Chapter 13 - Things Take Shape

Sunday night we got back into town and JD dropped me off at my place after we swung by Teresa's to thank Steve and then by Magnolia to check on things. All was good at Mag and the restaurant didn't burn down while I was gone. After JD left, with my renewed energy, I decided to spend a little time just putting together some ideas for the restaurant and bar and decided I needed to come up with a name....a name that would draw people but also a name that was true to the neighborhood and its history. I found myself making lists after lists and more lists and kept coming back to one name.....Firehouse Grill...yep...that was it. After all, it was an old Firehouse rich in the neighborhood's history and traditions far as the gayborhood goes...what gay guy doesn't like the look of a hot firefighter's calendar? (Well...that really wasn't the reason for the name...but I will sure as hell tell people it was......).

I had appointments every day in the coming week with various people...Architects, builders, decorators, city inspectors......I was working hard to balance and make sure I wasn't ignoring Magnolia but was thankful that Carly was taking a much bigger interest in the job and she was really a huge help even taking on the staff scheduling for me. JD and I talked every day, at least once and even managed to grab dinner Thursday at Teresa's. I told him I didn't want him to think I was ignoring him wanting to make sure he didn't think that..."Remember...I'm the finance brain and you are the operations brawn.....I wouldn't even know where to begin with design and all that just do what you are doing...If I start to feel neglected I will just kidnap you again!" I really appreciated his understanding....and his dedication to helping get this project up and running so it made me feel good. I told him that I would love to get together and do something over the weekend and he seemed excited about that .....maybe we would hit the clubs or a movie or something.....

Friday was crazy as I had started advertising for staff for the Firehouse and the resumes and applications had started pouring in. Friday was also the day that construction...or actually demolition was to start inside the building. The crew figured it would take about 3 days to get the structure cleared, walls knocked down and new stairs put in. Then the electrical and plumbing work would begin. I won't continue to bore you with all the gory details about construction, demolition, permits, and shit....suffice it to say that things were going rapidly and as planned and hopefully, sometime in the next 2-3 weeks, the Firehouse will be ready to go.

Chapter 14

Over the course of the next two weeks I kept bouncing back and forth between Mag and the Firehouse. On top of that JD and I started spending more and more time together. I was anxious to have him see the progress we were making and wanted him to feel a part of all the critical decisions that were being made...he was....after all...the financial brains of the project. The more time we spent together the more I was confusing myself with the nature of the relationship...or at least what I wanted out of the thing. Remember, prior to meeting JD I had been on a path, clearly alone, that took me from one guy to the next...never really seeing a guy more than twice and there was always sex involved. With JD, though I had clearly enjoyed the sex, I didn't always feel as though there had to be a "happy ending" to complete our nights. Although we didn't stay with each other every night, when we did there were some nights where we played a little grab ass or cuddled (a word never before in my vocabulary) or just caressed each other - there were, of course, those other nights and mornings (JD's favorite) where the sex had been earth shattering and got better every time...there was the trip to the Wine Country where I first experienced any type of restraints.....there was the night in the pool where he hardly came up for air giving me my first underwater blow job and there were the multiple times where he exhibited his mastery of my ass and my prostrate......We started having lunch and dinner together with more frequency. The dinners were nice, often at his place, because I could exhibit my excellent culinary skills (self-avowed excellence) and there was no pressure. I was now moving on this path of normalcy and it did, at times, confuse me.

The beginning of the 3rd week of construction (Monday) brought one of the most exciting events in the process - delivery of the kitchen equipment. We had, during design, decided to put the kitchen on the second floor to allow easy access from above and below. It took some revision of the initial ideas but it worked. Ovens, fryers, stoves, refrigerators, freezers, dish machines and all sorts of other cool gadgets were delivered and installation was started. I had brought the chef from Mag, Pam, over to oversee the "kitchen building" and she was almost as excited as I was...maybe more so. Pam had worked for me from the beginning of the Magnolia and she has put together an outstanding crew there....she has trained them well and I really wanted to give her the opportunity to take on the opening at the Firehouse. For a big ole dyke she got sentimental (I say that with all the affection in the world) when I offered her the opportunity and she has run with it. I have not had to even concern myself with the culinary end of the design and construction thanks to Pam.

On Tuesday the carpet was laid and the booths's and bar were brought in. The bar was actually designed to circle the original brass fire pole that came down from the third floor. The bar itself was hand crafted by a local furniture maker and it was that deep, dark mahogany that, in it's own right, was majestic. The refrigeration for under the bar was custom made because of the shape of the bar and there were glass shelves in the center surrounding the pole with back lighting to high light it. Fixtures and rails were brass to match the pole and there were 16 bar stools made of iron and mahogany the set around the bar.

From the moment you first walked into the entry way or lobby of the restaurant you would be struck with the history....2 walls lined with photos of the city's fire department engine companies dating back over 50 colors with dark wood and brass....and an elevator in the corner to take guests to the 2nd and 3rd floors. While half of the first floor took up the bar and bar seating, the other half was designed for dining with a combination of small, private booths around the perimeter of the room and several tables lined up in the center. Again, dark wood tables, richly colored carpet and fabric and soft lighting drew the eye directly to the majesty of this old building...its brick and stone walls were cleaned but not touched......and you just had to smile when you walked in.

With the furniture and appliances and equipment all in place...I instructed everyone to take Wednesday off. Pam had arranged for all the food and other products to be delivered on Thursday.....I had arranged for all the liquor, beer and wine to arrive that day also. I wanted people to just take a day and relax....prepare for what would come this weekend - a soft opening where invited guests would be asked to sample the menu and tell us the good, bad and ugly.....a trial run through for the staff after two weeks of intense customer service training.....and then bam....the Grand Opening the following weekend. That evening I called JD and invited him to meet me at the Firehouse at noon time so I could walk him through - we'd be alone to look at all the details.....make any last minute changes to the décor or just marvel at what we had built....he sounded excited and agreed to come.

After talking with JD I headed home but stopped at Mag first to check in with Carly and Dom just to make sure all was well....they seemed excited to see me and Invited them to meet me at Teresa's for a drink after they closed up. We met, partied a little with Steve and laughed a lot. The team at Mag was holding things together very well and I thanked them both by telling them that the were each getting a substantial increase in their hourly rate - well that made their day....Dom ordered another round and after several more drinks we decided we'd better stop while we were ahead.

I woke on Wednesday at my normal "before-life-begins thirty" nursing a classic fernet based hangover. There I stood looking at myself in the bathroom Mirror. I must admit I have done a pretty good job of keeping myself fit over these last few years. I was admiring my nicely shaped chest muscles, flat stomach, thick muscular arms, and very muscular legs, and once again I was proud that, after Matt & I broke up I had pushed myself into building up and toning down. All in all I found myself to be a rather well built fairly nice looking chap.

I slipped down my briefs preparing to enter the shower, and stood there, pulling up my scrotum admiring my two fairly niced sized testilces. I had never thought old junior was my greatest asset, in fact, I had always thought my dick was only average or even a little less than. I spent a few minutes just looking at junior, who by the way, began to rise and thicken out very nicely. I stroked him a few times and admired his reaction in the mirror as it stood up almost touching my stomach without assistance, thick and proud like the Washington monument. I had always thought it was decent... nice looking, perfectly straight, with a very nice shaped head, bluish pick, then that light colored cock skin going down the shaft behind the head to that darker ring where the circumcision had been done as a baby, and then the darker skin of the shaft, gentle lightly bulging veins, yep it was a decent looking cock alright and I was finally getting that.

From all that I could see, I had a lot to be proud of, not arrogantly so in respect, but in appreciation, yet there had been something missing and I think, that over the course of the past few days and weeks I was beginning to understand what that was.

I stopped by Magnolia and checked in with Carly on my way to the Firehouse. Things seemed to be in order so I grabbed a few supplies.....some produce....a bottle of 20 year old champagne....and a few other things and set out for the Firehouse. Once I arrived I set the table in the center of the lower dining room with a nice burgandy table cloth, white napkins....salad and entrée glasses, the necessary silverware and a bud vase with a single white rose. I then went up to the kitchen, after putting the champagne on ice, and grilled up some steak for a steak the vegi's going on the grill....put together a nice raspberry vinaigrette and chilled that.

My cell phone rang right at 12pm and it was JD and he was outside. I went to the front door and unlocked...I wanted him to come in that way to get the full force of his entering the building and he was in awe just with the lobby....I decided to take him up in the elevator first to show him the 3 private dining areas and the office on the third floor and he was amazed....then down to the second floor to the kitchen, prep section and the Chef's table area.....and then back down to the main level.

"Matt, I am literaly speechless.....I mean I've seen the progress the last few days but I never thought you would pull this off this quick.....this place is amazing....I mean I don't know what else to say" and with that he gave me a big hug that moved into a monster kiss with lots of tongue action. I could feel junior stirring so I pulled away after a bit and said

"Come on JD....come sit down .....why don't you pop the champagne and I will be right back" and I went to the kitchen to retrieve our meal...two large steak salads with grilled vegi's tossed in the vinaigrette and the most amazing fresh sourdough rolls. JD was impressed with the plates when I brought them out...he had lit the candle and poured the champagne. We ate our meal with very little talking...just the soft jazz music in the bacground...the soft lighting and the killer atmosphere.

"Mr. are the first guest at the Fireside Grill and I can't think of anyone I'd rather be having the first meal with...Cheers".

We clinked our glasses together and again, in almost absolute silence, just looked around and marveled at the transformation and the creation.

Once we finished eating I noticed that JD had become very quiet and almost distracted...."Hey bud...whats seem out there in left field"

"Well Mr. Lawrence...there is something I was hoping to chat with you about...I just wasn't sure when would be a good time to bring it up.....but with this meal and this amazing goes nothing"

"Over the course of the past six months I have grown very fond of you. Until I met you I didn't really think that I would find someone that I clicked with...I mean emotionally and physically....and then you came along....and not to get all mushy on you...but I was hoping you were beginning to feel the same way...I mean...I know your past, at least what you've shared and I think, in a way, you have been on a subconcious mission to find someone too...we just have gone about it in different I guess what I am saying is that...well....Matt...I'd like to share my life with you....and I'd like you to share yours with me...."

"Wow JD.....that was a little intense....." and as I stood up and took a gulp of champagne...and I mean a gulp....I heard myself saying, as if I was standing somewhere else in the room watching......

" is true....the past several months...and actually more so the past few weeks, I have become very attached and found myself feeling things I haven't felt in a long time and I wasn't sure if it was just all the excitement of getting this place going or the exhaustion or being tired of the search and my gay-discovery phase.......or the amazing sex......I don't know what it is......what I do know is that you have become a very important part of my life...I know that now...that's why today was important to me....and I think I would like to see where this goes with us....."

God....did I say all Mr. Sappy...Mr. Joe deflection was actually being a little introspective....starting to feel something again. I knew I was in trouble that one night when I went to bed thinking I should have been in his bed...I knew it...dammit!

I walked over to where he was sitting and put my glass down on the table and grabbed a hold of his $200 silk tie and pulled him up into the biggest kiss I could muster and he ran his hand up underneath my untucked button down shirt....right for the nips....damn this man...."If you keep that up we're going to end up initiating the Firehouse Grill good and proper right here and right now ya know"

And he pulled away in laughter......grabbed the two glasses and handed me one and then clinked them together again..."To the start of a new adventure" and I said...."Cheers Mr. Cavanaugh"

"Why don't we get these dishes put back in the kitchen...what else do you have going on the rest of the day?"

"I've got to go back to the office for a bit..well....probably a couple of hours to finish up some of the financials now that everything is here...get them shipped off to the bank"

"Ok....I really need to go spend a little time with Dom and Carli over at Mag....I've got some resumes to look at for bartenders......"

"Cool....Matt...why don't we do run over to Teresa's around 6 and pick up something for dinner and we'll meet and eat on the patio at my house around 6:30...and we can hang out before the madness starts the way...I've taken Tomorrow and Friday off so I can be here to help.....or get in the way...."

I pulled him into me again and planted a big old kiss on him....I couldn't believe the way this afternoon was going...and this guy...he really seems to give a shit....."I'll pick up dinner and wine and see you at your place at 6:30ish"

JD took off and then I straightened things up....put the dishes away and closed up...taking one last big look as I walked out of the bar, into the lobby and out the door.

Chapter 15

I ran by Magnolia and chatted with Dom and Carly for a few minutes....picked up some resumes that were there and then headed over to Teresa's for a cocktail while waiting for the to go food. Steve was in a mood it seemed and they were busy so I didn't stay too long plus, I was anxious, for some reason, to get over to JD's place (May have been because I was horny all afternoon from that kiss we shared earlier.....who knows).

Got to JD's and rang the bell.....he answered the door in a tank top and khaki shorts and flips on...damn he looks good that way. "I picked up some Chicken Marsala, some lassagne, caesar salad and tiramisu for dessert" "Perfect......come on...lets go...I am starving" and with that I followed him into the kitchen and put the food down at which point he grabbed me and planted a big kiss on me. I was really beginning to like this affection thing.....JD handed me a martini and we clinked the glasses together. I opened the wine (2002 Zinfandel from Sonoma) and let it decant while JD put the food in the oven for a quick little reheat. We put the salad on our plates and moved out onto the patio to have dinner. As I was eating my salad I noticed that the jets in JD's hot tub were on and there was a small amount of steam coming from the tub...JD caught my look and flashed his signature grin...

"Why Mr. Cavanaugh....if I didn't know better I would think you had something up your sleeve" which he replies.... "Mr.'s not what's up my sleeve that you should worry about....." and we both laughed a hearty laugh and finished our salads.

I got up and took the salad plates in...checked on the entrée's and brought the wine decanter out pouring us each a glass. I returned...put the entrée's on plates and brought them out and we settled in for our favorite Italian meal...sharing both entrée's between us

It was probably the most relaxed I've been since our visit to the wine country. I was finding myself feeling totally comfortable in this quasi-domesticated state with this guy and, even though my brain kept questioning what I was doing, I was perfectly content to keep this pace least for now.

I took the dishes in and put them in the sink and was pouring us another glass of wine when I heard a splash and when I returned I saw JD's clothes on the chair and he was swimming a lap.....and then he climbed the ladder and, again, it was like on of those advertisements in a magazine...this adonis guy coming out of the pool wiping the water out of his eyes with the water just running down his chest....down THAT chest to his happy place.....I just stood there...almost in awe.....and junior was right there with me...though he was standing at attention. JD moved over and got in the hot tub leaning back against the wall with his arms stretched out on either side of him. His body was almost floating on the top with the jets working tirelessly and effortlessly. I walked over to the tub and handed him his glass of wine which he accepted with a smile and a wink. It was weird cuz for most of the day we hadn't really talked much - and it seemed ok and normal...not a whole lot of conversation going on...but in a very comfortable way.

I went and took the rest of the dishes in and put them in the sink....straightened up the kitchen again and refilled my glass. I stopped at the patio table and kicked off my shoes, took off my shirt and slipped my jeans and calvin's off and grabbed my glass and wandered over towards the hot tub. There were cushions on the ground around the back edge of the tub...just for comfort if you wanted to sit on the ground and just dangle your feet in. I moved over behind JD and sat on the cusions directly behind him and put my feet in on either side of him....he leaned back with the back of his head in my lap and closed his eyes....I began working on his neck and shoulders in hopes of providing some relaxation...and maybe a little seduction, to and for him like he did that night of the monster massage for me. At one point, after taking a sip of his wine he put his head back in my lap again and then chuckled... "Mr. Lawrence...I think junior is trying to tell you something" as the back of his head kept making contact with my dick... "No Mr. Cavanaugh, I think Junior is trying to tell you something" and we both laughed.

I continued working on his neck and shoulders for several minutes.....and every once in a while I would give one of his nipples a little tease or a squeeze. JD finished his wine and reached to put his glass down and then he kind of swirled around so he was facing me. He was on his knees in the tub and moving up towards me and as I was finishing my glass he lifted one of my feet out of the water and started sucking on my toes.....I told you earlier that I think foot work is one of the most erotic, sensual and relaxing things to have done and, just like his massages, he had mad skills in the footwork department. As JD continued working on both feet and all my toes I laid back on the cushions and was just enjoying the treatment. He gently ran his hands up my legs to my thighs and followed with his tongue until his head was in my lap. Now slipping his hands under my butt on both sides he raised my hips a bit and began licking my ball sack and the shaft of my cock. Instinctively I took my hands and began running them over my chest and nipples....ya know how I love that. After a few minutes he scooted me a bit closer to the water where my ass was almost hanging over the edge and the angle in which I was laying and the fact that my butt was raised up on the cushions a bit allowed JD easy access from my balls down to my asshole. He worked that tongue all over the nether region like the pro he is. I've never really met too many guys who seem to enjoy being ....I guess you would call it...a very oral top.....not that they aren't out there....Im just saying I haven't met many......but this guy....he's all that when it comes to his skill and paying attention to what is working.

My ass was pretty lubed up from his tongue, his spit and the water and my dick was just oozing juice all over. JD took both his hands and started the up and down motion slightly twisting his grip on my dick as his hands moved. He would alternate the hand motion with his mouth every couple of strokes and he paid close attention to the head...providing an almost vacuume effect. I could feel that familiar stirring in my nuts and, by now, he was a pro at recognizing my body language. The next thing I knew he had grabbed my hips and slid me into the water to a point where several of the jets were doing magic on my cock...swirling all around it. At one point he raised me up enough for the jets to be aimed directly at my asshole....what a feeling...(Isn't there music to those lyrics??)

JD positioned himself where he was actually in the middle of the tub...down on a knee...and I was floating almost at the top where the jets were making sweet music with old Junior.....and then I felt it....his cock working its way into my ass....bit by bit....and I laid my head back so my whole body was basically floating....dick straight up with the jets doing the tango with it...and JD gently at first, and more forcefully a bit later, thrusting his cock all the way inside me...and then all the way out and when he did come out he would run the head all around my hole and then go back in.....I was experiencing another first....fucking under water.....lots of times in the shower....but never in a pool or hot tub or lake or river.....the combination of the steam....and sun having set....the jets.....and JD's talent all creating sensations I had yet to experience.

I too was becoming pretty adept at going with the flow and recognizing JD's body language and I knew he was getting close. Because I was basically floating in the water, being held up by his cock in my ass, I couldn't really touch him....I began to use my hands on the edge of the tub to create a bit of balance and then I worked my hips and as he would go in I would meet his thrusts and as he was just pulling out I would work my ass from side to side....trying to create some sort of sensation for him that was out of the norm....I often felt guilty that, even though he was the one doing the fucking I was getting far more pleasure out of it...he assured me often that this was not the's just an insecurity I have I guess...wanting to please my partner. I often had those issues when Matt and I were baggage I guess....but none-the-less, I thought a little movement and action on my part might give JD a little more....something....

I could tell when JD gripped my ass cheeks harder that he was close....he elevated me a bit and increased the thrusting motion....and as he drew me closer to him but also to the point where all the jets converged and they were doing a number on my dick.....the next thing I know.....1, 2, 3 and a 4th major shot as junior blew...and at the same time...JD was fully inside me and the head of his dick was doing incredible things to Mr. Prostrate...holy dick had just erupted like a volcano spewing all over my chest...face.....the side of the tub...JD's chest....and now the juice was being evenly distributed all over the tub by my new best friends...the jets....JD was making one final push deep inside...banging on that door and one last push and tightening of his grip on my ass and he screamed the stereotypical "Ahhhhhhhhh" almost spooked me for a second....he's generally pretty quiet when he comes but not this time....JD then reached around with his hands on my back and pulled me into him and up out of the water...I was able to maintain balance by wrapping my legs around his hips and as he pulled me in tight he gave one final thrust and kissed me.

There we were in the water...he standing straight up, my legs wrapped around him and me impaled on that monster cock of his....he pulled away from the kiss for a second and we just stared into each others eyes for a minute.....both of us breathing very heavily and feeling the effects our our incredibly intense orgasms. As he softened and I was able to stand we hugged like there was no tomorrow....We got out of the hot tub and dried each other off. JD said he had to run inside and when he returned he brought two warm snifters of cognac...we clinked our glasses together and decided it was probably a good idea to turn in for the night....tomorrow was going to be a very busy day...and then I remembered....JD had taken the next two days off to be there to help.

"JD, I've got a couple of guys coming in for interviews tomorrow....would you be interested in interviewing is for the bartender position and the other two for Maitre 'D positions?"

"I am not sure I would know what to ask or look for but if that's where you need the help I could do it"

"I will give you a list of interview questions...and there is actually a written test for the bartender so it shouldn't be a big deal...besides you have great instincts when it comes to people...well.....I mean except for the fact that you like hanging out with me..."

JD chuckled and we headed in the house to bed.


Matt Lawrence

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