the business. I can't trust you with those things right now which means I can't have you around". The whole time I talked Andy was staring at the floor and when he looked up he had tears in his eyes...."Boss, I really need this job and can't make it without it - can't you give me another chance?" "I just can't do it Andy - I wish I could but I can't......this envelope has your pay for the past two weeks and I have added 2 weeks additional pay to help you out - I just need this to be done. If at some point things in your life straighten out let me know - we'll get together and chat and see where things are".

Andy took the envelope and stood up to leave - as I stood up to shake his hand he hugged me and told me he was sorry - I said "Me too Andy, really, I am!". He turned and left the office and I walked him to the door and he didn't look back.

The rest of the evening at Magnolia went without a hitch. I immersed myself in chatting with regulars and customers I didn't recognize. It was always important for me to touch the tables and thank people for choosing Magnolia when there were some many other choices in the neighborhood. It helped to mask my immediate sadness, over the Andy thing, be receiving compliments and warm wishes from the guests.

Right about 8:30 JD popped in and it did my mood well to see him and his smiling face. "I hadn't heard from you so I just thought I'd pop over and make sure everything was ok...." "All is well Mr. Cavanaugh...I just had some personnel issues and changes that needed to be dealt with but I'm ok...I'm glad you stopped by". "I thought you might want to come over for a late dinner or snack and a soak considering your day" Ya know, I think I need to take some me-time...go home....get some laundry done...get your laundry done (with a big grin) and get some sports-center TV time if that's ok?" "Matt, that's totally fine - I was headed to the market and just thought I'd offer but I get it...we all need our own alone time". I thanked JD and told him to stop by the restaurant tomorrow and I'd buy him lunch....he said he had some appointments and if he couldn't get away he'd give me a buzz - we hugged and he went on his way.

I closed up shop, turned out the lights and then left, wandering the long way towards Teresa's as I thought I'd get a quick drink or two before going home. Mama Teresa was right there at the door with her classic smile, hug and "Mateo, you are too skinny these days...eat...eat...eat". I agreed to let them order a quick pizza for me, had a few drinks, chatted with Steve for a bit, and headed home with a home-made pizza in hand.

I got home, took my clothes off, started the laundry, including the two pairs of Mr. Cavanaugh's underwear, and plopped down on the couch to eat pizza and watch whatever sports was on ESPN. After washing and drying three loads of laundry, eating an entire large pizza by myself, downing a couple glasses of wine and a baseball game on ESPN I decided to call it a night and head to bed with thoughts that.....I should be in Mr. Cavanaugh's bed right now!! Where did that come from.....uh oh...I was getting attached and too close already.....wait wait wait.....knock this shit off and go to sleep! And I did!

The next few days were relatively normal as I got back into my morning routine by getting the coffee going, grabbing the paper and then jumping in the shower. Getting dressed, looking over the paper and sipping on my morning coffee. Horoscope - Leo -...woo hoo and off I would go into the sunrise headed for the Mag. JD and I talked on the phone several times those few days and he did stop by for lunch on that Monday. As the week started to come to a close the restaurant was doing well, I had hired a new manager (Dominic - very easy on the eyes) and my new business venture was floating along with the speed the city promised. Next week it would be time to meet with the architects and designers and decide on a name for the new restaurant and bar. With the Magnolia staffing schedule worked out I wouldn't have to worry over the weekend (Carly was going to cover and put in some extra hours with Dominic) and I was prepped to take a few days off. I wasn't sure what I wanted to do with my time, and I probably wouldn't venture too far away in case Carly needed me, but I was determined to get R&R time. I even went so far as to call JD and tell him I was taking the weekend if he was available and wanted to get together. He had a sly tone to his voice when I told him and, even though I repeatedly asked what was up, he kept saying "nothing's up" I still suspected something.

Friday afternoon rolled in and I had finished all my paperwork and restaurant chores so I decided to take off and head over to Teresa's for a quick pizza and a cocktail or two. Yes, of course, Mama Teresa greeted me as always and just as I was sitting down at the bar my cell phone rang and it was JD. "Where are you......I stopped by Mag and they said you were already gone for the weekend....." "Relax Mr. Cavanaugh....I'm just over at Teresa's getting a quick bite and a drink"....."Ok, I will meet ya there". I said cool and then caught a look from Steve...."What are you looking at?" "Well Mr. Matt, it seems as though you are becoming a little into Mr. Cavanaugh aren't you?" I said "Whatever bitch...you've only met the guy once and we weren't here all that long" and Steve just laughed. I tried to justify things further by telling Steve that JD and I, while enjoying some private time together, were business partners and were focusing on the new restaurant! "Uh huh....yep...business partners....ok...if you say so" and with that I just flipped Steve off and told him to pour my drink.

About 15 minutes later JD blew in the front door of Teresa's and said "come on....get your happy ass in the car...we're going to hit traffic"...I was totally caught off guard and tried to ask him what was up but he and Steve started yapping to each other and I saw Steve hand him an envelope and a boxed up pizza, paper plates and napkins and the bill. "What the fuck is up with you two? What is going on" I said almost in protest....my best friend and my new "partner" were in cahoots about something and I wasn't getting it. Steve said "Just shut the fuck up and get out of here...go with it" and JD gently grabbed my arm, threw a bunch of cash at Steve, and we were out the door and in his convertible (Silver RX8) and the next thing I knew we were pulling out on the road.

"JD, what the hell" "Listen, when I realized you were taking the weekend off I stopped in here one night and was talking to Steve over a beer. I told him I'd really like to get you away for a couple of days of uninterrupted time and he said he had 2 free nights at a small inn at a winery in Calistoga - the passes were from one of the winery sales reps and Steve says he gets them all the time - it will be a while before he can use them so he suggested we take them"

"Fuckin-A.....now Steve's comments make sense....I don't know what's crazier.....you and me going away for a weekend or you and Steve in collusion....Fuck me man"

JD replied by saying "Mr. Lawrence, I plan on it" and with that we both laughed as he pulled the car onto the freeway heading west towards the wine country and the sun starting to set over the rolling hills.

Chapter 11

We pulled into the large circular driveway at the Carneros Inn and were immediately met by a valet attendant. He introduced himself as Dylan MaCalley, asked our names and then welcomed us by name. He pointed the way inside and said he would take care of the car and luggage - there was a complimentary glass of wine and cheese tasting waiting for us inside - Nice!

Once inside JD went to check in at the desk and I wandered around the grand lobby for a few minutes. I was quickly approached by a gentleman in a captain's jacket who already knew my name - "Mr. Lawrence - would you care for a glass of our award winning 2002 Zinfandel?" Oh I thought, a man after my own heart - Zinfandel...the juice of the gods! I took the glass and then he offered a second for Mr. Cavanaugh who was on the approach to where we were standing. We thanked "Marcus" and then continued our tour of the lobby and courtyard just out side. It was close to 9pm and, though the restaurant would be closing the front desk agent told JD he would hold a table and the kitchen for us if we'd like. "JD, I think I'd like to just get a little something to snack on, maybe at that little café/market over there in the corner....a nice bottle of wine...and just chill here in the courtyard or in the room....if that's ok with you??" "That's perfect Matt....I really didn't want to do the whole dinner thing.....I will wander over to the café and see what they've got...be right back".

For the next hour or so we sat in the courtyard with a nice bottle of the Zinfandel we tasted earlier, some wonderful cheese, fruit and crackers and it was perfect for the evening. We talked about everything but the restaurant business and we both enjoyed ourselves. At one point JD caught me stretching my neck and shoulder out and yawning a bit. I kind of chuckled and he said "Dude, you've had a really stressful week...why don't we take the wine and head to the room....you might be able to talk me into working out those kinks in your neck and shoulder".... "Sounds like a plan and an offer I can't refuse" and we stood up, grabbed the bottle and headed into the lobby where we ran into Dylan again..."Gentlemen, would you like me to show you to your cottage?" we both nodded and followed Dylan out to the driveway where he told us to join him in his handy little golf cart. I hadn't realized it was an actual cottage but when we got up the hill there it was...pretty much sitting by itself nestled among some new-growth grape vines and the small lot was surrounded by a white picket fence just like something out of Tuscany.. Dylan unlocked the door, handed the key to JD and then ushered us inside. There was a small living area with a tiny kitchen attached and a fire going in the small gas fireplace. Dylan told us the night air gets a bit chilly in the hills here in Carneros and then showed us how to turn it off.

Dylan had seen to it that there was a new bottle of wine on the small table in the living area and a fresh plate of fruit and cheese. He had also brought our luggage in, hung up the shirts and pants and then put away the rest of the clothes in a small dresser next to the 4-post king sized bed. He showed us the hot tub in the bathroom along with the walk in shower (Just like JD has at home). It was at that point that I realized I hadn't even packed a bag because I hadn't expected to go anywhere, especially over night. JD assured me that he had taken care of everything...right down to the black Calvin Klein boxer-briefs he liked me in...I laughed and decided to just go with the flow......Dylan blushed a bit, said his goodbyes and excused himself making sure we promised to call him if we needed anything - we agreed and he said Good Nite.

"JD, this is just kick-ass cool. Thank you for making this happen- I am still blown away that you and Steve pulled this together in a couple of days!"

"It's all good....I think I need the get away as much as you do and I thought it would be fun to get to know each other a little better....away from the home-front if you know what I mean!" I told JD I was going to jump in and take a quick shower while he was playing with the remote that seemed to control the TV, built in stereo system and even the fire place and lighting...it was pretty cool. I went in and took a really quick shower....dried off and when I came out of the bathroom into the bedroom the lights had been dimmed, there were candles lit and some really nice jazz playing from speakers I couldn't even see. Wrapped in my fluffy terry cloth towel I lay down on my stomach in the middle of the bed and closed my eyes.

I heard the unmistakable sound of the corkscrew and the familiar pop of a cork. JD came into the room dressed in only his famous white CK boxer-briefs carrying two glasses of wine. I leaned up to take a glass and a sip and then set it down and he nudged me to lie back down on my stomach. He loosened the towel and just draped it over my ass and then moved up the bed close to me. I suddenly felt a warm sensation and realized he was drizzling warm massage oil on my back and I thought..."Damn...this is gonna be good".

The next half hour or 45 minutes was pure bliss. JD was very skilled at the massage thing taking great care to provide a mix of soft, gentle strokes along with some deep tissue and stretching work on my neck, shoulders and lower back. One of the few secrets I have left is that a good, relaxing and sensual massage gets me hard and horny almost instantly and tonight was no different. I think junior made his appearance the moment JD loosened the towel but it was his masterful way of mixing strokes and his touch that really got me and kept me rock hard. JD moved down to my lower back and butt next, applying more warm oil as he went. All I could do was moan when he started working on my ass and upper and inner thighs. God this was amazing and I knew that the bedspread underneath me was getting a nice dose of the pre-cum oozing out of junior's head. JD continued to work from my thighs down to my ankles and he added a little twist by employing his tongue on the inside of my thighs and the back of my balls. Wow.....this was amazing. As he finished with my lower thighs and calves he leaned up and whispered in my ear that I should turn over and close my eyes and relax. Other than my dick, I don't think there was a part of me that wasn't completely relaxed and I told him so.

I turned over and the towel was completely dispensed with. Ole junior was standing straight up at attention and I kind of chuckled when I looked down in that direction. I laid my head back down and I felt JD lift my left hand and as I looked over at him he raised my arm towards the bed post. Lo and behold there was a soft rope or tie attached to the post - I hadn't noticed that before......he slipped my wrist through the tie and then proceeded to do the same with both ankles and my other writs. So there I was....not really tied up...but tied up for the very first time in my famous gay-discovery phase. I was feeling a little bit anxious but I trusted JD.....and I think junior got himself worked up even harder than before with the anticipation....and JD hadn't even touched junior yet - as I looked down again I could see the pre-cum still oozing out...Shit, I felt like I could bust a nut at any minute.

JD moved up towards the head of the bed and drizzled some more of the warm oil...this time circling my nipples with it.....down my chest, to my stomach and abs and then my cock and balls. The warmth of the oil really heightened my sensory perception of what was going on. JD started with my neck and worked the oil on both sides...and then up my left arm back down to my left pec. I will say it again, the mixture of gentle and firm strokes was awesome and I remember thinking in my head that he must have, somewhere, been trained in this art.

JD continued to rub the warm oil into my skin and worked my pecs and chest and arms and shoulders. He then moved down to my feet and, though it sounds funny, other than wild and passionate sex, sometimes I don't think there is anything better than a foot massage....well...for the most part.

He worked on my feet for a bit and I was starting to squirm a little and every time I did I realized I was still restrained. Moving up from my feet to my calves to my knees and thighs he mixed the firm and gentle strokes up into that spot on your inner thigh that tends to be a little tender and then his tongue went to work...nibbling and soft biting and licking all around the inner thigh...running his tongue all over my balls...almost teasing and tickling them and then over to my other thigh where he bit and nibbled again. At this point I was squirming pretty good and found myself raising my hips up and down a bit off the bed...trying to pull my legs up closer but to no avail. While I could have escaped the ropes had I wanted to....I didn't want to. I was finding this experience exciting and invigorating - not sure it was my brain or my body that was enjoying it the most but I was determined to ride the train all the way in to see where it was going to go.

For the next 30 minutes JD masterfully used his tongue and mouth all over and around my groin. He would tease me by using the tip of his tongue on the tip of my dick and I truly believed he enjoyed my squirming immensely - every once in a while I heard a light chuckle come out of him so it made me wonder whether or not he enjoyed the teasing more than the actual sex play....who knows...but it was working for me.

A few minutes later I realized that JD was releasing my ankles from the restraints and as he did he ran his hands up and down my legs concentrating mostly on my thigh area. With the same gentle care he used in the massage, he lifted my legs up a bit to allow him access to my ass and he dove in with his tongue sending my nerve endings into a frenzy. He worked on the nether-region for several minutes and as he did old junior was just oozing juice onto my belly. I told JD that I couldn't hang on any longer - that the gusher was imminent and he backed off a bit. I tried to look down at him to see if he was in the same hard place I was but I couldn't really see....I assumed but I obviously couldn't reach out to check....and then I had my answer. With one hand holding up my legs JD used his other to maneuver his rock hard cock in circles around my asshole....then rubbed it all over my balls and then he grabbed both our dicks and rubbed them together. It was at that point that, having lubed my hole up really good, he inserted himself in me....very slowly about a half inch at a time - pulling back each time and going in a little further. I was used to his motion now, after the other few times he had fucked me....and I braced myself for the pounding I was sure was coming. With the precision of...well I don't know...but with precision and determination he slowly continued to bring himself in a little further each time until...Bang...there it was...he hit the spot and the contact sent shudders...you know...like goose bumps all up and down my body. I thought he was going to increase his speed but he didn't...he left his dick in there for a bit with his head making contact with my button....and then he kind of moved around from side to side....back a little and then forward. He was, in effect, massaging my prostrate with the head of his cock...not his finger....his cock. I felt full and stuffed but in a good way. There was no pain...just that sensation and all of my senses were working on over drive. I now had my legs wrapped around his waist and as he was moving around inside me and his tongue was working my nipples....he continued the movement....slow and steady and I think the combination of that, the entire experience and his constant assault on my nipples brought me completely to the brink and I told him so. He took one last bite on each nub and then he focused on his fucking....bringing himself almost all the way out and then slowly back to the nugget...and then I could tell he was tensing up...as was I and I told him it was gonna happen.....with a bit of a grunt he plowed all the way back in and I could feel his muscles...and the veins in his dick expanding and contracting and then it hit...both of us at almost the exact same time....I blew like I have never blown before.....I tried to pull my hands free and it wouldn't happen....raising my ass up and down on the bed just furthered the motion of the two of us together and the combination of that movement brought about an earth-shattering orgasm for me...and judging by all things...for JD too. He continued the motion until I felt him start to soften up a bit....and as he slowed almost all the way down he slowly, bit by bit, pulled out of me until I felt that little pop as he exited. JD then took my dick in his mouth licking it up and down and all over...and then he cleaned my stomach and chest with his tongue running it back up to my neck to get that last bit of spooge that flew up there.....and then he kissed me....our tongues fighting for best position....for minutes it seemed....a kiss like no other. With that he rolled off and lay down on his back next to me. "Uh...excuse me Mr. Cavanaugh....do you mind.....can you let my hands loose??" He turned and looked at me and just smiled..................

Chapter 12

Saturday morning we were up and showered early despite our late night escapade and we wandered into the little café/market in search of a quick bite to eat on our way out wine tasting. Dylan greeted us in the market with a basket of goodies including bagels, cheese, fresh fruit and wine...everything we would need. Dylan smiled...said "This is on the house and remember....just CALL me if you need ANYTHING".....Was it my imagination or was this kid sending out the vibes...hmmmm....not sure what that's all about but who knows.

We took the basket....thanked him over and over and got into our waiting car. The rest of the day was spent without a care in the world. We hit several of the local wineries....drove down the back roads through the wine country and stopped and nibbled on the goodies in the basket on a lush green hillside overlooking the vineyards that you could see for miles. All in all...the perfect conclusion to a perfect day in the wine country....

We were met by Dylan outside the Inn when we arrived back there. Again we thanked him profusely for the generosity and for helping us to have a great day. Dylan told us that he had taken the liberty of making a dinner reservation for us at the Inn's restaurant at 8pm that evening which gave us an hour or so to get ready. We showered....played a little grab-ass then dressed...both somewhat casual and we headed out.

JD and I were shown to our table and when we arrived there was a nice bottle of Zin that had been decanted and waiting for us. I was continually impressed with the level of customer service that had been offered at Carneros and I told JD that this was the style in which I envisioned our restaurant. JD chuckled a bit and said "That's the first real time I've heard you describe it as Our Restaurant - I like the sound of that!"

It really was the first time I had said it out loud and I liked the sound of it too. Again, my brain began to wonder, quietly of course, what was going on but I had made up my mind that I was going to just go with the flow and enjoy things in the moment. I apologized to JD for bringing up work-related things and then told him how much I enjoyed the day and the whole weekend so far....."Last night was pretty special JD.....I'm not sure how to describe it other than HOT.....and today, well, today was just what the doctor ordered so again, thank you!"

JD flashed one of his famous smiles, nodded his head and raised his wine glass...we toasted the day and then went about ordering our dinner and feasting on what was presented to us and, for dessert...2 shots of absinthe presented at the table along with the best piece of cheesecake I have ever tasted.

We left the restaurant and headed through the lobby where, once again, Dylan was waiting to take us to the cottage in his handy-dandy little golf cart. "Dylan, don't you ever get any time off....I mean you have been here every minute we have....."

"Mr. Lawrence, my family owns the Inn and Winery and its just part of what we do - believe me, I get my down time....but seeing to it that our guests are taken care of...and in every possible way...is what has made this place a success"

We arrived at the cottage and made some small talk with Dylan....found out that he was about 4 years out of college getting his degree in hospitality management and then came back to work with the family. He surmised that someday all of this would belong to him so he was committed to making it a success. He told us that his parents have been encouraging him to move away for a bit...to experience other types of hospitality settings and his dad especially wanted him to be exposed to more of the food and beverage end of things.

"Dylan, JD and I are in the process of putting together plans for a new restaurant in our home town so if you are looking to broaden your horizons and head on over that way...just let us know....I think JD would agree we'd love to have you as part of the team"

"Thank you Mr. Lawrence...I will totally keep that in mind - it might be just what I need...I mean as long as you are serious...and you know up front that there will be a day when I need to head back over here"

"Understood...but we like what we've seen of you and would like to extend the offer..."

"Oh trust me...I like what I've seen of you two also...." We chuckled a bit at the veiled comment and then Dylan unlocked the door for us and again, made the offer of any assistance we might need.......blah blah blah we thanked him and said good night and watched him scoot away in the cart.

"Damn Matt...I think that kid has the hots for you"

"I think it's you he wants....hmmm...or maybe both...ya want I should call him to come back??" and we both laughed deeply.

The rest of the evening was spent lounging on the couch in the living area, just in our underwear, sipping on cognac and watching a couple of old, cheesy chick flicks. At one point I know I fell asleep leaning back against JD....actually...I think it was his light snoring that stirred me.....I got up...turned the TV off and pulled him up off the couch and towards the bedroom thinking....Damn...this guy is just kick-ass hot...even if he does snore! Into bed with him spooning behind me in the familiar position with his arm draped over me...a little nuzzling on my neck and a few flicks of my nipples and he was out...like a light. I felt myself smile a big old smile...closed my eyes and drifted off.

I was awakened the next morning by birds chirping and a chill in the air as we had left all the windows and doors open....wait.....the birds weren't chirping...that was the alarm clock...and the chill in the air wasn't a chill at all causing my nipples to stand at attention....and then I realized....I must have been in the final stages of my REM sleep coming out of a dream....and then I become conscious of what was happening....there was a really hot mouth licking my dick...and junior was doing his best impression of a good little soldier standing at attention! Yep...there was my pal JD in that familiar position with his head down in my lap...nuzzling and licking and slurping and tonguing and swallowing...and there were his two hands circling my two nickels keeping them so erect they almost hurt...."Damn ya old horn dog....what is it with you and morning sex?" JD looked up at me, still with my cock in his mouth, and mumbled something I didn't understand. Then three fingers in the ass, one finger circling my nipples and a hot mouth keeping junior occupied and there I was...again, popping off an incredibly intense nut...and the man...like the true champion he is...didn't loose a step, his rhythm or a drop for that matter!

OK....into the shower...some more grab-ass (I actually jacked him off while I played with his ass) and we were dressed and getting our stuff together for the drive back. With the two bags by the door we strolled down to the lobby and grabbed a couple muffins, a mimosa each and some fruit. Just about the time we finished Dylan walked in and told us the bags were in the car, it was gassed up and ready any time we were. We thanked Dylan and I saw JD hand him an envelope with his name on it....Dylan flashed a big grin and told us he would be in touch in the next week or so after he discussed things with his folks. I told him not to wait too long as things seemed to be happening pretty quick (boy, were they!!) and he promised to call very soon.

Once in the car and on the road I think we were both hit with the dose of reality at the same time - yep....the weekend was over and now back to the real world...but I have to admit....I was going back to my routine with a greater sense of purpose....cheesy I know...but I was....and, for the first time in a long time, I was really, really happy and content. At the time I wasn't sure what the biggest factor in that feeling was, I was just in a good space and enjoying it.


Matt Lawrence

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