Chapter 18

I woke up the next morning with the mother of all hangovers as JD was laying behind me. Shit man... was last night a dream... did it really happen? It only took a minute for me to realize through the haze that last night really did happen....and it was a first for to speak. JD still had control of the events but I fucked him for the first time and it was amazing. Like I said...I was a bit out of it so I am sure I didn't enjoy it as if I had had all my faculties.....but then I thought....all in due time - there WILL be a next time.

I slowly moved out of the bed, ran into the kitchen and started the coffee and then headed into the bathroom. I had already brought several changes of clothing over to JD's so I was not constantly having to borrow his underwear and shirts.....I stripped down in the bathroom, turned the shower on, and then stared at my self in the mirror for a minute....

"damn are going to have to put some sort of face or definition on what is happening here.....figure it out cuz you've been sucked in"......

Yes I was talking to myself in the mirror....come on...admit it....we've all done it....sometimes it's the "What the fuck are you doing here" chat......or sometimes the "Come on...get it together" or sometimes the " look good" thing........

So. not having any reasonable answers to my own questioning, I got in the shower, finished and got dressed. When I got to the kitchen JD was there, again in those freaking white Calvins that get me going.....

"Good morning are you feeling this morning?"

"I am ok...I guess.....the headache isn't as bad as I thought it was going to be"

I knew that was a bold-faced lie but hey...I was good to go...I had to be. Today was the trial run at Firehouse and I had to be in my best form. JD had actually cooked some eggs and bacon while I was in the shower. Now, normally, I am not a breakfast person but today it sounded good and I really appreciated his effort.

As JD put our plates down on the breakfast bar he said "I think you need to get a good start to the's going to be a long one for you"

"Thanks.....this is really nice....and after all the nights I've spent's nice to sit and have breakfast with you"

"I am hoping there will be many more like this"

The bells and whistles went off in my head quickly.....was he just being satisfied with the way things were or was he hoping for more? What was it that he wanted? Was he inferring something or am I making way too much out of his comments. Shit, I don't have time to think about this today...I need my focus and my energy on Firehouse right now. I was a little irritated at his comment...not really....but I wanted to be...why this morning...why today of all days.....ok...let it go!!

I finished up with breakfast and grabbed both plates and rinsed them and put them in the dishwasher. JD had put together coffee to go for me and asked me what time I wanted him to show up at the restaurant. I told him that I was going to be there until about 2 and then would go home and change into my "show clothes" (meaning one of the cool new suits I had bought for the opening weekends)....and then my plan was to be back at the Firehouse around 4pm...he said he would meet me at my place around 3:30 or so and we could walk over together. I suggested that we drive seperately as I wanted to see how the valet service handled things so it would be good to get his opinion too since they probably won't realize who he is....he agreed and said he would see me there at 4pm. I told him that the valet service would start at 3:45 so anytime after that.

We embraced and kissed and then I ran my tongue down the side of his neck to his nipples and circled both....ran my hand down that killer chest and stomach and then gave his package a little rub and a squeeze......he grinned and said "You are a fucking tease sometimes"!

I just laughed....grabbed my coffee...he smacked me on the ass and then I was on my way to Mag.

Chapter 19

When I arrived at Mag things were good...the Friday deliveries were already in house and I walked in on a little staff meeting that Carly and Dom were having with the crew. I really felt good about the way they were taking "ownership" of Mag and I knew they were the right team for the job. They asked if I wanted to say anything to the staff and I took a sip of my coffee and said

"I just want to say thanks to all of you - this has not been an easy month and I have not been here - I am very impressed with the teamwork you all have shown....comments I have from customers tell me that everyone here likes their jobs and cares about the work and the guests and I couldn't ask for anything more than that......and I want to give a special thank you to Carly and Dom for their loyalty and leadership....I can't do this without you and I want you to know that! Because of your hard work and dedication I am closing Mag down early next Saturday night and you are all invited to the last seating for the grand opening at Firehouse....9pm sharp....and the after party. Just let Carly or Dom know if you will be bringing a guest or will be a great celebration and a good time"

The crew clapped and I think I actually saw a little tear in Carly's eye....I would never say that out loud and she would deny it....but I think it was there.

I arrived at the Firehouse at about 10am and there was a big crane in front as the signage was being put on the building...they had already completed one side (The building is on a corner so there are two sides visible to the street) and it was lit up....really cool neon signs that looked the very first neon signs you remember seeing as a kid.

I went inside and the place was just were being arranged......glassware was being washed and polished at the bar.....brass was being polished...napkins were being folded.....carpets were being vacuumed....and that was just in the first room I went into. I went into the kitchen and saw Pam and her army of prep cooks working diligently on the cook line while several other employees were checking in food deliveries and testing equipment. Pam had instructed everyone to get familiar with their stations and there "tools" and equipment. I immediately realized I was in the way and while everyone was saying good morning and "how are ya Mr Lawrence" I quickly figured out that they would be better off if I weren't hanging out in the kitchen.

Pam and I went into the dining room and sat down to go over the schedule and plan for the evenings festivities. This was really her show and I wanted her to have the control....

"Pam, the menu looks great...I think it's going to be a big hit...just tell me what you want me to do in terms of service and stuff"

"Just communicate with me so I know when the first plate goes down and when the last plate goes down...we will time the following course to those two things.....I have food runners positioned at both ends of the dumb-waiter and at the stairs in case we get a little backed up"

I told Pam I was good for that....I had purchased 5 walkie talkies with ear pieces so we could communicate between the various floors of the restaurant and the front desk....I also told her that JD would be here to help with anything she or I needed......and I looked up at her and she had a big grin on her face

"What's funny"

"I think you should just have JD stand in front to attract all the pretty people.....or he could keep you occupied in the office or elevator and out of my way"

"Be-atch" and we both laughed hard.

"Is your new little girlfriend gonna be here tonite Pam"

"No, she's busy at work"

"Ya mean she couldn't get a nite off for something this important to you"

"Nah....she said her boss was really pre-occupied with a party he's throwing tonite and she didn't want to ask for the nite off....but she will be here next Saturday.....I guess the boss is having her come to dinner here"

I thought for a minute and then it hit me..... "You and.....what the hell.....Carly?? "

Pam busted up laughing and said "We wondered how long it was going to take you to figure it out but with as busy as you've been it's not a surprise"

"Well it is a surprise to me....damn.....I am blown a good long have you two been seeing each other?"

"3 months"

"Holy the hell did I miss that"

"Well seeing as how you've got a new guy.....and you've been trying to put this place's not a surprise at all that you didn't notice......and with me working here instead of don't see us together at all anymore"

Wait....what did she mean about me having a new guy.....hmmmm....that hit me like a freight train....and I guess it showed on my face...

"Did I say something wrong Matt?....."

"No, not at's just that...well....I guess I wonder what makes people think I have a new guy...I mean....JD and I have just been hanging out together and stuff...."

"Oh please Matt...and stuff?....give it a haven't been this happy in the year that I've known just shows....and that guy....he just lights up when you walk into the room...and, as a matter of light up when he walks in......and the two of you...together...what a pretty people couple....."

"Be-atch........ok....maybe there is something to what you are saying....but I don't have time for this today so we should really get back to work"

"Now who's being the be-atch" and we both laughed really hard. Pam got up and hugged me from behind and said "Just let it happen boss.....everything will take care of itself"

"Oh....Im not worried about tonite Pam...I know it's all going to be good"

"I didn't mean tonite....I meant with JD"

And with that she disappeared back into the kitchen and I was left with thinking about the whole JD thing again...which is not what I wanted to concentrate on today!

Final prep was were in place....the aroma of food was in the was decanted...tables were set and the place was ready to go. I looked at my watch and it was 1pm and I realized I had a few extra minutes so I took off and headed home. I could sit on my couch and relax a bit before getting dressed.

I walked up the sidewalk to my condo and realized there was a very familiar silver RX-8 parked in front...... I caught myself actually talking out loud...."I am sure I told him we'd arrive drive his car and meet me there.....?". I walked up the steps to the front door and it was open....there was soft jazz playing on the CD player and I heard movement in the bedroom..........

Chapter 20

I set my things down on the dining room table and walked to the very masculine and stark bedroom (I didn't really have a knack nor the desire to decorate my own place since I was hardly there). There were candles burning, an ice bucket with a bottle of champagne next to the bed.....I noticed two suits hanging on the rack near the entrance to the bedroom and, sitting in the chair next to the bed, was JD.....holding two champagne flutes half full and naked as the day he was born. I swear to god...he must have modeled in a previous life....he knows exactly how to look and how to pose....and of to get my engine revved up!

JD stood up as I walked over towards him and I couldn't help but notice that he was already rock hard.....He handed me a glass and we kissed...

"What the hell are you doing here...we've got to be at the restaurant in a couple of hours"

"Exactly....we have a couple of hours....and I wanted us to have a little bit of time together before the madness that will be the next two weeks starts...."

He raised his glass so I did as well and we clinked them together.

"Do you remember the night of our first the start of a new adventure...and you told me you didn't want to break open the champagne just yet....well it's time buddy"

I had this really warm, strange, but warm feeling inside. Almost like the butterflies again and, at this very just seemed as though all things were coming together. JD grabbed my glass and set it down with his on the table and then he put his hands on the sides of my face and we kissed.......I could feel his hardness pressing against junior...who by now was wide awake and raring to go. JD reached up under my shirt with one hand and played with my nubs for a few minutes and then slowly he forced my arms above my head and lifted my shirt off while he ran his tongue from the middle of my chest, around my nipples, and then up along the side of my face until we were kissing again.

"JD....we can't...we need to get showered and ready..."

"Oh, I am ready! And we will get to the shower...right after this.........."

He ran his hand all over my chest and then the front of my pants...walking me backwards toward the bed where he gently eased me down. He undid my belt and unbuttoned my pants and then slowly...painfully slowly, he unzipped them and slid them down. As I raised my hips a bit he ran his mouth over the pouch of my Calvins as both hands worked the pants down to my ankles. He pulled away just long enough to get my shoes off and then took the pants the rest of the way off. He started running one hand very softly on my left nipple and the other hand just at the top of the waistband of the calvins. I was squirming a bit and he thought that was funny.....

"It's what you get for teasing me this morning" reminding me how I stroked his cock in the kitchen this morning and left..... " and if you are not careful you might just get tied up and not make it to your big night!" We both laughed a good laugh but I secretly thought that the idea wasn't half bad......but probably not a good idea for tonite!

JD grabbed my calvins from the bottom and slid them down and then worked his way back up with his mouth reaching my rock hard cock......licking the sensitive underside and all around the head. I kept trying to reach for his dick but it was a bit out of range until he moved closer and laid on top of me.......we ground our cocks together and almost instantly we both were wet with each others the same time he was biting my nipples and using his hands to mess around with my hair and stroking the sides of my face. After a few minutes, almost instinctively, I rolled over on my stomach and JD rubbed his dick up and down my butt crack...simulating a fucking motion as he rubbed back and forth...up and down.

I moved up a bit on my knees and he reached underneath me with one hand and pulled my cock back towards him as he used one, two and then three fingers to penetrate my ass.....I was thinking that his fingers were almost as long as that dick of his as he was able to hit my sweet spot with one of them.....damn it was feeling good.....playing with junior at the same time he was working on Mr. Prostrate.....I could feel my ball sack start to tighten up a bit as I alternated between moving back on his fingers and sliding my dick in and out of his hand....I kind of swivvled my hips a bit as I was riding on his fingers and then I felt him pull the fingers out and start that familiar circling of my ass with his cock. He and I both were well lubed up and I felt the pop as he started in....nice and a bit and then back a bit more and back out. I swear this is one of the things that drives me crazy...the ultimate tease......sometimes ya just want to go balls to the wall so to speak. His fucking motion was bad-ass though...he knew he was pretty big and filled me to the brim and sometimes I think he took advantage of that fact.....after our several sessions I was becoming used to him and didn't feel so stretched anymore.....

I increased the friction at that point and began moving my ass back and forth to meet his strokes as he worked one hand on my right nipple now. We moved fasted and faster...just like you see in the movies as he continued to plow and make contact with my sweet spot. He was banging pretty hard and fast now....which was a bit out of the ordinary...but a clear sign he was as worked up as I was....kind of like that very first encounter when he nutted pretty fast...this was almost like he had an urgency to his motion...I know I did....this guy had me going and I wanted it every bit as hard, fast and bad as he did.....i literaly thought he was gonna leave bruises on my ass cheeks as he pounded...or at the very least....a few red marks.....good thing no one would be seeing my ass anytime soon...well, except for him that is.

I felt as though my balls had been pulled right up into my body when I started to shake and convulse....I popped a huge load with almost no warning....I had my head down on the bed and managed to splatter all over my neck and chin not to mention all over the bed and floor too. It was almost uncanney...our ability to time it so we both came at almost the exact same time...I felt him pulsing in me like it were an oil rig gushing that liquid spewing out of the opening like there was no tomorrow and I could feel it running down the backside of my balls. Soon his motion slowed and I kind of collapsed....still ass up...but was laying my head across my arms on the bed. He ran his tongue up the middle of my back and then the force of his weight pushed me down on the bed so he was laying completely on top of me.....I could feel the head of his dick wiggle around a bit inside me and then he slowly pulled out and rubbed his juiced cock up and down my crack again. He moved up a bit and started kissing the back of my neck and he grabbed both of my hands with his and held them. We layed there for a few minutes and then he kind of rolled off over onto his back....and I leaned over and stroked his chest. We kissed for several minutes and then I just stayed there with my head on his chest while he stroked the side of my face and played with my hair. No words.....just complete fulfillment at the time.

I broke the silence with a heavy sigh and then looked up at him and smiled.....

"What.....are you ok?"

"I am just fine stud....that was pretty damn hot"

"Well, I wanted to get your mind off of tonite for a bit"

"And you wanted my mind right down in the gutter too eh?"

"Well....did you have anything better planned for these few hours"

"Well....I was hoping to watch a little sports action on ESPN...but other than"

"I decided to create a little sports action of our's much better live!"

We both laughed a bit and then JD got up off the bed and said to follow him. We went into the bathroom and I turned the shower on. Now mind you, my shower is standard size and does not have the conveniences like JD' little seats for basically one multiple shower we looked at each other....laughed....and I got in alone......when I finished he had brought the champagne into the bathroom and as I was toweling off we both took a few sips and then he got in. We proceeded with the showering and shaving.....deodorant and cologne (He wears this Hugo Boss stuff that drives me smells so good on him so I snuck a little bit of it).

I had found this kick-ass dark grey pinstrip suite to wear and JD had pulled one of his navy blue suits out. We were dressed and ready to go in no time and, If I do say so myself....looked pretty damn good too!

It was now about 3:30 and we were ready to leave when JD asked me where the valet stand was....

"Ya know what hot stuff....why don't we drive together"......he looked a bit surprised and I didn't have any bells or whistles going off and no little angel or devil guys telling me what to just felt natural and the right thing to do..........


Matt Lawrence

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