As he looked upon the fallen king, with his sinister grin, Ryan knew that tonight was going to be the beginning of a long, fruitful relationship. And, if all went well, Steve would be crawling on his hands and knees to be used again and again. So far, he'd learned his lesson-the powerful fire chief. Steve now knew his place...he understood that he wasn't in control. Now, he needed to learn to beg-but not for mercy! No, God, NO! It was time for this fallen king to learn what it meant to beg for more!

"Now, Chief, I'm gonna untie you? And, you know what you need to do, don't you?" Ryan hissed.

"Yes, sir," Steve grunted. "Whatever you want me to do, sir." Steve was still panting over the relentless edging and sexual torment. He wanted more...he didn't care what it cost. All he knew was that his balls ached for relief...and, when that moment came it would be mind-shattering.

"Good. I'm glad you understand, Chief. Now, let's have some real fun. Shall we?" Ryan began untying Steve's legs, taking note at the definition in his quads. The lines of lean muscle mass were no longer bulging...Steve wasn't resisting any more. And the thought of this pious man sinking to his knees, becoming the little boy bitch he knew he could be...Ryan reveled in the thought of his newest slave.

At his feet, Ryan took a moment to admire him. What a slave he would be...and, nothing thrilled him more than to add this man to his collection. Ryan unfastened the straps on Steve's wrists, and his arms fell to his side in a dead thump. Completely free, the slave stood there with his hard rod jutting out into the hot air, awaiting master's call. "Chief, get to your knees!" Ryan commanded in a loud growl. Startled, Steve stumbled forward, tripping over his own restrains causing him to fall hard onto the concrete that echoed the bay with a loud smack from his bare skin.

"Get up!" Ryan ordered. Steve began scrambling trying to get to his knees. As he regained his balance and felt himself rising upright behind the blindfold, he winced as he knees dug into the cold floor. He relaxed his body as he sat back on his haunches. In an instant, a smack across the face struck like lightening. He immediately tasted blood.

"I said, get to your knees!" Ryan shouted, so enjoying watching Goliath fall before him. He began to walk around Steve, admiring his drooling cock, his tensed back that rippled under the stress and strain. He admired the smear of blood that graced the right corner of his mouth. "What's your name?!" Ryan shouted.

"Steve, sir. My name is Steve." Steve's heart was pounding under the muscular wall of his chest, his breathing was erratic. He was surrounded by darkness. He could hear Ryan's shoes glide by on the concrete...but, his senses, his body, his cock were all in such a daze that he couldn't pin anything down. The inside of his thighs were wet and cold, smeared with his pre-cum that continued to pour from his piss slit like an unabated river.

"No, that's just what people call you. But, that's not your name." Ryan had turned away from his slave, fishing through his bag once more for something to reinforce his teaching method. "Your name is Slave. You belong to me, don't you Slave?"

Steve paused before answering and was met with another blow to the face causing him to stammer, "Yes, yes, sir. My name is Slave."

"Good...very good," Ryan whispered as he began to remove the length of ropes from the bag. He began to bind Steve's hands together, wrapping the rope up the length of his trembling arms, underneath them to his back, tensed in his pose. The ropes were then wrapped around his heaving chest and waist, then to his ankles before coming up in between his powerful thighs. Ryan continued his binding, twisting the rope around Steve's aching cock while pulling on his full sack, extending the skin as far as possible, wrapping the rope once, twice and a third time around his balls, leaving the skin taunt and glistening around his nuts before synching it painfully tight causing Steve to whimper pathetically.

"Good...very good," Ryan whispered again. Ryan began to undress before his blindfolded, fallen king constantly checking his work before him. His body was massive. Ryan rubbed his pecs and abs, admiring the god that he was, sliding his giant hands into his groin, manipulating his straining cock. He stood before his slave and placed a hand on Steve's head. "Open your mouth," he ordered. Steve immediately obliged. Ryan began to shower his slave with piss, filling his mouth with his hot piss, causing Steve to spit and gag violently. "Drink it!" Ryan had ordered. Steve began to swallow reluctantly as the hot piss of his master invaded his body. Ryan placed a hand at the back of his slave's head, thrusting his mammoth cock into the waiting mouth, forcing his piss down Steve's spasming throat. Steve tried to resist, but with every movement, the ropes that bound him sadistically yanked his captured nuts. Piss continued to flow from the master as it escaped Steve's mouth and splattered on the concrete floor in an eerie stream.

Ryan removed his cock from his captive's mouth in a swift motion, slapping Steve about the face in a humiliating fashion as the slave heaved and gagged. Steve knew that he wasn't going to resist, however, as his own raging hard still oozed his pre-cum like a fountain onto the floor. No, Steve was enjoying his place...he belonged to his master.

Ryan looked adoringly at his slave, his fallen king of the fire house, and placed the helmet head of his dick at Steve's lips. Instinctively, Steve extended his tongue, fully prepared to please his master but was again met with another cruel blow. "Did I give you permission to do that, you fucking piss slut?" Ryan asked in a degrading tone. "Put that ugly face on the floor!"

Steve pain-stakingly maneuvered himself to the cold, wet cement burying his face in his master's piss that puddled beneath him. In a flash, he felt Ryan's whip sting across his back and exposed ass once, twice, a third time. He grunted and whimpered like a dog before his master. His body ached for release as the relentless assault continued. His cock surged with every strike, getting harder with every cruel word and harsh blow. Steve could hear Ryan shuffling through the bag again.

"You know, Chief, that's a tight little hole you've got..." Ryan said trailed off as he removed the cream from the bag.

"Thank you, sir" Steve whimpered.

"But, I think it's time that we break that little puppy in...don't you?" Ryan sneered.

"Yes, sir. Please be gentle though, sir." Steve's breath began to quicken again as the thought of Ryan's pending invasion of his virgin hole flooded his mind. "Will you be gentle, please, sir?"

"C'mon, Chief! You're a grown man! Don't go coward on me now!" Ryan laughed haughtily. Ryan circled his slave again and again, admiring his prize, before stopping behind Steve and gazing at the virgin hole that was presented before him. He looked on as the hole clenched with every throb of the slave's tortured cock...again and again the hole would draw in and relax as if enticing its captor for attention. Ryan opened up the jar that he held in his hand and squatted down before the splayed muscular ass of the fallen king.

Scooping his hand in the jar, he slathered the desensitizing cream on Steve's waiting hole, it's iciness taking Steve's breath from him. "Sir, what are you doing?" Steve quivered as he waited for a response. But, there was none. Only silence as his face lay in the puddle of his master's piss. And, then he felt the unforgiving finger press against his virgin hole. In a flash, the blunt digit surged forward into his insides. He screamed in agony as the assaulter withdrew quickly and reinserted, more pronounced this time. Violently, his hole was probed...the fingers being twisted and manipulated, opening his insides up.

"Sir, please. No. Please, sir," Steve cried out through nashing his teeth. The master withdrew quickly, again reentering his hole, with something even bigger this time. Perhaps three fingers...and then a fourth. His cock continued to drool, bobbing underneath him...the helmet head flush against his tight stomach.

The assault on his tortured hole continued for what seem like hours as the master continued opening him up, twisting his fingers inside him, teasing his hole before violently pushing forward, harder and harder. The pain was gone now, however. No, Steve was reveling in ecstasy as his hole was stretched at the master's command.

Ryan enjoyed this the most...the stretching of a fresh hole. His entire fist was almost encapsulated in his slave...and the cries and whimpering were now met with sheer and utter silence. Ryan was ready to fully enjoy this slut now. He withdrew his hand and watched the gaping hole clench again and again...desperately seeking the master to return. He dropped to his knees.

"So, are you doing?" Ryan grinned.

"Very good, sir. I want more, sir." Steve stammered, breathless.

"Good. Glad to hear it..." Ryan stroked his mammoth cock. The purple head glistened with pre-cum. At almost twelve inches in length and eight inches in circumference, Ryan was definitely the master. And, the best part...this was just the beginning.....




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