AUTHOR'S NOTE: I know that it has been nearly a year since I've written but I am going to try to write as often as possible. My life got busy but I will make an effort to update this story as often as possible.


Rays of sun shined through the curtains and lit up my room. I was in Sebastian's arms when i finally woke up from my slumber. "mm morning babe" I heard him say. Hope I didn't leave you sore last night! Just a little Sebastian, but that's the price Im willing to pay to sleep with you. Hey, Tay were going out and engaged, not sneaking around. He looked sort of hurt, I quickly apologized and his smile soon returned. I got on him and he put his knees up so his crotch met my butt. I lowered my face and met his, and soon we were making out while grinding on each other. It was pure bliss, his hands roamed my back and his rod was rubbing between my buns. I began moaning, as he was about to enter me. Then our little slice of paradise was soon stabbed with the sound of a shriek. We turned to see my Omega father (also known as Omega) standing at the doorway.

"Taylor James, what are you doing"? I starred blankly at him. You will get dressed and come down stairs. And as for you Sebastian, you will do the same because Im calling your parents! He quickly turned and left. I looked back at Sebastian and he said "well I guess we're screwed". Silently we got up and dressed ourselves. By the time we went down stairs both our parents were there.

We sat on the couch and after a minute of awkward silence my Alpha began talking. Well Taylor, Sebastian what do you have to say for yourselves. All I could utter was I..I, but Sebastian quickly began answering him. "Sir, let me just begin with I am deeply sorry that" he was quickly cut off by his Alpha. How could you do this son? You've always been so respectful then you come in there home and nearly soil there son? "He didn't soil me we were about have sex" i quickly said with and obvious angry tone. And for your information we've been having sex for sometime now and the consent was mutual! Taylor how dare you speak in such a manor, and since when have you been such a loose boy? my Omega said. Sebastian quickly began defending me He's not a loose boy, Im the only boy to have slept with him! Yeah that's right I took his virginity and he let me!

Okay everyone calm down, my Alpha said. "What's done is done, but I speak for the parents when I say you too shouldn't see each other anymore." What, no dad I love him how can we just stop seeing each other? I began crying. Sebastian held me and whispered "sorry baby we have to tell them". My eyes widened but I knew this was the only solution. We can't stop seeing each other! he said And why not? said his Omega. I got up and looked at them, because Im pregnant with his baby!

Once again silence fell onto the room. The four of them had the same face, shocked yet blank. Whether you like it or not we're staying together and keeping our baby, even if you spit us up we'll find a way to be together! Sebastian's words caught me off guard, he once again has amazed me.

Our parents left the room and we stayed hoping for the best. After 5 minutes (thought it felt like 5 hours) they returned. My alpha began talking "we have came to the conclusion.... that you too are allowed to stay together". We looked at each other than at them. Wait what? Sebastian's Omega answered me, "we said you too can stay together". We got up and hugged each other with joy. "We do have some conditions though" my Alpha stated. You too have to stay together, keep and raise this child, and you cannot change your mind about each other or the baby! At nearly the same time we both said "we promise". My Omega smiled and spoke "okay now you can go up stairs, I'll have breakfast for everyone in 1 hour, I have to go to the supermarket to get some more supplies". "ooh I'll go to" said Sebastian's Omega.

We headed up stairs to my room, and sat on the bed. Did that just happen? I said in a happy voice. Yeah baby it did and it looks like everything is falling into place. We hugged each other, but when we pulled apart our eyes met. You Tay, we never finished what we started this morning! A smile crept on my face, Yeah it is a shame that you had to sit through that with a snake in your pants, I began rubbing his crotch. We laid down and he rolled me onto him. Like this morning we began making out and grinding on each other. After a while of tongue wrestling I got up, closed/locked my door and returned to the bed. Mm Tay your so hot. Yeah, but your hotter and it's time I show my appreciation. He was about to sit up but I shoved him back. Sorry babe, your gonna have to lay down for this. He smiled and said, okay baby do what you want.

I unbuckled his belt and undid his shorts. Even through his boxer's I could see his huge erection. I quickly let out his 13 inch monster and held it in my hand's. I got on my knees and began to pleasure him. Damn Tay when you suck the head like that you really get me going. I got up and said oh yeah then how does this feel, I got dow and swallowed his dick. Damn, oh fuck, shit Tay didn't know you could take it all. Secretly I did't know either, but I was and I liked it.

Wow your throat and mouth are warm, yeah use your tongue. He quickly put his hands on my head and began face fucking me. After 10 minutes I got up. Man baby, a 10 minute bj. You sure know how to please a guy. I began smiling while blushing. Okay Tay it's my turn, get on your hands and knees.

I got on the bed like he instructed knowing that this was going to be amazing. He spread my cheeks with his hands and slowly started to lick my entrance. At first he was just licking it but it was mind blowing. Finally he entered me and began eating me. Ah AhAw Sebastian that really feels good. After 10 minutes of it, he stopped. Baby your ass tastes fucking amazing. I blushed again. This time sit on my face. I was shocked, are you sure? Yeah babe, it'll be fine.

He laid down and like he asked I sat on his face. Wow this feels even better babe! It certainly did, he was giving me so much pleasure I HAD to return the favor. I quickly bent down and began suck his erect cock. I felt him moan in me as I sucked his manhood. We 69'd for a good while then we finally decided to have sex. He sat up and on a sexy voice he said "okay baby come sit on daddy's lap"!

I slowly lowered myself onto himself, i stopped when his head wouldn't enter. I looked at Sebastian who smirked and said If you want it you can do it! I was surprised, if he wanted me to do it I WOULD. I took a deep breath and slammed down. FUUUUCK HOLY SHIT TAYLOR WHAT THE HELL. I too was hurting but i couldn't show it. Like you said Sebastian if I wanted it I could do it, I said smirking. Fine baby, go ahead ride my pole. And I did I made a rhythm of coming up, going down, then grinding on it.

Fuck baby your good at riding my cock. Yeah but maybe you should show me how good you are at fucking. He smiled and said okay you asked for it. He picked me up and shoved me onto the bed, before I could speak he began kissing me. He sat up and without warning he shoved his rod into me. Aaahhh fuck I quickly said. He began fucking my brains out, in a quick motion he would pull out all the way and then go balls deep. He fucked me like this for a good 20 minutes. He finally announced "oh im gonna cum! I was too and I wanted our sex to end great so I did the only thing that seemed right. I clamped cheeks together and his dick felt even better inside me. Ahh fuck your tight ahh Im cuming. I soon felt his warm seed feel me up. It was too much and I too began to cum. He leaned down and kissed me again.

We cleaned up and headed downstairs to eat breakfast. My Omega handed us each a plate and said There's some extra sausage if you want it and some of those soft round pastries. We looked at each other and smiled, at the same time we replied 'it's okay we've had enough of that"!



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