Chapter 3

We walked the 10 blocks to his house - a nice little 2 bedroom with a killer pool and hot tub in the backyard surrounded by an 8 foot privacy fence. The inside was very nice - hardwood floors with a modern, urban look to it. We walked out to the backyard and I sat as JD went into the kitchen to grab our drinks. I opted for a nice glass of old vine zinfandel and he had cognac. After taking a sip and setting his drink down JD kicked off his flip-flops and took his shirt off. While the night was comfortable it still was a rather balmy 80 degrees outside. JD had a great chest with very little hair on it.....Nice defined pecs and a great little happy trail leading down to his shorts. Not really a six-pack but plenty nice and, again, oh that treasure trail.....! Now I don't have to tell you that my old faithful silver tabs were, once again, betraying me as I am sure it was very clear I was....lets just say.....aroused. I was totally cool with that when we were in the club - after all how should one react with the masses of eye candy all around - but here, alone with JD in his back yard, I was a bit self-conscious about ole junior making his presence known.

After practically downing my entire glass of wine it must have been evident I was a little anxious and JD offered to get me another and, as he was walking back into the house, he said "Matt, please make your self comfortable" and away he went. I took the opportunity to take my own shirt off and my tennis shoes and socks too. When he came back out he said "aren't you hot in those jeans? Really, I don't mind if you want to take them off - I can get you a pair of shorts if you want"......I told him not to worry about the shorts - I slid the old silver tabs down revealing my black CK's and he stared for a second and said...

"hmmmm....very nice" and with that he undid the tie on his cargos and let them fall to the ground. Holy cow.....picture perfect! White CK boxer briefs that hugged him just perfectly and when he turned to walk towards the pool I had the perfect view of the most perfect ass, well one of the most perfect asses, I had ever seen - I swore if he laid down on his belly you could bounce a quarter of it! Did I use the term perfect yet?

JD walked towards the pool and down the stairs into the water. In the night sky, with no outside lights on, I could see that the water came up to just above the waistline of his CK's. He let himself slip under the water and came up wiping the water off his face. This is the picture you see on those gay porn sites - hot guy, wet underwear in a pool or the ocean. Now junior was clearly making his presence known and I had to squirm a little in my chair so he was not so noticeable but as is usually the case, that didn't work very well. It was just about then that JD emerged from the water again and started walking up the stairs to the edge of the pool. Obviously the white boxer briefs were transparent (so much so that Calvin Klein himself would be proud) and it was obvious that JD was no slouch in the package fact I was not only becoming harder by the second, I was also a tad bit jealous as this man was blessed with at least 7" of pure, thick meat. As he stood there in the glory that was this great specimen of a man he said "Aren't you coming in".....I stuttered a bit, gulped down most of the second glass of wine and said..."er.......ok.....yeah". I have two college degrees and do ya think I could have done any better than "er....ok"?

As I stood up to move towards the pool JD came up from behind me and put his hand on my I turned he kissed me and stroked the side of my face....just for a second I was taken back to my very first real experience with a man (The other Matt). JD moved back a bit and then gently slipped his fingers inside the waistband of my CK's and slowly slid them down - as he did he ran his tongue down my chest...down my belly and circling by belly button. I lifted one leg, then the other and there I was....naked in this guy's back yard...reckless you say? Well I had actually known him for over a month (saying to myself in the most convincing inner voice I could muster). JD slipped his own underwear off and there we were walking together into the pool. The water was great...we swam and played and dunked each other for a good 20 or 30 minutes. After that, I found myself with eyes closed leaning against the edge just enjoying being naked in the water. All of a sudden, I felt his presence close and from under the water his mouth engulfed my hard dick. It startled me at first but then I realized how good it felt, how erotic it was to be getting blown underwater, and how I hadn't felt this good in a long time. Clearly, this was no slam bam, thank you sir encounter like I have been used to since my split with Matt - no, this was more than an encounter - this was the beginnings of making love and it had all the sensuousness and eroticism of the coolest R-rated or soft core porn movie you've seen.

We spent a good amount of time, of course after I shot a load like a rocket, just hanging out and onto each other in the pool. We talked some more and then got out, wrapped our towels around us, and sat down and had another drink outside. I realized that JD had a strange look on his face, almost as if he were pained or upset about something - I asked him what was up and he said "I would really, really like it if you would stay tonight- I've enjoyed this like no other evening I've had in forever and I don't want it to end".....Well, needless to say you don't have to ask me twice!

We walked, still with towels wrapped around our waists, to the back of the house where JD's room was, stopping along the way for a refill of our drinks. As we entered the room I was following JD and as we moved closer to the bed I touched his shoulder, turned him around, leaned in, and kissed him. A long, slow passionate kiss that only further incited junior to make an appearance and with no warning my towel came undone and fell to the floor. I ran my hands up and down JD's back and loosened his towel with our lips still connected. JD ran his hands up and down my chest and stomach circling my nipples - it was as if someone called and told him that was my spot - the thing that would get me going if I needed help with that. As I moved closer to him our cocks started to do battle with one another, neither of which needed any help in the lube department as the pre-cum was flowing steadily.

I gently eased JD back on his bed and began my assault on his neck, his ear lobes, his adams apple and then further south. As I reached those classic pecs I messed with his nips a bit just for drill and payback. Now, basically laying on top of him and moving my body up and down the length of his I heard him say "oh shit"...and with that a gusher if old faithful were in this very room with us. Now most guys would be a little disappointed...whether you were the gusher or the gushee so to speak - not us though as I think we both knew this was just the beginning. As I felt the first thrust or two I grabbed a hold of his thick meat and worked it...jacking him hard, letting my hand glide along that wet shaft, all the wile nibbling, kissing and teasing his nipples and pecs. JD's body convulsed and it was clear to me this was no ordinary orgasm...or guy for that matter. It went on, for what seemed like 15 minutes. Now we all know that's not really how long....but it sure felt like that. As the orgasm started to subside a bit I worked my tongue down towards his groin and licked his shaft....he seemed to be really, really sensitive right after he came so I moved around a bit and licked his balls and his inner thighs....suddenly I felt his hand grab my hair and the next thing I know that cock was in my mouth. The bittersweet taste of this man's seed was awesome and I could feel the swelling of his meat start to go down at the same time mine was harder than it's ever, ever been.

Somehow I managed to move up the bed a bit and I realized JD was moving too. He had moved himself over my chest, in a 69 position and was after my nipples again. Geez...what is it with these there a club or something?? As he moved his tongue inch by inch down my chest I realized I was wasting precious oral time so my tongue connect with his chest so as he moved down on me, I did so on him and then that warm sensation of a mouth around my cock - you know that feeling.....his tongue circling the crown on the head....his nose gently breathing air on the shaft and towards the nuts....then his tongue moving down the shaft and his mouth swallowing my nuts. And, there I was, in near-ecstasy, when I realized that hunk of meat he was carrying was staring me straight in the face. Damn...he was rock hard again....that kick ass dick with a little bit of a turn upwards and it fit right in my mouth. As has always been the case with me I have a little bit of a gag reflex so I always have to either caution my partner or take control of his movements. I needed to do neither with JD. He took his time, little by little, and eased himself down my throat until I had all of nose flush with his pubes and abdomen and he slowly started to pick up a rhythm - I think the real reason I wasn't having trouble taking him down my throat was because of the masterful work he was doing on me - not only was he an expert at blow jobs.....he went even further by exhibiting the great skill he has in the rimming department. He is a couple of inches taller than me so, in our position, it was relatively easy for him to circle the ring of my hole with his tongue and tease me by inserting it at various times-all of this causing me to focus on me which, in turn, allowed his cock to easily go very deep in my throat.

A few minutes more of this and there would be no way I could hold back and I really wanted to.....I really wanted to edge it on to the point where I had as powerful an orgasm as I know he did just a few minutes before. In spite of my attempts to get him to slow it down a bit JD pulled his cock out of my mouth and scooted around so that I was now on my back, knees up a bit and somewhat prone and there he was, head in my crotch going to town. I swear to god he was hell bent on me bustin this nut again - and for me, relatively soon after the one in the pool - so I was a little amazed my body was reacting with such intensity....but who am I to question.

JD kept looking up at me and making eye contact with a bit of a grin. When his mouth wasn't somewhere in the groin area it was working up my belly to my pecs and nips.....damn, damn, damn. I told him one more time "Dude, I am getting really, really close again" and with that he deep-throated me, put two fingers of one hand in my ass and reached up with the other hand and twisted my right nipple. Well, that was all she wrote...bada-bing, bada-boom and I hit the wall behind me with the first of several shots - holy was raining cum!

I felt like there was a bass drum beating inside my nut sack the shots were so powerful to me and then, out of the blue, that old familiar sensation of a nice thick piece of meat sliding into my I looked down, ducking the remaining shots of my own jizz I see and feel JD's cock slide around my hole and then full-on into it....all the way in.....ya the sweet spot....well he timed that perfectly - as if Mr. Prostate needed any further prodding with the force of this particular orgasm....but somehow my cocksman coaxed about 5 more major shots outta me with his banging on the nugget down there. As I looked again at JD I saw the look on his face and I knew he had, himself hit the mother lode and then I felt the warmth and the vibration and the thrusts - my ass tingling with sensation as JD's balls smacked my ass over and over again and he continued to hold on to me until there was one final thrust and push and with that, he hit my nugget hard one more time and he slowed his pace all the way down - leaving himself in me for a few seconds as I tried to recover and begin to breath again.

When I opened my eyes and looked up JD was just leaning up on his elbows staring at me and, being a little self-conscious I said "What?" and he said "nothing....other than that was the most incredible sex I think I've ever balls still ache....but ya a really good way". I just chuckled a bit, basking in the compliment...or at least in the glow!

JD pulled himself out and moved over along side me and draped his arm over my chest....I was till panting as his finger circled one of my nipples again...damn....if he wasn't careful it would start up all over again and I told him so. He relaxed a bit and we just lay there quietly until I realized he had fallen asleep. I don't know why it is I am always the last to drift off but it was good as it gave me the opportunity to just kind of marvel at what just happened and this hot guy laying next to me.

Chapter 4

Sometime around 6 am my internal alarm clock jolted me up and out of bed....I usually got myself up at 5ish so I could have coffee, read the paper, relax and get ready for Magnolia.....of course on this day I was a bit disoriented and not at all connected with my surroundings but earth-shattering orgasms, and multiple ones at that, will do that to you.

As I surveyed my surroundings and, realizing I was naked, I saw my CK's on the chair by the bed so I put them on....walked into the master bathroom and took the mother of all leaks. I noticed a new toothbrush still in its package and some toothpaste so I used them and then groggily wandered out of the bedroom towards the smell of fresh Italian roast coffee coming from the kitchen.

There he was, in those damn sexy white CK's leaning over the kitchen counter with his back and that glorious backside facing me....damn that is a hot picture...still to this day in my head! I walked up and smacked him on the ass and he turned and kissed me and stroked my chest saying good morning. With that he offered me a cup of java and invited me to sit down on the stool at the counter with him. As I was sipping the coffee I watched as he moved around the kitchen putting dishes and glasses away from yesterday. He, in my mind, was the epitome of hotness and junior was making an appearance again just at the site of my own personal CK model. JD then turned and said "Listen, I think we probably ought to talk before you have to get outta here" and I thought, uh oh, here we go....the gentle and easy let down - ya know the kind - dude, last nite was great but ya gotta get your clothes and get outta here now kind of chat.......damn

I was totally surprised when JD said "I am really feeling bad about last know I don't normally get off that fast but you were so fucking hot and sexy......"

Talk about relief! I took that as the utmost in compliments and I assured him not to give it a second thought - that it was a compliment and, even if I did have an issue with it, he more than made up for it! He looked relieved and then said "I know you've got to get over to Magnolia - have you thought about what I proposed last night about the firehouse?" I paused and looked down at my coffee and then said "JD, I have a confession to make.......I had made my mind up before we even left the restaurant last night that you were exactly the type of person I would want to partner with if I ever were going to". JD looked at me for a minute and there was an uncomfortable pause in the air and then he said "Well......what the hell.....does that mean yes or no?" I got up and walked over to him and put his coffee cup down on the counter and leaned in and kissed him and whispered "yes". He pulled away and got that big ole grin on his face and then leaned in and kissed my cheek, my neck and then started his tongue down my chest to my mind started to race as he kind of nudged me back towards the bar stool, his tongue never losing contact with my skin and as I leaned back on the stool he moved lower and lower finding my own happy trail and then further south. Once he arrived at the waistband his mouth engulfed my rock hard cock through the shorts as he put his fingers inside the band and worked them down again freeing junior up to wave in the wind.

This time it was me that only took a minute or two to shoot as he took my entire member in his mouth and worked my nuts and ass with both hands....he bobbed up and down like it was his favorite ice cream cone or sucker and I felt the rumble in my nuts begin - I knew it was pointless to tell him because he appeared to be on a mission and that mission was to get one more monster load out of me before our day started. I shot so hard that I cramped up in my calf and tried to move around a bit but he just grabbed my ass cheeks and sucked me like a shop vac taking every single drop I could pump and when I was done he took that magic tongue and worked it all the way back up to where he started. We kissed, smiled at each other and he said "Now that's what I call a killer wake up call!"

After all was said and done I realized I wouldn't have enough time to get back to my place and then to Magnolia to meet the various vendors and delivery guys who come in the mornings so JD and I showered together and he gave me a fresh pair of Calvin's, a clean polo shirt and I was dressed and on my way the 10 blocks to the restaurant. As I left he kissed and hugged me and said he was going to be at the office today to work on the package and proposal for the city and maybe, if I was lucky, he might stop in for a burger at lunch.

As I walked, or more like floated, down the sidewalk towards my life my inner voice was at it again.....wondering quietly what I was doing....was it smart to bed this guy and then do business with him....was it smart to bed him at all....was it smart to do business with him....what the hell am I doing.....has my "recklessness" just switched forms-have I substituted my addiction to the gay lifestyle in my personal life to one that now includes my professional and business life.....shit......and then, as I got to the front door at Magnolia I realized, looking in the window at my reflection....that I had a smile on my face and suddenly, all those things that were going through my head got quieter and quieter....AND......I was wearing a pair of his underwear!


Matt Lawrence

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