The muffled noises and moans continued throughout the kingdom as the silent countryside slept in their warm beds. The night was thick with sweat and musk. And, the king...the king was getting his just reward.

"What's the matter, Chief? Don't you like it?" Ryan stood before the lord of the fire house and admired his work. Steve sporadically struggled against his restraints but there was no use. He was not in control. And a man of his stature and influence, this was not at all acceptable. Here before him stood this blonde haired, blue-eyed young buck that just needed to bend over and submit his ass over to his chief and get fucked. Oh, how this was not what he had fantasized about.

"Ryan, you need to let me the fuck go!" Steve ordered.

"Now, Chief, you seem upset?! I'm just getting started. I told you. You'll thank me later." Ryan eyed over Steve's body. "Not bad, for an Ol' Timer," he thought. From his bag of tricks, he pulled out a riding crop and gently began to stroke it over Steve's body as he took inventory of his prize. Steve's forearms were menacing and strong, and Ryan traced the prominent veins that traveled from the wrist, to the forearm, to the bulging biceps that strained to get free.

He continued on to the sinewy shoulders and downward to the armpits that were coated in manly fur. He moved upward to his neck and noted that Steve's blood must be boiling; the veins and arteries of his neck lurched out themselves for revenge. He moved the crop down to his chest, prominent pectoral muscles and the patch of man fur between them. Further down, he teased the abs that carried decent definition and further down still to his neatly trimmed pubes and raging hard. With a flick of his wrist, the riding crop came crashing down on the glistening head of Steve's aching cock.

"Fuck!" Steve screamed which was only met at Ryan's deceptive smile. "When I get loose, I swear to God, you're gonna pay you little bitch!" Steve pulled again and again at the ropes that bound him.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you," Ryan stated in an eerily calm voice. Steve looked into those blue eyes and immediately became panic-stricken when it seemed that electric shade of blue turned black for just a moment. He breathed heavily and tried to calm himself. Ryan took a step forward placing his tongue on Steve's stomach, licking upward until he came to his erect nipple.

Ryan swirled his tongue around it, sending Steve into intense pleasure. "You see," Ryan whispered causing Steve to look down meeting Ryan's gaze, "I told you. You'll thank me later." Ryan massaged Steve's aching sac as he continued his assault on his exposed nipples. Steve began to groan and moan. The heat and sensations caused sweat to run down into his eyes, stinging them as they played upon his brown. "Chief, who do you belong to?"

Steve, utterly confused, looked blankly at his captor. "What do you mean...I? Boy, what are you talking about?" Instantly, the riding crop soared through the air and met Steve's tender chest. The pain was such a shock and so intense that all Steve could do was growl like a dog trapped in a cage.

"Boy? Now, really, Chief? Here I am helping you, giving you what you need...showing you respect and calling you by your proper title and in return you disrespect me like that? Boy? Ha! No, I'm not a boy. I'm a man...a man that's got you by the balls, Chief. So, if I were you, I'd start calling me 'sir' or 'master'. Am I in any way not making myself clear?" Ryan never broke his sinister grin.

Steve stared down at this boy, this young buck, this nothing. "Who the fuck does he think he is?! I'm the Chief. I call the shots! I run this neck of the woods. The little fucker..." Steve spit at Ryan in disgust.

"Hmmmm. Well, that's unfortunate. Guess I've got a lot of work to do," Ryan said smiling. He turned and began pulling more items from the bag. As Steve looked on, unable to get a glimpse at what Ryan was doing, he looked at that body, the ass, the muscles that undulated perfectly under the white t-shirt as Ryan moved.

Ryan turned around holding a blindfold. "Now, you're going to be still, aren't you, Chief?" He began placing the blindfold on him; however, Steve did struggle as much as he could. Everything was dark. All he had were the sounds of his breathing and heartbeat, the random steps of his captor and the shuffling of the items that Ryan was retrieving.

Ryan removed an eight-lead TENS that he had used back when he played ball. And, boy, did he love this thing...especially how he intended on using it. He stood and looked at his prey. Oh, how he loved this. The feeling of watching such a powerful man sink to his knees. Now, he loved the sex part too...but, that came later. This...this was were he was going to get off.

He began placing the clamp leads on Steve, one on each nipple first. Steve winced as the clamps griped his erect nipples and again tried pulling away. "Tisk, tisk, tisk," Ryan teased. "Someone's gonna have to learn the hard way." He clamped two leads onto Steve's hanging sac, and the last four would be placed on the shaft of Steve's straining cock...two on either side of the base and two on his wet foreskin.

After attaching the leads to the TENS device, without warning, he flicked the power on sending voltage into Steve. Steve began to writhe and scream, wanting to pull away. But, Ryan's sinister plan was perfect to the letter...he'd been perfecting it for some time. As Ryan increased the voltage frequency, sending electricity into Steve's balls and nipples and hard cock even faster, he noticed the typical response as Steve's movements were not to pull away to move toward.

Steve's hips began a familiar rocking motion and the moans began to overpower the initial scream. His cock began drooling, pre-cum flowing quickly from his piss slit and dripping down to the floor below. Ryan increased the frequency. Steve reacted, throwing his head back and thrusting his cock rhythmically into the air. Ryan watched as Steve's balls tightened, preparing for orgasm. The thrusts came more quickly now as Steve's tortured and sex-deprived body gave in to the electrically-induced cum. Steve began moaning loadly, "Oh fuck! Oh fuck!" His hips began to buck wildly as he approached his imminent explosion. But, at that very moment, still with the smile on his face, Ryan turned the power off.

Steve, breathing heavily and filled with frustration, began to struggle violently. "What the fuck! Why did you do that? Somebody!!! Anybody!!!" Steve had found himself in hell.

"Shhhhh, calm yourself," Ryan said as he gathered a little of the pre-cum on his finger and spread it on Steve's lips. "You are mine...and, maybe if you respect me like a suggested, you'd be rewarded."

Steve's mind was racing. Was this really happening? Here he was strung up and bound and in complete submission to this boy. And, not once had he lost his hard...and, after all, this was just the beginning. "Perhaps," Steve thought, "I just need to go with it. I can't fight him...not like this."

"So..." Ryan said as he coyly turned his face away.

"Yes, sir," Steve said just as calmly as Ryan spoke. "I want more, sir."

"Good," Ryan replied. "I'm glad we've come to this little understanding." Ryan bent down and licked the pre-cum from Steve's dick causing his to shudder. "You know what, Chief? I think we will get along just fine."

"Yes, sir," Steve offered. "Me too, sir."

With that, Ryan turned the power back on, sending electrical surges to Steve's cock, his balls and nipples. Again, he began to tighten and thrust violently into the air as if fucking an imaginary whore. Viciously, he body thrashed against the ladder cross and the air. Steve's moans were wild and explosive and prepared to blow the load of his life when suddenly, again, the power was turned off leaving him breathless and unrelieved. His cock drooled until it strung down to the floor. He was exhausted and his thirst was yet to be quenched.

Ryan approached him, removing the TENS leads, and leaned into his ear. "Now," he whispered, "now, you're ready..."

Steve, breathlessly muttered in a sheepish tone, "Yes, sir. I'm ready for more, sir."




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