Stan was the youngest member of the volunteer fire station number 707 just outside the city limits of Pittsburgh, There were a very close fire squad  team and the always love to tease Stan since he finally complete his exam and 6 month's training course for him to qualified for been a volunteer Firemen.

Captain Robert Smith is now turn 55 and the fire squad decide to through a birthday party for him on Saturday night at the Fire station. The married firemen wife made the food for the special occasion ,While the one who were single and have girls friends look after the drinks and decoration for the party.

Over the next few weeks Stan became close with Captain Rob and his Deputy Rick More who were close in the same age. Stan always made sure he was the last one to take a shower after they got back from a code 3 and 4 call. He was a shy type person and deeply enjoy seeing the guys prancing around naked and do the typical jock male thing. 

It was Captain Robert and Stan time to do the weekend over night shift as the other went home to sleep. Captain Rob went to bed around 10 pm and was awaken by the TV shortly after midnight, Stan was watching some old classic Dracula horror movie when Captain Rob came into the TV lounge just in his white Jockeys briefs. Stan felt bad and turn the volume down on the TV convertor after Captain. Rob yell to keep it low.

Stan began to notice that Captain Rob walk over to the fridge to grab a drink of juice along with a few sandwiches that fireman Bill made earlier on in the day. " How is the sandwiches Captain Robert ? " He slowly took his sweet time before answering " Real good ,How about you come over and have some with me. "

The two of them had a great conversation over the next couple of hours before Stan went back into the dome to get some sleep. Captain Rob had his own very small sleeping quarters and decided to sleep on top of the cover since the weather outside was well into the 80's and the whole area had a heat wave going on for well over a week.

The bunk which Stan took was directly across from Capt. Robert room. Most of the time Captain Robert loves to leave his door open for some unknown reason. Stan could see Captain Robert rubbing himself a few times while he was trying to get to sleep. The next night was almost the same as the night before as the Captain was laying there rubbing and jerking his crotch as the cover were pull down. 

Captain Robert could not get to sleep once again and got up and walk over to Stan bed  in a fresh pair of light powder blue Under Armourer sports briefs. " Can I help you Capt. Robert ? " He slowly hesitate as he was trying to tell him that he was horny like hell. Stan was not stupid and know what he was looking for. Just about when it was all going to happen the Fire alarms went off and which they had a serious call come in.

Stan and Capt. Robert got everything they need before the first 4 guy's show before they went on out to a Car which roll over and was on fire. All of the occupants got out safely and the team finally got back to the station 2 hours later to do up their report of the crash. It was now 3 am that the other 4 firemen finally left to go back home.

Captain Robert still have his firemen pants on and walk back over to where Stan bed was with his front flap open and his zipper pull down showing off his bulge very well. " How about we start were we left off Stan ? " Once again Stan was real nervous before Captain Robert pull off his red thick suspenders. He then began to let Stan pull his pants all the way down to his ankles.

Clock on the wall is now showing just pass 3:30 am as Stan tight bubble butt was sitting on Captain Robert  8 inch thick piece of meat sliding up and down on it. Stan was now enjoying  the fuck as he felt Captain Robert  massive hairy balls slamming good and hard against his tight small hairy hole.

They then switch position which the Captain is now fucking the shit out of Stan missionary  Style, His slightly dark hairy chest started to sweat out huge buckets all over Stan furry cub chest and hard nipples. 

" Holy fuck Stan , I love your ass dude "

" Yes Sir , You have a nice cock to "

" Fuck it starting to hurt Captain"

" Be a real man and enjoy Stan "

" I will Captain "

" Fuck me Captain , Fuck me Sir "

" I will give it to you good and hard Cubby "

" OMFG you know how to fuck Sir "

" I know Cubby , I know "

" You want my load , You want my load ? "

" Give it to me . Please give it to me Captain "

" Jesus cubby , I am so close dude  "

" Please let me have it Sir "

" Holy fucking God, Here it comes Cubby "

" Jesus fucking Christ "

Captain Robert huge set of nuts just shot off 3 loads seconds apart of one another all up Cubby Stan tight hairy juicy hole. His hole body was into a massive orgasm state before he was totally exhausted and slump over Stan soaking wet body.

He took a two minutes rest before he pull his cock out of Stan tight soar ass. They both scream once again as he started to pull it out.

" Oh my God that was the best orgasm ever Cubby "

" Know way Captain,  Oh yes it fuck'n was Stan "

They both got up and went into the fire Station shower stall to get all clean up before they got back to sleep. It was like 7 am that Stan was laying on the top covers with a hard on showing off very well in his dark green spandex briefs. He was awaken fairly fast from Captain Robert thick trim salt and pepper moustache rubbing his lips and mouth all over his bulge.

He then took his bear paw hands and pull Stan underwear down to his ankles. Stan had a very nice 7 plus cut cock that had a perfect head to it for a short guy. Captain Robert was deeply enjoy Cubby pre cum that he started to shoot off now. His moustache was sliding up and down on his cock fairly fast and which gave him a tingly sensational feeling.

" You mouth feels real good Captain "

" I know you would enjoy my lips and mouth dude "

" Fuck you are making me close now Sir "

" Great Stan, How would you like to cum ? "

" All over you mouth and lips Sir "

" Are you ready Captain "

" Yes Cubby let me have it ? "

" Here it fucking comes Sir '

" OMG Sir "

Stan started to shoot off a huge load of his bear spray that went all over Captain moustache and mouth, He then notice there was still a huge amounts of juice left on Cubby dick and began to slurp the rest up. It was like 5 seconds later in which Stan cock shot off another small load of cum that hit the back of Captain Robert throat.

" Jesus Cubby that was fucking hot "

" I feel the say way Captain Sir "

" Please keep this among us Stan "

" You need not worry Sir "

It was just after 10 am that they whole fire squad team show up for a special meeting with the Union leadership. The meeting lasted a good hour and which Stan could not believe the Leader of the Union was his former High School Football and Wrestling Coach Bray Sparks. Mr Sparks was the same age as Captain Robert and also had a great body. He stood like 6'2 weigh around 240 with dark salt and pepper slick back hair, He also kept his goatee nicely trim and workout about 4 times a week. He also like to help out with coaching the State Champions High School team. 

Stan and Mr Sparks did have past history with one another and shortly after when the meeting was over they went out to have a coffee with one another. Stan had to do another sleep over weekend at the Fire Station. Captain Robert then called Stan into his office and wanted to know what all went down with Regional Captain Bray Sparks.

Captain Robert was not to impress with Stan at all when he told him to let it all go and mind his own business. The two captains were best of friends for  numbers of years until Captain Sparks made a pass at his married sister Cathy place one evening around 5 years ago.

The End





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