Chapter 16

Morning came quickly, more so than I would have liked. As I started to stir it occurred to me that my ass was a bit sore, not in a totally bad way, but I didn't want to be walking funny today of all days.....JD was still asleep with the tiny little snore that I have become accustomed to. I gently pulled back the sheet and marveled at his body....the light dusting of hair from his chest down his belly and on his legs....his physique that, despite his lack of regular work outs, was as good as any man's I've known. And that monster dick that has provided me with so much pleasure the past several weeks. Surely I don't deserve this package of a man.....I was staring at him and thinking I would have very much enjoyed starting my tongue at his toes and working all the way up to his provide him with some of the morning pleasure that he so enjoys....

"ah what the hell.....I've got time" I did just that and as I was just beginning to nibble a little on his inner thighs and run my hand across his belly he stirred and I realized he had lifted one of his knees up a bit.....for the first time since we started this...uh...relationship...I was presented with the opportunity to work on his balls and ass and I gave it my best shot. I ran my tongue all over his balls, taking them into my mouth one at a time and then running it up the shaft of his cock. He was now hard and it looked as though, ready to go. I moved my tongue down and circled his nether region and inserted it into his waiting hole while my hands worked on his dick. He was getting pretty wet and he moved his second knee up granting me full access which I took advantage of. It only took a few minutes of working on his ass when I recognized he was very close so I shifted up a bit and swallowed his cock.....twisting his nipples and playing with his balls as I got his full length into my took a bit of work...but I did it and I was now bobbing up and down on him like...well I don't know like what.....but it was working.....I felt his hands grab my hair and he urged me along a little faster and then came the blasts....with such force I couldn't keep it in..he was pounding the back of my throat with his shots and he was almost squeezing my head between his hands....but like a trooper I kept most of his manhood in my mouth and made a real effort to swallow as much as I could.

With his now infamous final thrusting motion and new-found moan and groan action, JD pumped the last of his jizz in my mouth with the head of his cock going way in...I was sure it was down into my stomach and, I must admit, I did have a little trouble with the gag reflex at that point. As he softened up and relaxed a bit I came up off of him and licked all around the head and up and down the shaft....he grabbed me by the back of the neck and pulled me into a kiss where his juice was shared between the two of us for several minutes.....and then he flopped back on the bed...

"Fuckin-A....I am going to need to take the morning off just to recover Matt" and I laughed...and he laughed....and I said... "Good Morning get your happy ass out of's a big day"

I had showered and dressed while JD had gone in to make some coffee. When I came out of the bedroom he had a "to-go" cup of joe and a toasted bagel ready for me

"What if I was going to sit down and have coffee with you...are you booting me out already?"

"No, I just know how anxious you are about today...and I know you will want to swing by Mag before you head over to the Firehouse so get outta's all good. Im gonna stop by the office for a few and then I will see you at Firehouse"

"Ok, ok....whatever......" and with that I kissed him, grabbed the goodies and told him I would see him later....." ' is going to be pretty special....and pretty wild". I made the quick and easy trip from JD's house over to Mag and was greeted at the door by Carly.

"What the hell happened to you Carly.....your hair....your clothes....what the hell?"

"Boss, it's a big day and I thought I would look the part for the Firehouse crowd"

Carly had dyed her hair back to it's normal brown color...well I think that was the normal color anyway and she was dressed in a nice was in a state of shock.

"Carly, you know I'd never ask you........" "I know boss, it's something I wanted to do" and then she gave me a big hug.....quite a departure from her normal routine.....

I spent about an hour at Mag and as I was leaving told Carly to give me a call before she headed over....she was going to come and help with final preparations for the staff, schedules and dining room and I was very thankful for that. Dom was going to handle Mag for the next couple of days as we searched for another management/supervisor candidate to float between the two restaurants and I had complete confidence in both of them - and was hopefule to find someone cut from the same thread as those two.

The Firehouse was a buzz with all kinds of activity when I arrived. Pam was organizing the kitchen and delivery guys.....The contractors were putting the finishing touches on the crown molding in the dining room....the appliance guys were firing up and testing the stoves and ovens and friers....some of the service staff members were putting the menus into the menu covers and Erik, our new bar supervisor, was busy organizing the liquor that had been delivered already.

Though I wanted to just sit back and watch I decided to make my rounds and check in with everybody.....We had hired a temp to handle telephone calls and reservations until we found a maitre 'D so I checked in with her.

"Mr. Lawrence....we have returned calls from over 100 messages and there are many who would like an invitation to the soft opening tomorrow or Saturday"

"Jenni, would you give me a list of those people who specifically asked and I will call them back.....where do we stand on the numbers who will attend Friday and Saturday?"

"200 on Friday and 300 on Saturday"

"I am going to have to cap it at that so we will just have invite the rest to the grand opening next weekend....I don't want us to crash and burn right out of the gate"

"I will handle the rest Mr. Lawrence...just let me know if you make any changes to the guest list for either night"

"Thanks Jenni...I will do that"

I reviewed the schedule for Friday and Saturday. The plan was to have three seatings on Friday....5pm, 7:30pm and 10pm and a 4th seatting on Saturday....each guest would have the opportunity to sample selections from a prefixe menu so the kitchen didn't get overwhelmed and prep would be easier.

The rest of the morning was just as busy as the beginning. JD arrived about noon announcing that he was there to get in the way....and my stomach did a little butterfly jump when I saw him come in the door...damn....when am I going to get over this..... Pam had tested out some of her new kitchen equipment and prepared lunch for everyone that was working and we all had a good time. The discussion was filled with horror stories from all the employees who had opened other restaurants and bars and it did nothing to ease my anxiety about the train wreck that could occur tomorrow.

After lunch JD was going to internview the candidates for the bartending and Maitre 'D positions. I wasn't as concerned about the bartending spot because Erik had many years of experience supervising bars and cocktail lounges so I let he and JD meet with that candidate - a smoking hot blonde (even if I do say so myself) named Michelle who just wreaked of class and professionalism so I really wasn't concerned - I figured they would hire her after about 6 minutes since Erik had an affinity for blondes and she seemed very well qualified. Whle they were conducting the interviews I went to the office to make the calls I told Jenni I would make. After a couple of hours on the phone I had made contact with my whole list. People who we weren't able to fit in this weekend were happy to secure reservations for the grand opening weekend and I got more well-wishes, congratulations and kudos than I knew what to do with. I was feeling pretty sassy about the whole thing....(again, another word that has never been in my vocabulary...not sure where that came from).

The intercom buzzed and startled me out of deep thought....It was JD......."Mr. Lawrence, when you have a minute can you come down....I'd like to introduce you to a couple of the new employees?"

I told JD I'd be right there and hung up the phone. As I was riding the elevator down it dawned on me that he said employees....plural...What was he up too I wondered.

Exiting the elevator and coming through the lobby into the bar area I heard a voice that I recognized....... "Dylan!!!!" "Mr. Lawrence!!!" Yes it was Dylan from the Carrneros Inn and Winery....he ran up and gave me a hug and then, kind of sheepishly, backed off and shook my hand.....

"Matt, I'd like you to meet our new Head Maitre 'D, Dylan MaCalley"

"Holy shit......whoops...did I say that out loud.....Dylan....JD...what the hell...How did I not know about this??"

"You've been so consumed with the madness around here...when Dylan called me and said he'd spoken to his folks and they thought it was a great opportunity...well...we just put it in motion.....I was sure you wouldn't have a problem with it!"

"I absolutely don't have a problem with it...I am thrilled...just a little shocked but so excited I don't even know what to say"

"Matt....I would like to introduce you to Michelle - our new bartender. She will be doubling up with Erik on Friday and Saturday nights and we will work out the rest of the schedule later when Erik and I have more time"

"Nice to meet you Michelle..and welcome to the Firehouse"

"Thank you Mr. Lawrence and it's nice to meet you too"

Michelle was everything the boys had told me she was and, not to be sexist or anything, but she put a great face on the bar....she and Erik are both very attractive but also very professional looking so I was pleased with the way that came together.

It was getting close to 6pm and I knew that everyone was tired and almost finished with all the tasks at hand so I excused myself for a minute and stepped outside to get a little air and make a phone call. I called Steve at Teresa's and asked if they could accommodate a group of 15 of us...preferrably in the bar but on short notice I wasn't going to insist - he said they were fine and he would get a couple of tables set up. Just as I was hanging up JD came outside and put his hand on my shoulder.....

"Hey bud...are you everything all right?"

"Yep...I was feeling a little bit overwhelmed and wanted to get some air...and I called Steve to make arrangements for all of us to go over there for dinner and drinks - I feel like I want to reward everyone for their work today"

"Good idea....i suspected you came outside for looked a little flush after the Dylan surprise....I kinda thought maybe he had already put a move on you with that hug..."

We both cracked up with that comment and started back inside. I stopped JD and turned him towards me and planted a big kiss on his lips.

"Wow, what was that for?"

"Just for being you and being the rock you have been - and today took the cake so, Thank you!"

"It's been my pleasure Matt...I just wish I could have been more help during this process"

"Don't worry...I have plenty for you to help with later"

" Mr. Lawrence...get your mind out of the gutter"

"Nope, not gonna mind is wandering all over the place but it keeps coming back to you so I am just gonna let it wander where it wants"

JD smiled one of his big smiles and then offerred to call Carly and Dom (Carly had whipped out all her scheduling and other tasks in an hour and went back to Mag) to join us for dinner and I told him that was a great idea and we went back inside.

We had a short little staff meeting before we left...made introductions and kind of talked about how tomorrow would go and then we all headed down to Teresa's, stopping at Mag on the way to gather Dom and Carly.

Mama Teresa was right there at the door when we walked in and bellowed out

"Mateo...congratulations Mateo" and she grabbed me into a huge hug almost taking my breath away. I thanked her...kissed her on both cheeks and then she showed us to our table which, basically, took up the entire bar.

Steve had cocktails prepared in a jiffy and Mama showed up with several bottles of red and white wine for the table and we were on our way to a great meal, great conversation and lots of laughs. It was good getting to know the main team for the Firehouse...the group that, deep down, I knew would help make this venture a success.

Chapter 17

I took care of the bill after arguing with Mama....she had comp'd a whole bunch of the meal and the wine....but the arguing did me no good so I made her promise that she would come to dinner the night of the grand opening and she promised she would. Everyone had left except for JD and I so we sat at the bar for a few minutes with Steve and had a night- cap......not that I really needed any more after cocktails and a shit load of wine. I was starting to feel the effects and JD must have recognized it as he dropped some cash on the bar for Steve and said "Come on...lets get you home to bed"

"Why Mr. Cavanaugh....are you trying to take advantage of me in my altered state?"

Steve and JD both laughed as we headed out the door.....we said goodnight to Steve, thanked him and we were off for our walk towards....well I wasn't sure where....but we were walking. (On a side note....I love the fact that living and working in the Lavender Heights neighborhood provides such easy access to getting around. Though I do own a car I do not have to drive at all if I don't want to......)

We walked the several blocks to JD's place and went inside. I wasn't really feeling any pain though I knew I would be in the morning. We sat at the kitchen counter for a few minutes just kind of yapping about the dinner and the laughs and the day and then decided we'd better head to bed. I had to get to Mag in the morning before going over to the Firehouse and JD seemed somewhat tired also. We headed into the bedroom and JD went into the bathroom and I sat on the bed taking my shoes, socks, shirt and pants off. I was just lingering there...kind of zoning off when JD came out of the bathroom naked. God he was a good lookin guy.

JD approached me and ran his hand down the side of my face and I grabbed it and kissed it and then he pulled me to the edge of the bed and had me set up with my feet on the floor, he piled pillows up behind me and then the had me spread my legs. I was on my elbows when I felt him leaning into my crotch and licking the tip of my cock through my Calvins and a little pre-cum began to ooze from junior's head....JD licked it like a delicious cone of ice cream.

"Holy Fuck JD, that feels so fucking good,"

"Just wait, it gets better," he said and I leaned back and relaxed as JD slipped my Calvins down and began to engulf the total length of my cock. He was massagging my nuts and sightly fingering my asshole which was sending me over the moon with sensations. JD stopped sucking my cock, which was a little disappointing, that is until I felt his hands go under my knees and raise them up exposing my manhole.

Now I want to tell you here when his wet, warm, senuous tongue started licking and swirling itself around the area of my asshole, I almost flew off the bed. It was an awesome sensation, as always, cuz this guy knows his shit. He dove into my asshole like it was a gourmet meal or something, and I was enjoying it immensly almost to the point of blowing a wad when I felt his tongue stop and he released my asscheeks and took my nuts again into his mouth. Considering my drunken condition I wasn't sure whether this was a dream or whether it was real. I was out there somewhere, and for all I cared, I didn't want to return. All I know is I was in love with this feeling that was coursing thru my body.

JD stopped sucking on my nuts and went back up to the head of my cock, took it into his mouth and swirled his tongue around and around the head and I almost came there ..... I knew I was very close. I was gasping for breath, my stomach was doing that dance just before you blow the nut and my toes had curled to the point of almost cramping. JD was taking me to the balls in his mouth and god I was in Heaven.

"Fuck man, I'm about to blow..... Oh fuck.... if you don't get off I'm gonna cum in your mouth.... AWHHHHM-----OH HOLY FUCK MAN!" were the last words I remember as I gritted my teeth, moaned and I felt my cock start shooting out volly after volly of hot thick, milky cum. I was amazed at JD as he just kept up the sucking and deep throating untill I had totally emptied out and he never lost one single drop.

I Layed back totally spent as JD wiped his mouth. I looked at him and said

"Fuck JD, that was amazing"

He just smiled as he stroked his own cock.

"You know that swallowing the load is what it's all about, but that's just the beginning".

I was just too wasted to move.

"If your up for another round in a few minutes I'll show you some more."

I smiled and said, "You fucking better believe it"

We got up and JD took a cold wet washrag and washed my cock and balls off. We lay back down and drank a glass of water and, as we layed there, JD began to play with my cock again like a kid with a new plaything.

It took him about five minutes to get my cock up to full staff again and I was enjoying his sucking it again when he stopped and said

"Now for the rest of the story."

He got up & went to his nightstand where he kept all of his goodies and got out some lube looking at me and smiling. He got back up on the bed, with me laying on my back and he slathered some lube on my cock and then slid some on his asshole and up inside his rectum. I couldn't believe it....for the first time since we started seeing each other it looked like he was going to go the other direction and have/let me fuck him. I am half in the bag and now he wants to try this.......oh what the hell......

JD got up on top of me as I was on my back. He straddled me and reached around and took hold of my rock hard cock, slid the head of it around his asshole, placed the tip on the opening, and slowly began to sit down on it. Damn... his ass was so fucking tight and hot! It took a second or so, but I felt his sphincter muscle give way and my cock slid about four inches into his hole. I heard him let out a little grunt and he stopped and just sat there for a second. His eyes were closed and he was just lightly stroking his boner as he finally began to let his body sink down the rest of the way onto my cock. The view I had was phenomenal and I was feeling nothing but pure pleasure flowing from his hot hole to my cock and throughout the rest of my body.

After a few minutes he began to fuck me with his body. I just layed there gently pumping my ass upward with each downward stroke and his ass hole was milking my cock and squeezing it with each thrust. I could feel his every movement as he just sensuously rode my dick for the first was fantastic. In a few minutes I realized his body was picking up speed and I could feel his muscles as they milked me with each thrust.

I looked at JD's became almost distorted with his pleasure and I heard him say

"Yes, Yes, Oh Fuck Yeah!"

His cock started belching out a stream of cum that didn't look like it was going to end.

Seeing his passion and enjoyment took me over the edge and within a few seconds my cock was pumping my own seed into his ass.

Once all of that madness subsided he leaned forward, kissed me in a big way and then rolled off over along side of me with a heavy sigh. We kissed like we were newly weds all the while running our hands over each other's bodies, him tweeking my nipples and me playing with his dick. This went on for close to an hour and then we just kind of fell asleeep in our normal spoon position with his cock nudging my ass.


Matt Lawrence

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